953 Part of life


unhappyness in the

life is inevitable but

suffering is optional. 

Don’t get disappointed, 

upset and be courageous. 

They do come & are the

part of life so try to solve. 

Have target & purpose 

in the life and live the

life with planning so 

problem or troubles 

may reduces. 

Have good nature and

qaultities of human being 

so your behaviour is gentle. 

This will further reduces 

Problems & troubles. 

With all these things

we have live happily

peacefully and steadily 

to face it and to solve it. 

This is the art of living. 

Vinod Anand                           27/10/2017 Friend,Philosopher,Guide    



Something  in mind (thought),

something else  on tongue (speech),

and something else appears in action.

No harmony in these three.

It is falsehood and distrust.

Similar to elephant’s teeth for churning

and showing are quite different.

What is in mind should

appear in speech and action.

It is truth and trust.

So  harmony in

mind, speech  and action,

should be maintain.

This is the real art of living.

Art of living

How to live is the Art to be learned.
To build your life style Or future.
Plan your life style accordingly.
It is called Art of living.
For better way understanding,
Divide life into Four stages.
That is Childhood & student hood,
Adults hood & Parenthood.
Childhood is being builds,
By Parent Education-Culture
Which teaches discipline, manners
custom of family & society to child.
Student hood is being Golden age
& base of the rest stages.
Can be builds up by higher study
along with acquiring,
good human being qualities.
Good habits & nature
& right attitude & sound health.
To become ideal personality.
Plan your life style accordingly.
It is called Art of living.
Adults hood is application stage
base on earlier stages.
To do business or services,
build family, social life & spiritual life
with target to achieve.
Plan your life style accordingly.
It is called Art of living.
Last stage-parenthood is divine stage.
Having responsibilities to build,
childhood, along with other duties.
Plan your life style accordingly.
It is called Art of living.

School of Personality Development &Art of living

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