1545 Survival in 21st Century

Survival in 21st century
is problem to look into.
21st century is fast
growing, fast changing
technology & competitive.
Only Master degree with
good % not sufficient to
survive in 21 century.
Ordinary person cannot
survive and make his life
safe stable and secure in
21st century, he must be
talented, creative & must
develop following skills
and attitude to survive.
* Technology skill.
* Positive attitude.
* Communication skill
* Control over emotions
* Problem solving attitude.
* Time management skill
* Learning attitude.
* Multitasking skill.
* Team working attitude
* Leadership skill.
Unless until you develop
these skill & attitude you
cannot survive in 21 century.
Be ready and start practice.
Vinod Anand 24/03/2019


1544 Who is responsible ?

No peace & happiness
lot of trouble & problem in
life Who is Responsible ?
If some one insult or abuse
or criticise or ignore you.
Who is Responsible ?
No body love, respect
or every body hate you,
Success or failure in life.
Who is Responsible ?
Any thing happening in
the life we always blame &
find fault with other & say
I am not responsible some
else is responsible for that.
Change attitude to pass on responsibility to other.
Because any thing happens
or what you become is only
your responsible, no body
else so try to improve for
better result & achievement.
Wiseman takes responsibility
for any thing happen in life &
try to live life successfully.
Vinod Anand 24/03/2019

1488 Procrastination

Procrastination of work
without justify reason
is disease of idleness.
Make you to compell
to postpone your work.
Don’t be Procrastinator.
Your regularity will kill
your Procrastination so
be regular in your work.
Factors which make you
Procrastinator are….
* Your laziness & idleness.
* Confusion & lack of clarity
* Fear of inability & failure.
* lack of learning attitude.
* Expectation of perfection.
* Lack of self discipline.
* No priorty & dead line.
* No support, inspiration
motivation & guidance.
* Lack of enthusiasm and
Lack of award or penalty.
Procrastination is your
hurdle on the way of
progress and success.
Vinod Anand 08/02/2019

1474 Attitude towards Life

Attitude towards life
designe your life &
your life sytle which
makes you happy or
unhappy.If your attitude
towards life us negative or
poor then it may creates
difficuties or problem.
Attitude toward life is
positive-rich it will
create happiness.
Attitude towards life….
* Life is precious gift
of God to live like man.
* Attitude of gratitude
towards God for gift.
* Attitude to utilize Life
without spoiling life for
great & marvelous life.
* Live life with purpose
to fullfill the purpose.
* While living present life
you are writing next birth.
* Live with Attitude to help
or serve family & society.
* Life is not for enjoyment
* Live ideal life to remain
alive after death like great
personality are still alive.
Vinod Anand 29/01/2019

1472 Attitude towards Family

Family is basic tiny
world, such many
many tiny worlds
create existing world.
If all the family are
peaceful & happy
then exising world is
peaceful and happy.
Every members is
cause of existing family.
Attitude towards Family
should be …
* Love, share and care
each other in family.
* Your behaviour must
be such that it prevail
peace and happiness
in your family.
* More adjustmemt,
more sacrifice and
less expectation.
* Give respect to all
and take respect.
* Attitude to forget,
let go & forgiveness.
* More tolerance &
patience is needed.
* Be open minded,
Be pure hearted and
Be positive in family.

Vinod Anand 28/01/2019

1471 Attitude towards work

Important attitude
towards work while
working for 100%
* Work is Worship.
* No work is below
dignity whatever
work you do.
* Work is alloted to
you according to
your qualification.
* Love your work or
love what you do.
* Do your work with
100 % concentration.
* Do not postponed
your work.
* Do not work like
machine, applied
your talent while
doing work.
* Take interested work
or take interest what
work you are doing.
If you have such
attitude towards
work you never get
bored or tired and
your performance
will be excellent.
Work only don’t expect
result of your work.
Work while work.
Vinod Anand 27/01/2019

1459 Develop 8 habits in child

Develop 8 good habits in
childhood for happiness,
success in future stages.
First habit of giving thing
to other what he have by
sharing priciple, so he
wouldn’t be possessive.
Second habit of reading
book other then study.
Books are good friends
and fetch the knowledge.
knowledge is the power.
Third habits to develop is
of appreciation for gpod.
Appreciation inspire other.
Fourth habits is exercising
Which keep body healthy.
Fifth habit to share good
happening in family which
gives good knowledge by
the experience of others.
Sixth habit of doing some
thing new which creates
creativity. Seventh habit is
attitude of gratitude means
saying thank when he get
some things from orher.
Eighth habit of saying sorry
when he does wrong thing.
Vinod Anand 12/01/2019