1214 Team building

Team work can achieve
target in time with good
expected result.
First team of experts &
attitude of team spirit
should be built.
Second Team should
select good leader with
leadership qualities and
every body must follow
the leader’s instruction
and should support him.
Team should have same
goal or target to achieve.
Team members must have
respect with each other &
cooperate with eac other.
Manufacturing unit or
corporate office or social
sevices team work can
create marvelous result.
Team building & team work
is key factor for success in
this competitive world.
Vinod Anand 20/06/2018


1210 Tips for success

Purpose of the life
or Target of the life
must be success.
Tips for success.
First important tip
is self awareness for
self improvement.
Develop some art like
Art of living, listening
& speaking for better
human public relation.
Develop right attitude
that is be positive, be
Optimists, be active.
Develop nature of love,
share, care and help.
Develop Good habits
of regularity discipline
and smart working.
Understand problem
and feelings of other
& cooperate with other
Be concentrate and
focused on your work.
Also Develop attitude of
gratitude & forgiveness.
Tips are guideline have
to practice for success .
Vinod Anand 17/06/2018

1148 Response

Response is reply to
person while talking
or question from other.
It is reaction of action
see or you receive
from other person.
Scientifically action
& reaction are qual.
It is not true in social life.
In this case if reaction is
equal to action peace &
harmony is distrubed .
Your response show your
character and attitude.
So be careful while giving
response to any action or
while taking to the person.
Response is important to
keep healthy relation, peace
& harmony with the person.
Before responsing, think &
give your positive response.
Vinod Anand 16/04/2018

1145 Rules of success

Rules of successe are,
Set bigger purpose
and target in life.
Work hard smartly
with proper planning.
Have strong desire &
to achieve the target.
Positive Attitude must.
Be first a good student
to read & learn in life.
Reading and learning
are best investments.
Share, Care, Love are
seed of success.
Self inspiration and
self motivation must.
Our concentration, skill,
value makes us success. Be honest in life
Every things is with you
recognise your potential.
Consider the problem
as a challenges & face it.
Follow rules of success
for success.Best of luck.
Vinod Anand 13/04/2018

1063 Madness

Madness is status of
uncontrolled mind, which
is difficult to regain it,
so called mad man.
Doctor try to regain by
shock treatment or
by pysco therapy or
by any other way.
If not recovered then
labelled as mad man.
Another category of
madness is towards
work or attitude or
habits or beliefs no
mind control over it.
For good work, habits
or attitude or beliefs,
this type of madness
is advantageous, shows
dedication of the mind.
But for bad work or bad
habits & attitude or bad
beliefs,madness is not ok.
You have to brake, barrier
of madness & get free to
create madness for good
work or habits or attitude
or belief for success with
completely mind control.
Vinod Anand 05/02/2018


​Perception  is ability 

to understand and 

inerprete about something 

and become aware via five 

senses of knowledge.

Perception process create
attitude of the persons 

towards person or things. 

Finally it create the nature

of the person. 

Some time attitude also
play role in the process

of Perception. 

Perception about one thing 
can be differ from person 

to person as per their view. 

So be conscious while
perceiving about any 

things which will create

permanently impression 

in mind about person. 

Right perception about
something lead right way

of living life. 

Vinod Anand                     11/11/2016 Firend,Philosopher,guide


​Mentality is product of mind. 

Mentality being built by 

thoughts, attitude, believes 

nature, habits and situation. 

Mentality create fix pattern

of behavior and life style. 

Mentality which is liked, 

favourite, pleasant and 

good result oriented 

called high mentality. 

such mentality should be 

maintained or try to improve. 

Mentality which is unliked, 

unfavourite unpleasant and

bad result oriented 

called low mentality. 

such mentality should be

removed and try to acquire 

high mentality for better

behaviour and life style. 

First know your mentality

and their result and effect

good or bad, accordingly

try to built high mentality. 

Good mentality create better

image, personality and life. 

Mentality is mirror of your self. 

Vinod Anand                         15/09/2016 Friend,Philosopher,Guide