1797 Toxic people

Toxic people are too
negative, demotivate,
discourage & misguide.
Toxic people is harmful
dangerous & difficult to
deal with. Six Tips to
deal with such people.
1) Avoid such people or be
away from toxic people.
whoever he may be.
change the person.
2) Stay away from such
people means change
the place.
3) Breake the relation if
you can.
4) Focus correct attention to
your target. Don’t pay
attention towards him.
5) Don’t get influence by
toxic people & deal with
positive attitude.
6) If possible try to correct
him without any loss.
Vinod Anand 20/11/2019

1757 Affirmation

Affirmation is good or
positive thoughts or
statement influence the
man when it is stored in
unconscious mind.
How to store or trsnfer it
to unconscious mind ?
Conscious mind is gate
keeper of unconscious
When conscious mind is
active affirmation cannot be
stored in unconscious mind.
When conscious mind is in
alpha state that is half an
hour before sleep or when
you wake up or at the time
of meditation you can store
affirmations effective and
easily to unconscious mind.
When conscious mind is
active you can store, it by
saying affirmation number
of time with concentration.
Affirmations become guide.
and generate your attitude.
Vinod Anand 15/10/2019

1735 Negative person

Negative person makes
other person negative by
his negative attitude.
He thinks, speaks,behave,
act negatively and he have
negative beliefs & emotions.
He may be family member or
freind or office or neighbour.
Negative peoples see & think
bad in any situation don’t see
and think good.
How to deal with them ?
* Don’t connect with them.
when he speak negatively
you donot reply similarly.
* Donot allow to control you
self by his negativity
* Donot fight & argue with him.
* Value there opinions if right.
* Reply with positive thought.
* Donot try to change them.
* Do not ask for guidance.
Make yourself aware while
dealing with negative person
& behave accordingly to keep
distant from negative person.
Vinod Anand 21/09/2019
They may make you negative.

1679 Frugality

Frugality is mind set
and attitude & finally
become your habit.
Frugality is behaviour
to be cultivated in mind.
The frugality helped
to balance or control
your total income &
expenditure so crisis
of finance never come.
Frugality doesnot mean
miserness, it is being
economical & avoid the
waste which may save
considerable amount
of money as a surplus.
Buy the things at best
possible price you can.
Donot ever compromise
on quality which is not
needed a pay high price.
Big and small purchase
must be consider while
buying to avoid dead
investment in house or
office or factory.
Vinod Anand 29/07/2019

1545 Survival in 21st Century

Survival in 21st century
is problem to look into.
21st century is fast
growing, fast changing
technology & competitive.
Only Master degree with
good % not sufficient to
survive in 21 century.
Ordinary person cannot
survive and make his life
safe stable and secure in
21st century, he must be
talented, creative & must
develop following skills
and attitude to survive.
* Technology skill.
* Positive attitude.
* Communication skill
* Control over emotions
* Problem solving attitude.
* Time management skill
* Learning attitude.
* Multitasking skill.
* Team working attitude
* Leadership skill.
Unless until you develop
these skill & attitude you
cannot survive in 21 century.
Be ready and start practice.
Vinod Anand 24/03/2019

1544 Who is responsible ?

No peace & happiness
lot of trouble & problem in
life Who is Responsible ?
If some one insult or abuse
or criticise or ignore you.
Who is Responsible ?
No body love, respect
or every body hate you,
Success or failure in life.
Who is Responsible ?
Any thing happening in
the life we always blame &
find fault with other & say
I am not responsible some
else is responsible for that.
Change attitude to pass on responsibility to other.
Because any thing happens
or what you become is only
your responsible, no body
else so try to improve for
better result & achievement.
Wiseman takes responsibility
for any thing happen in life &
try to live life successfully.
Vinod Anand 24/03/2019

1488 Procrastination

Procrastination of work
without justify reason
is disease of idleness.
Make you to compell
to postpone your work.
Don’t be Procrastinator.
Your regularity will kill
your Procrastination so
be regular in your work.
Factors which make you
Procrastinator are….
* Your laziness & idleness.
* Confusion & lack of clarity
* Fear of inability & failure.
* lack of learning attitude.
* Expectation of perfection.
* Lack of self discipline.
* No priorty & dead line.
* No support, inspiration
motivation & guidance.
* Lack of enthusiasm and
Lack of award or penalty.
Procrastination is your
hurdle on the way of
progress and success.
Vinod Anand 08/02/2019