1926 Transformation Tips

Life transformation Tips
has transformed my life.
So powerful that it can
transform your life, just
by practicing, trust me.
1) Do work with100 %
effort and integrity.
2) Do 1% improvement
daily you will be genius.
3) Learn some thing new
daily consistently.
4) Love yourself talk to
your self daily.
5) Create positive attitude
& attitude of gratitude.
6) Have habit of reading &
listening saga or Guru.
7) Love every one share &
care with any one.
8) Take healthy food do
exercise & meditation.
9) Don’t complain, Compare
and expect.
10) Believe God,Trust God
pray God & Thank God
for beautiful life.
11) Think big, target, get it.
12) Accept unchangeable &
change changeable.
Any thing practice with self
confidence & consistently
will transform your life.
Vinod Anand 12/03/2020

1881 Who makes you unsuccessful

Your attitude, behaviour
mistakes will make you
Your negative attitude is
responsible for failure.
Positive attitude is path
of success.
Your behaviour towards
other is responsible.
Few mistakes can make
you unsuccessful.
* Procrastination of work
is very serious mistake.
which delay your target.
* Time waste is another
reason which makes
you unsuccessful.
* Don’t try to please every
one & learn to say No to
person who pull you down.
* Bad company of negative
or lazy person.
* Not taking care of health.
* Your laziness & idleness
makes you unsuccessful.
You and mistakes makes
you unsuccessful.
So be aware, awake, alert
and try to eliminate above
mistakes, and be positive
for success in the life.
Vinod Anand 04/02/2020

1863 Positive Transformation

Positive Tranformation is
key to success & happiness.
What you are today, will be
better tomorrow in right
direction is called positive transformation.
Positive Tranformation Tips
* Update & upgrade yourself
for Positive Tranformation.
* Remove unnecessary things
from house, thoughts from
mind and negative people
from your company in life.
This will make you light &
fresh which will inspire for
positive transformation.
Think on paper what want
to become in the life.
* Learn from past,don’t worry
for future & live in present.
Create attitude of grattitude
in life, to inspire & motivate
for positive tranformation.
Be positive & transformative.
Vinod Anand 19/01/2020

1858 Acceptance Vs. Expectation

What you get in life, love
& like it, is a acceptance.
You accept the nature,
behaviour and attitude
of your dear & near or
others irrespective of
what they are.
Acceptance gives peace
contentment & happiness
in the life that is true love.
What you desire or expect
to get some things from
your dear and near, as a
right is expectation.
You have strong belief,
he should not behaviour
badly which wrong.
Expectation means wants
& if not fulfilled then gives
hurt, pain & disappoint you.
Expectation mean demand
& demand destroy the love.
First Don’t expect any thing
from anyone & accept other
irrespective of their nature,
behaviour & attitude which
is unconditional love.
Yes to Acceptance and
No to expectation is life
changing formula.
Vinod Anand 13/01/2020

1856 Thoughts for you

* Believe in yourself and
develop self confidence.
Problems is part our life
donot make the problem
of your life. No problem is
great than man.
* Stop giving excuses and
justification to your self.
Trust on your self donot
make trust dependent on
* Don’t wait for some one
to come and change you.
No body can change you
except yourself.
* Pain is inevitable but
suffering option.Worse
situation may come donot get disappointed and give up.
* Failing is accepted but not
trying is not accepted don’t
run away after failure.
* What people say to me will
not decide what I am. It’s their
perception & choice,different
way of thinking and opinion.
* Accept people as what they are.
& Don’t expect things from other.
Vinod Anand 12/01/2020

1850 Become Winner

How you become winner ?
Develop winning belief
system, mind set & pursue
your life as winner.
Follow the habits of Winner
like time utilization, expert
opinion,decide what you
want & think how to get ?
Learn lession & motivate
your self from Winner.
Develop Will power, positive
attitude & get knowkedge.
Develop many skills like a
concentration skill & stress
management skill.
Plan strategy & start your
journey to become winner.
Focus primary daily action
by Robust Review System
to monitor the progress.
Develop attitude of gratitude.
Come out from comfortzone.
Invest time, money & effort
for improvement, education
& growth to become winner.
Vinod Anand 06/01/2020

1832 Unlearning

Learning good things
is imporrtant in life but
before that it’s necessary
to unlearn wrong things
i.e. bad habits & attitude.
Wrong thing learning is
automatic & continuous,
unless you are aware &
awake of learning bad.
Be passonate for learning
good thing i.e. good habit
right & positive attitude.
For self development and
success unlearning of
bad things are essential.
Don’t under estimate the
thoughts, recognize bad
thought & donot allow to
become reality.
Don’t follow success of
some one else and make
mile stone but inspire by
his journey of success.
You have to unlearn the
habit of Procrastination.
Don’t go on postponing
your happiness, enjoy &
be happy in the present,
don’t wait for future.
Vinod Anand 22/12/2019