1898 Simple Rules of Life

Rules makes life happy.
1) If you don’t go after what
you want you will never have.
2) If you don’t ask answer
will be always no.
3) If you don’t step forward you
are always in same place.
4) If you don’t have patience
you will give up & you will
be looser.
5) What behaviour you expect
from other, you behaviour
same manner with other.
6) Before you speak listen
7) Before you act think
8) Before you quit try
9) Before you spend earn
10) Before you jump see.
11) Before you sleep pray God.
12) Live life with ethic along with rule.
Follow Smiple Rules of life to
make life simple,esay&happy.
Vinod Anand 18/02/2020

1860 Dust bin or jewellery box

Dust bin accept dust.
Dust mean useless things
which is not required must
be dropped into dust bin,
kept outside the house.
Jewellery box accept the
costly jewellery.
Mind stores knowledge,
belief, habits and feeling
which creates attitude,
so our nature & behaviour.
We have to guard input to
mind whether it is useful
or useless & good or bad ?
Then allow to store useful
& good knowledge, belief,
habits & feeling otherwise
mind will become dust bin
with useless things like
bad knowledge, feelings
habits, and beliefs which
creates negative attitude.
Check yourself that your
mind is dust bin or not ?
If dust of negative things
like hate, jealousy, anger,
revenge and bad habits
are present in your mind,
try to remove them from
mind and try to cultivate
positive elements like love
habits to make your mind
the box of jewellery.
Vinod Anand 14/01/2020

1858 Acceptance Vs. Expectation

What you get in life, love
& like it, is a acceptance.
You accept the nature,
behaviour and attitude
of your dear & near or
others irrespective of
what they are.
Acceptance gives peace
contentment & happiness
in the life that is true love.
What you desire or expect
to get some things from
your dear and near, as a
right is expectation.
You have strong belief,
he should not behaviour
badly which wrong.
Expectation means wants
& if not fulfilled then gives
hurt, pain & disappoint you.
Expectation mean demand
& demand destroy the love.
First Don’t expect any thing
from anyone & accept other
irrespective of their nature,
behaviour & attitude which
is unconditional love.
Yes to Acceptance and
No to expectation is life
changing formula.
Vinod Anand 13/01/2020

1813 Mind gets disrubed

Mind gets disturbed
how many come to
know that mind is
distrubed ?
How many aware of
mind gets disrubed
How many don’t know,
that mind is distrubed ?
What happen when
mind gets disturbed ?
You will feel uneasy,
& lose concentration.
We must know that
my mind is distubed.
Then find out reason
why mind is distrubed
by self talk.
Eliminate reason,before
it reaches anxiety, high
heart bits, appear in your
action and behaviour.
Bring the mind to state of
peace & happiness.
Otherwise many unwanted
behaviour & action will be
initiated, will be difficult to
control the mind. As soon
as mind distrubed, make
it normal immediately.
Don’t keep it distrubed
for longer duration.
Vinod Anand 03/12/2019

1809 Are you in right direction?

Are you in right dirction ?
How do you know you are
in right direction in the life ?
Few signs can prove that
you are in the right dirction.
* When you have meaningful
purpose in the life to live.
right purpose means right
plan,action & right directon.
* When you have wisdom to
konw other’s intention &
behaviour for correct action.
* New problem and challenge
comes in life then you are in
right direction in the life.
* When you care your physical
mental & spiritual health then
you love your self means you
are in right direction in life.
* When you does meaningful
result oriented self talk, you
are in right direction in life.
* When feel to relocat your
self for your growth in life then
you are in right direction.
* When you are satisfy and
happy with your purpose
& action means you are in
right direction in the life.
With these signs, check that
Are you in right direction or not ?
Right direction means right
destiny & successful life.
Vinod Anand 01/12/2019

1807 What education gives

Education at school &
society, home and self.
In school teacher gives
education in the form of
information & knowledge.
Parent gives education in
form of qualities, habits
feelings, discipline and
how to behaviour & live.
Society gives education
in form of culture-custom.
Self learning is final out
come after education at
school, home and society.
Overall effect of education
must increase intelligence.
It teaches to think rationally
& to act purposefully.
It teaches to deal effectly
with situation & to solve
problem with patience.
Education makes person
ideal person to live happy
peaceful & successful life.
If we cannot achieve these
or learn how to live life to
become ideal personality
then aftter education also
we are called uneducated
and illiterate person.
Vinod Anand 29/11/2019

1778 Freedom from….

Every human being
have right of freedom.
He has freedom to act,
speak, think & behave.
It doesn’t means lack
discipline, principles,
limitation & humanity.
Man must be free from
worries and tensions.
Man must be free from
slavery of mind-senses.
Man must be free from
the slavery of bad habits.
Our feelings & behaviour
are dependent on others.
For each & every need we
are dependent on others.
To live happy & peaceful
life get free from…
Try to become independent
of your feelings, behaviour,
i/o depending on others.
Try to become independent
action instead of following
the mind and senses.
Try to become independent
on finance needed to live.
Vinod Anand 05/11/2019