810 Focus 

Focus highlights things

to reveal it’s important. 

If thing is unfocused 

it is in dark, not visible 

& remain unnotice. 

So keep focus on 

important aspects of

the life to remember &

highlight all the time

so we may not forget. 

Keep focus on your

target, plan & actions

to be perform without

forgetting to achieve

the target in the life. 

Keep focus on your

performance, behaviour &

mistakes likely to happen. 

Keep focus on your 

weakness so you 

can improve. 

Keep focus on your 

strength so you 

can utilise best way. 

Focus on effort 

instead of result. 

Focus on your self

instead of other.                                       

Vinod Anand                      16/06/2017     Friend,Philosopher,Guide  

What is ego

​EGO is mind status. 

What you are due to your

position or status in your

conscious and become 

your identity,personality 

and finally ego which

create your behaviour 

and action. 

When you play role of

devil in drama and still

carry that role in normal 

Life that is Ego of devil. 

Similarly your position or 

status Ego should not carry 

forward to your normal life. 

Which may become 

cause of your failure in

social and personal life. 

Your action and behaviour

should not reflection your ego. 

Child have child ego when

he grows should  have

adult ego for his action

and behaviour. 

Your ego is your conscious 

mind, the part of your identity 

that you consider your “self.”

Ego is wrong attachment

of wrong self image. 

Ego is negative emotion and 

create other negative emotion. 
Vinod Anand                        27/11/2016     Firend,Philosopher,Guide

Nature of a man

​Nature of man means

behaviour or reaction 

comes without any effort

is called nature of the man

and become natural. 

Habit of the man become
Nature of the man. 

Behaviour or reaction 

created by perception 

believes and feelings, 

finally create personality

Human’s original nature
is of peace, purity, love

compassion and joy. 

During the life journey
Human has acquired 

Nature like anger, hate, 

jealousy, violence etc.

Man’s main responsibility 
is to reacquire real nature,  

and live happy peaceful 

and divine life. 

Vinod Anand                     28/09/2016   Friend,Philosopher,Guide

Remote control

​Age of Remote control,  

equipments are control 

by Remote control, 

to make operation easy. 

Remote control of World

is with the God. 

Remote control of the 

person is with other 

person, means we are slave. 

So any person can change 

the mind state of any body. 

Have your self control over 

your behaviour, irrespective 

of other’s behaviour. 

Keep the remote control 

of your mood in your hand. 

Do not get distrub by other 

comments and behaviour. 

Keep the remote control

of your senses and mind

in your hand to keep your 

mind peaceful and steady. 

steady and peaceful mind

is status of suceess. 

Vinod Anand                      05/09/2016 Friend,Philosopher,Guide    

Maths of Happiness 

​Happiness is always proportions 

to acceptance. More you accept  

the people and situation more 

you will be happy. 

Happiness  is also inversely 

proportions to expectation. 

More you expect more 

you will be unhappy. 

Happiness is always 

proportional to satisfaction . 

More you satifsy your self and

people,more you will be happy. 

Happiness is also inversely 

proportion to greedy and

temptation.  More you want to 

get more you will be unhappy. 

Happiness is always 

proportional to good nature 

and behaviour and inversely 

proportion to bad nature and

bad behaviour. 

So apply maths of happiness

in your life for real happiness. 


Vinod Anand                               07/08/2016  friend, philosopher, guide, 

Manners for children


Lession No : 1   Parents


PrayGod & VisitTempleDaily.


Touch parent’s Feet  after bath.


Love & Obey your parent.


Do not harass your parent.


Do not speak lie. Help your parents.


Keep the given promise.

Lession No : 2

  Manners at other’s house

Keep your shose at proper place.

Sit Properly in sofa or chair

Don’t touch & ask any thing.

Don’t play mischief.

Behave properly with elder.

Do your work politely.

Lession No : 3

While Speaking

Speak politely.

Don’t shout  while speaking.

Don’t Speak fast,But Speak slowly.

Speak less & work more.

Keep silent whenever required.

Don’t get excited while speaking.

Lession No : 4

While playing

Don’t speak all togeather.

Only Empire should speak.

Don’t shout while playing.

Don’t play such that,one may injure.

Don’t  play trick or cheat any one

Keep Empire/Capton & follow him.

Lession No : 5

While  eating


Clean your hand properly.


Chew the food properly.


Drink less water  while eating.


After an hour take as much as you can. Don’t eat more.


Eat little less than normal diet.


Take less chilly, oily & salty food


Don’t take Onion,jaggery,curd-butter milk with milk.

Lession No : 6

While watching T. V

Watch the T.V as less as possible.

Keep dim light in the room.

Watch T.V from Distance.

Sit properly and watch T.V.

Don’t eat while watching T.V.

For student watching T.V means waste of time.

Lession No : 7

While reading

Read regularly 3 to 4 hours daily

Select lonely place for reading.

Read in sufficient light.

Keep book one foot from eye.

Read, Revise , Memorise & write what you have read.

Always read in sitting pose.

Lession No : 8

   While riding the bicycle

Drive the cycle slowly.

Don’t play circus trick on cycle.

Drive cycle on left side.

Check brake and air before.

Don’t play race on road.

Don’t drive cycle all together.

Be careful at turning points.

Lession No : 9

          While travelling

Check the tickets and train.

Don’t  talk more with any one.

Don’t give your address to any one.

Don’t take food from any one.

Keep watch on your Bags etc.

Take food and water from home.

Lession No : 10

 In your House

Keep your house Neat & clean.

Help parent in keeing house clean.

Keep the thing at proper place.

Don’t through waste any where.

Put the waste in waste bag.

Clean house means good health.