972 How to impress other

What you speak, do, 

behave & How you look, 

dressed, act with other 

you are leaving impression 

which characterise you.

So be careful specially

when you are meeting

first time to any one.

Because,first impress 

is last impression.

To impress other,further

know his field of interest.

Speak & behave accordingly.

Understand & entertain him.

Know his need, profession,

expectation & inspire him.

Solve his problem &

have empathy towards him.

These actions will build life 

time impression on other.

Do not try impress other

artficial method without

doing actions said above .

which may not last long.

Vinod Anand                           17/11/2017 Friend,Philosopher,Guide    


963 Intention

Work or any action or 

behaviour, there is a

intention of the person. 

Unless it disclosed it 

remains hidden. 

If good intention then

it is well & good,no risk

and no problem. 

If bad intention then

it is no good, full risk

and big problem. 

How do we know the 

Intention of the person. 

So all the time watchful

awake & care full for any

body action & behaviour.

Intention have power that 

target can be completed. 

Always have good intention 

to get success & popularity. 

Say Bye Bye to bad intention.                Vinod Anand                           07/10/2017 Friend,Philosopher,Guide    

921 Understand others

Understand others, first

understand your self. 

Understand self…. 

By knowing your nature, 

your habits, feelings and

your thoughts & desires. 

Then find out which is

good & which is bad ? 

Try cultivate good and

put effort to leave bad. 

If want to do And can 

do, then you have really

understood your self. 

Then next you have 

ability to understand

others behaviour. 

You can interact with

others right way, after

knowing his nature,habits,

feeling, intention & reaction. 

Behaviour with each other

must be after understanding 

nature & situation of each other. 

Other important matter is… 

What type of behaviou you

do not like from others avoid

such behaviour  with others. 

Vinod Anand                          18/09/2017 Friend,Philosopher,Guide  

871 Don’t allow….. 


allow other to insult you, 

permit other to misbehave &

allow to revolt against you &

permit other to fight with you. 

But how it can be, you think over. 

To do so you have to develop or

change your nature, behaviour, 

actions with other such a way

that they don’t have any chance

to insult,to misbehaviour 

to revolt and to fight with you. 

Follow only two rules, 

First- The hehaviour which 

you dislike if other does, 

please don’t do such 

behaviour writh other. 

Second – Please behave with 

other according to his nature. 

Whenever any one  behaves 

rudely or isult or revolt or

misbehaviour, caution him

not to repeat in future.  

if possible avoid to interact

with such person or try

change his behaviour. 

Vinod Anand                          09/08/2017 Friend,Philosopher,Guide  


828 Look at yourself

Look at yourself lnstead of 

looking at other.

It is mind tenancy to look

others behaviour, mistake

lnstead of looking at self. 

It is mind tenancy to look, 

nature, activities & habits

of others lnstead of 

looking at self.

It is mind tenancy to look

others life achievement &

facilities available, 

lnstead of looking at own.

It mind tenancy to try

to improve others,

instead of self improvement. 

Just we have to change 

the direction of our look 

and thinking to live happy 

peaceful and prosperous life. 

Do not point figure at others.

Remember when you do it

remaining all figures points 

at you. Look at yourself. 

lnstead of  looking at other. 

Vinod Anand                          01/07/2017   Friend,Philosopher,Guide  

810 Focus 

Focus highlights things

to reveal it’s important. 

If thing is unfocused 

it is in dark, not visible 

& remain unnotice. 

So keep focus on 

important aspects of

the life to remember &

highlight all the time

so we may not forget. 

Keep focus on your

target, plan & actions

to be perform without

forgetting to achieve

the target in the life. 

Keep focus on your

performance, behaviour &

mistakes likely to happen. 

Keep focus on your 

weakness so you 

can improve. 

Keep focus on your 

strength so you 

can utilise best way. 

Focus on effort 

instead of result. 

Focus on your self

instead of other.                                       

Vinod Anand                      16/06/2017     Friend,Philosopher,Guide  

What is ego

​EGO is mind status. 

What you are due to your

position or status in your

conscious and become 

your identity,personality 

and finally ego which

create your behaviour 

and action. 

When you play role of

devil in drama and still

carry that role in normal 

Life that is Ego of devil. 

Similarly your position or 

status Ego should not carry 

forward to your normal life. 

Which may become 

cause of your failure in

social and personal life. 

Your action and behaviour

should not reflection your ego. 

Child have child ego when

he grows should  have

adult ego for his action

and behaviour. 

Your ego is your conscious 

mind, the part of your identity 

that you consider your “self.”

Ego is wrong attachment

of wrong self image. 

Ego is negative emotion and 

create other negative emotion. 
Vinod Anand                        27/11/2016     Firend,Philosopher,Guide