1207 Control Your Emotions

Emotions are two types
negative and positive.
Both emotions need to
control & to release for
human being for happy
peaceful,successful life.
Some Straight foward
people release emotion
and become free from.
But other may get hurt.
Some people swallow
emotion inward, store
emotion which may
create tension & worry.
So it is necessary to
release the emotion.
Other way to control
your emotion is feel
fully & face but donot
accumulate which may
create depression.
Also tell your emotion
to deserve person and
get relax from emotion.
By meditation you can
control your emotion.
To be emotion positively
is good but to be too much
emotional is not advisable.
So control your emotions.
Vinod Anand 13/06/2018


1200 Hobby

Hobby is special habit
of a person which is very
liked & desired such that
he become slave of hobby.
There are to type of hobby
good hobby or bad hobby.
Before your hobby become
your habit please check it.
Is bad hobby or good hobby ?
Bad hobby consume your
important time, not allow
to become useful person
and become your enemy.
Life is for entertainment.
Hobby give entrainment
but have limitation of time
& priority to other work
& activities in the life.
Don’t waste more time for
different hobbies in life.
Have control over your
hobby so he wouldn’t
be hurdle in your life.
Vinod Anand 05/06/2018

1135 Control Your Emotions

Emotions without Control
is not advantageous but
harmful & dangerous.
It is necessary to control
over emotions but not to
controlled by emotions.
Be emotional but no
addiction of emotions.
Feel the good emotion
of love, mercy but don’t
be effected by emotion.
Feel bad emotion but
release it & don’t allow it
to become knot in mind &
heart otherwise may create
tension or depressions.
You have to behave with
other by understanding
their feelings & share
your emotion with trusts
worthy person and get
free from emotion so life
become free from tension
and depression means
happy & peaceful life.
Vinod Anand 04/04/2018

991 Too Much

Any thing beyond limit

we says, it is Too much.

Too much gives bad result.

When you feel, ” Too much ”

then control your mind &

come normal level.

Too much is Alarm or red

signal to stop action to

protect your image.

In life, be careful while

doing any thing that

you are crossing danger

Mark called ” Too much “.

When you speak more

than required then

you are crossing limit

of Too much which may

spoil your impression.

When you eat more

then required then

you are crossing limit

of Too much which may

spoil your heath.

Any thing Too much

means be alert & control.

Vinod Anand 05/12/2017 Friend,Philosopher,Guide

959 Thought Vs Thinking

No. of thoughts comes in mind.

Mind is generator of thoughts.

It may be positive or negative.

When we feel or see, than first

thought comes in mind.

But when mind create another

thought relatively & goes on

creating series of thoughts

with respect to first thought.

This creation of serise of

thoughts is call thinking.

Thoughts comes, we cannot

stop but we can just stop

unnecessary thinking on

thought came before.

We don’t have control

on first thought came.

But We can stop creation of

series of thought (thinking).

Try to create positive thoughts

and don’t start thinking if it is

not necessary and negative.

Be aware and awake of thoughts

comes first & also further thinking.

Then you can achieve control

on thought process & mind.

Vinod Anand                              03/10/2017 Friend,Philosopher,Guide

923 Understand the situation

Circumstances create 

situation in house or

society or atmosphere. 

This situation controls 

the mind or heart of the

persons and his life. 

Each person must 

study the situation, 

understand & analyse

than try to control your

self and react right way. 

If you cannot chance the

situation try to accept it. 

Don’t create tension and 

worry due to situation &

feel helpless or helpless. 

It is not greater than man.

Control the situation don’t 

get control by the situation

Understand the situation.  

Vinod Anand                          18/09/2017 Friend,Philosopher,Guide    

857 Control the waste

Waste of any thing

is loss & useless.

Try to control waste

in every field of life.

Waste of the time

is greatest waste.

Minimize the waste

of time by proper

target & planning.

Waste of the food,

money are great loss.

Minimise waste of food

by cooking required

quality of food daily.

In case excess give to

hungry people & animals.

Do not throw such place,

so that It become waste.

In factory also control of

waste of material, money,

time & man power is must.

Try to reuse the wast or

create something best

out of waste to utilise it.

So be conscious and concentrate while 

working for the best

result & less waste,

which is key of success.          Vinod Anand                          25/07/2017 Friend,Philosopher,Guide