1775 Tips for success

Every person wish to
get success in the life.
What ever you want to
become and wish to
get then remember six
tips for the success.
* Be enthusiastic and
energetic in life with
burning desire.
* Take firm decision
with determination.
* Be passionate and
have patience.
* Work on Goal means
work towards goal.
* Accept favourable &
reject unfavourable
towards goal and
focus only on goal.
* Be positive & be away
from negative persons.
Follow path of success
by utilizing given tips.
Best of luck.
Vinod Anand 02/11/2019

1690 Art of learning new

To learn any thing new
is art by which you can
learn it easily & become
expert or champion in it.
* First select what new art
you want to learn & want
to be a champions in it.
* To Learn the macro start
from the micro it means
first start at small scale
then expand larger scale.
Small small steps take
you toward your target.
* Failure or loosing is must
to become champion.
* Expect & prepare dirty plan
to face such situation arises.
* Have child sense of freedom.
* Find a right parter who help
you to grow your skill.
* Work on area which you are
neglecting before you force
to do it.
* Learn & do practice more to
become champion in art.
Vinod Anand 09/08/2019

1665 Life is Goal

Life is goal and goal is life.
Life without goal is useless.
Animal live life without goal.
Human life must have goal.
Goal is nothing but dream &
desire to be materialized.
Goal give direction to life &
optimum utilization of time.
Goal, planning & execution
of plan is the path to live life.
Otherwise life move without
direction & path i.e. random,
haphazard, uncertain and
fruitless life. There must be
number of goals in the life
like carreer, character, social
and personality and spiritual
development .
Set gaols, dream it, have
deep & intens desire, set
the mind to achieve goals.
Then remember, visualize,
plan it that is allotment of
time slot in 24 hrs of a day
Finally execute the plan i.e.
live the life accordingly.
Means life is goal & make
the goal to live the life.
Goal is only purpose of life.
Vinod Anand 15/07/2019

1631 In search of happiness

Every one want happiness
& in search of happiness.
First, thing lost which is
outside can be search,
But thing, which is inside
cannot be search outside.
Second, happiness is
is not dependent on any
things, person & situation.
We have linked our
happiness with our
desire or demamd.
If we achieve it, then
we are happy otherwise
not. We are searching
happiness in things
and persons.
Really speaking if we
want to become happy
and remain happy then
nothing or nobody can
make us unhappy and
if we have habit to remain
unhappy then nothing or
nobody make us happy.
Happiness is within us
donot search outside
in anything or anybody.
Happiness is in you hand,
don’t give remote control
of your happiness to other.
Develop habit to remain
happy in any in the life.
So no need to search
happiness outside.
If you want to search the
happiness, search inside.
Vinod Anand 15/06/2019

1621 Art of Saving

Utilization of money
water, time & any thing
such a way that it
minimize the waste
& can save part of it.
How to do this,it is art
of saving,Tips are below….
– Minimize the waste
-Have plan to use.
– Have budget of 75%
of total quantity.
– Creativity for best
utilization of thing.
– Awareness, awakeness
and consciousness is
needed while using things.
Due saving no scarcity
will be created and have
surplus for future use.
Saving is best habit which
makes man independent.
For saving any thing first
must have intens desire,
requirements, action plan.
Presently pricing of every
things are shooting, it is
compulsory to learn art of
saving to survive.
Vinod Anand 05/06/2019

1587 Self Management-2

other elements of Self
management are…
Self Development in three
dimension, Head, Heart,
Hand to achieve your target.
* Development of head
is ability to read,to learn,
to listen, to remember,
to think & memory power.
Known as Intelligent Quotient.
* Development of heart means
develop good emotions and
control of emotion known as
Emotional Quotient – E.Q.
* Develop habit to work
fullest possible extend to
do your work perfectly by
applying small improvement
in your work called KAIZEN.
* Concentration of mind
while doing work with
full attention that is fully
attached with work & fully
detached from any work.
Work while & play while.
What you do, involved fully.
* Control over mind using
Intelligent with awareness
and awakeness to control
your mind and senses.
Vinod Anand 08/05/2019

1586 Self Management-1

Self Management is
master, valuable and
important manaement.
If you manage your self
than you can manage
all other management.
It is seed of all other
management in life
Four elements of Self
management are…….
Self confidence or faith,
Self develop in three
dimensions – Head, Heart,
Hand,Concentration and
Control of Mind & senses
* Shelf confidence-faith :
* Self efficacy means I can
do & face challenge and
capable to solve problem.
* Responsibility is belief,
I am responsible for my
desire, quality of work,
no body else Self responsible.
* Self direction- Big target
in the life, planning and
execution to achieve.
These three elements will
raise your self confidence.
For other three topics read
Self Management-2.
Vinod Anand 07/05/2019