1686 It’s never too late

Whenever you get up,
it is morning for you.
whenever you get up,
it is never too late to
start day without
wasting a minute.
When you get up late
with any reason,
it’s never too late, to start
work & compensate waste.
It is never too late
to start again after
number of failure.
It is never too late
to realise your fault
and to say sorry.
It is never too late
when you want to
do something new.
It is never too late
to try to achieve
your dream.
It is never too late to
learn some thing new.
It is never too late
to exprience some
thing beautiful in life.
It is never too late to
develop personality.
It is never too late to
implement knowledge
in the life for success.
Vinod Anand 05/08/2019

1665 Life is Goal

Life is goal and goal is life.
Life without goal is useless.
Animal live life without goal.
Human life must have goal.
Goal is nothing but dream &
desire to be materialized.
Goal give direction to life &
optimum utilization of time.
Goal, planning & execution
of plan is the path to live life.
Otherwise life move without
direction & path i.e. random,
haphazard, uncertain and
fruitless life. There must be
number of goals in the life
like carreer, character, social
and personality and spiritual
development .
Set gaols, dream it, have
deep & intens desire, set
the mind to achieve goals.
Then remember, visualize,
plan it that is allotment of
time slot in 24 hrs of a day
Finally execute the plan i.e.
live the life accordingly.
Means life is goal & make
the goal to live the life.
Goal is only purpose of life.
Vinod Anand 15/07/2019

1587 Self Management-2

other elements of Self
management are…
Self Development in three
dimension, Head, Heart,
Hand to achieve your target.
* Development of head
is ability to read,to learn,
to listen, to remember,
to think & memory power.
Known as Intelligent Quotient.
* Development of heart means
develop good emotions and
control of emotion known as
Emotional Quotient – E.Q.
* Develop habit to work
fullest possible extend to
do your work perfectly by
applying small improvement
in your work called KAIZEN.
* Concentration of mind
while doing work with
full attention that is fully
attached with work & fully
detached from any work.
Work while & play while.
What you do, involved fully.
* Control over mind using
Intelligent with awareness
and awakeness to control
your mind and senses.
Vinod Anand 08/05/2019

1574 Habits of Best Personality

Habit is powerful tools of
Personality development.
To develop one good habit
we need non-stop practice
of 21 days but to remove
bad habit we need non-
stop practice of 45 days.
First you have to make
good habits and then
habits will make you,
good personality figure.
Few best habits need to
develop personality are…
Wake up early & do prayer.
Do exercise & meditation.
Take healthy breake fast.
Do most important work,
then only do other work.
Develop habits of reading
and Talk less listen more.
Avoid to take energy drink,
fast food & packed food.
Avoid the company of
toxi-negative people.
Develop the habit of no
complaining, no blaming,
no comparing & no fault
finding to develop Best
Vinod Anand 21/04/2019

1564 Vacation Golden opportunity

Vacation is favourite and
best for enjoyment and rest,
worry and tension free period,
for student and parents.
Students become lazy,
just passes time, become
idle and no activities
except enjoyment like
watching TV and Internet
and gossiping etc.
But really speaking,
It is golden opportunity for
development, improvement,
reading books and learning
something new art is
possible in vacation.
Spare time when student
improve their handwriting,
learn English grammar, maths,
other weak subject and prepare
for next standard etc.
Student must develop human
being quality & good habits
which he can do in vacation
very nicely for his personality
good physical & mental health.
Wise student never miss the
opportunity in vacations.
Vinod Anand 11/04/2019
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1522 Think of Other

Thinking is very good
tool for improvement
development, growth
& progress in life.
Thinking for the self is
normal tendency but
some people don’t
think for himself.
It is essential to think
for self for self growth,
progress development
and improvements.
Another tendency is
Think of others for
their growth, progress
development etc.
Also think of difficulty &
problem of other to solve
If you are capable and
desire to help them.
Think of other is very
good tendency to have.
Think of other then,
other may think of you
when you need help.
Vinod Anand 08/03/2019

1460 Status of Mind

What is the status of mind ?
What is the mood of mind ?
Necessary to know this for
awareness and behaviour.
Whether it is steady or not ?
Steady mind is seed of
success & greatness.
Whether pure or impure ?
Pure mind is seed of peace
and happiness.
Whether active or idle ?
Active mind is seed of
Wheter luxurious or simple.
Simple mind is intellegent.
Whether it is positive or
negative attitude ?
Positive attitude is seed of
progress & prosperity.
Whether it is controlled
or uncontrolled.Controlled
mind is your best freind.
Whether it is dust bin or
box of jewelry.
Jewelry is seed of beauty.
Whatever be the status,
will get benefit accordingly.
Mind is driver of your life.
Be a master of driver & life.
Vinod Anand 15/01/2019