1017 Devotee

Who devotes his 

time to God for payer

with faith & trust he is

devotee of God.

He believe God and

surrender his action to

God what ever he does.

He becomes devotional,

religious & spiritual person.

Whatever he gets he accept

with pleasure & thanks God.

He pray & remember God in

sorrow & pleasure situation.

He is love every one but

never hate any one,

pray God for welfare of

every one & help every one.

Devotee also carries his

responsibility of family.

Vinod Anand                             27/12/2017     Friend,Philosopher,Guide   


 724 How to become perfect ? 

God-supreme soul is perfect

We are soul, son of supreme.

We ought to be perfect

but not, So purpose of life

is to become perfect.

When we become perfect

we will be very near to God.

To become perfect believe

God, have trust, faith &

be devotee of God.

Change your vision from

body to soul conscious.

Remember the divine

qualities of soul Purity,

Happiness Peace, Power,

Love, Bliss & Knowledge.

Try to awake, acquire &

transform your life style.

God is with you just start

the your journey & you will

become perfect & near to

Supreme Soul-God.

Vinod Anand                           01/04/2017   Friend,Philosopher,Guide 

713 Shrimad Bhagawat Geeta-44

Chapter-12 ” Yoga of Devotion. ”    Which type of devotee is dear to God ?   Bhagavan said  :                                             He who’s is ever-contented, mentally united with Me & subdued his mind, senses, body and has a firm resolve & has surrendered his mind & intellect to Me- that devotee of Mine is dear to Me. He who is not a source of annoyance to his fellow-creatures & he who does not feel annoyed From them, free from envy, agitation, fear is dear to Me.                      He who expects nothing, pure internally & externally, wise and impartial – such devotee of Mine is dear to Me.                   He who neither rejoices nor hate, nor grieves, nor desire and who renounces both good and evil action and is full of devotion, is dear to Me.                         From  : Shrimad Bhagawat Geeta.       Wait for next  post S B Geeta-45           Vinod Anand                            25/03/2017


707 Shrimad Bhagawat Geeta-43

Chapter-12   ” Yoga of Devotion. ”  Bhagavan said : Fix your mind on Me & establish your intellect on Me alone; thereafter you will abide solely in Me, no doubt about it.  If you cannot steadily fix the mind on Me, Arjuna, then seek to attain Me through the Yoga of practice.  If are unable to do it,be intent to work for Me; you shall attain perfection (in the form of My realization) even by perform- ing action for My sake. If you enable to do this, relinquish the fruits of all action. Meditation on God is superior to know- ledge  and renunciation of  the fruits of action is even superior to meditation; for peace immediate follows renunciation. He who is free from malice towards all beings, friendly & compassionate & free from the feelings of  ” I  “, ” mine ”  & balance in joy-sorrow  and forgiving in nature – that devotee of Mine is dear to Me.                                                                 From  : Shrimad Bhagawat Geeta.       Wait for next  post S B Geeta-44         

Vinod Anand                         24/03/2017   Firend,Philosopher,Guide  

680 Shrimad Bhagawat Geeta-34

Chapter-9The Yoga of Sovereign Science  & Sovereign Secret.                           Bhagawat Said : Those bewildered person with vain hopes, futile action & fruitless knowledge, have embraced a devilish & exclusive  nature. On other hand Arujna, great soul who have adopted the divine nature knowing Me as prime source of beings & the imperishable eternal, worship Me constantly with steady fast mind. Constantly cheating My name & glories & striving for my realization, bowing again & again to Me, those devotees of firm resolve, ever united with me through meditation,wor- ship Me  single minded devotion . I am  the sustained & ruler of this universe, its father, mother, grant father,  the one worth knowing,  the purified,  the scared syllable OM & three Veda.  I am supreme goal, Lord, witness, abode, well-wished seeking no return, origin & end, resting place,  store-house to which all beings return at the time of destruction and imperishable seed. 

From : Shrimad Bhagawat Geeta.         Wait for next  post S B Geeta-35

Vinod Anand                         26/02/2017     Firend,Philosopher,Guide 

659 Shrimad Bhagawat Geeta-28 

Chapter – 7  The Yoga of Knowledge of  Nirguna Bhrahma and Knowledge of Manifest Divinity.                                   The Bhagavan said  : Three modes of Prakrti Sattav, Rajas,Tamas( Maya) is most difficult to overcom these. Those, who constantly adore Me alone, are able to cross it. Whose wisdom has been carried away by Maya, having demoniac nature, foolish & vile men of evil deed don’t  adore Me.                                         Four types of devotees of noble deeds worship Me, the seeker after worldly possessions, the afflicted, the seeker for knowledge & the man of wisdom,which is best of these devotees.I am extremely   dear to the wise man who knows Me in reality & he is extremely dear to Me. Indeed all these are noble, but the man of wisdom is My very self.He has mind & intellect merged & firmly established in Me alone as the highest goal. Whatever celestial form a devotee choose to pray  with reverence,I stabilize the faith of that devotee in that Form and get his desire through Me.                                  From Shrimad Bhagawat Geeta.Wait for next  post S B Geeta-29 

Vinod Anand                              04/01/2017

सच्चा भक्त

चहेरे पे तेज, आंखो मे नमी,
होठों पे हसी, ज़बां पे हरी नाम ।
वही है सच्चा भक्त ।

मन में मस्ती, दिल में प्यार,
चित निर्मल, बुध्धि में  विवेक ।
वहीं है सच्चा भक्त  ।

सरल स्वभाव, न मन में कपट,
यथा लाभ संतोषी सदा ।
वही है सच्चा भक्त ।

हाथों मे किरतार, ज़बां पे किर्तन,
पैर में घूंघरू, पैर लगे नाच ने ।
वही है सच्चा भक्त ।
यही हैं सच्चे भक्त की मूरत और फीदरत  ।
वो ही भक्त  ईश्र्वरको है प्यारा ।
                                              विनोद आनंद