1612 Don’t Avoid but Think

Some time we avoid
things, work or person
which we don’t like or
by which we fear or it
is difficult or no desire
to do or problems.
We ignore it, we don’t
face or we don’t try,
& solve it, we just avoid.
By avoiding we program
our mind just to avoid,
then it become habit to
avoid any thing without
any reason. So be aware
awake, don’t avoid any
thing, think to face fear
or to solve the problem
or take it as a challenge
and try but don’t ignore.
Don’t create habit to avoid
but be thinker to accept
any thing comes in life.
If you develop habit to
avoid, then people will
avoid or ignore you.
Avoiding is failure and
accepting is success.
Vinod Anand 28/05/2019


1514 Secret of Failure

Failure is not failure,
it is path of success,
if don’t become nersvse,
it become your guide
show your mistakes.
You have to correct it &
continue for success.
Failure says unability to
achieve what you want.
Failure is caution,it makes
you awake & aware.
It force you to replan your
activities or path or target.
Success after no.of failure
increases your popularity,
glory and become story to
inspire & motivate others.
Failure open the fact and
reality of getting success.
It make you calm, sincere
serious about your target.
Failure makes your mind,
body & intention storng.
It increase your wisdom
positivity and integrity.
So don’t afraid of failure
face it & take advantage
of no. of failure gives.
Failure is not opposite
of success but part of it.
Vinod Anand 01/03/2019


1507 Be Independent

Be independent because
dependent cann’t progress
and get success in life.
“Be independent” must be
the target while achieving
any other goal of the life.
Depending on other for
success in life is dream
of night when you sleep.
In beging you may need
help from other, but later
don’t create dependancy.
Dependancy is the seed
of failure because it
turns into weakness.
It is better to take help
and advise from other
but do self activities to
become independent of
any body or any things.
Otherwise no body will
trust, respect you and
become unsuccessful.
Vinod Anand 23/02/2019

1449 Power of concentration

Power of concentration
is concentration of mind
& dedication while work.
Concentration is first
step of effective reading,
listening and working &
first quality of man to
become successfull.
All great people have
quality of Concentration.
Concentration is control
over your mind.
Reading one hour with
concentration is equivalent
to four hour reading without
When sun rays focus on
paper by lens, it burns the
paper & concentration of
of mind burns possibility
of failure & gives success.
Develop concentration of
mind by meditations or
control on your breathing,
listening of favourite song
consciously & understand
the meaning of that song or
by any scientific method.
Vinod Anand 04/01/2019

1431 No Success

Mistake means no
success.But learn
from mistake & no
repeatation of same
mistake may open
door of success.
There are mistakes,
if you do, may lead to
no success or failure.
* First is procrastination
of work, delay target.
* Second is wasting of
time, which is precious.
* Third is bad company
may discourage you.
* Fourth is weak health,
may effect your work.
* Fifth is emotionally weak
may effect relations.
* Sixth is no reading &
learning, no updation &
no upgration or change.
If you are not conscious
then these mistakes may
lead to failure mean no
success or failure in life.
Vinod Anand 19/12/2018

1406 Attitude of successful person

Attitude of person decide
success or failure in life.
He think big,dream & get it.
Successful person have
attitude of doing best when
nobody watch him & never
procrastinate their work.
He love what he does work.
Have attitude of doing extra.
He does work which ordinary
person cannot work or don’t
like to work. Have optimistic
and positive attitude to work.
Have attitude to work smartly
with plan and never give up.
He work with buffer plan to
achieve his target in time.
He think of possible hurdle
& be preapered to solve it.
He always remain energetic
passonate & enthusiastic.
Develop attitude & qualities
of successful person in life.
Vinod Anand 27/11/2018

1384 Successful Vs. Unsuccessful-2

Successful People do
and made habit of it,
what unsuccessful
People don’t like to do.
Unsuccessfull people
like to see T.V & don’t
motivate himself but
successful people don’t
develop habit of seeing T.V
and daily motivating himself .
Unsuccessful people less
positive, passonate &
pessimist but successful
people develop habit to be
positive, passonate and
remain optimistic.
Unsuccessful poeple
avoid meeting & training
but sucessful people like
to take training & meeting
to review the progress.
Unsuccessful poeple
don’t try for promotion
of product but successful
people always think of it.
Do whatever successful
people do to get success
otherwise failure in life.
Vinod Anand 16/11/2018