1951 Miracle of words

Words are every thing.
They are seed of result
or out put of work done.
Result may be success or
failure, happy or unhappy,
peaceful or unpeaceful.
Word success in mind
take you towards success.
Other words for success
are target, plan, hard work
and passonate take you
towards success.
opposite words take you
towards failure.
Word happy in mind take
you towords happiness.
Other words for happiness
are compassion, satifaction
love, nonviolence & patience
take you towards happy.
Opposite Words takes you
toward unhappiness.
Word peace in mind take
you towards peace.
Other words for peace are
understanding, mediation
silence, wisdom take you
towards peace.
Opposite words take you
towards state of unpeace.
Keep right words in mind
and erase opposite words
will create miracle in life.
It is the word gives you
what you want.
Vinod Anand 30/03/2020

1042 Success through Habits

Success is actually result
of habits. Man builds habits
later habit builds the man.
Create such habits which
builds you what you want
to become in your life.
Habits are mind program
and make loop of action
which you do repeatedly.
When get triggered, action
will be done automatically
and easily without effort.
Good habits upgrade life
means success.Bad habit
degrade life means failure.
Create good habits of most
successfull people, which
lead you successful life.
Good habits also builds
great personality which
have most important roll
in the path of success.
Try your success through
good & productive habits.
Vinod Anand 24/03/2020

1856 Thoughts for you

* Believe in yourself and
develop self confidence.
Problems is part our life
donot make the problem
of your life. No problem is
great than man.
* Stop giving excuses and
justification to your self.
Trust on your self donot
make trust dependent on
* Don’t wait for some one
to come and change you.
No body can change you
except yourself.
* Pain is inevitable but
suffering option.Worse
situation may come donot get disappointed and give up.
* Failing is accepted but not
trying is not accepted don’t
run away after failure.
* What people say to me will
not decide what I am. It’s their
perception & choice,different
way of thinking and opinion.
* Accept people as what they are.
& Don’t expect things from other.
Vinod Anand 12/01/2020

1764 Think different

Think different to become
different, special & great.
Attitude of think different
is way of development,
progress and success.
Practice to think different
till it become your habit &
think different effortlessly.
Each & every situation of
life you can think differently,
only way to become positive.
In failure, think different that
it is feed back to impove &
chance to correct mistakes.
In success, think different
that it is by the grace of God.
Some one criticize then think
different that he is well wisher,
if he is right, correct your self
otherwise ignore him.
Some one praise you, think
differen, give credit to God or
parent or friend & thank him.
When you don’t get what you
want, think different that God
want to give better than that.
Similarly other consequence
think different, be different,
to live happy-peacefully life.
Vinod Anand 21/10/2019

1751 LT & DT

Life is time & time is life.
There are two type of time
Live Time and dead time.
When you do productive,
result oriented work that
time is live time of the life.
When you are idle or not
doing productive work or
result oriented that time
is dead time of your life.
Minimize your dead time
of your life for success.
Dead time is waste time.
Live time is productive time.
For maximize live time work
with target and planning.
Unplanned life will give rise
to more dead time & failure.
To increase your live time…..
* Come out from comfort zone.
* Find out distraction elements
in the life and elliminate it.
* Reduce time eater activities.
* Sleep 6 or 7 hour a day.
* Be conscious, aware & wake
about your live time of life.
Vinod Anand 09/10/2019

1747 Life takes Exams

Life is life time school
& takes exam life time to
learne lesson after fail.
In schools and colleges
first learning then exam.
But in life first exam then
learning is quite different.
Life take exam daily every
momemts and teaches
lession to improve future.
When life takes exam we
don’t know & after getting
result you know that you
are failed in the exams
taken by the life.
Any worse situation is
exam of life, if you face
& live peacefully, you are
passed otherwise failed
Any problem is exam of
life, if you solve, you are
passed otherwise failed.
Every chance is exam of
life,if you can take chance
then, you are passed
otherwise you are failed
If pass in every exam you
are successful person.
which ever exam you fail
learn lession from it for
next exam prepaeration.
Best of luck for each and
every exam of the life.
Vinod Anand 05/10/2019

1694 How to live right way ?-2

Tips to live right way to
get peace and happiness.
Consider failure as a feed
back, problem as challenge.
Be positive and optimistic.
Know your potential,find out
your uniqueness & develop.
skill,talent & self confidence.
Live with purpose & planning.
Eat for living, not for eating.
Keep your body & mind healthy.
let your happiness & peace be independent of things and
person or situation.
Focus on your duty not on
your right.
Work without expecting the
fruits of your work.
Love God, your self, relatives
then other.
Trust God & faith in God
Design and plan your life
to get peace, happiness.
Vinod Anand 12/08/2019