1811 Good for nothing

” Good for nothing ”
Some time we use
this proverb for the
person not useful
for other person due
to his selfish nature.
He or she may be
self centred or don’t
care, consider and
don’t respect other.
He/she will see his own
comfort, desire & others
are least concern even
though they are related
or known to them.
If he/she have sufficient
money to hire person to
do household activities
then he or she become
independent guy don’t
require help & obligation
of any family members,
So he/she wouldn’t care
or give weightage to any
other person of the family.
Then he/she will be labelled….
He/she is Good for nothing
He/she will be just like
dummy member of family.
So be aware from such
person who is labelled as
” Good for nothing ”
Vinod Anand 02/12/2019

1742 What is every thing ?

Life is every thing,
without life nothing.
For some one money
is every thing.
Some one have own
comfort, every thing.
For some one wife or
friend is every thing .
Some one have his
career or charactet
is every thing.
For some one his
bussiness or family
is every thing.
Any thing else is
nothing for them &
don’t take care of it.
Relation and positive
attitude is every thing,
for balance,business
family and social life.
Give equal importance
with priority & manage
time for every things
needed to live the life
happily & peacefully.
Nothing should be
every thing.
Vinod Anand 27/09/2019

1735 Negative person

Negative person makes
other person negative by
his negative attitude.
He thinks, speaks,behave,
act negatively and he have
negative beliefs & emotions.
He may be family member or
freind or office or neighbour.
Negative peoples see & think
bad in any situation don’t see
and think good.
How to deal with them ?
* Don’t connect with them.
when he speak negatively
you donot reply similarly.
* Donot allow to control you
self by his negativity
* Donot fight & argue with him.
* Value there opinions if right.
* Reply with positive thought.
* Donot try to change them.
* Do not ask for guidance.
Make yourself aware while
dealing with negative person
& behave accordingly to keep
distant from negative person.
Vinod Anand 21/09/2019
They may make you negative.

1721 Why Quarreling ?

Quarrel between person
or group will make you
unhappy & tense to both.
It breakes relations and
become enemy and try
to hurt each other.
Why quarreling ?
Need to think & find out
causes of quarrels to
eliminate and Create no
quarrel zone in family and
society to live happy and
peaceful life.
Some common causes
are given below which
can be eliminated.
* Lack of tolerance
* Difference of opinion.
* Ego of the person.
* Nature to direct the person.
* Habit of getting angry.
* Finding fault with other.
* Negative attitude of person.
* Nature of complaining.
* Nature of insulting.
* Telling lie every time.
* Cheating the person.
* Not to listen & obey elder.
* Criticizing the person.
* I am only right – attitude.
* Attitude to fight but not
to compromise.
* Not accepting mistake
* Focus on right,not on duty.
* High expectation.
Whenever there is quarrel
try to find out cause and
eliminate & compromise.
Quarreling is harmful to
self, family and society.
Vinod Anand 08/09/2019

1709 Eligibility of marriage

Boy or Girl, unless eligible
or qualify for marriage don’t
get marry for happy, peaceful
and success life, otherwise
life will be problematic for
both and their families.
* Eligibility & maturity age.
(Boy age >22-Girl age >18).
* Education & nice job to
fullfill all need of the life.
* Knowledge of married life
duties and responsibility .
* Development of physical
and mind personality, i.e.
Good nature, good habits
good emotion to achieve
Ideal human being status.
* Knowledge of child care &
Development before you
become parents.
* Mentality to live for each
other with family member.
* Don’t demand ideal wife
or ideal husband but be
a ideal person to marry.
Please get eligible for above requirements for marrige than
think of marriage, not before.
Vinod Anand 27/08/2019

1702 Activities after retire

Here are guide lines of
activities you can do
After retirement to
solve the problem of
time passing.
If you donot fix your daily
activities than you will
get bored & tired.
Activities you can do…
* Reading & Writing.
* Helping hand in family.
* Teaching grand son or
* Serve to society and
spiritual activities.
* Develop some Art like
drawing or craft.
* Do part time job.
* Matrimonial match activity
* Placement of job who is
* Coaching class for poor.
As per your past experience
select your best activities
& plan your daily activities
for healthy, happy, peaceful
and successful retired life.
Vinod Anand 20/08/2019

1676 Power of Money-2

Further to my post
power of money-1
Now a days power of
money is considered
greatest and bigest.
But donot give so much
important to money for
peaceful & happy life.
Money can give you
facilities and comfort
but cannot give you
happiness & peace.
Donot be so attached
to money which may
detach you from family.
Donot be so behind &
do wrong practice to
earn more money.
Donot spoil your health
to earn crores of money.
Later it cannot recover
your heath which makes
your life miserable.
Life is not for money but
money is for life to live
happy and peaceful life.
Money brings pride, bad
habits and bad nature &
negative emotions which
brings unhappiness and
difficulties and problem.
Money is powerful, if it is
utilized for the benefit of
mankind otherwise not.
Vinod Anand 26/07/2019