1642 Handling of rude person

How to handle rude
people in family or
in office or in society.
Rude poeple speak
with anger & insult
with no reason due
to his rudeness.
First find out how he
become rude ?
May be the gift from
parent, self developed
or due frustrated in life
or intensely to control
the other people.
Accodingly behave with
to handle such persons.
Please don’t copy his
behaviour to handle
rude behaviour person.
Be clam & quite when
you come across.
Don’t aruge or point out
his mistake or fault but
first get connected with
emotionally & say please
control your emotion.
Say this attitude, nature
or behaviour increases
problems & spoil image.
Try to convience him by
changing his old beliefs
behind orude behaviour.
To bring a change in rude
person is challenge take it.
Vinod Anand 25/06/2019


1599 Earn Respec,raise value

How to earn respect &
raise your value in the
family and society.
* Accept your self, repect
& love your self as you are.
Say I am the best, I love
you & I respect you,looking
your self into the mirror for
few day raise self respect
so other will respect you.
* Be perfect in work, find
your talent & develop it
raise value and respect.
* Don’t be complainer.
Don’t give advise unless
asked in family or society.
* Don’t quote weakness of
any one but compensate.
* Don’t argue, discuss with
any one to raise value.
* Give respect and take
respect is simplest way to
earn respect & raise value.
* Kown everybody love
language to please him
to get respect from him
and raise your value.
Develop human being
quality to have a smart
personality, get respect
and raise your value in
family and society.
Don’t demand respect,
Demand destroy love
respect and value.
Vinod Anand 16/05/2019

1546 Healthy Life

Healthy Life is summation
of healthy body, healthy
mentally emotional mind ,
family and society relation
and spirituality health.
Healthy conscious deit,
excercise, pranayam and
meditation for healthy body.
Health problems are created
my emotional and mental by
unhealthy mind.
Excess thinking & emotions
comes from excess and
unrealistic expectation from
family, friend and colleagues.
We feel bad, get angry and
get irritate, so both body and
mental health will be affected.
If you can leave unrealistic
expectation & control your
emotions then both body
and mental emotion health
will be alright. In family follow
the rule of love share & care.
Do social warefare activity
unconditionally for society.
For Healthy spirituality first
belive, love and Pray God.
Any thing recevieved in life,
accept it as a grace of God.
Thanks God what ever you got.
If body, mental-emotion,
family, society & spiritual
health is maintained then
Healthy Life is the result.
Be healthy & Be happy.
Vinod Anand 26/03/2019

1539 Magic of Environment

Environment is magician
may play magics in the life.
Environment influence
the person, live in that.
Environment is good
tools of improvement.
If you live in peaceful
& joyful Environment
then you become joyful
and peaceful means,
what you and family
want to become create
such environment.
Environment is the best
social or family reformer.
Environment is created
by man & things then it
influence man accordingly.
Bad autmosphere
environment spoil our
health, similarity bad
environment created by
bad men that spoil men.
Change the environment
to change life of people.
Vinod Anand 19/03/2019

1493 Right Image

Your life is seen, obvserved
& experiencd by your family
society, office by number of
people daily.
Family, society, work place
are the mirror, stores your
action, reaction & behaviour.
So be careful about your
action, reaction & behaviour.
Which will frame your image
and judge your personality.
If you do wrong, illeagal or
unethical action is being
well copyied by them.
So keep in mind that when
you are head in family,teacher
& leader or head in offices,
your all bad practice will be
copied by others under you.
Finally with bad image you
can control or manage them.
Wherever you are, whatever
you are , whomever you are,
you cannot succeed.
For 100% success create
right image & personality.
People does what you do
not what you say. So say
by action & behaviour.
Vinod Anand 12/02/2019

1486 How to convince others

How to convince other in
family,office and society.
Art of convincing needed
in personal, professional &
business life.
Remember few Points to
convince other that makes
him understand and he
accept and get agree.
* See the mood & mode of
the person, that he is in
listening & receptive mode.
He should not be upset or
logical or arguing mood.
* To bring him receptive
mode get connected
emotionally with him by
love care,respect & help.
* Appreciate & accept the
person as he is, and get
connected emotionally.
By doing this he will trust
you and ready to listen you,
so you can convience him.
Vinod Anand 06/02/2019

1474 Attitude towards Life

Attitude towards life
designe your life &
your life sytle which
makes you happy or
unhappy.If your attitude
towards life us negative or
poor then it may creates
difficuties or problem.
Attitude toward life is
positive-rich it will
create happiness.
Attitude towards life….
* Life is precious gift
of God to live like man.
* Attitude of gratitude
towards God for gift.
* Attitude to utilize Life
without spoiling life for
great & marvelous life.
* Live life with purpose
to fullfill the purpose.
* While living present life
you are writing next birth.
* Live with Attitude to help
or serve family & society.
* Life is not for enjoyment
* Live ideal life to remain
alive after death like great
personality are still alive.
Vinod Anand 29/01/2019