962 Love & Life

There are two life style

One with love, which is

peaceful, joyful & happy

Another life without love, 

which is dry, unhappy &

full of worries & tension. 

To live life with love, 

first love God, your self, 

nature & your life then

Love everythings exist.

Love unconditionally, 

with no selfishness &

no expectation. 

Even love doesn’t 

demand Love in return. 

Demand destroys love. 

If you don’t live with love 

then life is without love. 

Choice is yours which 

life you like to live. 

God may help you to

select better life style.                                 

Vinod Anand                           08/10/2017 Friend,Philosopher,Guide    


942 Gift

Life is Gift from God. 

Every thing we have

is the gift of parent. 

Gift is presentation

of love & blessing. 

Whatever happen 

in the life is also Gift. 

Life is full of Gift. 

There is nothing else

then Gift in the life. 

There is custom to

give Gift on birthday

or marriage or any

other occasions. 

Now a days Gift is

measure of affection

love & conduct. 

If Gift is not given or

not proper it will be

criticise the person 

and relation. 

So it compulsory to

give proper & costly

Gift on any occasions. 

Gift becomes prestige 

honour & respect. 

Vinod Anand                           06/10/2017 Friend,Philosopher,Guide    

936 Blind Trust

Blind trust means

believe any body 

without knowing

him,getting impressed

by his miracle or 

to get desire things. 

The desire is so

deep,intensive so

that the person 

become mentaly

blind & don’t look

and think final out 

come and believe

the person blindly. 

Person will take 

advantage of trust 

and cheat the 

innocent people. 

Be careful, awake, 

attentive & thinkful

about such people. 

Don’t trust any one

blindly. Trust & Pray 

& believe God, not

the pretending person 

and his miracle. 

Don’t cross the limit

of trust, ortherwise 

become Blind trust. 

Blind trust is cheater

and destroyer. 

Vinod Anand                              03/10/2017 Friend,Philosopher,Guide    

825 Renunciation 

Renunciation is act.

of renounce.

Renounce means

given up, forget it or

leave some thing by

practice to do so.

It not easy but it is

not Impossible to

renounce any thing.

Will  Will find a way.

desire and wish make

impossible to possible.

Why not we desire to

renounce bad habits,

bad nature & bad feeling

for better peaceful life.

For eternal libration,

and God realization

renunciation is best

tools, and also create

unattachment for

worldly objects and

attachment to God.

when you reach 45

Slowly start process

of renunciation which

detach you from the

family when you  

reach old age & life

will be peaceful.
Vinod Anand                          27/06/2017   Friend,Philosopher,Guide  

757 Shrimad Bhagawat Geeta-62 

Chapter18 The Yoga of Liberation through  knowledge & self surrender.           Bhagavan Said : Whosoever studies this sacred dialogues  of ours in the form of Geeta  by him too shall I be worshipped with Yajna of knowledge; such is My conviction. Who listen this holy Geeta with reverence, being free From malice, he too,liberated from sin.Have you heard this gospel of the Geeta attentively ?  and has your delusion born of ignorance been destroyed O Arjunas.                            Arjunas Said : Krishna by Your grace my delusion has been destroyed and  I have gained wisdom. I am free from of all doubt. I will do your bidding.                       Sanjanya said : Thus I heard  mysterious and thrilling conversation between Sri Krishna and Arjuna, son of Kunti.     Wherever there is Bhagavan sri Krishna,  the Lord of Yoga,  and wherever there is a Arjunas bow, goodness, victory,  glory and  unfailing righteousness  will be  sure there : such is My conviction.                        Chapter-18 Ends.                                 Shrimad Bhagawat Geeta End.             Thanks  to visitors or views for your response to my  62 post of Geeta.     Inspiring me all the time to write.                 Vinod Anand                           28/04/2017 Friend,Philosopher,Guide 

756 Shrimad Bhagawat Geeta-61

Chapter18The Yoga of Liberation through   knowledge & self surrender.                       Sri Bhagavan Said  : He who has neither aversion for action which is leading to bondage nor attachment to action which is do not lead to bondage. He has all his doubts resolved, is intelligent man of true renunciation. Who renounces the fruits if actions is called a man of renun-ciation. The knower, knowledge, & the object of knowledge, – these three motivates action.  Knowledge, action, doer,  firmness & intellect-understanding are of three kinds i.e. . Sattavik,Rajasika, Tamsika, for detail study refer chapter 18 The duties of Brahmana,Ksatriya,Vaisyaand Sudra are described in this chapter. Resigning all your duties to Me, the all power full& supporting Lord,take refuges  in Me alone,I shall absolve you of all sins  worry not. Do not impart Geeta knowledge to person who is not willing to listen and is not my devotee.He who preaches Geeta  to my devotee, shall come to Me alone; no doubt about it.                                          From: Shrimad Bhagawat Geeta.             Wait for next  post S B Geeta-62                       Vinod Anand                           26/04/2017 Friend,Philosopher,Guide 

754 प्रर्थना

बरसों बीत गए बिछडे हुए, 

कब मिलों मेरे मालिक ? 

कल मिलों या परसों, 

परसों मिलोंगे या नरसों

न जाने कब आएगा कल 

या परसों या नरसों  ? 

अब दूरी नहीं सही जाती

देर न करना मालिक ।

कल का क्या भरोसा

कल करे सो आज कर ।

आन मिलो मेरे मालिक

गले लग जाओ मेरे मालिक 

जेसै भक्त को गले लगाया, 

मुफ़े भी गले लगा लो ।

शरणार्थी को गले लगाया, 

एसे मुफ़े भी गले लगा लो ।

इन्तजार है भक्तों कि भ्रांति 

जूदाई ज़हर, मिलन अमृत है ।

आन मिलो मेरे मालिक, 

गले लग जाओ मेरे मालिक ।                                   

विनोद आनंद                               27/04/2017   फ्रेन्ड,फिलोसोफर,गाईड