1083 Impartiality

Impartiality is rule of
equality & humanity &
Good quality of person.
For ideal situation in
family or society or
country be impartial.
Impartiality means
no different between
rich and poor, ordinary
& extra ordinary person.
Treat or behave equally
with every as we are son
of God, who is impartial.
Partiality is poision, kills
feeling, peace & relation.
Impartiality is nector
create feeling of love,
peace & strong relation.
Impartiality is bridge
and partiality is wall
between the persons.
To be partial is sinfulness
To be impartial is charity.
I pray God to make every
person in world impartial.
Vinod Anand 17/02/2018


1062 Badness

Badness is worst
qualities of man,
which will be cultivated
unknowingly if you are
not conscious.
Badness builds devils
Badness means bad deed,
nature and behaviour.
Bad nature means worst
qaulities like hatre, cuelty.
Bad behaviour means
behave rudely & insults
children, adults & elders
Bad deeds means perform
the deed to troubles and
create problem for others.
Person with badness is
away from God & hatred
& insulted by the poeple.
The first thing is to left
in life is bad badness,
before you becomes devils.
Badness gives unhappy,
disrubed & unsteady life.
Badness is the killer of
goodness creator of hell.
I Pray God that ” Keeps the
man away from badness &                                                                                                                                                                                                      direct towards goodness.
Vinod Anand 04/02/2018

1042 Sleep

Sleep is medicine of body 

which refreshes the body.

Six hours sound sleep at 

night is sufficient for rest.

With more sleep become

lazy and with less sleep 

incomplete refreshment.

Both are harmful to body.  

Early to bed,early to get up 

will increases the strength, 


the  time for extra work.

Before sleep pay God & 

sleep chanting mantra.

Sleep with no worry so

will get sound sleep.

Sound sleep is indication

of healthy & happy man. 

When you get up pray

God for auspicious day.

Then do other work.                                 

Vinod Anand                           18/01/2018   Friend,Philosopher,Guide    

1039 What is good nature ?

Good Nature means 

good behaviuor, good

feelings, good habits,

and good actions with 

other, based on attitude

belief & mood of person.

Good natured human being 

will be liked by every one.

Every human being must  

qualities of human being.

Good nature  person must

be free from anger & proud,

peaceful and smiling face,

positive attitude & good

rational quality of speech

with helping nature.

The best quality of human

being is love, contentment

mercy, selfishlessness and 

devotion to work & God.

Human being with these

qualities is liked by God.

So first become good

natured human being.

Vinod Anand                           16/01/2018     Friend,Philosopher,Guide   

1024 Resolution

Make the year 2018,

the year of resolution.

It is power way of success.

One focus and unbrakable

resolution with storng 

will power gives success.

Make resolution like……

“Want to be a ideal person”

“Want to be spiritual person”

Make resolution in present

of God as witness & pray.

Declare your resolution

to relatives and friend.

When you are stagnant

they remind or criticize,

which  encourage you.

Take help & guidance 

from exprience person.

Consciously hold on 

your resolution till you

get success.

Think of obstacles & 

hurdles in advane for

it’ removal. Best of luck.

Vinod Anand                             04/01/2018   Friend,Philosopher,Guide    

1021 Sources of Knowledge

Big & only Sources Of 

Knowledge is God.

Be devotee of God & 

be connected with 

source of knowledge.

Soul is next Sources Of 

Knowledge After God.

Be soul conscious.

Knowlegde is hidden 

in inner self we have to

awake up it with faith

and trust in God.

Source of knowlegde 

is books, expriences & the

speech of famous speaker.

Read the books, listen 

the lecture of speaker &

learn from exprience.

Now days Internet is best

source of knowledge.

Life is best treacher &

source of knowledge.

Present era is era of

knowledge so have 

intensive desire to 

acquire knowledge.

Vinod Anand                             31/12/2017   Friend,Philosopher,Guide   

1017 Devotee

Who devotes his 

time to God for payer  

with faith & trust he is 

devotee of God.

He belive God and

surrendar his action to 

God what ever he does.

He becomes devotional,

religious & spiritual person.

Whatever he gets he accept

with pleasure & thanks God.

He pray & remember God in

sorrow & pleasure situation.

He is love every one but 

never hate any one, 

pray God for welfare of 

every one & help every one.

Devotee also carries his 

responsibility of family.

Vinod Anand                             27/12/2017     Friend,Philosopher,Guide