1546 Healthy Life

Healthy Life is summation
of healthy body, healthy
mentally emotional mind ,
family and society relation
and spirituality health.
Healthy conscious deit,
excercise, pranayam and
meditation for healthy body.
Health problems are created
my emotional and mental by
unhealthy mind.
Excess thinking & emotions
comes from excess and
unrealistic expectation from
family, friend and colleagues.
We feel bad, get angry and
get irritate, so both body and
mental health will be affected.
If you can leave unrealistic
expectation & control your
emotions then both body
and mental emotion health
will be alright. In family follow
the rule of love share & care.
Do social warefare activity
unconditionally for society.
For Healthy spirituality first
belive, love and Pray God.
Any thing recevieved in life,
accept it as a grace of God.
Thanks God what ever you got.
If body, mental-emotion,
family, society & spiritual
health is maintained then
Healthy Life is the result.
Be healthy & Be happy.
Vinod Anand 26/03/2019


1528 How to be positive

Positivity is proper & right
direction to invest energy.
Negativity is improper &
wrong direction to utilize
your engery.Positivity is
also a energy booster.
So for energetic & better
use of your strenght &
energy be positive.
How to become positive.
* Start your day with prayer
& gratitude toward God.
* Be conscious, aware of
negative thoughts to reject
or to convert it to positive.
* Be away from negative
peoples,TV News & paper.
* Always be connected with
positive poeople.
* Don’t stay idle, get busy
with useful activities, as a
idle mind is devils workshop.
* Be healthy by proper deit
exercise, yoga, pranayam etc.
* Create habit to be happy &
cheerful every situation.
* Keep purpose or target to
become positive using tips.
Best of luck for, to be positive.
Vinod Anand 12/03/2019

1498 Great principle of life

Life with Principles will
be great and valuable,
happy & peaceful life
otherwise unhappy &
unpeaceful life.
* Follow the truth & love
share and care for all.
* Pray God for happy &
peaceful life for all.
* Live life with honestly
and etheticaly.
* Live life with human
quality like nonviolence,
mercy, purity, tolerance
pateince & faith in God.
* Live life with regularity
& with proper planning.
Keep some norms rule
regulation & follow to
live predefined & useful
life with principles so
life become great and
memorable & useful.
Life be only alive with
these few principles.
Remember principles
will make you principal
of your valuable life.
Vinod Anand 17/02/2019

1481 Before sleep

Sleep early at fixed time.
Do three things before
going to bed for sleep.
First review and ask few
questions like……
What am I greatful to ?
What I did good deed ?
What I learn new today ?
How did I take care of my
self physically & mentally ?
Where did I hepled anyone ?
Have I lived happily today ?
Second plan next day work,
as per your target & priority.
Third pray God thank for
wonderful day passed,
Beg pardon & say sorry for
bad deed did during a day.
Then with no tension and
empty mind sleep chanting
the name of your favorite
spureme power God.
You will get sound sleep.
You will be energetic and
feel fresh when you get up.
Vinod Anand 02/02/2019

1474 Attitude towards Life

Attitude towards life
designe your life &
your life sytle which
makes you happy or
unhappy.If your attitude
towards life us negative or
poor then it may creates
difficuties or problem.
Attitude toward life is
positive-rich it will
create happiness.
Attitude towards life….
* Life is precious gift
of God to live like man.
* Attitude of gratitude
towards God for gift.
* Attitude to utilize Life
without spoiling life for
great & marvelous life.
* Live life with purpose
to fullfill the purpose.
* While living present life
you are writing next birth.
* Live with Attitude to help
or serve family & society.
* Life is not for enjoyment
* Live ideal life to remain
alive after death like great
personality are still alive.
Vinod Anand 29/01/2019

1425 Miracle Morning

Mircale Morning can
create Mircale day &
Mircale days creates
Mircale life. But how ?
When you get up first
thanks to God, pray,
be silence for five
mintues & tell your
mind 5 affirmations
which is essential.
Visualize see what
you want to achieve.
Live with nature &
enjoy it’s beauity.
Do exercise, yoga
and pranayam for
half hours. Last read
motivated book and
think positive related
to your day to day
activities. Positive
ideas come in fresh
mood & note down it
for future utilization.
Don’t consume,read
negative information.
By cultivating good
habits you can creates
miracle day.
Vinod Anand 15/12/2018

1414 How to choose target

What should be target
in life is your choice ?
What should be criteria ?
What should be target ?
Target gives purpose to
live the life or purpose of
life should be the target.
What ever the criteria, it
is essential to have target.
First criteria is career and
other are purposeful target
of the life like personality,
family,social relation and
spiritual development.
Choose meaninful career
target by which you get joy
while achieving the target.
Target to develop positive
attitude, feelings, good
qualities and habit to built
healthy family and social
relation in the life.
Target to develop spiritual
quality like faith and trust
on God to get inspiration,
power and blessing of God
for successful life.
Vinod Anand 03/12/2018