1952 Dream to Reality

Man has gift from God
to see the dream and
strenght to achieve it.
Man has to know this
strenght and execute
in systematic way.
* Man must Define his
dream with clerity that
what exactly he want.
Convert your dream in
wriitten Goal which is
result oriented.
Clarity proceed success.
* Man must have written
master action plan in four
stages like daily,monthly
quarterly and yearly.
* Commitment to stick
daily action consistently.
Person become man of
action, action & action.
with review system.
* Emotional resilience
means, bounce back.
in any disappointment.
Don’t get off track by the
man who is not on track.
* People and situation will
take your test. God will give
you every thing if you prove
you are deserve for it.
Vinod Anand 30/03/2020

1892 Gift from God

Human birth is gift
from God, Say thanks.
God has also given
strength to see dream
and achieve, to change
situation to live great life.
Peoples are not aware or not
utilizing.They believe,that
great people are borned.
Man can become great by
their effort to work hard.
You can make great life by..
1) Take complete ownership
of your life & stop blaming
others events & situation.
2) Be Original be, don’t follow
or imitates other.
3) Do Top 1% people does.
Don’t do 99% people does
4) We want instant result.
Be long term player.
5) Trust youself, be confident
stop copying start creating.
Don’t worry your competitor.
raise your standard.
3) Have world class retiuals.
daily small improvement.
4) In your Profession work
with ethic and be honest.
5) Think of how can I serve
more people.
Vinod Anand 11/02/2020

1793 Beautiful Life

Continue previous post
named Beautiful Life.
Healthy mind & body
makes life beautiful.
Make following activity
as a routine to make life
* Life is not fair but still
life is good & beautiful.
* Life is too short to hate
any one forgive any one
for everythings.
* Take it easy don’t take
yourself so seriously.
* Help the needy.
* Be generous.
Be a giver not taker.
* Remember your are too
blessed, not to be stress.
* Before going to bed pray
and be thankful to God.
* Be positive, thankful
& grateful to concerned.
MakeThese activities as
routine for beautiful life.
Vinod Anand 18/11/2019

1792 Beautiful Life-1

Life is beautiful if you
follow required activity.
Make them as a routine,
which may result in
heathy mind and body.
Healthy mind & body
makes life beautiful.
* Walk 30 minutes with
smile & pleasure daily.
* Sit in silence 15 minutes.
* When Wake up pray God,
thank God & Ask Guidance.
* Eat food live & green food
grow on plants or trees &
Eat less fast food.
* Drink fruity juice not cold
drinks & Take more water.
* Try to make atleast three
people to smile every day.
* Donot waste your time &
energy in gossiping but
Invest time and energy in
useful work.
* Take breakfast like kind
lunch like prince & dinner
like kid….continue See more
in next post Beautiful Life-2.
and make your life beautiful.
Vinod Anand 18/11/2019

1739 What is spirituality

What is Spirituality ?
Spirituality is related to
Religion,Soul & supreme
Know yourself as a soul,
believe in supreme God
which is linked with soul,
have faith & trust in God.
Know your original nature
of soul & believe that you
are pure, clean, peaceful
loving, knowledgeable,
joyful and powerful soul.
Not only to know nature
but also have such nature
acquiring good qaulities
of human being.
Also know the secrete of
Karma (Deed or work) and
believe that what you have
or get, is outcome of Karm.
Accept it with pleasure and
perform another Karma for
better future and next birth.
Last have gratitude toward
God and human being.
Not to hurt any being, help
them or make him happy.
Whatever happened believe
that it will be in flavour.
Person having such believe,
qualities & nature is called
spiritual human being with
high Spirituality Quotients-S.Q
Vinod Anand 27/09/2019

1733 Lession of Love

Love is God & God is love.
Love is divine quality of
soul and supreme soul.
Love is pure,unconditional,
unselfish,donor & sacrifice.
Love is fragment, relation
is flower. Relation is alive
and permanent with love.
Relation survives and exist
due to love. Love to God,
then self, parents, family
friend & the rest of world.
Love is base of world and
universe to survive to exist.
Love is creator of heaven.
Love is every things.
Know and understand the
lession of love, practice
to love & you are eligible to
receive love from every one.
Love is grace & gift of God.
Love means take care, accept
& bare family member, friend
and other related peoples.
Love means no comparison
no complain, forget & forgive
mistakes & accept your fault,
says sorry and regrets
Love means loyality, nobility
faithfulness and trust.
Happiness, peace, success
mercy, prosperity is result of
love. Love to live live to love.
Vinod Anand 21/09/2019

1717 Life Journey

Life Journey is from birth
to death and again to birth
to death, never ending life.
End of journey is freedom
from birth to death cycle.
Soul left body, takes new
body & life continue for
the welfare of soul & will
continue till get freedom
from cycle of birth & death.
For better next birth do
good deed, earn blessing
& live for welfare of others.
Live peacefully, happily,
useful, purposeful life for
self family & country.
Life jounery have two
aspects, they are…..
1) what ever you get pain or
happiness accept it & live
happily and peacefully.
2) Second live life with
good, happily, peacefully
to write future of next birth
luck for liberation from birth
and death cycle.
Life juorney is not only for
comfort and to enjoy,
but for welfare of soul or
for beautiful next birth life.
Upgrade, uplift the life in
every birth to get target of
liberation from rebirth cycle.
Vinod Anand 05/09/2019