1522 Think of Other

Thinking is very good
tool for improvement
development, growth
& progress in life.
Thinking for the self is
normal tendency but
some people don’t
think for himself.
It is essential to think
for self for self growth,
progress development
and improvements.
Another tendency is
Think of others for
their growth, progress
development etc.
Also think of difficulty &
problem of other to solve
If you are capable and
desire to help them.
Think of other is very
good tendency to have.
Think of other then,
other may think of you
when you need help.
Vinod Anand 08/03/2019

1513 Needs of Human being

Need of Human being to
survive…Air,Water & Food.
and for safety House.
Another need of human
being to live peacefully
happily & successfully….
* Humam being need love
care, compassion and
support from others.
* Humam being need his
importance and his value.
* He need appreciation and
certifacate of what he does.
* He also need growth and
status in the society.
* He also want that every
body listen, understand,
follow him & respect him.
* He want miracle,surprise
to become more happy.
As such there so many
needs of human being but
these are common needs.
Every needs may not fulfill
but human being need to
develop satisfaction to
remain happy & peaceful
in every situation arises.
Vinod Anand 28/02/2019

1352 Acceptance Vs non Acceptance

-Grow of Life depends on
two words Acceptance &
Acceptance is right choice,
Non-Acceptance is wrong.
Choice is yours which
you accept & practice.
Right choice growth or
Wrong choice no growth.
If you accept situation
it become challenges
otherwise problem.
if you accept event take
place in life it become
adventure otherwise fear.
Some one promtion,
if you donot accept it
become jealousy otherwise
it become inspiration.
Practice 21 days for
right choice of acceptance
for growth & happiness.
Vinod Anand 29/10/2018