1210 Tips for success

Purpose of the life
or Target of the life
must be success.
Tips for success.
First important tip
is self awareness for
self improvement.
Develop some art like
Art of living, listening
& speaking for better
human public relation.
Develop right attitude
that is be positive, be
Optimists, be active.
Develop nature of love,
share, care and help.
Develop Good habits
of regularity discipline
and smart working.
Understand problem
and feelings of other
& cooperate with other
Be concentrate and
focused on your work.
Also Develop attitude of
gratitude & forgiveness.
Tips are guideline have
to practice for success .
Vinod Anand 17/06/2018


1200 Hobby

Hobby is special habit
of a person which is very
liked & desired such that
he become slave of hobby.
There are to type of hobby
good hobby or bad hobby.
Before your hobby become
your habit please check it.
Is bad hobby or good hobby ?
Bad hobby consume your
important time, not allow
to become useful person
and become your enemy.
Life is for entertainment.
Hobby give entrainment
but have limitation of time
& priority to other work
& activities in the life.
Don’t waste more time for
different hobbies in life.
Have control over your
hobby so he wouldn’t
be hurdle in your life.
Vinod Anand 05/06/2018

1170 Tips on PD

Personality Development is
tools for happy-peaceful life.
Tips to develop Personality.
Be aware of your personality.
Do self observation & try to
remove bad habits & acquire
qualities of human being.
* Be positive & Beoptimist.
* Be more passionate.
* Handle your emotions.
* Share, Care & Love
* Don’t criticise & other.
* Praise other & Be polite.
* communicate effectively.
* The is problem the challenge.
* Possess quality of patience.
* Live Stress free & healthy life.
* Help the needy person.
* Have attitude of gratitude.
Personality Development
gives popularity,prosperity
and happy-peaceful life.
Vinod Anand 09/05/2018

1110 Stress Management

Stress is shadow of life
Stress is inevitable but
suffering is option.
You can be free from
stress or can be less
effected by the stress.
Stress Management is
powerful tools to do so.
By managing stress or
eliminating the cause
of stress and strong
desire & effort to live
stress free life.
Causes of Stress are
man, material, money
and circumtences.
Stress is created by
indiscipline way of
living & unplanned life.
Stress is created by our
bad habits & bad nature
and negative attitude.
Stress is created by ill
health & impure mind.
Stress can be due to
no faith & trust in God.
If you really focus on
causes of stress to
eliminate then you can
manage your stress to
live stress free, happy &
peaceful life .
Vinod Anand 09/03/2018

1063 Madness

Madness is status of
uncontrolled mind, which
is difficult to regain it,
so called mad man.
Doctor try to regain by
shock treatment or
by pysco therapy or
by any other way.
If not recovered then
labelled as mad man.
Another category of
madness is towards
work or attitude or
habits or beliefs no
mind control over it.
For good work, habits
or attitude or beliefs,
this type of madness
is advantageous, shows
dedication of the mind.
But for bad work or bad
habits & attitude or bad
beliefs,madness is not ok.
You have to brake, barrier
of madness & get free to
create madness for good
work or habits or attitude
or belief for success with
completely mind control.
Vinod Anand 05/02/2018

1028 Life is Garden

Garden is buke of

flower with fragrance.

Life is buke of good

human qualities, good 

habits, good feelings &

good activities which

spread fragrance.

With these life looks

beautiful as garden.

Life gives pleasure as

garden gives pleasure. 

In life there are trees of 

good deed as tress are 

there in the Garden.

No unwanted plants of

bad behaviour should be

in life like no unwanted 

plants are there in garden.

Tree & plants gives flowers

& fruits in the Garden.

Life also gives fruits of 

good deed & nature 

Make life ever green like

ever green Garden.

Vinod Anand                             07/01/2018   Friend,Philosopher,Guide    

998 Improvement

Improvement is the

high way of progress &


Improvement is continuous

process of development.

Improvement in relation

business, personality

& every aspect of life

must be done for better

result & performance.

To improve relations

see & understand other

person’s point of view

To improve personality

acquire human qualities

good habits & good deed.

To improve business do

modification, innovation

& improve services.

Motivations & inspiration

is tools for improvement.

Improvement is tools of

development & progress.

Vinod Anand                           09/12/2017 Friend,Philosopher,Guide