1778 Freedom from….

Every human being
have right of freedom.
He has freedom to act,
speak, think & behave.
It doesn’t means lack
discipline, principles,
limitation & humanity.
Man must be free from
worries and tensions.
Man must be free from
slavery of mind-senses.
Man must be free from
the slavery of bad habits.
Our feelings & behaviour
are dependent on others.
For each & every need we
are dependent on others.
To live happy & peaceful
life get free from…
Try to become independent
of your feelings, behaviour,
i/o depending on others.
Try to become independent
action instead of following
the mind and senses.
Try to become independent
on finance needed to live.
Vinod Anand 05/11/2019

1718 Poison

What are the poisons
in the life, which ruins
the life but not killing.
We must know so we
can protect ourself.
* Any thing excess is poison.
* Partiality is poison.
* Comparison is poison.
* Complain is poison.
* Anger or Anxiety is poison.
* Jealousy or hate is poison.
* Bad thought is poison.
* Bad emotion is poison.
* Bad activity is poison.
* Bad habit is poison.
* Enemy is poison.
* Temptation is poison
* Expectation is poison.
* Attachment is poison.
These poisons donot kill
you and donot allow you
to live peacfully & happily.
So try to get freedom &
live peacfull & happy life.
Vinod Anand 06/09/2019

1700 Sign of Intelligent

Intelligence is superior
then mind and it will
take right decision.
Person who does this,
he is intelligent person.
Person whi follows the
intelligence but not
mind, he is intelligent
and wise person.
Sign of intelligent man…
* He always looks smart.
* Person have insatible
curiosity & eagerness
to learn new things.
* Good habit of reading.
* Humarous nature.
* Accept the challenges
* Talking with self.
* He sees before jump &
Think before he speaks.
* Have tendency to forget.
* Tendeacy to worry.
* Habit asking questions.
* He works smartly and
* He speaks less and use
proper word or sentence
To become successful,
develop Intelligence
Quotient – I.Q.
Vinod Anand 18/08/2019

1679 Frugality

Frugality is mind set
and attitude & finally
become your habit.
Frugality is behaviour
to be cultivated in mind.
The frugality helped
to balance or control
your total income &
expenditure so crisis
of finance never come.
Frugality doesnot mean
miserness, it is being
economical & avoid the
waste which may save
considerable amount
of money as a surplus.
Buy the things at best
possible price you can.
Donot ever compromise
on quality which is not
needed a pay high price.
Big and small purchase
must be consider while
buying to avoid dead
investment in house or
office or factory.
Vinod Anand 29/07/2019

1657 Learn Unlearning

Learning is important
and emphasized for
success in the life.
Learn unlearning is
more important and
necessary in this fast
chaging world.
What is unlearning ?
So far we have mind
set & beliefs learned
by learning, listening,
experience & become
very rigid & never want
to change bad belief
& mindset so we can
not create new mind
set & right beliefs for
better life.
The producer to replace
old mindset and wrong
belief by new mind set
& right belief is called
unlearning.For exmple
when cat come across,
not considered good.
Immediately replace
this belief by creating
positive belief, Today
will be amazing day.
Whatever any thing
good happened then
relate with new belief.
Mindset & bad belief
changed to new belief.
By unlearning you can
change bad belief,habit
to create new mind set.
Unlearning is the useful
tools for Persobality
Vinod Anand 08/07/2019

1651 Impurities

Impurity in air, water
food is dangerous for
health which causes
diseases. We purify
water & food that we
are removing impurities
& using.What about air ?
We will take pure air
in the morning so go
for morning walk daily.
Now a day so many
things are available
with impurities in it.
May cause serious
effect on man health.
By these Health mind &
life are get effected so
be careful, be aware &
be awake all the time.
What about impurities
are present in mind ?
Mind impurities in the
form of bad emotions
bad nature, bad habits.
Which also makes our
thought bad-negative.
These impurities will
effect our behaviour
and action in the life.
Finally life will get
effected & may spoil
personality or image.
Try to remove impurity
from mind that will
control & reduces the
impurities from things.
Mind is clean & pure
every things will be
clean & pure so health
will be diseases free.
Vinod Anand 02/07/2019

1631 In search of happiness

Every one want happiness
& in search of happiness.
First, thing lost which is
outside can be search,
But thing, which is inside
cannot be search outside.
Second, happiness is
is not dependent on any
things, person & situation.
We have linked our
happiness with our
desire or demamd.
If we achieve it, then
we are happy otherwise
not. We are searching
happiness in things
and persons.
Really speaking if we
want to become happy
and remain happy then
nothing or nobody can
make us unhappy and
if we have habit to remain
unhappy then nothing or
nobody make us happy.
Happiness is within us
donot search outside
in anything or anybody.
Happiness is in you hand,
don’t give remote control
of your happiness to other.
Develop habit to remain
happy in any in the life.
So no need to search
happiness outside.
If you want to search the
happiness, search inside.
Vinod Anand 15/06/2019