1657 Learn Unlearning

Learning is important
and emphasized for
success in the life.
Learn unlearning is
more important and
necessary in this fast
chaging world.
What is unlearning ?
So far we have mind
set & beliefs learned
by learning, listening,
experience & become
very rigid & never want
to change bad belief
& mindset so we can
not create new mind
set & right beliefs for
better life.
The producer to replace
old mindset and wrong
belief by new mind set
& right belief is called
unlearning.For exmple
when cat come across,
not considered good.
Immediately replace
this belief by creating
positive belief, Today
will be amazing day.
Whatever any thing
good happened then
relate with new belief.
Mindset & bad belief
changed to new belief.
By unlearning you can
change bad belief,habit
to create new mind set.
Unlearning is the useful
tools for Persobality
Vinod Anand 08/07/2019


1651 Impurities

Impurity in air, water
food is dangerous for
health which causes
diseases. We purify
water & food that we
are removing impurities
& using.What about air ?
We will take pure air
in the morning so go
for morning walk daily.
Now a day so many
things are available
with impurities in it.
May cause serious
effect on man health.
By these Health mind &
life are get effected so
be careful, be aware &
be awake all the time.
What about impurities
are present in mind ?
Mind impurities in the
form of bad emotions
bad nature, bad habits.
Which also makes our
thought bad-negative.
These impurities will
effect our behaviour
and action in the life.
Finally life will get
effected & may spoil
personality or image.
Try to remove impurity
from mind that will
control & reduces the
impurities from things.
Mind is clean & pure
every things will be
clean & pure so health
will be diseases free.
Vinod Anand 02/07/2019

1631 In search of happiness

Every one want happiness
& in search of happiness.
First, thing lost which is
outside can be search,
But thing, which is inside
cannot be search outside.
Second, happiness is
is not dependent on any
things, person & situation.
We have linked our
happiness with our
desire or demamd.
If we achieve it, then
we are happy otherwise
not. We are searching
happiness in things
and persons.
Really speaking if we
want to become happy
and remain happy then
nothing or nobody can
make us unhappy and
if we have habit to remain
unhappy then nothing or
nobody make us happy.
Happiness is within us
donot search outside
in anything or anybody.
Happiness is in you hand,
don’t give remote control
of your happiness to other.
Develop habit to remain
happy in any in the life.
So no need to search
happiness outside.
If you want to search the
happiness, search inside.
Vinod Anand 15/06/2019

1602 Habits of effective people

Common habits of most
effective persons which
become successful in
family, businesses and
society are…
* Big dream with passionate
determination & hard work.
* Proactive means can easily
handle adverse situation.
* Positive attitude, discipline
honesty and morality.
* Clear cut priority of work &
no procrastination of work.
* Win-Win situation in family
business, and society.
*Synergy means team
work in any situation with
common target to achieve.
* Seek first to understand
then to be understood.
* Begine with end in mind,
means whatever you do first
think of it result & be ready
to accept and to face.
* Accept your mistake and
have attitude of forgiveness.
* Habit of reading, learning
and unlearning things.
* Come out from comfort zone
& have attitude of gratitude.
Develop such great habits
to become most effective
successful celebrity.
Vinod Anand 19/05/2019

1470 Boost your energy

Energy needed to live
life or to achieve target
Some time energy level
decreases so need to
boost up energy by any
enery booster or action.
First thing is be away
from energy vampires
like negative & angery
person or dramabazz
& criticise persons or
person who blames &
gives excuses which
deplete your enegy.
Second boost your
energy by clearing
blockage against any
person by using forget
& forgive to concerned
events or person.
Develop healthy relation,
listen liked music, think
positive, develop habit of
smile & be happy which
will boost your energy.
Also be coonected with
source of energy called
supreme soul with faith
and trust. Maintain your
energy level for suceess.
Vinod Anand 25/01/2019

1412 Anger Is bad or good ?

Anger is not recommended
to do in the life because it
destroys, disturbs, upsets
your mind and intelligent.
Anger is negative attitude
& result will be miserable.
So many reasons to get
anger, must be judged.
Is it proper or not proper ?
Habit to get anger is bad.
Don’t say it is my nature.
When you wouldn’t get,
what you want or some
one doesn’t obey you or
listen or criticize, you get
upset & angry upon.
Anger is not at all good for
heart or health may lead to
serious diseases also.
Control or reduce emotion
of anger by keeping quite at
that instant and get relax to
control the situation created.
Use the emotion of anger by
converting it positively and
take it as challenge in the life.
When get anger be aware of
it & try to control the action.
Don’t feel bad, Don’t take to
heart, think you are playing
the roll in the drama of life
then it is not bad or harmful.
For the benefit of other or to
teach a lesson to any body
or to control the situation
anger may justify and ok.
Anger with out control is
dagerious for every one.
Vinod Anand 01/12/2018

1210 Tips for success

Purpose of the life
or Target of the life
must be success.
Tips for success.
First important tip
is self awareness for
self improvement.
Develop some art like
Art of living, listening
& speaking for better
human public relation.
Develop right attitude
that is be positive, be
Optimists, be active.
Develop nature of love,
share, care and help.
Develop Good habits
of regularity discipline
and smart working.
Understand problem
and feelings of other
& cooperate with other
Be concentrate and
focused on your work.
Also Develop attitude of
gratitude & forgiveness.
Tips are guideline have
to practice for success .
Vinod Anand 17/06/2018