2079 R and D

Research & Development.
is wing for improvement or
Innovation or Development
in product and business to
compete and further growth.
Similarly for happy, peaceful
life we need R and D wing in
life for personal Research
and development for ourself.
Few points for self R & D…….
* Invest time & money for self.
* Know yourself that is self
Awareness & self improvement.
* Investment for Knowledge
give you better growth.
* Keep eagerness to learn.
* Increase your qualification &
elligibility for self value edition
* Increase consciousness for improvement.
* Know your dangerous habits
and get freedom from that
* Know & remove bad emotions
Like hatre, anger, jealousy
develop good emotion like
love, mercy compassion.
* Improve self image and
Self respect & self esteem.
Personal R and D is right
method for excellence life.
Vinod Anand 28/06/2020

2059 Two Useful Tips-9

(A) Habits replacement to
become successul by Bajaj
(1) Over thinkng to Action.
(2) Blaming to responsibility
3) Shift from T.V or Gadgets
to exercise or useful work.
4) Toxi friends to mentor.
who propel you to success.
5) Fast food to Home made
healthy food.
6) Netflix to Books to inspire
& enpower your upgradation
7) Cinema hall to Workshop
for constantly upgradation
knowledge, skill & capability
8) Mindless shopping for
financial freedom funds by
saving 10 % Income .
* Learn from child by Rishi
(1) Don’t doubt on yourself
(2) Stay in present,be cherish
every moment like child.
3) Be observer for learning
passions like child.
4) No place for sorrow in life
5) What will people say ?
6) Happy without reason.
Vinod Anand 13/06/2020

2037 Matching

Matching is tools
to utilize in the day
to day life.
Matching means
similarities of things
and nature between
persons and things
Matching gives you
better result.
Matching in dressing
that is matching with
each items, so looks
nice & beautiful.
Matching with person
in family or office or
society by their nature,
like habits, hobby and
emotion or feelings so
happy peaceful life.
Matching with life style
behaviour with persons,
so happy peaceful life.
Matching may by luck
or you have to match.
When meeting unknown
person first try to see
similarities & use, while
talking with person so
communication will be
effective and fruitful.
Perfect matching with
other in life by adopting
accepting and adjusting
with other person is best
skill to take work from
other or to please and for
better communication.
Mismatch is problems
and may break relation.
Vinod Anand 22/05/2020

2027 Mistakes stop success

Mistakes are distractions
in path of success & path
of failure in the life.
Know the mistake being
done, correct or improve
to get success in life.
They are given below….
* We underestimating our
thoughts and it’s power.
Know & control thoughts.
* We are Following some
else success and want to
become like him.
* Habit of procrastination.
* Postponing happiness.
* Unnecessary intrusion of
bad habits in the life.
* Bad communication.
* Missing time syndrome
We focus on missing i/o
what we have. Develop
attitude of gratitude
* Over spending i.e less
income more spending.
* We donot learn new thing.
* Low mental clarity & less
efforts,self doubt & excuses
* Lack of passion & patience.
* Lack of love for work.
* No priority managment
* No proper documentation.
Mistake take you away from
success, take near to failure.
Vinod Anand 18/05/2020