1606 Power of Repetition

Word Repetition itself
says do it again what
work you doing more
than one time & go on
doing for some time.
Why to repeat same
work more than one
time ? By repeating
work registered in
mind deeply so that
work you can do fast
and unconsciously.
This will creat habits
& work in auto mode.
By power of repetition…
* you can be expert or
master in any art and
will achieve success.
* You can reprogram
your mind & beliefs
by affirmations.
* Student can increase
memory power.
* You can create new
habit by repetition of
that habit for 30 days
* you can remove habit
by repetition of not
doing it for 45 days.
Repetition is powerful
tools for improvement
transformation in life.
Vinod Anand 23/05/2019


1574 Habits of Best Personality

Habit is powerful tools of
Personality development.
To develop one good habit
we need non-stop practice
of 21 days but to remove
bad habit we need non-
stop practice of 45 days.
First you have to make
good habits and then
habits will make you,
good personality figure.
Few best habits need to
develop personality are…
Wake up early & do prayer.
Do exercise & meditation.
Take healthy breake fast.
Do most important work,
then only do other work.
Develop habits of reading
and Talk less listen more.
Avoid to take energy drink,
fast food & packed food.
Avoid the company of
toxi-negative people.
Develop the habit of no
complaining, no blaming,
no comparing & no fault
finding to develop Best
Vinod Anand 21/04/2019

1535 Time eater

Be aware of time eater.
Time eater eats your
precious time if you
are not awake, aware
and conscious.
If you are living unplanned,
then eater are more active.
To stop it, live with planning.
Activity not related with
target of life is time eater.
Some time eater are
T.V serial, mobiles,
iphone other gadgets,
social media & internet.
Some time live cricket,
IPL live eats lot if time.
Some time friends and
function are time eater.
Use of the gadget such
that don’t cross limit
due to habits & liking.
The mostly time eater is
idlesness, more sleep &
our comfortzone.
So be aware of time
eater & minimize time
waste by time eater.
Time eater may lead
to failure. Kill time eater.
Vinod Anand 16/03/2019

1502 Control your anger-1

Anger is worse negative
feelings, if not controlled
then it become your habit.
There are many reasons to
get anger, later on,with no
reason you will get anger.
Drawbacks of anger are
* It reduces white blood
cell such extend that your
immune system become
weak, mean body immune
power is reduced.
* Possibility of high BP &
heart attack is increases
* Family relations become
fragile & very weak.
* You will be labeled angry man
* Life will become unhappy
uneasy with tension & worry.
See more in next post.
How ti control your anger ?
Vinod Anand 19/02/2019

1478 Who is the looser

Person who gets angry &
looses patience is the looser.
Person who looses hopes
desire to live is the looser.
Person who looses peace
& happiness is the looser
Person who looses respect
and confidence is looser.
Person who mind is not
steady and gets confuse
is the looser in the life.
Person who is unhealthy
& mentally weak is looser.
Person who is complaining
& comparing is the looser.
Person who sleep more &
postpone work is the looser.
Person who donot acquire
knowledge by reading and
listening is the looser.
Person who behaviour is
bad & speak rudely is looser.
Person who think negative
& unethical is the looser.
Person with bad nature
bad habits & emotions
is the looser in life.
Check yourself wheather
Are you looser or winner ?
Vinod Anand 01/02/2019

1459 Develop 8 habits in child

Develop 8 good habits in
childhood for happiness,
success in future stages.
First habit of giving thing
to other what he have by
sharing priciple, so he
wouldn’t be possessive.
Second habit of reading
book other then study.
Books are good friends
and fetch the knowledge.
knowledge is the power.
Third habits to develop is
of appreciation for gpod.
Appreciation inspire other.
Fourth habits is exercising
Which keep body healthy.
Fifth habit to share good
happening in family which
gives good knowledge by
the experience of others.
Sixth habit of doing some
thing new which creates
creativity. Seventh habit is
attitude of gratitude means
saying thank when he get
some things from orher.
Eighth habit of saying sorry
when he does wrong thing.
Vinod Anand 12/01/2019

1456 Drop to raise

Drop few heavy, harmful
nature or habits to raise
yourself in life & make it
As a Resolution of 2019.
Drop self negative talk
people and situations
to become positive.
Drop to compare with
other for competition,
start comparing with
self for development.
Drop words like hate,
revenge, focus on word
like love mercy, help to
improve positivity.
Drop the past events
& keep the lession for
better present & future.
Drop the people who
put you down & insult
become safe in life.
Drop gossiping and
idea of to please all.
Drop to become unhappy
by any situation because
every thing happen for
reason and will be good
for our self in future life.
Drop the idea of to be
perfect, no body is perfect
every body have his own
limitation, beliefs, behaviuor.
Drop your anger because
outburst power is peace.
Vinod Anand 11/01/2019