1951 Miracle of words

Words are every thing.
They are seed of result
or out put of work done.
Result may be success or
failure, happy or unhappy,
peaceful or unpeaceful.
Word success in mind
take you towards success.
Other words for success
are target, plan, hard work
and passonate take you
towards success.
opposite words take you
towards failure.
Word happy in mind take
you towords happiness.
Other words for happiness
are compassion, satifaction
love, nonviolence & patience
take you towards happy.
Opposite Words takes you
toward unhappiness.
Word peace in mind take
you towards peace.
Other words for peace are
understanding, mediation
silence, wisdom take you
towards peace.
Opposite words take you
towards state of unpeace.
Keep right words in mind
and erase opposite words
will create miracle in life.
It is the word gives you
what you want.
Vinod Anand 30/03/2020

1950 Quality of life

How do you improve
quality of your life.
Life without quality
no happiness, peace
and suceess in life.
If farmer wants quality
of harvest then must
bow quality seeds.
If you want quality life
then improve the quality
of your thoughts.
Your quality of thoughts
are in average of person10
you are surrounded by.
For that Find out who or
what is influencing your
thoughts & surround your
self by right minded man.
Always be aware & awake
of your quality of thoughts.
Vinod Anand 29/03/2020

1946 Happiness by Attitude

Happiness by attitude.
What is the happiness ?
Happiness is pleasure
by desire fulfillment and
every thing is moved the
way you wanted to be.
So it is 100% depend on
others and the situations.
Means your attitude called
belief or mind set is such.
But if your attitude is just
reverse, that is whatever
result of fulfillment, still
your mind set is such that
you will be in happy state
of mind. So happiness is
not dependent on result of
desire or on Situations.
You can develop such
positive attitude by practice,
to remain happy independ
on fulfillment of desire and
the situation. Means your
mind set is, to remain happy.
So happiness is your baby,
you have to cultivate it.
Happiness is by attitude is
called postive attitude.
Vinod Anand 27/03/2020

1929 Useful Tips-3

Cultivate 10 habits for
happy and peaceful life.
– Get up early after seven
hour of sound sleep.
– Thank and pray God
– Do morning exercise,
meditation & Pranayam.
– Take healthy breakfast
– Reading and learning habits
– Do Most Important Task first.
– Avoid energy drinks,packed
and junk food.
– Talk less listen more.
– Avoid Negative people
– Don’t complain & Blame
– Personal Development.
* More Tip For Happiness
– Happiness is not destiny
it is journey with Gratitude
and hardwork nature.
– Give your each day 100 %
– Select right people in the life.
– Donot compare with other.
– Aim for growth work for growth
– Healthy body & Healthy mind
– Always be humble, anger
destroy happiness
Vinod Anand 15/03/2020

1910 Happy Relationship

Relationship is source of
happiness and joyful life.
We have to earn happiess
in relationship. We have to
follow the Rule and norms
* Give and take. Don’t expect
and demand things.
* Don’t incline to your right.
* Be paricular in your duties,
and responsibility.
* Love share and care each
other in relationship.
* Give space to understand
and respect each other.
* Choose words carefuly
in communications so
no misunderstanding.
* Women should not squash
man’s ego, man understand
emotion of woman.
* Don’t judge someone before
understand and accept him.
* Don’t make each other feel
gulty. Be natural in action
and behaviour.
Follow these norms in life
Happiness and joy is sure.
Happy relationship must
be the purpose of life.
Vinod Anand 01/03/2020

1906 Useful Tips-2

* Tips to make yourself happy
– Set meaningful target
– Do Exercise take good food
– Include more things that
gives you joy & happiness.
– Do some thing to those who
can not give you back.
– Master your sphere of
control, define it. Ignore
which you can’t.
– Do Gratitude,Spiritual practices.
* Public speaking Tips :
– Preparation.
– Speak to add value,
– Use example from your
own life.
– Be your self, donot copy others
– Dress to suit audience and
* Tips for parents :
– Use Positive words and
Be polite with children.
– Focus on strength of child
don’t focus on weakness.
Try to overcom weaknesses.
– Advise through moral stories
* Get free from Idleness
– Live purposeful life
– Eat satvic healthy food
– Try to change gradually
– Make to do list. commit to do.
– Have good association.
– Make rules & strickly follow.
Use these Tips for better life.
Vinod Anand 25/02/2020

1905 Useful Tips-1

* Alphabets A to F For student :
– Aim : Keep the Aim in life.
– Belief : Belief make your destiny.
– Concentration : Study with
– Discipline : Cultivate Discipline.
– Effort : Put maximun effort for study.
– Faith : Have faith in God & your self.
* Parent give import to four Ts :
– Talent & Target of your child,
– Technology – Trust your child
for better success of your child.
* High performance Tips
– Successful daily rituals,
– Stay focused on core activities,
– Must driven by purpose not mood
– Priodic review system,
– work with great coaches
– Time for new learning,
– Rest, re-energies & restored
* Time Management Tips
– Result oriented work
– Say no more often,
– Plan well in advance,
– Delegate the work
– Elliminate distractions,
– Work in peak state

* Happy & Peaceful life Tips
– Develop empathy
– Meditation
– Live with compassion
– selflessness,
– Training of mind ,
– See sun rise or yellow light
– Practice the kindness.
– Laugh five times a day
Implement Life changing Tips
Vinod Anand 24/02/2020