1661 Live & Let Live

Live & Let Live must
be the priciple of life.
Man have right to live
but have no right to
disturb or to create
problem in others life.
Even man also have
no right to suicide &
to end the life of other.
It is duty of everybody
to help others, to solve
the problem or to make
others life easy happy
and peaceful.Real peace
& happiness lies in peace
& happiness of others.
To become really happy,
earn blessing from others.
Donot earn curses from
other by troubling them.
Easy & simple rule of life
to become happy,peaceful
is Live & Let Live but not
live and make others life
Enjoy your right & do your
duty instead of killing the
right and the life of others.
Vinod Anand 11/07/2019


1631 In search of happiness

Every one want happiness
& in search of happiness.
First, thing lost which is
outside can be search,
But thing, which is inside
cannot be search outside.
Second, happiness is
is not dependent on any
things, person & situation.
We have linked our
happiness with our
desire or demamd.
If we achieve it, then
we are happy otherwise
not. We are searching
happiness in things
and persons.
Really speaking if we
want to become happy
and remain happy then
nothing or nobody can
make us unhappy and
if we have habit to remain
unhappy then nothing or
nobody make us happy.
Happiness is within us
donot search outside
in anything or anybody.
Happiness is in you hand,
don’t give remote control
of your happiness to other.
Develop habit to remain
happy in any in the life.
So no need to search
happiness outside.
If you want to search the
happiness, search inside.
Vinod Anand 15/06/2019

1618 Non stop happiness

Non stop happiness is
happiness without break.
24 hours happiness is
real happiness through
out life irrespective of
the situation in life.
Think of the permanent
happiness as a dream &
make a target to achieve.
People have many reasons
to beccome unhappy, not
a single resson to become
happy all the time in the life.
Is any reason is required to
remain happy all the time ?
Happiness is choice and
the decision in the morning
to remain happy whole day.
Live in present, don’t live in
past or future to remian
happy all the time. Don’t
make happiness dependent
on thing, person & situation.
Happinness all the time
must be independent.
Remote control of your
happiness don’t give, in
the hand of any thing or
person and Situation.
Your happiness must be
unconditional then only
you can enjoy 24 hours
non stop happiness.
Vinod Anand 02/06/2019

1478 Who is the looser

Person who gets angry &
looses patience is the looser.
Person who looses hopes
desire to live is the looser.
Person who looses peace
& happiness is the looser
Person who looses respect
and confidence is looser.
Person who mind is not
steady and gets confuse
is the looser in the life.
Person who is unhealthy
& mentally weak is looser.
Person who is complaining
& comparing is the looser.
Person who sleep more &
postpone work is the looser.
Person who donot acquire
knowledge by reading and
listening is the looser.
Person who behaviour is
bad & speak rudely is looser.
Person who think negative
& unethical is the looser.
Person with bad nature
bad habits & emotions
is the looser in life.
Check yourself wheather
Are you looser or winner ?
Vinod Anand 01/02/2019

1459 Develop 8 habits in child

Develop 8 good habits in
childhood for happiness,
success in future stages.
First habit of giving thing
to other what he have by
sharing priciple, so he
wouldn’t be possessive.
Second habit of reading
book other then study.
Books are good friends
and fetch the knowledge.
knowledge is the power.
Third habits to develop is
of appreciation for gpod.
Appreciation inspire other.
Fourth habits is exercising
Which keep body healthy.
Fifth habit to share good
happening in family which
gives good knowledge by
the experience of others.
Sixth habit of doing some
thing new which creates
creativity. Seventh habit is
attitude of gratitude means
saying thank when he get
some things from orher.
Eighth habit of saying sorry
when he does wrong thing.
Vinod Anand 12/01/2019

1451 Password

Password is word
of security & safety.
Every gadgets have
pass word to prevent
access to other.
Password must be
kept hidden & secret.
It is Important that
not to forget password.
Advise to write down
password at some place
and remember otherwise
you wouldn’t allow to
access your gadgets
unless you get right
solution by method or
by expert of this field.
Don’t disclose your
password to any one.
With Password facility,
cyber crimes are taking
place to access the data
Advise to change pass
word to stop cyber crime
after some time.
What is password of
happiness in life ?
Password of happiness
in the life is peace.
Vinod Anand 05/01/2019

1450 Keys of Happiness

.There are two keys of
happiness first is your
health & second mind.
If both are healthy, lock
of happiness is opened.
Healthy food, exercise &
pranayam keep your
body healthy.
Positive thought and
knowledge is food of
mind which keep mind
healthy and peaceful.
Other elements keeps
man happy are harmons
like Endorphin, Dopamine
Serotonin and Oxycontin
release in mind by doing
exercise, appreciation
sharing knowledge and
embracing respectively.
In stress or anxiety these
harmons are not released
so you become unhappy.
Vinod Anand 05/01/2019