1078 Change Vs. Tranformation

World changes fast
due to technology or
fashion & situations.
We have to change
our life style or nature.
But change cannot be
permanent, after change
to new stage some old
residual exist or again
change may come.
Transformation is
also change due to
inspiration & motivation.
It is can be permanent
and no residual of old.
Complete change & not
returning to earlier stage.
Transformation is better
than change in the life.
Right transformation of
nature & life style for
peaceful happy life.
Transformation from
ordinary man to extra
ordinary person and
great personality.
Vinod Anand 13/02/2018


1068 Optimise.Vs.Pessimist

Optimise is positive attitude,
Pessimist is negative attitude.
Optimise is path of success,
Pessimist is path of failure.
Optimise always win,
Pessimist may not win.
Optimise have courage,
strong will power to face
any situation in the life,
remain steady & active.
Pessimist have fear,
weak will power to face
any situation in the life,
remain unsteady & idle.
Optimise have strong
self confidence.
Pessimist have less
self confidence.
Optimise can develop
or progress in the life.
Pessimist hardly develop
or progress in the life.
Optimise is happy person.
Pessimist is unhappy person.
Be Optimise for better life.
Don’t be Pessimist for worst life.
Vinod Anand 08/02/2018

1061 Goodness

Goodness is qualities of man
Goodness is to be cultivated.
Goodness builds personality.
Goodness means good nature
behaviour & deeds.
Good nature means noble
qualities like love, mercy.
Good behaviour means
behave with discipline &
respectfully with child,
adult & senior citizen.
Good deed means deed
perform for the welfare
of others & helpful to all.
Person with goodness is
near to God loved by God
& respected by the people.
The first thing is to aquire
in the life is Goodness,
before achieving any thing.
Goodness gives happy,
peaceful & respectful life.
Goodness is killer of badness
and the creator of heaven. I pray God that ”                                                                                                                                                                       To direct the man towards goodness.”
Vinod Anand 04/02/2018

1055 Punctuality

Punctuality is tool of
regularity & regularity
is tool of success.
Be punctual in life
so any work or promise
or any appointment
can be fulfil in time.
not punctual person is
call late comer have
excuse for coming late
but never try to come
in time or early.
Punctuality is wonderful
award for the person in
form of great personality.
Those who are punctual
never miss the train,
never comes late & get
prize of success in life.
Punctual person never
get unhappy or nerves
disappointed because
to be punctual is good
habit so life become easy
tension free & happy.
Vinod Anand 29/01/2018

983 4 Qs.

Intellegent Quotient , 

Emotional  Quotient , 

Spiritual     Quotient & 

Adverse     Quotient 

4 Quotient are four pillars 

of successful person.

He is most cultured,

practical, flexible & have

good understanding.

High I.Q means creative 

mind for improvement

modification & innovation.

High E.Q have control over 

his good emotions.

High S.Q means belive in

God & have trust in God.

High A.Q means capacity

to solve any problem in 

worse situation.

He is the best candidate 

for getting proper job.

So develop 4 Qs. for happy,

peaceful  & successful life.

Vinod Anand                           26/11/2017 Friend,Philosopher,Guide    

962 Love & Life

There are two life style

One with love, which is

peaceful, joyful & happy

Another life without love, 

which is dry, unhappy &

full of worries & tension. 

To live life with love, 

first love God, your self, 

nature & your life then

Love everythings exist.

Love unconditionally, 

with no selfishness &

no expectation. 

Even love doesn’t 

demand Love in return. 

Demand destroys love. 

If you don’t live with love 

then life is without love. 

Choice is yours which 

life you like to live. 

God may help you to

select better life style.                                 

Vinod Anand                           08/10/2017 Friend,Philosopher,Guide    

888 Student life

Students life is for study 

to acquire knowledge. 

Target must only be study

without luxurious life. 

Two swords cannot reside

in one sword case . 

Student life is the base of

happy & peaceful family life. 

Study make person capable

to earn for the rest of the life. 

In student life we have to

also cultivate good qualities, 

nature,feelings & habit which 

make you capable to live

happy & peaceful life.   

If you donot utilized 

student life span to built 

your carrier & life status 

then life will be difficult 

without happiness 

luxury  & peace. 

After every things are

lost, if you understand

the important of student

life then no use.

So student please be aware 

& awake not to loose golden

period of student life. 

If you live luxuriously in

student life then family

life will be without peace

happiness & luxury. 

Selection & built your

future of family life.

Vinod Anand                          18/08/2017 Friend,Philosopher,Guide