1946 Happiness by Attitude

Happiness by attitude.
What is the happiness ?
Happiness is pleasure
by desire fulfillment and
every thing is moved the
way you wanted to be.
So it is 100% depend on
others and the situations.
Means your attitude called
belief or mind set is such.
But if your attitude is just
reverse, that is whatever
result of fulfillment, still
your mind set is such that
you will be in happy state
of mind. So happiness is
not dependent on result of
desire or on Situations.
You can develop such
positive attitude by practice,
to remain happy independ
on fulfillment of desire and
the situation. Means your
mind set is, to remain happy.
So happiness is your baby,
you have to cultivate it.
Happiness is by attitude is
called postive attitude.
Vinod Anand 27/03/2020

1932 Wonderful Quotes

Any Wonderful Quotes may
be reach to your unconscious
mind & can do miracle.
* Impracticality is vocabulary
of mediocre for not taking repsonsibility of implementation.
* It is the tragedy of life to go
down in his own eye by not
fulfilling the self commitment.
* Complaining mind never be
peaceful. Grateful heart be
always peaceful.
* People must learn to finish
what he has started.
* People donot love you the
way you want to be loved.
They love you the way
they understannd love.
* Success comes to those who
celebrate success of other.
* In any situation direct your
intelligence into the cause
and not into the effect.
* You can make happy some one
can’t make happy every body.
* Don’t expect every body will be
happy with you.
Vinod Anand 15/03/2020

1925 Cautions

Life is beautiful unless
you are aware of cautions
and stay away from them.
* Don’t use ‘ Short Cut ‘ to get
money or popularity.
Do hard work, keep patience.
* Don’t be a ‘ Short Tempered ‘
man, will distrub peace &
beauty of life.
* Find out your ‘ Shrot Coming ‘
try to remove for happy and
paceeful life.
* Don’t ‘ Short Circuit relations
in the family or society or
offices which makes your
life horrible.
* Don’t be Short Sighted for
the benefit in the life.
Be Long sighted for benefit
in future also.
Be aware of these cautions
and makes your life beautiful.
Vinod Anand 12/03/2020

1869 Signs of fake relation

Some relation make you
happy or unhappy & give
pain or pleasure in life.
So be careful to make a
new or existing relation.
Few Tips to decide new
relation to make or not &
also to continue existing
relation or not in the life.
* You feel and have doubt
that he don’t love you or no
place for you in his heart.
* No priority for you in his life.
* Don’t Have respect for you.
* Don’t want to spend time for you.
* Never express love,compassion
for you.
* Relation gives you pain anxiety.
* You are not special for him.
* They are happy without you also
* They don’t try continue,maintain
or strengthen the relation.
* They don’t care for you.
If you come across such sings
then decide whether to continue
the relation or give up or brake.
Vinod Anand 24/01/2020

1865 Weekly Activities

Seven days of week,
do seven different
activities daily, repeat
every week for happy
and peaceful life.
This activities will
create 7 good habits.
Celebrate Sunday by
appreciate others.
Tuseday decide to see
good things in other.
Enjoy Wednsday by
joy of giving a gift to
friend & relatives.
Thursday restrict the
use of social media
and mobile.
Friday don’t load your
mind with worry be
relax & easy going.
Follow rule of let go.
Saturdays keep for
1 hour. silence and
Practice Seven days
activities till it become
habits, take another
7 Daily activities like
no complain & compare
etc, practice to make a
habits will change your
life completely.
Vinod Anand 20/01/2020

1847 Know Yourself

To kown self is must &
first requirement of the
life otherwise, it will be
uncompleted, painful &
We must know who I am ?
what is our power ?
what I am ? what I want
to become ? how I live ?
We must know what my
potentials & uniqueness.
We must Also know our
I.Q, E.Q & S.Q for better life.
Know your self by knowing
which human being quality,
emotions and good habits
of successful person have.
Know all informations by
self awareness process.
With complete knowledge
dream & design your life,
plan & live life to achieve it.
Life will become successful,
happy and peaceful.
Vinod Anand 04/01/2020

1809 Are you in right direction?

Are you in right dirction ?
How do you know you are
in right direction in the life ?
Few signs can prove that
you are in the right dirction.
* When you have meaningful
purpose in the life to live.
right purpose means right
plan,action & right directon.
* When you have wisdom to
konw other’s intention &
behaviour for correct action.
* New problem and challenge
comes in life then you are in
right direction in the life.
* When you care your physical
mental & spiritual health then
you love your self means you
are in right direction in life.
* When you does meaningful
result oriented self talk, you
are in right direction in life.
* When feel to relocat your
self for your growth in life then
you are in right direction.
* When you are satisfy and
happy with your purpose
& action means you are in
right direction in the life.
With these signs, check that
Are you in right direction or not ?
Right direction means right
destiny & successful life.
Vinod Anand 01/12/2019