1212 Tips for health

Sound health is wealth.
Tips guide & may helpful
to keep your health sound.
Take Breakfast, lunch and
dinner at fix time daily.
Eat less than capacity.
Chew the food properly
and take less water.
Have & restorative diet.
Do not take more chilli
and oil in your diet.
Avoid food of restaurant.
Do regularly excercise &
yoga for sound health.
Eat seasonal fruits and
vegetables & salad in diet.
Take your lunch or dinner
or breakfast with pleasure.
Give important & piority to
food which makes you
healthy and happy.
Vinod Anand 18/06/2018


1207 Control Your Emotions

Emotions are two types
negative and positive.
Both emotions need to
control & to release for
human being for happy
peaceful,successful life.
Some Straight foward
people release emotion
and become free from.
But other may get hurt.
Some people swallow
emotion inward, store
emotion which may
create tension & worry.
So it is necessary to
release the emotion.
Other way to control
your emotion is feel
fully & face but donot
accumulate which may
create depression.
Also tell your emotion
to deserve person and
get relax from emotion.
By meditation you can
control your emotion.
To be emotion positively
is good but to be too much
emotional is not advisable.
So control your emotions.
Vinod Anand 13/06/2018

1206 How to love self

Who are you ?
What you want ?
What you are ?
What is your identity ?
What is the target &
purpose of you life ?
Do you know yourself ?
Do you love yourself ?
To live peacefully &
happily get answers
of these questions.
To love your self
first know your self.
What are the good
qualities & habits ?
What are your feelings
emotions & intensions ?
That is self awareness.
Second is accept your
self, if some things you
donot like then reject it,
& make your self such
that you start loving
your self and others
also love you.
Unless until you know
your self, accept your
self you cannot love
you self or any body.
Vinod Anand 11/06/2018

1203 Surrounding Person

You are surrounded by
people may be family
member or neighbour
or known or unknown
person in the life.
Person is social animal
he can not live alone
without any company.
It is fact that your nature
& behaviour is average of
five surrounding person’s
behaviour and nature.
You will be continuously
influnced by their nature
and behaviuor and your
behaviour and nature
will be the mirror of their
behaviour and nature.
So be conscious about
five surrounding person
arround you to built very
good personality in life.
It is your choice to select
five genius surroundong
persons to make your life
beautiful, happy & peaceful.
Vinod Anand 09/06/2018

1170 Tips on PD

Personality Development is
tools for happy-peaceful life.
Tips to develop Personality.
Be aware of your personality.
Do self observation & try to
remove bad habits & acquire
qualities of human being.
* Be positive & Beoptimist.
* Be more passionate.
* Handle your emotions.
* Share, Care & Love
* Don’t criticise & other.
* Praise other & Be polite.
* communicate effectively.
* The is problem the challenge.
* Possess quality of patience.
* Live Stress free & healthy life.
* Help the needy person.
* Have attitude of gratitude.
Personality Development
gives popularity,prosperity
and happy-peaceful life.
Vinod Anand 09/05/2018

1158 40%,40%,20% Rule.

40%40%20 % rules is
the rule of happy and
peaceful life.
First 40 % of life is
depends on luck
Second 40 % of life is
depends on hard work
Third is 20% of life is
depends on Grace of God.
We did not have control
on 40% part of luck.
We have control on
other 40% hard work
& 20% & grace of God.
Which you can grt by
Praying & good deed.
So don’t only depend
on luck but make your
luck by acquiring max
percentage out of 60 %
Even luck have 30% &
from 60% try to get 40%
or 50 Then it comes to
70 % 0r 80 out of 100
Apply 40%40%20 % rule.
and enjoy, happy and
peaceful life.
Vinod Anand 27/04/2018

1156 Pleasantness

Every one wants Pleasantness,
Choose Pleasantness but create unpleasantness, is not success.
If want to create pleasantness
in home or society or country,
other person may not cooperate.
No body in the world happened
100 % way you want them.
It creates unpleasantness.
outside as well as inside.
Pleasantness arround you
is not under your control.
Make inside pleasantness,
independent of pleasantness,
out side created by others.
Don’t blaim other for your
unpleasantness inside.
Unpleasantness or Pleasantness
is your choice of course all
wants pleasantness so always
try to maintain pleasantness
both out side and inside.
Be independent of outside unpleasantness than you
can live happy, peaceful life.
Vinod Anand 25/04/2018