1809 Are you in right direction?

Are you in right dirction ?
How do you know you are
in right direction in the life ?
Few signs can prove that
you are in the right dirction.
* When you have meaningful
purpose in the life to live.
right purpose means right
plan,action & right directon.
* When you have wisdom to
konw other’s intention &
behaviour for correct action.
* New problem and challenge
comes in life then you are in
right direction in the life.
* When you care your physical
mental & spiritual health then
you love your self means you
are in right direction in life.
* When you does meaningful
result oriented self talk, you
are in right direction in life.
* When feel to relocat your
self for your growth in life then
you are in right direction.
* When you are satisfy and
happy with your purpose
& action means you are in
right direction in the life.
With these signs, check that
Are you in right direction or not ?
Right direction means right
destiny & successful life.
Vinod Anand 01/12/2019

1786 Respect is every thing

Human being must
respect each other
irrespective of status.
Give respect and take
respect is easier way
to earn respect which
can’t be demanded.
If fail to respect other,
you can’t earn respect.
Factors due to you don’t
get respect are……
* Talking too much meaningless.
* Insulting others due ego and anger.
* Telling lie frequntly and loose trust.
* Live life unplanne and unmanaged.
* Interface in matter of other.
* Giving advise without asking.
* Sharing own problems.
* Not accoutable for money.
* Wrongly judge to others
* Back bitting & abusing.
* Not keeping promises.
Left all the factors to qualify
respect from others.
Respect builds strong relation
and strong relation makes happy
and peaceful life.
Remember Respect is every things.
Vinod Anand 13/11/2019

1764 Think different

Think different to become
different, special & great.
Attitude of think different
is way of development,
progress and success.
Practice to think different
till it become your habit &
think different effortlessly.
Each & every situation of
life you can think differently,
only way to become positive.
In failure, think different that
it is feed back to impove &
chance to correct mistakes.
In success, think different
that it is by the grace of God.
Some one criticize then think
different that he is well wisher,
if he is right, correct your self
otherwise ignore him.
Some one praise you, think
differen, give credit to God or
parent or friend & thank him.
When you don’t get what you
want, think different that God
want to give better than that.
Similarly other consequence
think different, be different,
to live happy-peacefully life.
Vinod Anand 21/10/2019

1702 Activities after retire

Here are guide lines of
activities you can do
After retirement to
solve the problem of
time passing.
If you donot fix your daily
activities than you will
get bored & tired.
Activities you can do…
* Reading & Writing.
* Helping hand in family.
* Teaching grand son or
* Serve to society and
spiritual activities.
* Develop some Art like
drawing or craft.
* Do part time job.
* Matrimonial match activity
* Placement of job who is
* Coaching class for poor.
As per your past experience
select your best activities
& plan your daily activities
for healthy, happy, peaceful
and successful retired life.
Vinod Anand 20/08/2019

1672 Why ?

Nature of human being
is peace because he like
peace & cannot live long
time without peace, so
basic nature of man is
peace,still no peace why ?
Nature of human being
is love because he want
love & cannot live long
time without love, so
basic nature of man is
to love, still no love, why ?
Nature of human being
is joyful because want
joy & cannot live long
time without joy, so
basic nature of man is
joy, still no joy why ?
Nature of human being
is purity because like
purity & he cannot live

with impurities, so

basic nature of man is
purity still no purity why ?
Nature of human being
is truthfulness because
he like truth, so basic
nature of man is truth,
still no truthfulness, why ?
Aquire the basic quality of
human being – peace love,
joy, purity & truthfulness
for peaceful and happy life.
Vinod Anand 21/07/2019

1668 How life must be ?

How life must be ?
First you have to dream
your life, whatever you
want to make your life.
Life must be designed.
* Life must be simple with
high thinking & action.
* Life must be peaceful &
happy without tension,
worries & depression.
* Life must be divine.
* Life must be planned,
targeted and executed
* Life must be regular with
decipline and limitations
which can inspire other.
* Life must be heplful and
useful for self & others.
Dream such model of life
& live such life then you
become great, famous &
effective personality.
Vinod Anand 17/07/2019

1633 Head of Family

Family is group of
people with definite
relation & specify duties
of each member of family.
In factory & organization,
must be is a head to lead,
manage, direct & control
for better performance in
healthy relation between
worker & management.
Similarly for happy and
peaceful family must be a
qualified head of the family.
Head must have qualities of
leader to lead,direct, guide
control,understand all
with love care and share.
Head of the family can be
elder ideal personality.
Choose your right head.
with following qualities.
* Target to make happy,
peaceful & prosperous
ideal family.
* Awareness, awakeness
of his & member’s duties.
* Must have Good qualities
like Gentleness, Kindness,
Impartiality, Forgiveness,
Patience & human quality
* Must have listening skill
communication skill,
convincing skill and
problems solving skill.
Whoever the head of his
family must develop as
a idea head of the family.
Vinod Anand 16/06/2019