1070 Power Of Peace

Peace is quality of
divine soul reside in
human being.
Peace means no
violence, no noise
no shouting and
no quarrel in house
or colony or city or
all over country.
Peace means
soft conversation &
discussion without
hot argument.
When peace is in
inner self then peace
manifest outsides.
Keep your mind clam,
quiet & steady all the
time so your action &
reaction are peaceful
without violence, noise.
Peace can be created
by compromising the
disputes & quarrel.
Every one should have
target of peace in life.
Happiness is fruits of
peaceful life.
Peace is powerful
tool of happiness &
creator of heaven.
Vinod Anand 09/02/2018


1061 Goodness

Goodness is qualities of man
Goodness is to be cultivated.
Goodness builds personality.
Goodness means good nature
behaviour & deeds.
Good nature means noble
qualities like love, mercy.
Good behaviour means
behave with discipline &
respectfully with child,
adult & senior citizen.
Good deed means deed
perform for the welfare
of others & helpful to all.
Person with goodness is
near to God loved by God
& respected by the people.
The first thing is to aquire
in the life is Goodness,
before achieving any thing.
Goodness gives happy,
peaceful & respectful life.
Goodness is killer of badness
and the creator of heaven. I pray God that ”                                                                                                                                                                       To direct the man towards goodness.”
Vinod Anand 04/02/2018

815 Power of words

Certain words have power

which build the world.

is call positive creative words.

Certain words have power

which destroy the world

is call negative words.

Each word have spelling

meaning to understand,

and have specific effect.

If we correctly understand,

we can utilise at right way

and right time to get best.

If not so we damage the

existing atmosphere.

So be careful to know

the meaning and effect

of each word before use.

Bring little  thought before

shooting  words it to any

one, so unnecessary

conflict & quarrel can be

avoided and can built

heaven on the earth.

Use such powerful word

to built your future & the

future of society & country.

Vinod Anand                         19/06/2017   Friend,Philosopher,Guide  


Life is journey

​Life is journey, we are traveller. 

Journey towards perfection, 

and towards super soul. 

We have to travel from, 

hate to love, 

wrong to right, 

bad to good, 

cruelty to kindness, 

idleness to activeness, 

violence to nonviolence, 

and finally from hell  to heaven. 

We have to travel with 

minimum languages, 

maximum  acceptance, 

control over mind and senses. 

 I wishes you happy journey. 

Vinod Anand                       10/08/2016  friend, philosopher, guide, 

मैं चाहता हूँ, वो हर शक्स चाहे

मैं  चाहता हूँ  धरती पर स्वर्ग,
मैं चाहता हूँ, वो हर शक्स चाहे  ।
तो धरती बनेगी स्वर्ग ।

मै चाहता हूँ  प्रेम की हवा चले
प्रेम ही श्वास बन कर
रोम रोम मे समा जाए ।
प्राणवायु करे खून शुध्ध ,
प्रेम वायु करे मन पवित्र ।
मैं चाहता हूँ, वो हर शक्स चाहे  ।
तो धरती  बनेगी स्वर्ग ।

मै चाहता हूँ स्वसुधार,
सही राह चूनी मै ने,
जिंदगी में चैन शुकून पाने की ।
मैं चाहता हूँ, वो हर शक्स चाहे  ।
तो धरती  बनेगी स्वर्ग ।

मै चाहता हूँ सद् भाव और सम् भाव
जगा ने को सब के दिलों में,
तो सद् आचरण और व्यवहार बने ।
मैं चाहता हूँ, वो हर शक्स चाहे  ।
तो धरती  बनेगी स्वर्ग ।

मैं चाहता हूँ मन का संयम
और इन्द्रियों पे काबू  ।
जिवन बने सुंदर, जग बने सुंदर
मैं चाहता हूँ, वो हर शक्स चाहे  ।
तो धरती  बनेगी स्वर्ग ।

चाहत से सफलता नहीं,
साधना से मिलती है सफलता ।
साधना जिवन बने,
तो धरती  बनेगी स्वर्ग ।         विनोद आनंद

कुछ एसा,,,,

कुछ ऐसा करो,
जो खुद को, खुदा को
और खुस करे अपनों को ।

कुछ ऐसे बोलो की,
दुश्मन दोस्त बने,
दोस्त रिस्तेदार,
और रिस्तेदार बने फ़रीस्ते ।

कुछ एसा सोचो की,
जिंदगी बन जाए,
ईज्जत बढ जाए,
और जिंदगी सुंदर बन जाए ।

कुछ एसे पेश आओ की,
सब हो जाए प्रभावीत,
दिल जित शको सब का,
मुक्दर  का सिकन्दर बन जाए ।

कुछ ऐसी करो प्रार्थना की,
मौसम बदल जाए,
ईन्सान बदल जाए,
और ईश्वर कृपा से,
धरती स्वर्ग बन जाए ।    विनोद आनंद

Hell Vs Heaven

In anger we say “Go to Hell “
it’s curse to him.

When you say this,
you become the member of hell.
If our beloved expire we say
“ His soul may rest in Heaven.( peace)”
it’s blessing to him.

What is hell ?
Hell is place where
there is bad atmosphere
of violence-hate on the earth-house.

What is heaven?
Heaven is place where,
there is good atmosphere
of love, peace, happiness on the earth-house.
We are the creator of Hell or heaven.

It is you to decide,
Where do you want to live
In hell or heaven?
According behave yourself with other.

If live in heaven when you are alive
after death your soul will rest in heaven

If live in heaven when you are alive
after death your soul will rest in heaven