1933 Youngster Responsibility

India is rich by population
of youngster among the
other country but still India
is called developing country.
Due lack of self confidence,
guideance and enthusiasm
in youngster.
It is also due comfort zone
enjoyment priority, idleness
self unawareness and not
making capable to carry
responaibilities of building
future like career, character
for happy and peaceful life.
These development must be
accomplished before age 30.
* Must be capable for his
Personal expenses
* Must Choose field or area
he wanted to make career.
* His physical & mental health
must be sound.
* Must develop human being
virtues- honesty, nobleness
gentleness, integrity etc.
* Capable to take responsibilty
of Life parter with love, care
and share. Happy family life
also play role for success.
Vinod Anand 18/03/2020

1892 Gift from God

Human birth is gift
from God, Say thanks.
God has also given
strength to see dream
and achieve, to change
situation to live great life.
Peoples are not aware or not
utilizing.They believe,that
great people are borned.
Man can become great by
their effort to work hard.
You can make great life by..
1) Take complete ownership
of your life & stop blaming
others events & situation.
2) Be Original be, don’t follow
or imitates other.
3) Do Top 1% people does.
Don’t do 99% people does
4) We want instant result.
Be long term player.
5) Trust youself, be confident
stop copying start creating.
Don’t worry your competitor.
raise your standard.
3) Have world class retiuals.
daily small improvement.
4) In your Profession work
with ethic and be honest.
5) Think of how can I serve
more people.
Vinod Anand 11/02/2020

1822 Living value

People need to learn
two kind of education.
First teaches us how to
make living successfull.
Second teaches how to
live successfully.
Our education system
must focus on both
kind of education for
better living & gorwth of
person, society & nation.
Unfortunately Education
system only focus on
first kind of education.
How to make a living
i. e how to earn money.
Living value is money,
not the character, human
being qualities, humanity
ethics, compassion and
Education system gives
Engineer,Doctor, Officers
but does not gives Ideal
person who know how to
live successfully and help
others to live successfully.
Ancient age education by
Gurukul was teaching both
kind of education.Education
system need to teach both
kind of education to build
future of people, society &
Vinod Anand 13/12/2019

1739 What is spirituality

What is Spirituality ?
Spirituality is related to
Religion,Soul & supreme
Know yourself as a soul,
believe in supreme God
which is linked with soul,
have faith & trust in God.
Know your original nature
of soul & believe that you
are pure, clean, peaceful
loving, knowledgeable,
joyful and powerful soul.
Not only to know nature
but also have such nature
acquiring good qaulities
of human being.
Also know the secrete of
Karma (Deed or work) and
believe that what you have
or get, is outcome of Karm.
Accept it with pleasure and
perform another Karma for
better future and next birth.
Last have gratitude toward
God and human being.
Not to hurt any being, help
them or make him happy.
Whatever happened believe
that it will be in flavour.
Person having such believe,
qualities & nature is called
spiritual human being with
high Spirituality Quotients-S.Q
Vinod Anand 27/09/2019

1709 Eligibility of marriage

Boy or Girl, unless eligible
or qualify for marriage don’t
get marry for happy, peaceful
and success life, otherwise
life will be problematic for
both and their families.
* Eligibility & maturity age.
(Boy age >22-Girl age >18).
* Education & nice job to
fullfill all need of the life.
* Knowledge of married life
duties and responsibility .
* Development of physical
and mind personality, i.e.
Good nature, good habits
good emotion to achieve
Ideal human being status.
* Knowledge of child care &
Development before you
become parents.
* Mentality to live for each
other with family member.
* Don’t demand ideal wife
or ideal husband but be
a ideal person to marry.
Please get eligible for above requirements for marrige than
think of marriage, not before.
Vinod Anand 27/08/2019

1672 Why ?

Nature of human being
is peace because he like
peace & cannot live long
time without peace, so
basic nature of man is
peace,still no peace why ?
Nature of human being
is love because he want
love & cannot live long
time without love, so
basic nature of man is
to love, still no love, why ?
Nature of human being
is joyful because want
joy & cannot live long
time without joy, so
basic nature of man is
joy, still no joy why ?
Nature of human being
is purity because like
purity & he cannot live

with impurities, so

basic nature of man is
purity still no purity why ?
Nature of human being
is truthfulness because
he like truth, so basic
nature of man is truth,
still no truthfulness, why ?
Aquire the basic quality of
human being – peace love,
joy, purity & truthfulness
for peaceful and happy life.
Vinod Anand 21/07/2019

1513 Needs of Human being

Need of Human being to
survive…Air,Water & Food.
and for safety House.
Another need of human
being to live peacefully
happily & successfully….
* Humam being need love
care, compassion and
support from others.
* Humam being need his
importance and his value.
* He need appreciation and
certifacate of what he does.
* He also need growth and
status in the society.
* He also want that every
body listen, understand,
follow him & respect him.
* He want miracle,surprise
to become more happy.
As such there so many
needs of human being but
these are common needs.
Every needs may not fulfill
but human being need to
develop satisfaction to
remain happy & peaceful
in every situation arises.
Vinod Anand 28/02/2019