1235 Be a human being

How be a human being.
Be positive & optimistic.
Be happy & peaceful.
Be honest & faithful.
To become human being
Be active & ready.
Be conscious & sensitive.
Be aware & be adoptive.
Be awake & sincere.
To become human being
Be Passonate & energetic.
Be hopeful & helpful.
Be talented & concerntrated.
Be perfect & accurate.
Be progressive & proactive.
Be enthusiastic and good
personality figure.
To become human being.
Vinod Anand 15/07/2018


1222 Who is happy ?

Person have no addiction
of Tobacco,Cigarette and
Liquor or person is happy.
Person with positive attitude
& healthy person is happy.
Person with high amibition
& passionate is happy.
Person have good habits
good qualities of human
being is happy.
Person with no expectation
good adaptibility is happy.
Person remain steady in
any situation is happy.
Person does not complain
but compromise is happy.
Person with feelings of
love faith & mercy is happy.
Person with endurance
& have passion is happy.
Whose purpose of life is
happiness is happy.
Vinod Anand 30/06/2018

1221 Protocol

Protocol is rules &
method to perform
task & to maintain
the existing system.
Ex for example for
two communication
modem there is fix
communication rules
called protocol.
Protocol are fist design
then modem is design
to support protocols.
Similarly for living
ideal life there must
must be protocol
that is qualities of
human being, good
habits & feeling like
love, mercy, peace.
To survive in life
there must be
protocol of service
or business target &
plan for execution.
Without protocol
that some rules or
principles you can
not be successful
in the life.
Life must always
support protocols.
Vinod Anand 29/06/2018

1170 Tips on PD

Personality Development is
tools for happy-peaceful life.
Tips to develop Personality.
Be aware of your personality.
Do self observation & try to
remove bad habits & acquire
qualities of human being.
* Be positive & Beoptimist.
* Be more passionate.
* Handle your emotions.
* Share, Care & Love
* Don’t criticise & other.
* Praise other & Be polite.
* communicate effectively.
* The is problem the challenge.
* Possess quality of patience.
* Live Stress free & healthy life.
* Help the needy person.
* Have attitude of gratitude.
Personality Development
gives popularity,prosperity
and happy-peaceful life.
Vinod Anand 09/05/2018

1154 Incredible Life

What is Incredible Life ?
Extra ordinary, untrustable
divine life is Incredible Life.
Life with Positive attitude,
& gratitude is Incredible Life.
Simple, high thinking and
creative life is Incredible Life.
Person having human being
quality can live Incredible Life.
Person live with love, share and
take care other is Incredible Life.
Person does hard work smartly
and achieve his target before
time in his life is Incredible Life.
Life with good understanding
& co-operation in family, office
and society is Incredible Life.
Happy, peaceful & prosperous
creditable life is Incredible Life.
Unforgettable Life which can
inspire other is Incredible life.
We are capable and can live
Incredible Life & we must have
the our target of Incredible Life.
Incredible Life of individuals
can build Incredible India.
Vinod Anand 23/04/2018

1153 What is 3 PPP

PPP means Personality
Popularity & Prosperity.
Personality must be such
that person become
ideal human being.
Person’s looks, nature
and behave should be
such that his personality
become attractive, liked
impressive & excellent.
Due to this he become
So much popular that
his popularity increases.
Due to his personality
and popularity what he
does become his success.
He will be richest, so his
prosperity touches sky.
So it compulsory to have
excellent & ideal personality
for popularity & prosperity.
Focus on your personality.
Be aware & try to improve
your personality to get
popularity & prosperity.
Vinod Anand 22/04/2018

1125 Identity

Our common and basic
Identity is human being,
should never be change
any time even though we
acquire other identity in
office or any other place.
Identity carries it’s nature
and responsibility which
is suitable for that place.
Do not carry identity of
office to house because
in house your identity is
different switch over to
that identity as a family
member & relationship.
Problem occurs when we
forget our basic identity
of human being & never
switch over the identity
with respect to place.
In house also your identity
is different with every one.
Talk & behave accordingly.
Immediately sense your
identity & switch to new
identity before you speak or
act or react and don’t forget
your identity of human being.
Be aware & conscious about
your identity at every place to
live happy and peaceful life.
Vinod Anand 25/03/2018