890 Family life

When student life &

marriaged is over the 

family life start. 

Family life is real life to be

lived happily & peacefully. 

Family life mean with parents,

wife, brother,sister & children

living together happily. 

Live together with love 

forgiveness & according 

to their nature & behaviour. 

No difference of opinion

and misunderstanding to

avoid quarrel in family. 

To control family life

there must be one ruler

who maintain law & order

in the family members &

solve the problems,take 

care of every body need. 

Every body in the family

should strictly follow the 

Family rules & norm to live

happy & peaceful family life. 

Other important aspect of

Family life is development

of human being qualities, 

good habits, good feelings

& positive attitude.  

Simply remember to forget, 

let go & respect every one. 

Vinod Anand                          18/08/2017 Friend,Philosopher,Guide  


Be Ideal Person

​How to become ideal person. 

First decide the target

to become ideal person. 

Second think and plan

how to achieve it.

Third execute the plan. 

Aquire qualities of ideal person

Human being qualities, 

like love,peace, patience, 

mercy, purity etc. 

Good habit, good activities, 

few principles, rules and 

regulation to follow. 

See good qualities of

the person and aquire. 

Don’t  see bad qualities

and criticize the person. 

Self awareness and self

improvement is best tool 

to become  ideal person. 

Always insist your self

to become ideal person. 

Should be purpose of the life. 

Vinod Anand                          21/07/2016

friend, philosopher, guide.

आदमी वो, जो,,,,

आदमी वो, जो आबाद रहे और
बरबादी से बच के रहे ।
आदमी वो, जो आनंद में रहे,
उदास और हताश न रहे ।
आदमी वो, जो अहिंसा को अपनाए
और हींसा से दूर रहे ।
आदमी वो, जो अहंकारी न हो,
निर्मल और कोमल बने ।
आदमी वो, जो  आवेश मे न रहे
और हंमेशा शांत रहे ।

आदमी वो, जो असत्य से  बचे
और सत्य को अपनाए ।
आदमी वो, जो अनुशासीत रहे,
शिस्त भंग न करे ।
आदमी वो,जो किसी को अपमानीत न करे
सभी का मान सन्मान करना शीखे ।
आदमी वो, जो असंयमी न रहे
और सयंमी बनने की कोशीश करे ।
आदमी वो, जो आदर्शो को अपनाए
झूठी शान दिखावा न करे ।
आदमी वो, जो संसार से अनासक्त रहे
संसार की मोह माया से बचे ।
आदमी वो, जो अवगुणों को छोडे
और सद् गुणों को अपनाए ।
आदमी वो, जो आत्मा को समजे
और परमात्मा से जूडे रहे ।

हमे आदमी बन के रहेना है
तो हमने ऐसा करना होगा,
वर्ना हम क्या से क्या,
बन जाएगें पता नही ।
आदमी वो, जो आदमी बना रहे ।

विनोद आनंद                            24/04/2016
फ्रेन्ड, फिलोसोफर, गाईड


Politeness is best policy,
& best quality of human being,
It is top most among all,
human being qualities,
Which attract other,
qualities of human being.

Be polite all the time every where
Peace & happiness follows politeness.

Politeness means be calm & quite
have self discipline,

Be safe & steady,
have self control.

Politeness makes man
kind, mercy full, helpful & hopeful.
Politeness is first step to become great.
well known & famous.





Acquire Good

Acquiring Good human being quality,

Creating Good habits, Doing good deed.

Builds your sound personality.

Which makes you,

Open minded & open hearted,

Awake your soul,

Create self confidence & self respect.

And also award you,

Real happiness , Permanent  peace,

Long life satisfaction, Unlimited soul power

Un believable popularity.

& finally grace of God & bliss

Acquire good & reject bad.

Best of luck.

Human Being Nature

Human being Nature is
quite different person to person.
Why It’s so.
All Human being Nature should be same.
Yes, basically it is same.
Basic Human being Nature is
Peaceful, Loving
Delightful, Happy,
Faithful, Trustful,
Pure & Truthful,
Present nature of
Human being is acquired nature.
As nature of water is cool.
But with fire it boils.
As soon as fire is removed,
it becomes cool again.
Similarly Human nature-Peace’
get changes,
when he comes in contact with angry man.
So anger is acquired nature of a man.
Similarly other basic nature get changed.
We have to acquired our basic nature.
& hold it, in any situation arises in the life.
that should be our spirit & motto.


Short comings of Human being

He sees vices pf others only.

He  does not accept his own mistakes.

He always gives blame to other.

He does not forgive others mistake.

He become sad with others happiness.

He becomes very happy with others sorrow.

He is very selfish.

He remains dissatisfied.

He think that he is always right.

He cannot bear his defeat.

He is jealous towards others progress.

He is the slave  of his own nature & habits.

He does not want to improve.

He expects respect from others but does not

give respect to other.

He expects that other should speak truth, but

he does not.

He is fond of giving unsought advise.

He always criticize other.

He live only daily routine life.

He does not accept change easily.

He is made after money.

He does not keep himself within limits.

He gets angry too frequently.

He lives in past & future but not is present.

He gets depressed with sorrow.

He becomes uncontrollable when is happy.

He lives with EGO/ He is egoistic.

He speaks without knowing  what is speaking.

He thinks of self but does not think of other.

He live with negative attitude.

Note : Cultivate positive attitude.

Turn yourself from pessimist to optimist.

Become man of self control.  Best of luck