998 Improvement

Improvement is the 

high way of progress & 


Improvement is continuous

process of development.

Improvement in relation

business, personality 

& every aspect of life

must be done for better

result & performance.

To improve relations 

see & understand other 

person’s point of view

To improve personality

acquire human qualities

good habits & good deed.

To improve bussine do 

modification, innovation

& improve services.

Motivations & inspiration

is tools for improvement.

Improvement is tools of

development & progress.

Vinod Anand                           09/12/2017 Friend,Philosopher,Guide    


969 Intelligent Quotient

Intelligent Quotient 

level of intelligent.

Mean capacity of solving 

problems, improving

designing & innovation.

Basic root of  I.Q.

is knowledge, right

thinking and intention to

raise Intelligent Quotient.

Next raise the imagination 

& memory retention power

by practicing right test.

Keep the Brain healthy by

taking nutritious food, 

keep your mind peaceful-

steady & take right stress

to raise Intelligent Quotient.

I.Q is analysis,application 

of knowledge & intellect.

I.Q. essential getting job.

Try to raise Intelligent Quotient 
Vinod Anand                           15/11/2017 Friend,Philosopher,Guide    


824 Power of forgiveness 

Some body does mistake 

or unpleasure work 

instead of punishing 

or giving bad reaction, 

if we forget and foregive, 

it is call forgiveness.

Power of forgiveness

is such that person does 

that he become great. 

The person to whom 

it is given have chance

to improve in his life.

Noble person can

forgive other person 

with intention that

he should apologise 

and never repeat 

such mistake or work.

Only courageous man

can forget & forgive other. 

Forgiveness prevail peace

and make relation strong. 

Forgiveness is noble

human being quality. 

Donot forget to foregive

other mistake-bad work. 

Vinod Anand                          26/06/2017    Friend,Philosopher,Guide  


​Don’t complain of any one. 

but give compliments. 

No body like to hear complaint

but like to hear appreciation. 

Don’t cultivate habit 

of complainning of other

which makes other 

unpleasant and unhappy

and finally relation detoriate. 

Even though you want to 

complaint think, justify and… 

Complaint in policed manners. 

which may not irritate person. 

Complaint with intention to

improve not to  criticise. 

Complain as friend not 

as enemy of the person. 

Complain may bring success. 

Accept Complain and take

it positively for improvement. 

Complainer is the best guys. 

Complain become tool of 

development and improvement 

if you really want to improve. 

Vinod Anand                          04/11/2016  Firend,Philosopher,guide.        


​Improvement is seed

of development in life. 

Requirement is the root

of Improvement. Suceess is 

fruits of Improvement. 

To remove deficiency 

improper, bad, wrong, 

false system in life or 

society or businesses 

is called improvement. 

which will give better result.  

For Improvement we need, 

Awareness of deficiency,  

loss and bad in the system. 

Desire to improve,impliment 

and finally get better result. 

Improvement is part of 

life and without it  life or

business become sluggish 

and finally failure. 

So continuous Improvement 

will secure better happy,

success and prosperous life. 

Vinod Anand                    06/09/2016  Friend,Philosopher,Guide    


Vacation is favourite and
best for enjoyment and rest,
worry and tension free period,
for student and parents.

Students become lazy,
just passes time, become
idle and no activities
except enjoyment like
watching TV and Internet
and gossiping etc.

But really speaking,
It is golden oppurtunity for
development, improvement,
reading books and learning
something new art.
Possible in vacation.

Spare time when student
improve their handwritting,
learn English grammar, maths,
other weak subject and prepare
for next standard etc.

Best utilizing of vacation
is the wisdom of the student.

Vinod Anand                       13/05/2016
friends, philosopher, guide

हम कहाँ है ?

हम कहाँ है ?
हम कल थे एसे आज है,
आज है एसे कल भी रहेंगे,
हम जैसे थे ऐसे ही है,
हम जहाँ है वहाँ ही है ।
हम बूरी आदतों, स्वभाव और
मन-ईन्द्रियो के गुलाम बन गए है
न कोई परिवर्तन,न कोई सुधार,
न कोई विकास और बदलाव ।
मतलब न कोई मक्सद जिंदगी का ।
लक्ष्यहीन जिंदगी जीते है और
मौज-मस्ती, एसो-आरामसे
जिंदगी बीताते है,  तो जरा सोचो के
हम कहाँ है कहँ जाना है हमे ।
जिंदगी के उच्च शिखरों पे बैठे है
उनकी प्रेरणा लेकर,
हमे भी बनना है  प्रेरणा किसीकी ।
हमे उठना है जागना है,
जोश और होस में सफळता के
उच्च शिखरों को सर करना है ।
हम कल कैसे थे उसे
आज ओर अच्छे बनना है
और कल ओर ज्यादा अच्छे बनना है ।
हमने जिंदगी का उदेश्य सिध्ध करना है ।
आगे बढना ही जिंदगी है रूकना है मौत ।
  विनोद आनंद                          01/04/2016
फ्रेन्ड, फिलोसोफर, गाईड