1877 Franchise

Non finance Franchise.
Vinodchandra. A. Parikh.
Nike name ” Vinod Anand ”
friend, philosopher & guide,
conducting Training Program
on Personality Development
& Art of Living for students.
Language : English, Hindi, Gujarati.
Essence of the Traning Program :
Awareness about “Science of Life ”
Purpose : Self awareness and self improvement for Ideal personality.
I would like to enhance this
Training Program rigorously.
Interested Person may contact.
Person will be Trained and allow
to conduct this Training Program.
Contact :
Whatapp : M -7575038437, Web site :
Email: Vinod.chandra.Parikh@gmail.com
Face book : vinodchandra parikh

1846 Turning Point

Road never goes
straight it turns to
reach destination.
Similarly life never
goes straight, must
have turning points
then only it reaches,
desired destination.
Simple stereotype
life is boring, must
have turning point.
Turning point may
come by self desire
or motivation and
inspiration from
great personality or
parent or celebrity.
Turning point is like
blessing or desire to
make a change in the
life by improvement &
self development.
Let us celebrate year
2020 as turning point
year of life for growth
excellent progress to
make year 2020 very
successful and happy.
Vinod Anand 03/01/2020

1574 Habits of Best Personality

Habit is powerful tools of
Personality development.
To develop one good habit
we need non-stop practice
of 21 days but to remove
bad habit we need non-
stop practice of 45 days.
First you have to make
good habits and then
habits will make you,
good personality figure.
Few best habits need to
develop personality are…
Wake up early & do prayer.
Do exercise & meditation.
Take healthy breake fast.
Do most important work,
then only do other work.
Develop habits of reading
and Talk less listen more.
Avoid to take energy drink,
fast food & packed food.
Avoid the company of
toxi-negative people.
Develop the habit of no
complaining, no blaming,
no comparing & no fault
finding to develop Best
Vinod Anand 21/04/2019

1564 Vacation Golden opportunity

Vacation is favourite and
best for enjoyment and rest,
worry and tension free period,
for student and parents.
Students become lazy,
just passes time, become
idle and no activities
except enjoyment like
watching TV and Internet
and gossiping etc.
But really speaking,
It is golden opportunity for
development, improvement,
reading books and learning
something new art is
possible in vacation.
Spare time when student
improve their handwriting,
learn English grammar, maths,
other weak subject and prepare
for next standard etc.
Student must develop human
being quality & good habits
which he can do in vacation
very nicely for his personality
good physical & mental health.
Wise student never miss the
opportunity in vacations.
Vinod Anand 11/04/2019
friends, philosopher, guide

1539 Magic of Environment

Environment is magician
may play magics in the life.
Environment influence
the person, live in that.
Environment is good
tools of improvement.
If you live in peaceful
& joyful Environment
then you become joyful
and peaceful means,
what you and family
want to become create
such environment.
Environment is the best
social or family reformer.
Environment is created
by man & things then it
influence man accordingly.
Bad autmosphere
environment spoil our
health, similarity bad
environment created by
bad men that spoil men.
Change the environment
to change life of people.
Vinod Anand 19/03/2019

1522 Think of Other

Thinking is very good
tool for improvement
development, growth
& progress in life.
Thinking for the self is
normal tendency but
some people don’t
think for himself.
It is essential to think
for self for self growth,
progress development
and improvements.
Another tendency is
Think of others for
their growth, progress
development etc.
Also think of difficulty &
problem of other to solve
If you are capable and
desire to help them.
Think of other is very
good tendency to have.
Think of other then,
other may think of you
when you need help.
Vinod Anand 08/03/2019

1437 21st Century

21st century is time of knowledge,dvelopment,
with high competition.
Man became machine
control by another man.
21st century is time of
high rise buildings but
low rise character.
Time of all facilities
but lack of peace and
happiness & team spirit.
Broader the roads and
narrow ours view points.
Double income but no
time for family & life.
Develop road to reach
any where but no road
to reach some one heart.
21st century is time of
technology to reach
moon, no technology to
built strong relations.
Technology of mobiles &
internet spoil the culture
& mentality of the man.
Time of guided missiles
but misguided man.
Man has developed
technology to break
the atom but cannot
break his prejudices.
21st century is time of
robots with out human
feelings & behaviour.
Graph of Humanity is
decling & cruelty rises.
Every body duty is to
make 21st century the
century of world peace.
Vinod Anand 25/12/2018