1558 Confidence-2

Tip to grow self Confidence
continued from Confidence-1.
– Your communication skill
vocal non vocal can raise
your self confidence.
– Take care of your mental
and body health with nice
dressing to look attractive.
-Some time give positive
affirmation to unconscious
mind by thinking positively.
– Play fake drama of fully
self confidence because
unconscious mind don’t
distinguish between really
and fake. So feel fully self
confident whenever you
need to show confidence.
– Don’t afraid of situation
which will eat your self
confidence. Be courageous
& bold to face the situation.
Practice Tips to raise your
external & self Confidence.
Vinod Anand 05/04/2019

1557 Confidence-1

Confidence is level
of energy & success.
For success man must
be confident or have full
trust on self of successs.
Confidence are exertnal &
Both have same effect
on human being.
External is from things
or supporting network
like friends, relatives &
society persons,which
is not permanent.
May be useful to raise
internal confidence.
Internal confidence is
your self trust on you,
your beliefs, knowledge
and self esteem by self
inspiration & motivation.
– Internal confidence grow by
self talk, no postponement or
delay in action & the work.
– Day to day target achieving.
– Do some thing new to make
change in your rountine work.
Further tips for confidence
in my next post confidence-2
Vinod Anand 05/04/2019

1541 Thought To Action

Thoughts remain thoughts
never materialized or realise,
They are not thought but
rubbish & negative thoughts.
Some time such thoughts
might be problematic must
be removed or disolved.
Some time positive, useful
thoughts are not able to
convert into the action.
Thought is the seed action
must be nuture it for action.
Desire, purposeful & positive
thought must be converted
into a action by motivations
or inspiration and initiation.
So they materializes or realize.
Some time some one are not
able to do so Why ?
We have desire, target & plan
to do it but still we are not
able to convert it to action.
What lacks to do so ?
Every thing is there but lack
of intense emotion, intense
desire and passonate which
works as a driving force to
create self motivaion and
inspiration to convert thought
into action and finally success.
Vinod Anand 21/03/2019

1414 How to choose target

What should be target
in life is your choice ?
What should be criteria ?
What should be target ?
Target gives purpose to
live the life or purpose of
life should be the target.
What ever the criteria, it
is essential to have target.
First criteria is career and
other are purposeful target
of the life like personality,
family,social relation and
spiritual development.
Choose meaninful career
target by which you get joy
while achieving the target.
Target to develop positive
attitude, feelings, good
qualities and habit to built
healthy family and social
relation in the life.
Target to develop spiritual
quality like faith and trust
on God to get inspiration,
power and blessing of God
for successful life.
Vinod Anand 03/12/2018

1352 Acceptance Vs non Acceptance

-Grow of Life depends on
two words Acceptance &
Acceptance is right choice,
Non-Acceptance is wrong.
Choice is yours which
you accept & practice.
Right choice growth or
Wrong choice no growth.
If you accept situation
it become challenges
otherwise problem.
if you accept event take
place in life it become
adventure otherwise fear.
Some one promtion,
if you donot accept it
become jealousy otherwise
it become inspiration.
Practice 21 days for
right choice of acceptance
for growth & happiness.
Vinod Anand 29/10/2018

1264 What motivate you ?

-What motivate you ?
Motivation from inside
to out is self motivation.
Motivation from outside
to in is from things or
person or nature or events.
Some one get motivated….
by appreciation or support,
by person’s criticizing,
by successful persons,
by self confidence,ability
by talent & self esteem,
by failure & problems,
by self weakness, fear.
by strong desire to
achieve target in time.
by inability & hardship
by your passonate.
by inspiration reading
books, listening lecture &
seeing motivational video.
By insulted by some one.
what ever the means or
way of motivation you
must get motivation for
progress, improvement,
development & success.
Vinod Anand 11/08/2018

1145 Rules of success

Rules of successe are,
Set bigger purpose
and target in life.
Work hard smartly
with proper planning.
Have strong desire &
to achieve the target.
Positive Attitude must.
Be first a good student
to read & learn in life.
Reading and learning
are best investments.
Share, Care, Love are
seed of success.
Self inspiration and
self motivation must.
Our concentration, skill,
value makes us success. Be honest in life
Every things is with you
recognise your potential.
Consider the problem
as a challenges & face it.
Follow rules of success
for success.Best of luck.
Vinod Anand 13/04/2018