1706 Power of discrimination

Discrimination is power
can be develop with the
help of the knowledge
wisdom and intelligence.
Discriminating between
good & bad, real & unreal,
rational & irrational, logical
& illogical. legal & unleagal,
right & wrong is the power.
If you have this power than
you must practice in life for
better result of your action,
by selecting right action or
behaviour to do which is
good result oriented.
Power of Discrimination
and right selection of
action to perform will
help you to control the
mind which award you
happy, peaceful and
successful life, otherwise
it will award you painful,
unhappy & problematic life.
Develeop discrimination
and power of selection to
control mind to take right
action and behaviour.
Vinod Anand 25/08/2019


1700 Sign of Intelligent

Intelligence is superior
then mind and it will
take right decision.
Person who does this,
he is intelligent person.
Person whi follows the
intelligence but not
mind, he is intelligent
and wise person.
Sign of intelligent man…
* He always looks smart.
* Person have insatible
curiosity & eagerness
to learn new things.
* Good habit of reading.
* Humarous nature.
* Accept the challenges
* Talking with self.
* He sees before jump &
Think before he speaks.
* Have tendency to forget.
* Tendeacy to worry.
* Habit asking questions.
* He works smartly and
* He speaks less and use
proper word or sentence
To become successful,
develop Intelligence
Quotient – I.Q.
Vinod Anand 18/08/2019

1573 Science of Body

Science of Body very
large & very deep but
we need to know the
common structure &
feature for easy going
balanced & controlled,
happy & peaceful life.
One which is invisible
and imperishable soul.
Another is visible- body
have Ten senses, different
system and organs-parts.
Visiqble body exits and
being control by mind
intellect & soul power.
Mind is the sixth sense to
control five senses which
acquire knowledge & three
sense mouth, hand & legs
for activities we do.
For sound health we have
control our quality of deit
& control our five senses.
This can be done by our
sixth sense called mind,
with the help of intellect
by super hsoul power.
If we loose the control of
senses & mind then body
and life will be effected.
Vinod Anand 20/04/2019
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1319 Discover your intelligence

Every man have different
type of Intelligence means
special talent.
If it is discovered,developed
and utilized then he can
perform well & get success.
Here are different field of life
man have intelligence.
Interpersonal intelligence.
He can be social person or
business man with this.
Naturalist intelligence.
He is lover of nature and
can do better in the field
of environment & nature.
Musical intelligence, he can
be better singer or musician.
Logical and Mathematical
intelligence, he can do better
in the field of reseach work.
Existential intelligence, he can
better understand religion
and spiritual concert.
Linguistic intelligence,
he can be good speaker
or teacher or writer.
Intra-personal intelligence,
he can well understand self
or have self control or have
high self esteem or have high
self confideance.
Visual special intelligence,
he can be artist or painter.
For better performane,.good
result, success future work
with intelligence you have.
Vinod Anand 07/09/2018

1132 Winner of the life

Your body is factory
out come is work,
action & behaviour.
Mind is supervisor.
Senses are worker.
and intelligent is
manager who take
decision to do work
action & behaviour.
Soul is owner with
knowledge & power.
Mind must order,
superwise & control
Mind must follow
the intruction from
intelligent & soul.
Mind Can’t control
or instruct senses
Mind, intelligent &
soul together rule
over senses that is
thinking, working &
behaviour for happy
& peaceful life.
If mind dose work
independently with
out consulting manager
& owner of the factory
then life will not be
stable, happy, peaceful.
Sense & mind should be
under control by you.
Who control the mind &
senses is winner of life.
Vinod Anand 13/07/2018

1161 What self confidence

Self Confidence is power
empowered person to take
any type of challenge in life.
He can make impossible to
possible and win all the time.
He never become nerves in
any situation, face problem
with balance mind & solve
any problem, if not it accept
the situation or problem with
courage & remain energetic.
Person have strong belief
that any type of work he can
do & takes it has a challenge.
Self confidence, combination
of mind, intelligent, soul power.
To develop self confidence try
to increase mind stability by
Intelligent Quotient & soul by
Emotion & spuritual Quotient.
Self confidence is only key of
success & happy-peaceful life.
If you delpete your mind-soul
energy means you have poor
self confidence. Be energetic
enthusiastic, active positive
for high self confidence.
self confidence is breathe
to keep life active & alive.
Vinod Anand 30/04/2018