1459 Develop 8 habits in child

Develop 8 good habits in
childhood for happiness,
success in future stages.
First habit of giving thing
to other what he have by
sharing priciple, so he
wouldn’t be possessive.
Second habit of reading
book other then study.
Books are good friends
and fetch the knowledge.
knowledge is the power.
Third habits to develop is
of appreciation for gpod.
Appreciation inspire other.
Fourth habits is exercising
Which keep body healthy.
Fifth habit to share good
happening in family which
gives good knowledge by
the experience of others.
Sixth habit of doing some
thing new which creates
creativity. Seventh habit is
attitude of gratitude means
saying thank when he get
some things from orher.
Eighth habit of saying sorry
when he does wrong thing.
Vinod Anand 12/01/2019


1442 Control the mind

Mind control is essential,
otherwise mind will
control you and does not
obey your command.
Mind will be control by
senses, means mind
is slave of senses and
you are slave of mind.
There are few methods
to practice to control
the mind.
First simple rule is…….
Don’t listen or ignore or
reject demand from the
mind and senses.
Practice to say first NO
to mind then think with
intelligent & knowledge
that demand is valid or
good result oriented
then allow mind to fulfill
his demand otherwise
say NO. If you practice
this rule Slowly you will
be able to control mind.
Do fasting a week and
live with planning and
rules to follow srictly.
You have to explain or
force to follow the mind
which is good for all.
Vinod Anand 31/12/2018

1333 Konw your Talent

-How to know your talent ?
Every human have hidden
unique quality & have
talent in particularn field
in which he does better.
Talent means application
of knowledge.
Symptoms to know talent.
* While doing any activity
time goes very fast, you
enjoy & don’t feel bore.
* Informations collection for
perticular work or acivity.
* When you get attracted
by any activity or work.
* For particular work or
activity you will get ready
to compromise.
* Some case nature will
let to know your talent.
*Perticular work you get
all the time success.
After knowing talent your
performance will be better.
Talent will give you fame,
success & happiness.
Talent is technique of
successful working.
Vinod Anand 18/10/2018

1186 Upgradation Vs. success

Upgradation is directly
proportional to success.
Now a day technology
is chaging very fast.
To compete with this
scenario upgradation
in any field becoming
key factor for success.
So to cope up with this
scenario continuous
updation in any field
become compulsory.
Without updation you
cannot progress or
qualify for success.
Updagradtion need
market survey, telent
creativity & continuous
improvement to remain
in competition and
successful throughout.
So think of upgradation
to capture the market &
successful throughout.
Vinod Anand 26/05/2018

1174 Skill is Success

Skill is path of success.
Skill is final product of
Knowledge, Intelligent
Application of knowledge
imagination and creativity.
Knowledge can be acquired
but Intelligent & Creativity
can be developed so skill
get developed for success.
Many skills are required for
sure success in the future.
Complex problem solving skill,
Critical & Creative thinking skill,
Emotional intelligence skill,
Adoptation & Negotiation skill.
People managment skill,
Decision making skill,
Communication skill,
Public speaking skill,
Listening skill.
Vinod Anand 13/05/2018

1096 Why I write ??

Why I write ?
Is it hobby ? Is it desire ?
Is it purpose ? Is is target ?
Is to spread knowledge ?
Is it to become writer ?
Is it just for Jun ?
Is it to inspire other ?
Is it to motivate other ? Is it to become popular ?
You think if you can, why I write ? ? ?
Ok, I shall tell you
why I write ? ? ?
What I read, listen, think
understand, to make
best use of I know,
I write for others to test
my capacity, ability &
to spread fragrance of
knowledge which may
inspire or motivate other.
So my effort of reading &
listening & thinking get
right direction & purpose.
For multi-purpose I write.
Vinod Anand 25/02/2018

1000 Vertical Vs Lateral Thinking

Vertical Thinking is selective &

logical.Lateral Thinking is

different & generative

Vertical Thinking is traditional

& Lateral Thinking is creative.

Selection of suitable option

from available options is

Vertical Thinking

Lateral Thinking creates many

options for optimum selection.

Lateral thinking need practice

& high Intelligent Quotient-I.Q.

Vertical doesn’t require high I.Q.

but require knowledge and

experience for better selection.

For modification & innovation

Lateral thinking is vary useful.

Age of competition both type

of thinking are essential to

compete the present situation.

Vinod Anand 10/12/2017 Friend,Philosopher,Guide