1748 Two way of working

We work or behave by
two way…..
1) Work through Mind
2) Work on the mind.
Generally we are working
through mind. What ever
mind say or wish we work
Working through mind is
by passing knowledge &
intelligent to decide what
do or how to behave.
When we read or learn we
working through mind.
Working on mind is to
understand mind feeling,
emotion & thoughts, then
work or behave in life.
Working on mind means
working with knowledge &
intelligent to decide what
do or what not to do or how
to work or behave in life.
Working on mind is better
& creative way of working
than working through mind.
Vinod Anand 06/10/2019

1706 Power of discrimination

Discrimination is power
can be develop with the
help of the knowledge
wisdom and intelligence.
Discriminating between
good & bad, real & unreal,
rational & irrational, logical
& illogical. legal & unleagal,
right & wrong is the power.
If you have this power than
you must practice in life for
better result of your action,
by selecting right action or
behaviour to do which is
good result oriented.
Power of Discrimination
and right selection of
action to perform will
help you to control the
mind which award you
happy, peaceful and
successful life, otherwise
it will award you painful,
unhappy & problematic life.
Develeop discrimination
and power of selection to
control mind to take right
action and behaviour.
Vinod Anand 25/08/2019

1592 Confusion & Conclusion

Some time Man’s mind
gets confuse due to
scarcity of knowledge,
lack of understanding
& clearity of matter or
so many options for
choice in the life.More
option or alternatives
more you get confuse.
Confusion will delay the
conclusion or results.
Confusion create tension,
which make more difficult
to reach the conclusion.
Resolve the confusion
knowing the reason with
peace of mind to remove
the confusion, & take right
conclusion at right time.
Unless you desolve the
confusion you cannot
conclude at right time.
what to do at right time.
Donot get confused your
self or confuse other.
Conclusion is possible
in absence of confusion.
Vinod Anand 10/05/2019

1558 Confidence-2

Tip to grow self Confidence
continued from Confidence-1.
– Your communication skill
vocal non vocal can raise
your self confidence.
– Take care of your mental
and body health with nice
dressing to look attractive.
-Some time give positive
affirmation to unconscious
mind by thinking positively.
– Play fake drama of fully
self confidence because
unconscious mind don’t
distinguish between really
and fake. So feel fully self
confident whenever you
need to show confidence.
– Don’t afraid of situation
which will eat your self
confidence. Be courageous
& bold to face the situation.
Practice Tips to raise your
external & self Confidence.
Vinod Anand 05/04/2019

1557 Confidence-1

Confidence is level
of energy & success.
For success man must
be confident or have full
trust on self of successs.
Confidence are exertnal &
Both have same effect
on human being.
External is from things
or supporting network
like friends, relatives &
society persons,which
is not permanent.
May be useful to raise
internal confidence.
Internal confidence is
your self trust on you,
your beliefs, knowledge
and self esteem by self
inspiration & motivation.
– Internal confidence grow by
self talk, no postponement or
delay in action & the work.
– Day to day target achieving.
– Do some thing new to make
change in your rountine work.
Further tips for confidence
in my next post confidence-2
Vinod Anand 05/04/2019

1459 Develop 8 habits in child

Develop 8 good habits in
childhood for happiness,
success in future stages.
First habit of giving thing
to other what he have by
sharing priciple, so he
wouldn’t be possessive.
Second habit of reading
book other then study.
Books are good friends
and fetch the knowledge.
knowledge is the power.
Third habits to develop is
of appreciation for gpod.
Appreciation inspire other.
Fourth habits is exercising
Which keep body healthy.
Fifth habit to share good
happening in family which
gives good knowledge by
the experience of others.
Sixth habit of doing some
thing new which creates
creativity. Seventh habit is
attitude of gratitude means
saying thank when he get
some things from orher.
Eighth habit of saying sorry
when he does wrong thing.
Vinod Anand 12/01/2019

1442 Control the mind

Mind control is essential,
otherwise mind will
control you and does not
obey your command.
Mind will be control by
senses, means mind
is slave of senses and
you are slave of mind.
There are few methods
to practice to control
the mind.
First simple rule is…….
Don’t listen or ignore or
reject demand from the
mind and senses.
Practice to say first NO
to mind then think with
intelligent & knowledge
that demand is valid or
good result oriented
then allow mind to fulfill
his demand otherwise
say NO. If you practice
this rule Slowly you will
be able to control mind.
Do fasting a week and
live with planning and
rules to follow srictly.
You have to explain or
force to follow the mind
which is good for all.
Vinod Anand 31/12/2018