1668 How life must be ?

How life must be ?
First you have to dream
your life, whatever you
want to make your life.
Life must be designed.
* Life must be simple with
high thinking & action.
* Life must be peaceful &
happy without tension,
worries & depression.
* Life must be divine.
* Life must be planned,
targeted and executed
* Life must be regular with
decipline and limitations
which can inspire other.
* Life must be heplful and
useful for self & others.
Dream such model of life
& live such life then you
become great, famous &
effective personality.
Vinod Anand 17/07/2019


1665 Life is Goal

Life is goal and goal is life.
Life without goal is useless.
Animal live life without goal.
Human life must have goal.
Goal is nothing but dream &
desire to be materialized.
Goal give direction to life &
optimum utilization of time.
Goal, planning & execution
of plan is the path to live life.
Otherwise life move without
direction & path i.e. random,
haphazard, uncertain and
fruitless life. There must be
number of goals in the life
like carreer, character, social
and personality and spiritual
development .
Set gaols, dream it, have
deep & intens desire, set
the mind to achieve goals.
Then remember, visualize,
plan it that is allotment of
time slot in 24 hrs of a day
Finally execute the plan i.e.
live the life accordingly.
Means life is goal & make
the goal to live the life.
Goal is only purpose of life.
Vinod Anand 15/07/2019

1664 Tools

Tool is very important
essential and useful
apparatus for repair or
matufacturing things.
Different type of tools
are machine, safety
medical,Artisian and
kitchen tools.
Tool make the work
easy and fast so it is
more productive.
Other tools are life living
changing & life saving tool.
With using suitable tool
success is sure.
Tools are result oriented.
Use tools in house or shop
or factory for easy and
effective work.
Effective Tools must be
design for better life or
better work in factory.
Without tools man
become handicap &
cannot compete with
other opponents in
the life or business.
Use tools whereever you
are to get success in life
Vinod Anand 14/07/2019

1661 Live & Let Live

Live & Let Live must
be the priciple of life.
Man have right to live
but have no right to
disturb or to create
problem in others life.
Even man also have
no right to suicide &
to end the life of other.
It is duty of everybody
to help others, to solve
the problem or to make
others life easy happy
and peaceful.Real peace
& happiness lies in peace
& happiness of others.
To become really happy,
earn blessing from others.
Donot earn curses from
other by troubling them.
Easy & simple rule of life
to become happy,peaceful
is Live & Let Live but not
live and make others life
Enjoy your right & do your
duty instead of killing the
right and the life of others.
Vinod Anand 11/07/2019

1653 Sadness

Sadness is status of
mind create nervousness,
pain & uneasiness, due
to failure or any reasons.
If sadness is prolonged,
create tenson, worry &
depression which makes
life miserable & unhapphy.
Finally may lead to cancer
or ulser or heart disease.
Whatever happened in life
try to remove sadness by
any means otherwise, will
make you weak & useless.
To remove sadness first
accept whatever happen,
control yourself,take deep
breathing, face situation
find solution of problem.
Do interesting activities
to divert your attention
of mind from sadeness.
Compare yourself with
person who is more sad.
Refer Shrimd Bhagawat
Geeta to remove sadness.
Donot allow sadness to
reside in mind, heart &
life otherwise sadeness
will remain life time.
Vinod Anand 05/07/2019

1650 Easy Trust

Trust on person is base of
relationship which makes
it strong.
In family every body must
develop trust among them.
Don’t do or behave such way,
which weaken your trust and
brake the relationship.

Be awear and awake while
dealing with family member
so trust and relationship
become strong.
What about other relation we
develop with another person.
Relation is base on trust so be
careful while creating relation.
Don’t easily trust other person.
Don’t get easily impression by
any person & put trust on him.
Easy trust and easily getting
impressed by other both are
the weakness of the person.
Easy trust is dangerous in life.
Take time to build the relation
with unknown person.
Check or Analyze his action
behaviour and his intension.
If you find trust worthy then
go ahead & build relation.
Easy trust is wrong way to
build relation with person.
Don’t blindly trust any one
and build the relation in life.
Vinod Anand 01/07/2019

1613 Don’t try to be…

Don’t try to be …
over smart, be smart.
Don’t try to do …
over acting, act normal.
Don’t try to be …
overconfident be confident.
Don’t try to be …
over estimate your self,
corretly value your self.
Don’t try to be …
overwise, become wise.
Don’t try to be overexcited,
avoid excitation.
Don’t try to over think,
think positive & rightway.
Any thing over-excessive
is dangerous, harmful and
slow poison of the life.
Vinod Anand 28/05/2019