814 Power of belief

Belief  is driving force

to do any unexpected,

and unbelievable work.

It may be difficult for

other to do, not having

such belief in mind.

Some guy walk on fire

have  belief that by doing

this he get grace of God.

Belief is deeply rooted,

so difficult to change.

Child gets any thing by

crying, having belief that by

crying he can get any thing.

Create and deeply root

the belief in mind of the

person to do miracle work.

if you want to change person

attitude or behaviour or work

change his rooted belief

and bow another belief in

his mind so deeply that

he can change easily.

Person belief decide his

personality and living style.

To change his personality

or living style, study his

beliefs & try to change old

belief or create new belief.

Finally beliefs is controlling

phenomena of human being.

Belief of a man become his

habit or nature & build his life.

Vinod Anand                        19/06/2017   Friend,Philosopher,Guide  

803 Let’s become child again

Let’s become child again

To become innocent. 

To become free from 

conspiracy and enemy. 

Let’s become child again

To become free from jealousy, 

To become free from revenge,

To become happy. 

Let’s become child again, 

To become open minded

and larger hearted. 

To forget the quarrel 

as earlier as, like child. 

Let’s become child again

To establish good will, 

To create healthy atmosphere

To develop ideal society &

To create heaven on earth. 

Pray to God to become

child again. & child’s

character may come back. 

To have peaceful, happy

and successfully life. 

Vinod Anand                      06/06/2017   Friend,Philosopher,Guide  

796 Foundation

Fondation is supporting

base of buildings. 

It should be strong 

enough to support. 

Roots of tree is 

foundation of trees, 

hold it firmly in storm. 

Similarly education is

foundation of future. 

Good personality with

human being qaulities 

is foundation of life. 

Sound strong relation 

is foundation of society. 

Ideal persons are the

foundation of country. 

So be careful & caution to

create strong foundation 

for self, society & country. 

Vinod Anand                                25/05/2017

760 Life is like cricket

Life is like game of

cricket as the cricket

is uncertain game &

game of life is also


Cricket have team

to play the game

& game of life also

have family team to

play the game of life.

Baller through the ball

batsman hit the ball

get run or get out or

get run our or lbw.

Similarly in game of

Life destiny throw the

ball & we have to hit it,

such that we become

happy otherwise we

become unhappy.

So be alert while

playing game of life,

observe the nature of

ball thrown by destiny

& hit for victory.

Keep the target like

cricket game, to win

the game of life.

Plan your strategy

and play with sport

man spirit for easy

and wonderful game

of life like cricket.

Vinod Anand                           29/04/2017 Friend,Philosopher,Guide


758 Life is surprise

Life is surprise due it’s 


behaviour i.e. nobody knows 

what will happen tomorrow. 

Life makes you 

surprise all the time. 

So be equipped to face

any kind of Surprise 

given by the life. 

Surprise is feeling caused 

by something happened

unexpected, unpredicted 

which astonish or amaze 

or shock you,most of the

time give you pleasure. 

Surprise may gives shock

or happiness or sorrow  . 

Some time human being

give you surprise. 

Some time while giving 

surprise to other we get

surprise. So be careful 

do not make your habits

of giving surprise, so it loose

it’s value or important. 

Vinod Anand                           29/04/2017 Friend,Philosopher,Guide 


745 Life is like language 

Life is like language &

also have grammar  as

language have grammar.

Live life using it’s grammar.

what is grammar of life.

Life language have 3 tenses

past to forget,

present to live

& Future to plane.

acoordingly live so

you are the master

of language of life.

Life language have verb

that is work  done in life.

Good work, good return.

Life language have

adjectives like,

good quality,

Good habits,

manners & behaviour

which decorates the life.

Wrong grammar of life

means wrong sentence,

that is not targeted &

unplanned life to live.

So live targeted &

planned life for  the

right sentence of the

language of the  life                                   Vinod Anand                        17/04/2017       Friend,Philosopher,Guide  

718 Human beings Relationship. 

Human beings are son of 

almighty God so like a

single huge family. 

Every human being is 

relative of each other. 

Human being relationship is

basic relation among all

human beings through 

humanity ground. 

Every human being must

have qaulity like love, mercy

peace, bliss which builds

Human being relationship 

among the human being. 

We all human being are 

spiritually brother & sister

being son of almighty God.

Be human being to have

Human being relationship,  

which gives love, peace, 

happy & successful life. 

Vinod Anand                        28/03/2017   Friend,Philosopher,Guide