1080 Don’t Do

Don’t do is caution.
if your do then may
create problem or
Three Don’t Do
caution for you.
When you are
joyful & excited
by happy moments.
Don’t Give promise.
You may not able keep.
When you are angry
& out of control
Don’t Give answer.
It may be wrong.
When you are
unhappy & painful
Don’t take decision.
It may be wrong.
Generally this three
situation occur in
the life frequently
creates problem.
If aware & follow this
three Don’t you can
avoid the problems.
Vinod Anand 13/02/2018


1079 Choice Vs. Challenge

Life is Choice.
Choice become life.
Choice built the life.
So be conscious
about your choice.
Life is challenging
to fulfill the life you
have choosen.
Choice the life you
want, which you are
capable to challenge
the life to fulfil as per
your Choice.
Choice means desire
& Challenge means
effort to fulfill desire.
Unless until life is
not become challenge,
choice never become
life as per your choice.
Choice & challenges
only can built the life.
Both are essential
to live the life as per
your choice.
Vinod Anand 13/02/2018

1078 Change Vs. Tranformation

World changes fast
due to technology or
fashion & situations.
We have to change
our life style or nature.
But change cannot be
permanent, after change
to new stage some old
residual exist or again
change may come.
Transformation is
also change due to
inspiration & motivation.
It is can be permanent
and no residual of old.
Complete change & not
returning to earlier stage.
Transformation is better
than change in the life.
Right transformation of
nature & life style for
peaceful happy life.
Transformation from
ordinary man to extra
ordinary person and
great personality.
Vinod Anand 13/02/2018

1076 Power Of Love-POL

Love is super divine
feelings of soul.
Which resides in heart.
Love manifest on face
through smile on lips,
through sparkling light
in eyes & body language.
Allow it to flow toward all
equally without thinking
whom to give or whom
to not give.
Love is not water in pipe
to stop or start by cock,
when ever required.
It always extract super
quality from beloved.
Do not hold, let it flow
otherwise it dismisses.
Love without selfishness
and without condition is
Precious est among all
good feeling & mother of
all good nature.
Love is God, God is love
Love people is Love to God.
Love creations heaven.
Live with love & love life.
Vinod Anand 12/02/2018

1061 Goodness

Goodness is qualities of man
Goodness is to be cultivated.
Goodness builds personality.
Goodness means good nature
behaviour & deeds.
Good nature means noble
qualities like love, mercy.
Good behaviour means
behave with discipline &
respectfully with child,
adult & senior citizen.
Good deed means deed
perform for the welfare
of others & helpful to all.
Person with goodness is
near to God loved by God
& respected by the people.
The first thing is to aquire
in the life is Goodness,
before achieving any thing.
Goodness gives happy,
peaceful & respectful life.
Goodness is killer of badness
and the creator of heaven. I pray God that ”                                                                                                                                                                       To direct the man towards goodness.”
Vinod Anand 04/02/2018

1060 Risk

What is risk ?

Life is risk, there is

no life with out risk.

Ever moment goes

with risk of dying.

To live the life we have

to take risk boldly.

Any work you do have

risk of failure so what ?

Before success, failure

is wonderful experience

& success flow through

failure mean it reveal

your weakness.

If correct your self

then no risk of failure.

Success after failure

give more pleasure.

The only things is that

take calculated risk with

intelligently & Work hard

smartly which reduces

risk factor. But don’t take

risk blindly.Without risk

your can not progress,

develop & get any thing.

Take small small risk &

achieve self confidence

of taking risk increases.

To take risk you need

boldness, patience,

and self confidence.

Vinod Anand 02/02/2018


1049 Power Of Purpose-POP

Any work or acitivity
have specific purpose
mean have purpose for
any work or any activities.
POP is the driving force
for any work or activity.
POP is result oriented.
Be careful & concious
about your purpose
because if it is bad
then outcome is bad.
POP is so powerful
that it will give out put
respect to your qaulity
of your purpose.
Be clear & concious
about your quality of
your purpose, before
you get desire output.
The only the purpose of
life is to become great
personality then POP
will drive you to become
great personality.
The rest purposes of
the life will be in the
same direction & your
all work & activities will
be governed by POP.
Vinod Anand 25/01/2018