1929 Useful Tips-3

Cultivate 10 habits for
happy and peaceful life.
– Get up early after seven
hour of sound sleep.
– Thank and pray God
– Do morning exercise,
meditation & Pranayam.
– Take healthy breakfast
– Reading and learning habits
– Do Most Important Task first.
– Avoid energy drinks,packed
and junk food.
– Talk less listen more.
– Avoid Negative people
– Don’t complain & Blame
– Personal Development.
* More Tip For Happiness
– Happiness is not destiny
it is journey with Gratitude
and hardwork nature.
– Give your each day 100 %
– Select right people in the life.
– Donot compare with other.
– Aim for growth work for growth
– Healthy body & Healthy mind
– Always be humble, anger
destroy happiness
Vinod Anand 15/03/2020

1926 Transformation Tips

Life transformation Tips
has transformed my life.
So powerful that it can
transform your life, just
by practicing, trust me.
1) Do work with100 %
effort and integrity.
2) Do 1% improvement
daily you will be genius.
3) Learn some thing new
daily consistently.
4) Love yourself talk to
your self daily.
5) Create positive attitude
& attitude of gratitude.
6) Have habit of reading &
listening saga or Guru.
7) Love every one share &
care with any one.
8) Take healthy food do
exercise & meditation.
9) Don’t complain, Compare
and expect.
10) Believe God,Trust God
pray God & Thank God
for beautiful life.
11) Think big, target, get it.
12) Accept unchangeable &
change changeable.
Any thing practice with self
confidence & consistently
will transform your life.
Vinod Anand 12/03/2020

1925 Cautions

Life is beautiful unless
you are aware of cautions
and stay away from them.
* Don’t use ‘ Short Cut ‘ to get
money or popularity.
Do hard work, keep patience.
* Don’t be a ‘ Short Tempered ‘
man, will distrub peace &
beauty of life.
* Find out your ‘ Shrot Coming ‘
try to remove for happy and
paceeful life.
* Don’t ‘ Short Circuit relations
in the family or society or
offices which makes your
life horrible.
* Don’t be Short Sighted for
the benefit in the life.
Be Long sighted for benefit
in future also.
Be aware of these cautions
and makes your life beautiful.
Vinod Anand 12/03/2020

1898 Simple Rules of Life

Rules makes life happy.
1) If you don’t go after what
you want you will never have.
2) If you don’t ask answer
will be always no.
3) If you don’t step forward you
are always in same place.
4) If you don’t have patience
you will give up & you will
be looser.
5) What behaviour you expect
from other, you behaviour
same manner with other.
6) Before you speak listen
7) Before you act think
8) Before you quit try
9) Before you spend earn
10) Before you jump see.
11) Before you sleep pray God.
12) Live life with ethic along with rule.
Follow Smiple Rules of life to
make life simple,esay&happy.
Vinod Anand 18/02/2020

1880 Goal Setting Activities

Goal setting activity is
small activity must be
done to sure success.
Goal give you purpose
Goal is every thing.
Goal give is power.
No Goal no life.
No Goal no progress.
No Goal no success.
Goal makes Impossible,
possible when you have
meaningful goal in life.
Pre Goal activies are……
* Write down your goal,
display your goal such
that it is visible.
Written goal is powerful.
* Make the goal resolution
of your life to achieve goa
* Pray to God for success.
* Read your goal every day.
will remind you to work.
* Tranfer you goal to your
unconscious mind when
it is in alfa state that is
before and after sleep
when you are peaceful.
* Keep Accountability partner will inspire and motivate you.
* Design Review System to
monitor progress.
Then plan your other action to
achieve your goals of the life.
Vinod Anand 03/02/2020

1865 Weekly Activities

Seven days of week,
do seven different
activities daily, repeat
every week for happy
and peaceful life.
This activities will
create 7 good habits.
Celebrate Sunday by
appreciate others.
Tuseday decide to see
good things in other.
Enjoy Wednsday by
joy of giving a gift to
friend & relatives.
Thursday restrict the
use of social media
and mobile.
Friday don’t load your
mind with worry be
relax & easy going.
Follow rule of let go.
Saturdays keep for
1 hour. silence and
Practice Seven days
activities till it become
habits, take another
7 Daily activities like
no complain & compare
etc, practice to make a
habits will change your
life completely.
Vinod Anand 20/01/2020

1858 Acceptance Vs. Expectation

What you get in life, love
& like it, is a acceptance.
You accept the nature,
behaviour and attitude
of your dear & near or
others irrespective of
what they are.
Acceptance gives peace
contentment & happiness
in the life that is true love.
What you desire or expect
to get some things from
your dear and near, as a
right is expectation.
You have strong belief,
he should not behaviour
badly which wrong.
Expectation means wants
& if not fulfilled then gives
hurt, pain & disappoint you.
Expectation mean demand
& demand destroy the love.
First Don’t expect any thing
from anyone & accept other
irrespective of their nature,
behaviour & attitude which
is unconditional love.
Yes to Acceptance and
No to expectation is life
changing formula.
Vinod Anand 13/01/2020