996 Adjustment

Always Adjust with 

Everyone & Everywhere. 

Best tools of living for

Happy & Peaceful life.

But we desire that other

should  adjust with us.

Everyone desire like that.

Finally no adjustment 

with anybody any where.

We excuse & argue that 

why only we have to adjust.

We have to desire, decide

& practice this tool of living.

What is adjustment  ?

Behave according to 

the nature of other &

Any thing sacrifice for

relative & friend or any 

one is called adjustment.

Adjustment is compromise

or settlemen by better

understanding to avoid

arguments & quarrel.

Wise man always prefer 

Adjustment for better living.

Vinod Anand                           08/12/2017 Friend,Philosopher,Guide    


983 4 Qs.

Intellegent Quotient , 

Emotional  Quotient , 

Spiritual     Quotient & 

Adverse     Quotient 

4 Quotient are four pillars 

of successful person.

He is most cultured,

practical, flexible & have

good understanding.

High I.Q means creative 

mind for improvement

modification & innovation.

High E.Q have control over 

his good emotions.

High S.Q means belive in

God & have trust in God.

High A.Q means capacity

to solve any problem in 

worse situation.

He is the best candidate 

for getting proper job.

So develop 4 Qs. for happy,

peaceful  & successful life.

Vinod Anand                           26/11/2017 Friend,Philosopher,Guide    

962 Love & Life

There are two life style

One with love, which is

peaceful, joyful & happy

Another life without love, 

which is dry, unhappy &

full of worries & tension. 

To live life with love, 

first love God, your self, 

nature & your life then

Love everythings exist.

Love unconditionally, 

with no selfishness &

no expectation. 

Even love doesn’t 

demand Love in return. 

Demand destroys love. 

If you don’t live with love 

then life is without love. 

Choice is yours which 

life you like to live. 

God may help you to

select better life style.                                 

Vinod Anand                           08/10/2017 Friend,Philosopher,Guide    

950 Life is problem 

Life is problem & life is also

a solution of the problem. 

Every problem have solution, 

we have just try to solve it. 

Don’t be afraid of problem, 

problem is not greater than 

man’s mind power. 

Some problems are due to

nature or created by persons. 

Most of the problems are

due to persons bad habits, 

unplanned life style, bad 

intension and bad nature 

of persons. 

Persons faces lot of problem 

& troubles but never correct 

himself to reduce the problems. 

Problem due to nature can 

also be resolved by ideas,trick

with peaceful mind power. 

Life is not only problem,   

life is also  solution of it.  

Problem is lock then the 

solution is the key to unlock. 

So think of solution not the problem

Vinod Anand                           23/10/2017 Friend,Philosopher,Guide    

945 Power of Relation

Relation is power &

energy for life to live. 

It is driving force for the

person in the family. 

Relation is binding force

keep all member together. 

Without relation power

person becomes,helpless

powerless and  hopless. 

Relation is the purpose of

the person to live the life. 

Relation is the supporting

power for the person to live. 

Relation is power of  trust. 

So keep the relation and   

make it strong which 

increases power of relation. 

Relation power can be build

by love, sacrifice, carrying 

responsible faithful, and 

take care each person of

family. Give support & get

support which increases

power of relation.

Power of relation is the

power of life to live happily 

peacefully & joyfull. 

Vinod Anand                            07/10/2017 Friend,Philosopher,Guide    

922 Understand Life

Understand the truth, 

screte & reality of the life. 

Then you know the value 

of life and you will live 

peaceful & happy life 

by right way of living. 

What is the truth ? 

Life is unobtainable

and it wonderful gift of 

the creator of the world. 

Secrete of life is… 

It is result of past 

deed of previous birth. 

What ever you have or

you get , it is result of 

previous birth deeds. 

You have to accept it 

happily and live the 

life with good deeds

with love and mercy, to 

build luck next birth. 

After knowing the 

truth & secrete of life, 

understand reality of 

the life & it’s value. 

Plan your present life to

live happily & peacefully

with good deeds because 

your next birth will be the 

result of present life’s 

deeds & performance. 

So live excellent life . 

Vinod Anand                          17/09/2017 Friend,Philosopher,Guide  

877 Profit & Loss 

Profit & loss is business 

related terms which reveal

failure or success of business. 

Businessman take 

statement of Profit & loss 

every year or half yearly. 

Similarly every human being

must keep the Account of

Profit & loss of life honestly.

Must take statements of

Profit & loss regular interval, 

to know life incurring loss

or profit, So you can take

corrective action for profit. 

In business profit & loss

is measure in money &

progress in business. 

What is measure of 

Profit & loss in life ? 

Happiness, peace, love

respect, help, support, 

good deed, good nature

famous & liked person

in family and society are

the essential measures of 

Profit & loss of life. 

If the graph of these is 

high then life is successful 

otherwise it is total failure. 

Check Profit & loss statement 

of life Every week that you are

running in loss or profit. 

Vinod Anand                            12/08/2017 Friend,Philosopher,Guide