1869 Signs of fake relation

Some relation make you
happy or unhappy & give
pain or pleasure in life.
So be careful to make a
new or existing relation.
Few Tips to decide new
relation to make or not &
also to continue existing
relation or not in the life.
* You feel and have doubt
that he don’t love you or no
place for you in his heart.
* No priority for you in his life.
* Don’t Have respect for you.
* Don’t want to spend time for you.
* Never express love,compassion
for you.
* Relation gives you pain anxiety.
* You are not special for him.
* They are happy without you also
* They don’t try continue,maintain
or strengthen the relation.
* They don’t care for you.
If you come across such sings
then decide whether to continue
the relation or give up or brake.
Vinod Anand 24/01/2020

1860 Dust bin or jewellery box

Dust bin accept dust.
Dust mean useless things
which is not required must
be dropped into dust bin,
kept outside the house.
Jewellery box accept the
costly jewellery.
Mind stores knowledge,
belief, habits and feeling
which creates attitude,
so our nature & behaviour.
We have to guard input to
mind whether it is useful
or useless & good or bad ?
Then allow to store useful
& good knowledge, belief,
habits & feeling otherwise
mind will become dust bin
with useless things like
bad knowledge, feelings
habits, and beliefs which
creates negative attitude.
Check yourself that your
mind is dust bin or not ?
If dust of negative things
like hate, jealousy, anger,
revenge and bad habits
are present in your mind,
try to remove them from
mind and try to cultivate
positive elements like love
habits to make your mind
the box of jewellery.
Vinod Anand 14/01/2020

1858 Acceptance Vs. Expectation

What you get in life, love
& like it, is a acceptance.
You accept the nature,
behaviour and attitude
of your dear & near or
others irrespective of
what they are.
Acceptance gives peace
contentment & happiness
in the life that is true love.
What you desire or expect
to get some things from
your dear and near, as a
right is expectation.
You have strong belief,
he should not behaviour
badly which wrong.
Expectation means wants
& if not fulfilled then gives
hurt, pain & disappoint you.
Expectation mean demand
& demand destroy the love.
First Don’t expect any thing
from anyone & accept other
irrespective of their nature,
behaviour & attitude which
is unconditional love.
Yes to Acceptance and
No to expectation is life
changing formula.
Vinod Anand 13/01/2020

1843 Happy New Year

” New year become your
Happiest and new year ”
is my heartly blessing.
Pray and Request God
to fullfill all your desire.
To make year 2020 new.
make a resolution like…
Practice for love, care
& share for everyone.
Develop feeling of peace
compassion, Mercy etc.
Get free from jealousy
revenge, anger & worry.
Make the taget of career
& character development.
Be passonate, Be positive,
Be active and Be happy to
make 2020, turning point
of your life by resolutions.
Vinod Anand 31/12/2019

1756 Stay Focused

Stay focused for a success.
To be Focused is first need
to get success in life.
Distraction will distract you
from your work so it is a
challenge to stay focused.
Distractions may be internal
-external must be eliminated
You must be awared of the
distractions to eliminate it.
Develop resistance towards
distractions by saying ‘ No ‘
to distration and continue
to do your work.
To stay focused clear your
Why of work, you are doing.
To stay focus decide your
priority of your work, love
your work & be passonate,
& increase your will power.
Focus on work will increase
your concentration of mind
for better & excellent work.
Vinod Anand 14/10/2019

1733 Lession of Love

Love is God & God is love.
Love is divine quality of
soul and supreme soul.
Love is pure,unconditional,
unselfish,donor & sacrifice.
Love is fragment, relation
is flower. Relation is alive
and permanent with love.
Relation survives and exist
due to love. Love to God,
then self, parents, family
friend & the rest of world.
Love is base of world and
universe to survive to exist.
Love is creator of heaven.
Love is every things.
Know and understand the
lession of love, practice
to love & you are eligible to
receive love from every one.
Love is grace & gift of God.
Love means take care, accept
& bare family member, friend
and other related peoples.
Love means no comparison
no complain, forget & forgive
mistakes & accept your fault,
says sorry and regrets
Love means loyality, nobility
faithfulness and trust.
Happiness, peace, success
mercy, prosperity is result of
love. Love to live live to love.
Vinod Anand 21/09/2019

1672 Why ?

Nature of human being
is peace because he like
peace & cannot live long
time without peace, so
basic nature of man is
peace,still no peace why ?
Nature of human being
is love because he want
love & cannot live long
time without love, so
basic nature of man is
to love, still no love, why ?
Nature of human being
is joyful because want
joy & cannot live long
time without joy, so
basic nature of man is
joy, still no joy why ?
Nature of human being
is purity because like
purity & he cannot live

with impurities, so

basic nature of man is
purity still no purity why ?
Nature of human being
is truthfulness because
he like truth, so basic
nature of man is truth,
still no truthfulness, why ?
Aquire the basic quality of
human being – peace love,
joy, purity & truthfulness
for peaceful and happy life.
Vinod Anand 21/07/2019