1222 Who is happy ?

Person have no addiction
of Tobacco,Cigarette and
Liquor or person is happy.
Person with positive attitude
& healthy person is happy.
Person with high amibition
& passionate is happy.
Person have good habits
good qualities of human
being is happy.
Person with no expectation
good adaptibility is happy.
Person remain steady in
any situation is happy.
Person does not complain
but compromise is happy.
Person with feelings of
love faith & mercy is happy.
Person with endurance
& have passion is happy.
Whose purpose of life is
happiness is happy.
Vinod Anand 30/06/2018


1154 Incredible Life

What is Incredible Life ?
Extra ordinary, untrustable
divine life is Incredible Life.
Life with Positive attitude,
& gratitude is Incredible Life.
Simple, high thinking and
creative life is Incredible Life.
Person having human being
quality can live Incredible Life.
Person live with love, share and
take care other is Incredible Life.
Person does hard work smartly
and achieve his target before
time in his life is Incredible Life.
Life with good understanding
& co-operation in family, office
and society is Incredible Life.
Happy, peaceful & prosperous
creditable life is Incredible Life.
Unforgettable Life which can
inspire other is Incredible life.
We are capable and can live
Incredible Life & we must have
the our target of Incredible Life.
Incredible Life of individuals
can build Incredible India.
Vinod Anand 23/04/2018

1145 Rules of success

Rules of successe are,
Set bigger purpose
and target in life.
Work hard smartly
with proper planning.
Have strong desire &
to achieve the target.
Positive Attitude must.
Be first a good student
to read & learn in life.
Reading and learning
are best investments.
Share, Care, Love are
seed of success.
Self inspiration and
self motivation must.
Our concentration, skill,
value makes us success. Be honest in life
Every things is with you
recognise your potential.
Consider the problem
as a challenges & face it.
Follow rules of success
for success.Best of luck.
Vinod Anand 13/04/2018

1139 Who can be the leader ?

Who can lead the group,
Who love person of group
like his family member,
Who is energetic, dynamic
Enthusiastic and active.
Can be the powerful leader.
Who is Ambitious,dare to
face any situation and
respect person of group.
Who is good personality
good listener & speaker.
Can be the powerful leader.
Who is honest, dedicated,
fight for justice and well
wisher of group’s person’s.
Person with self confidence
Can be the powerful leader.
Leader life is for the group
then for his personal life.
Leader believe in charity.
Leader is Trsut & soul of
each persons of group.
Vinod Anand 07/04/2018

1132 What is Happiness

Sound health is happiness
Controlled mind is happiness.
Controlled senses is happiness.
Qualities of human is happiness.
Good habits in life is happiness.
Strong emotions is happiness.
A smile on face is happiness.
Adjustments is happiness.
Acceptance is happiness.
Your succeess is happiness.
Understanding is happiness
Good hehaviour is happiness.
Deep spirituality is happiness.
Service to parents is happiness.
Sufficient Finance is happiness.
Respect & prestige is happiness.
Love care and share is hsppines.
Happiness in soul is happiness.
Absent of any thing effect your
happiness.Focus on happiness. Purpose of life must be happiness.
Vinod Anand 01/04/2018

1121 Words Vs. Proverbs

Some words are very
powerful & effective
which radiate it power.
Such words builds life.
Like Love, Peace, Mercy
contentment, success
forgiveness, forbearance
purity, prayer, God etc.
If understand it’s meaning
& manifest in life then it
builds your personality.
Miracles words makes
effective proverb.
Such proverb Guide and
teach you the lesson, like
Love is God. God is love.
Demand destroy love.
Honesty is best policy.
Contentment is wealth.
Health is wealth.
Complaining is zero
return investment etc.
Refer powerful words,
read & follow proverbs
they make your personality
great you & popular.
Vinod Anand 22/03/2018

1083 Impartiality

Impartiality is rule of
equality & humanity &
Good quality of person.
For ideal situation in
family or society or
country be impartial.
Impartiality means
no different between
rich and poor, ordinary
& extra ordinary person.                                                                                                                                                                                                          Treat or behave equally                                                                                                                                                                                                   with every as we are son
of God, who is impartial.                                                                                                                                                                                                    Partiality is poison, kills
feeling, peace & relation.                                                                                                                                                                                                     Impartiality is nectar
create feeling of love,                                                                                                                                                                                                             peace & strong relation.
Impartiality is bridge
and partiality is wall
between the persons.
To be partial is sinfulness
To be impartial is charity.
I pray God to make every
person in world impartial.
Vinod Anand 17/02/2018