1645 Win over the life

Win over hate by love,
Win over cry by smile,
Win over curse by blessing,
Win over tension by peace,
Win over hurt by happiness,
Win over evil by gentleness,
Win over devil by gentleman,
Win over jealousy by kindness,
Win over Anger by forgiveness,
Win over misunderstanding by
communication skill.
Win over selfishness by sacrifice,
Win over bad habit by good habit,
Win over greediness by satisfaction,
Win over expectation by acceptance,
Win over senses by controlling mind,
Win over all stated is win over the life.
Vinod Anand 27/06/2019


1599 Earn Respec,raise value

How to earn respect &
raise your value in the
family and society.
* Accept your self, repect
& love your self as you are.
Say I am the best, I love
you & I respect you,looking
your self into the mirror for
few day raise self respect
so other will respect you.
* Be perfect in work, find
your talent & develop it
raise value and respect.
* Don’t be complainer.
Don’t give advise unless
asked in family or society.
* Don’t quote weakness of
any one but compensate.
* Don’t argue, discuss with
any one to raise value.
* Give respect and take
respect is simplest way to
earn respect & raise value.
* Kown everybody love
language to please him
to get respect from him
and raise your value.
Develop human being
quality to have a smart
personality, get respect
and raise your value in
family and society.
Don’t demand respect,
Demand destroy love
respect and value.
Vinod Anand 16/05/2019

1513 Needs of Human being

Need of Human being to
survive…Air,Water & Food.
and for safety House.
Another need of human
being to live peacefully
happily & successfully….
* Humam being need love
care, compassion and
support from others.
* Humam being need his
importance and his value.
* He need appreciation and
certifacate of what he does.
* He also need growth and
status in the society.
* He also want that every
body listen, understand,
follow him & respect him.
* He want miracle,surprise
to become more happy.
As such there so many
needs of human being but
these are common needs.
Every needs may not fulfill
but human being need to
develop satisfaction to
remain happy & peaceful
in every situation arises.
Vinod Anand 28/02/2019

1498 Great principle of life

Life with Principles will
be great and valuable,
happy & peaceful life
otherwise unhappy &
unpeaceful life.
* Follow the truth & love
share and care for all.
* Pray God for happy &
peaceful life for all.
* Live life with honestly
and etheticaly.
* Live life with human
quality like nonviolence,
mercy, purity, tolerance
pateince & faith in God.
* Live life with regularity
& with proper planning.
Keep some norms rule
regulation & follow to
live predefined & useful
life with principles so
life become great and
memorable & useful.
Life be only alive with
these few principles.
Remember principles
will make you principal
of your valuable life.
Vinod Anand 17/02/2019

1472 Attitude towards Family

Family is basic tiny
world, such many
many tiny worlds
create existing world.
If all the family are
peaceful & happy
then exising world is
peaceful and happy.
Every members is
cause of existing family.
Attitude towards Family
should be …
* Love, share and care
each other in family.
* Your behaviour must
be such that it prevail
peace and happiness
in your family.
* More adjustmemt,
more sacrifice and
less expectation.
* Give respect to all
and take respect.
* Attitude to forget,
let go & forgiveness.
* More tolerance &
patience is needed.
* Be open minded,
Be pure hearted and
Be positive in family.

Vinod Anand 28/01/2019

1471 Attitude towards work

Important attitude
towards work while
working for 100%
* Work is Worship.
* No work is below
dignity whatever
work you do.
* Work is alloted to
you according to
your qualification.
* Love your work or
love what you do.
* Do your work with
100 % concentration.
* Do not postponed
your work.
* Do not work like
machine, applied
your talent while
doing work.
* Take interested work
or take interest what
work you are doing.
If you have such
attitude towards
work you never get
bored or tired and
your performance
will be excellent.
Work only don’t expect
result of your work.
Work while work.
Vinod Anand 27/01/2019

1433 Parenting Tips

Parenting is the art for
the successful parent.
There are three stages
of parenting to learn.
* 1 st stage of Parenting
when child age is within
five year need nuturing
with love and patience.
No anger & shouting
with child but with soft
touch behaviour.
2nd stage of Parenting
when child age is from
5 to 15 need to teach
discipline, culture and
behaviour to the child.
Don’t fulfill all demand
of your child which is
not valid or essential.
Keep watch on every
behaviour of child and
correct where needed.
Make him understand
what is important of
character and culture.
Try to develop good
habits and behaviour.
3 rd stage of Parenting
when child age is above
16 yrs, be friend of child.
No barrier or restrictions
between parent & child.
Develop trust & friendly
atmosphere with child
so he feel supported &
share his each & every
event for guidance.
In every stage parent
behaviour must be in
controlled with each
other as a parent & be
a successful parents.
Vinod Anand 19/12/2018