1061 Goodness

Goodness is qualities of man
Goodness is to be cultivated.
Goodness builds personality.
Goodness means good nature
behaviour & deeds.
Good nature means noble
qualities like love, mercy.
Good behaviour means
behave with discipline &
respectfully with child,
adult & senior citizen.
Good deed means deed
perform for the welfare
of others & helpful to all.
Person with goodness is
near to God loved by God
& respected by the people.
The first thing is to aquire
in the life is Goodness,
before achieving any thing.
Goodness gives happy,
peaceful & respectful life.
Goodness is killer of badness
and the creator of heaven. I pray God that ”                                                                                                                                                                       To direct the man towards goodness.”
Vinod Anand 04/02/2018


926 Nature of the Man

What is nature…..  

It is complex,integrated  

phenomena  of the man.

It is the resultant of your’s  

habits, qaulities & feeling. 

So be very conscious about 

your habits, qualities, feeling.   

Your nature upgrades or 

degrades your personality. 

Know your habits qualities 

& feeling which degrades

your personality.

Analyze main bad habits

which badly degrade 

your personality. 

Make a goal to free from

that habit & create one 

anti-habit which may

upgrade your personality. 

Then do for next bad quality 

& feeling which degrade 

your personality.

You may find personality 

will be upgraded slowly. 

Finally your nature will

very good, so you become 

ideal personality, which 

will build your life ideal. 

Vinod Anand                          20/09/2017 Friend,Philosopher,Guide    

857 Control the waste

Waste of any thing

is loss & useless.

Try to control waste

in every field of life.

Waste of the time

is greatest waste.

Minimize the waste

of time by proper

target & planning.

Waste of the food,

money are great loss.

Minimise waste of food

by cooking required

quality of food daily.

In case excess give to

hungry people & animals.

Do not throw such place,

so that It become waste.

In factory also control of

waste of material, money,

time & man power is must.

Try to reuse the wast or

create something best

out of waste to utilise it.

So be conscious and concentrate while 

working for the best

result & less waste,

which is key of success.          Vinod Anand                          25/07/2017 Friend,Philosopher,Guide  

Nature of a man

​Nature of man means

behaviour or reaction 

comes without any effort

is called nature of the man

and become natural. 

Habit of the man become
Nature of the man. 

Behaviour or reaction 

created by perception 

believes and feelings, 

finally create personality

Human’s original nature
is of peace, purity, love

compassion and joy. 

During the life journey
Human has acquired 

Nature like anger, hate, 

jealousy, violence etc.

Man’s main responsibility 
is to reacquire real nature,  

and live happy peaceful 

and divine life. 

Vinod Anand                     28/09/2016   Friend,Philosopher,Guide

​Six Enemies

​Six Enemies of the Man

are the root of all evils. 

They are responsible

to build hell on earth.

Man should know them. 

Uncontrol Luster Desire,

Anger, Avarice, Fascination

Proud-ego, and jealousy are 

six enemies of the Man. 

If they are control make your 

life happy pleasnt and free 

from worries and tension. 

So be aware and careful

about your six enemies. 

Vinod Anand                         30/08/2016 Friend,Philosopher,Guide               

સમાજ સેવા

સમાજમાં ભૌતિકવાદ વકર્યો છે.
સમાજમાં ઔપચારીકતા પ્રસરી છે.
સમાજમાં ધન દૌલત નું પ્રાધાન્ય છે.
સમાજમાં મોજ શોખ નો માહોલ છે.
સમાજ  સ્વાર્થના સકંજામાં છે.
સમાજમાં દેખાદેખી પૂર જોસમાં છે.

સમાજમાં સંબંધ નામના છે.
સમાજમાં પ્રેમ મૂર્છિત છે.
સમાજમાં સદ્ ભાવન ને,
સદ્ આચરણ નો અભાવ છે.
સમાજમાં દયા ને કરૂણા સુતી છે.

સમાજ માણસથી છે
સમાજ માણસ માટે છે
માણસ સમાજ માટે છે.
સમાજ માણસનુ દર્પણ છે.
જેવો માણસ એવો સમાજ
માણસમાં શુભ પરિવર્તન લાવે
સમાજમાં શુભપરિવર્તન.
સ્વસુધાર ઉત્તમ સમાજ સેવા છે.

વિનોદ આનંદ                      30/05/2016

मर्द कौन ?

मर्द मजबूत काया और निरोगी हो,
मक्कम और शूरवीर हो, वो मर्द है ।
मर्द मुश्किलों का सामना करता हो,
हींमत और साहस से काम करता हो ।
वो मर्द है ।
मर्द शक्तिशाली हो और
उस का सही उपयोग करता हो,
वो मर्द है ।
मर्द हार से न हार जाए,
जीत ने की कोशीश करता हो,
समस्याओं को हल करता हो ।
वो मर्द है ।
मर्द दर्द से न दुखी हो और न मायुस हो ।
मर्द मर्यादा न छोड़े और मर्दानगी निभाता हो ।
दूसरों पर अत्याचार न करात हो ।
वो मर्द है ।
मर्द कि निशानी चहरे पे तेज और मूछ हो
आवाज़ शेर जैसी,आखों में खुमार हो,
फिर भी आवारा नही फरिस्ता हो,
देखते ही पहेचान जाए, वो मर्द है ।

मर्द हो मर्द बनने की कोशीश करो
मुर्दा बनकर जीना भी क्या जीना है ?

विनोद आनंद                             29/04/2016
फ्रेन्ड, फिलोसोफर, गाईड