1070 Power Of Peace

Peace is quality of
divine soul reside in
human being.
Peace means no
violence, no noise
no shouting and
no quarrel in house
or colony or city or
all over country.
Peace means
soft conversation &
discussion without
hot argument.
When peace is in
inner self then peace
manifest outsides.
Keep your mind clam,
quiet & steady all the
time so your action &
reaction are peaceful
without violence, noise.
Peace can be created
by compromising the
disputes & quarrel.
Every one should have
target of peace in life.
Happiness is fruits of
peaceful life.
Peace is powerful
tool of happiness &
creator of heaven.
Vinod Anand 09/02/2018


1063 Madness

Madness is status of
uncontrolled mind, which
is difficult to regain it,
so called mad man.
Doctor try to regain by
shock treatment or
by pysco therapy or
by any other way.
If not recovered then
labelled as mad man.
Another category of
madness is towards
work or attitude or
habits or beliefs no
mind control over it.
For good work, habits
or attitude or beliefs,
this type of madness
is advantageous, shows
dedication of the mind.
But for bad work or bad
habits & attitude or bad
beliefs,madness is not ok.
You have to brake, barrier
of madness & get free to
create madness for good
work or habits or attitude
or belief for success with
completely mind control.
Vinod Anand 05/02/2018

1044 Motivator

Motivator motivate the
person means encourage
and empower the person
for further development.
Some time person get
tired, or may get lazy &
due any reason target is
delayed so person needs
motivation to speed up.
So it is really necessary
to motivate the person at
regular interval for better
result and achievement.
Self motivation by soul &
mind is the best motivator.
Other good motivators are
successful great personality,
motivator speakers, books
teacher & natural resources.
If you are good observer &
eager to learn every entities
on this planet are motivator.
Motivator recharge depleted
energy during day to day
wrok, reboot the stamina &
increases self confidence.
Motivator is guide & Guru.
Vinod Anand 20/01/2018

1005 Power of Habit

Any action or work first time 

you think to do, internal power

of mind-intelligent try to explain

or convince you about quality of

work or action that is good or bad.

You free to do what you desire.

if it is repeated no. of time internal

power stop convincing you.

then become your habit.

Power of habit become higher

than your internal power.

You will behave in auto mode.

Later on habit become nature

which is rooted deepy in life,

which is difficult to change.

Good habits enhane your 

personality & popularity.

Bad habits will damage

personality & popularity.

So always listen voice of

inner self to develop good

habit, nature & personality.

Better utilization of power of

habit you become ideal person.

Best & optimum utilization of

power makes great personality.

Vinod Anand                              12/12/2017   Friend,Philosopher,Guide   

991 Too Much

Any thing beyond limit

we says, it is Too much.

Too much gives bad result.

When you feel, ” Too much ”

then control your mind &

come normal level.

Too much is Alarm or red

signal to stop action to

protect your image.

In life, be careful while

doing any thing that

you are crossing danger

Mark called ” Too much “.

When you speak more

than required then

you are crossing limit

of Too much which may

spoil your impression.

When you eat more

then required then

you are crossing limit

of Too much which may

spoil your heath.

Any thing Too much

means be alert & control.

Vinod Anand 05/12/2017 Friend,Philosopher,Guide

985 Handle with care

” Handle with care “written

on glass items packing.

So it reaches safely.

We have to write in our mind,

” Handle with care ” not only

with glass but any thing,

means be awake & careful.

while handling things.

Also handle with care the

family members & relation 

otherwise no peace and

happiness in the life.

” Handle with care ” the 

persons, workers & time 

with care for best result.

In short any thought, talk,

& any action do with care,

means live with care and  

be conscious every time.

Don’t do any thing with

unconcisous mind and with

out care to avoid problems. 

Vinod Anand                           27/11/2017 Friend,Philosopher,Guide    


982 Adversity Quotient

Person is happy in 

favourable situation.

In adverse sitiuation he

gets upset & under tense.

 Adversity Quotient is zero,

problems his mind & intellect

stop thinking to face 

& solve the problem.

Person who create ability

to face & solve problems

in adverse situation, his

Adversity Quotient  is hight.

First person has to control

his mind from getting upset

then start thinking to face

& solve the problem. 

This come by practice.

Adversity Quotient must

be high at work place &

also in family to face 

& solve the problems.

Life is full of such adverse

situation better to develop

high adversity Quotient.

Vinod Anand                           25/11/2017 Friend,Philosopher,Guide