1816 Happened is fact

What has happened,
is fact & past ,don’t
worry or get upset.
We have to accept it
but, we consider it as
a problem,get confuse,
make story, our point
of view, consider it as
a fact and quarrel.
We invit/buy problem
not taking happening
as a fact and past.
Instead of that we take it
as fact and past & keep
mind steady for solution.
Don’t get control by
happening or situation.
We create problem which
cannot be solved due to
mind gets upset.
Upset mind make it more
complicated & Problematic.
Vinod Anand 08/12/2019

1813 Mind gets disrubed

Mind gets disturbed
how many come to
know that mind is
distrubed ?
How many aware of
mind gets disrubed
How many don’t know,
that mind is distrubed ?
What happen when
mind gets disturbed ?
You will feel uneasy,
& lose concentration.
We must know that
my mind is distubed.
Then find out reason
why mind is distrubed
by self talk.
Eliminate reason,before
it reaches anxiety, high
heart bits, appear in your
action and behaviour.
Bring the mind to state of
peace & happiness.
Otherwise many unwanted
behaviour & action will be
initiated, will be difficult to
control the mind. As soon
as mind distrubed, make
it normal immediately.
Don’t keep it distrubed
for longer duration.
Vinod Anand 03/12/2019

1799 Be confident

Self Confident is every
thing for successful life.
You cannot do any work
perfectly without self
Raise confident level
and be confident.
Tip to raise self confidence.
Keep your body and mind
healthy to raise confidence.
Say affirmative,positive
quote and raise your self.
confidence level.
* I am special.Don’t compare
your self with other.
* I am able to do any thing.
* I can learn new things
* I can do any difficult work
& I will do.
* I can solve any problem.
These positive affirmation
will raise your confidence.
Vinod Anand 21/11/2019

1793 Beautiful Life

Continue previous post
named Beautiful Life.
Healthy mind & body
makes life beautiful.
Make following activity
as a routine to make life
* Life is not fair but still
life is good & beautiful.
* Life is too short to hate
any one forgive any one
for everythings.
* Take it easy don’t take
yourself so seriously.
* Help the needy.
* Be generous.
Be a giver not taker.
* Remember your are too
blessed, not to be stress.
* Before going to bed pray
and be thankful to God.
* Be positive, thankful
& grateful to concerned.
MakeThese activities as
routine for beautiful life.
Vinod Anand 18/11/2019

1792 Beautiful Life-1

Life is beautiful if you
follow required activity.
Make them as a routine,
which may result in
heathy mind and body.
Healthy mind & body
makes life beautiful.
* Walk 30 minutes with
smile & pleasure daily.
* Sit in silence 15 minutes.
* When Wake up pray God,
thank God & Ask Guidance.
* Eat food live & green food
grow on plants or trees &
Eat less fast food.
* Drink fruity juice not cold
drinks & Take more water.
* Try to make atleast three
people to smile every day.
* Donot waste your time &
energy in gossiping but
Invest time and energy in
useful work.
* Take breakfast like kind
lunch like prince & dinner
like kid….continue See more
in next post Beautiful Life-2.
and make your life beautiful.
Vinod Anand 18/11/2019

1787 Stop loss limit

Stop loss is limit
of not to incur loss
beyond limit.
This phenomenon
is applied in share
maketing for sale &
purchase of shares
Similarly in normal
life stop loss can
applies for worry &
tension to subside.
Worry or tension is
natural but should
not persist which,
may result in stress
depression & anxiety.
Mind doesn’t know to
put stop loss limit on
wrroies and tensions.
Mind and body both
are interconnected.
Through body gesture,
like broad shoulder &
smile deep breathing
will put stop loss limit
on mind, so worry and
tension don’t persist for
longer time.
Vinod Anand 13/11/2019

1780 Who make you think

Who makes you think ?
Mind makes you think.
Mind is generator of
thoughts & can think
on selected thought.
It generates 60,000
thoughts per day.
Be observer of your
thoughts. Accept the
positive th and reject
negative thoughts.
When you catch one
thought & start thinking.
Thoughts are natural, it
can be positive or negative.
Senses, environment
and surrounding make
you think.
Thinking is not bad
unless it is negative or
become overthinking.
What you think that you
become, think positive
big to become great &
to achieve your targets.
Think of peaceful and
happy life so it become.
Vinod Anand 08/11/2019