1132 Winner of the life

Your body is factory
out come is work,
action & behaviour.
Mind is supervisor.
Senses are worker.
and intelligent is
manager who take
decision to do work
action & behaviour.
Soul is owner with
knowledge & power.
Mind must order,
superwise & control
Mind must follow
the intruction from
intelligent & soul.
Mind Can’t control
or instruct senses
Mind, intelligent &
soul together rule
over senses that is
thinking, working &
behaviour for happy
& peaceful life.
If mind dose work
independently with
out consulting manager
& owner of the factory
then life will not be
stable, happy, peaceful.
Sense & mind should be
under control by you.
Who control the mind &
senses is winner of life.
Vinod Anand 13/07/2018


1161 What self confidence

Self Confidence is power
empowered person to take
any type of challenge in life.
He can make impossible to
possible and win all the time.
He never become nerves in
any situation, face problem
with balance mind & solve
any problem, if not it accept
the situation or problem with
courage & remain energetic.
Person have strong belief
that any type of work he can
do & takes it has a challenge.
Self confidence, combination
of mind, intelligent, soul power.
To develop self confidence try
to increase mind stability by
Intelligent Quotient & soul by
Emotion & spuritual Quotient.
Self confidence is only key of
success & happy-peaceful life.
If you delpete your mind-soul
energy means you have poor
self confidence. Be energetic
enthusiastic, active positive
for high self confidence.
self confidence is breathe
to keep life active & alive.
Vinod Anand 30/04/2018

1132 What is Happiness

Sound health is happiness
Controlled mind is happiness.
Controlled senses is happiness.
Qualities of human is happiness.
Good habits in life is happiness.
Strong emotions is happiness.
A smile on face is happiness.
Adjustments is happiness.
Acceptance is happiness.
Your succeess is happiness.
Understanding is happiness
Good hehaviour is happiness.
Deep spirituality is happiness.
Service to parents is happiness.
Sufficient Finance is happiness.
Respect & prestige is happiness.
Love care and share is hsppines.
Happiness in soul is happiness.
Absent of any thing effect your
happiness.Focus on happiness. Purpose of life must be happiness.
Vinod Anand 01/04/2018

1128 Powr Of Relax

Relax is powerful tools
for body & mind when
we get tired or worried.
Relax is cheap medicine
to become tension free.
Just give rest to body &
make mind thoughts less.
Whenever any body excited
or angry or in tension say
” Be Relax ” and peaceful
instead of “Don’t worry”.
It gives temporary relief
from situation or events.
Then think & face the
situation or Problem
Relax is First Aid before
man receives treatment
for worries and tension
In any situation use
tablet of “Relax” so body
gets rest & mind become
steady for facing problem.
Relax releases pressures
and stops depression.
Don’t forget to be Relax in
worst condition to control
first your self then situation.
Vinod Anand 28/03/2018

1099 Two Complex

Superiority complex,
Inferiority complex both
are tools of unhappiness.
When person see others
who is successful, well
educated & established,
he feel Inferiority complex
with respect to him and
invites tension, worry, pain
and unhappiness.
When person see others
who is below his status,
he feel Superiority complex
with respect to him which
makes him proudly, so
he become arrogant and
angry person & become
unhappy & unsuccessful.
So be neutral & controlled
mind not to feel Inferiority
or Superiority when you
see either successful
or unsuccessful person,
focus on your target to
achieve & become happy.

Vinod Anand 27/02/2018

1070 Power Of Peace

Peace is quality of
divine soul reside in
human being.
Peace means no
violence, no noise
no shouting and
no quarrel in house
or colony or city or
all over country.
Peace means
soft conversation &
discussion without
hot argument.
When peace is in
inner self then peace
manifest outsides.
Keep your mind clam,
quiet & steady all the
time so your action &
reaction are peaceful
without violence, noise.
Peace can be created
by compromising the
disputes & quarrel.
Every one should have
target of peace in life.
Happiness is fruits of
peaceful life.
Peace is powerful
tool of happiness &
creator of heaven.
Vinod Anand 09/02/2018

1063 Madness

Madness is status of
uncontrolled mind, which
is difficult to regain it,
so called mad man.
Doctor try to regain by
shock treatment or
by pysco therapy or
by any other way.
If not recovered then
labelled as mad man.
Another category of
madness is towards
work or attitude or
habits or beliefs no
mind control over it.
For good work, habits
or attitude or beliefs,
this type of madness
is advantageous, shows
dedication of the mind.
But for bad work or bad
habits & attitude or bad
beliefs,madness is not ok.
You have to brake, barrier
of madness & get free to
create madness for good
work or habits or attitude
or belief for success with
completely mind control.
Vinod Anand 05/02/2018