1651 Impurities

Impurity in air, water
food is dangerous for
health which causes
diseases. We purify
water & food that we
are removing impurities
& using.What about air ?
We will take pure air
in the morning so go
for morning walk daily.
Now a day so many
things are available
with impurities in it.
May cause serious
effect on man health.
By these Health mind &
life are get effected so
be careful, be aware &
be awake all the time.
What about impurities
are present in mind ?
Mind impurities in the
form of bad emotions
bad nature, bad habits.
Which also makes our
thought bad-negative.
These impurities will
effect our behaviour
and action in the life.
Finally life will get
effected & may spoil
personality or image.
Try to remove impurity
from mind that will
control & reduces the
impurities from things.
Mind is clean & pure
every things will be
clean & pure so health
will be diseases free.
Vinod Anand 02/07/2019


1653 Sadness

Sadness is status of
mind create nervousness,
pain & uneasiness, due
to failure or any reasons.
If sadness is prolonged,
create tenson, worry &
depression which makes
life miserable & unhapphy.
Finally may lead to cancer
or ulser or heart disease.
Whatever happened in life
try to remove sadness by
any means otherwise, will
make you weak & useless.
To remove sadness first
accept whatever happen,
control yourself,take deep
breathing, face situation
find solution of problem.
Do interesting activities
to divert your attention
of mind from sadeness.
Compare yourself with
person who is more sad.
Refer Shrimd Bhagawat
Geeta to remove sadness.
Donot allow sadness to
reside in mind, heart &
life otherwise sadeness
will remain life time.
Vinod Anand 05/07/2019

1606 Power of Repetition

Word Repetition itself
says do it again what
work you doing more
than one time & go on
doing for some time.
Why to repeat same
work more than one
time ? By repeating
work registered in
mind deeply so that
work you can do fast
and unconsciously.
This will creat habits
& work in auto mode.
By power of repetition…
* you can be expert or
master in any art and
will achieve success.
* You can reprogram
your mind & beliefs
by affirmations.
* Student can increase
memory power.
* You can create new
habit by repetition of
that habit for 30 days
* you can remove habit
by repetition of not
doing it for 45 days.
Repetition is powerful
tools for improvement
transformation in life.
Vinod Anand 23/05/2019

1587 Self Management-2

other elements of Self
management are…
Self Development in three
dimension, Head, Heart,
Hand to achieve your target.
* Development of head
is ability to read,to learn,
to listen, to remember,
to think & memory power.
Known as Intelligent Quotient.
* Development of heart means
develop good emotions and
control of emotion known as
Emotional Quotient – E.Q.
* Develop habit to work
fullest possible extend to
do your work perfectly by
applying small improvement
in your work called KAIZEN.
* Concentration of mind
while doing work with
full attention that is fully
attached with work & fully
detached from any work.
Work while & play while.
What you do, involved fully.
* Control over mind using
Intelligent with awareness
and awakeness to control
your mind and senses.
Vinod Anand 08/05/2019

1573 Science of Body

Science of Body very
large & very deep but
we need to know the
common structure &
feature for easy going
balanced & controlled,
happy & peaceful life.
One which is invisible
and imperishable soul.
Another is visible- body
have Ten senses, different
system and organs-parts.
Visiqble body exits and
being control by mind
intellect & soul power.
Mind is the sixth sense to
control five senses which
acquire knowledge & three
sense mouth, hand & legs
for activities we do.
For sound health we have
control our quality of deit
& control our five senses.
This can be done by our
sixth sense called mind,
with the help of intellect
by super hsoul power.
If we loose the control of
senses & mind then body
and life will be effected.
Vinod Anand 20/04/2019
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1552 Management of body-2

Further to management
of body-1 post before.
Second portion of body is
Management to manage
the first portion of body
that is all ten senses, to
manage & control their
action,reaction & activity.
Mind as supervisor,intellect
as decision maker and soul
power as controller-owner.
Mind supervises senses.
for their action, reaction,
behaviuor and demand.
In complicated issues &
decision mind must consult
intellect & owner for it’s
permission & accordingly
mind must control senses.
Mind cannot take any
decision & cannot give
permission directly to
senses. But mind does
this, permits senses to do
whatever they like to do.
This status of mind is
called uncontrolled mind.
Mind must on pass order
recevied from intellect-owner
to further action & reaction
to senses strickly for action.
This status of mind is called
contrlled mind. Controlled
mind is the best supervisor.
Follow this proccesure for
better body management &
happy & peaceful life.
Vinod Anand 30/03/2019

1551 Management of body-1

Management of Body is
‘like management in the
facorty & any field or area.
Body is biggest factory
in the world with special
products. We will deal it’s
Management portions &
it’s heirachy & their duties.
There are two portion of
body first is at worker level,
five senses of knowledge.
They are eye,nose,ear, skin
& tongue stores knowledge.
Another five senses for action
or function.(hand,feet,mouth
to do useful work and other
two have internal control.)
Second portion,management
level, refer my next post on
Management of body-2
Don’t miss it to read.
Vinod Anand 30/03/2019