1042 Success through Habits

Success is actually result
of habits. Man builds habits
later habit builds the man.
Create such habits which
builds you what you want
to become in your life.
Habits are mind program
and make loop of action
which you do repeatedly.
When get triggered, action
will be done automatically
and easily without effort.
Good habits upgrade life
means success.Bad habit
degrade life means failure.
Create good habits of most
successfull people, which
lead you successful life.
Good habits also builds
great personality which
have most important roll
in the path of success.
Try your success through
good & productive habits.
Vinod Anand 24/03/2020

1923 What’s Flow State

Flow State of mind
is very miraculous &
high concentration
state of mind.
Man involve deeply
that forget sense of
self or his existence.
Time passes such,
you cannot notice.
This can be achieve
by 90 minutes work
with concentration
without any breake
of a single second.
In this stage work
is being done with
less effort & faster.
Brain releases such
chemicals for better
focus and reduces
stress and tension.
Flow state increases
productivity, creativity
by many many fold.
In this state of mind 5
Hours work can be
completed in 1 hour.
Genius always work
in flow state of mind.
Vinod Anand 10/03/2020

1880 Goal Setting Activities

Goal setting activity is
small activity must be
done to sure success.
Goal give you purpose
Goal is every thing.
Goal give is power.
No Goal no life.
No Goal no progress.
No Goal no success.
Goal makes Impossible,
possible when you have
meaningful goal in life.
Pre Goal activies are……
* Write down your goal,
display your goal such
that it is visible.
Written goal is powerful.
* Make the goal resolution
of your life to achieve goa
* Pray to God for success.
* Read your goal every day.
will remind you to work.
* Tranfer you goal to your
unconscious mind when
it is in alfa state that is
before and after sleep
when you are peaceful.
* Keep Accountability partner will inspire and motivate you.
* Design Review System to
monitor progress.
Then plan your other action to
achieve your goals of the life.
Vinod Anand 03/02/2020

1874 Make Mind Healthy

Mind can be made healthy,
by increasing memory power
and will power, using these
* What mind thinks convert
to reality, think positive.
* Take Proper diet daily by
Taking heavy break fast,
fruit juice in morning &
nutritious food gives
physical & mental energy.
* Play brain game like puzzles,
sudoku, strategy game and
visualisation puzzle.
* Reading motivational, mystery
books which force you to think.
* Do Exercise to improve blood
circulation, carries oxygen to
brain creates new neuron.
* Do meditation to increases IQ,
release stress, stimulate brain
pre frontal cortex for thinking,
activity and performance.
* Do Bhramari Pranayam
Writing, painting learning
foreign langauge which
increase memory power.
* Take sufficient sound sleep
& break during work.
By these methods you can
make your mind healthy.
Vinod Anand 28/01/2020

1860 Dust bin or jewellery box

Dust bin accept dust.
Dust mean useless things
which is not required must
be dropped into dust bin,
kept outside the house.
Jewellery box accept the
costly jewellery.
Mind stores knowledge,
belief, habits and feeling
which creates attitude,
so our nature & behaviour.
We have to guard input to
mind whether it is useful
or useless & good or bad ?
Then allow to store useful
& good knowledge, belief,
habits & feeling otherwise
mind will become dust bin
with useless things like
bad knowledge, feelings
habits, and beliefs which
creates negative attitude.
Check yourself that your
mind is dust bin or not ?
If dust of negative things
like hate, jealousy, anger,
revenge and bad habits
are present in your mind,
try to remove them from
mind and try to cultivate
positive elements like love
habits to make your mind
the box of jewellery.
Vinod Anand 14/01/2020

1844 Don’t allow

Don’t allow your life
to be controlled by
things or people or
Don’t get controlled by
mind & senses, control
you mind and senses.
Don’t get controlled by
the bad past event but
take lession, forget it
and live in present.
Don’t get controlled by
others opinion and the
judgment & get upset.
Think your self for right
decision in the life.
Don’t get controlled by
limited old beliefs you
project on yourself and
create new belief as the
time changes in life.
Don’t get controlled by
money because money
is needed but it is not
every thing in life.
Don’t run behind money.
Don’t get controlled by
emotion but control the
emotions in the life.
Don’t live your life in the
mercy of other people,
situation circumstances.
Don’t allow your life to be
controlled by mind, person
senses, emotions, money.
Vinod Anand 01/01/2020

1835 What to do ?

What to do ? When
mind is in troubled
state. People feels
uncomfortable, try to
escape strees,anxiety
despair by senesory
pleasure like watching
T.V, social media,net
surfing, shopping etc.
It is temporary measure
don’t solve the issues,
will bounce back again.
Don’t try to escape it
but encounter the mind.
When mind trouble due
any incident, mind start
thinking about & develop
strees,anxiety & despair.
Break initially the loop of
thinking by other loop of
thinking, give you joy.
Go on changing loop of
thinking by different topic.
Which will dilute effect of
incident/problem wouldn’t
reach to anxiety, then with
steady mind face it or find
solution of problem.
Vinod Anand 24/12/2019