1651 Impurities

Impurity in air, water
food is dangerous for
health which causes
diseases. We purify
water & food that we
are removing impurities
& using.What about air ?
We will take pure air
in the morning so go
for morning walk daily.
Now a day so many
things are available
with impurities in it.
May cause serious
effect on man health.
By these Health mind &
life are get effected so
be careful, be aware &
be awake all the time.
What about impurities
are present in mind ?
Mind impurities in the
form of bad emotions
bad nature, bad habits.
Which also makes our
thought bad-negative.
These impurities will
effect our behaviour
and action in the life.
Finally life will get
effected & may spoil
personality or image.
Try to remove impurity
from mind that will
control & reduces the
impurities from things.
Mind is clean & pure
every things will be
clean & pure so health
will be diseases free.
Vinod Anand 02/07/2019


1530 Science of behaviour

What you behave with
any one, according to
your nature, build your
pattern of behaviour.
In life behaviour is
every thing to build
your character and
So build effective
pattern of behaviour.
Expertise in behaviour
is successful person.
Be conscious & build
your behaviour pattern.
Generally behaviour &
nature is automatic
proccess, if you are not
conscious and aware.
So behaviour patter is
build unknowingly.
Make this process self
operated to build better
behaviour pattern.
First observe your
behaviour is it effective ?
if not change behaviour
for better result. Go on
doing this exercise till
you build effective and
good behaviour pattern,
which will be a high way
to your target of success.
Vinod Anand 13/03/2019

1478 Who is the looser

Person who gets angry &
looses patience is the looser.
Person who looses hopes
desire to live is the looser.
Person who looses peace
& happiness is the looser
Person who looses respect
and confidence is looser.
Person who mind is not
steady and gets confuse
is the looser in the life.
Person who is unhealthy
& mentally weak is looser.
Person who is complaining
& comparing is the looser.
Person who sleep more &
postpone work is the looser.
Person who donot acquire
knowledge by reading and
listening is the looser.
Person who behaviour is
bad & speak rudely is looser.
Person who think negative
& unethical is the looser.
Person with bad nature
bad habits & emotions
is the looser in life.
Check yourself wheather
Are you looser or winner ?
Vinod Anand 01/02/2019

1456 Drop to raise

Drop few heavy, harmful
nature or habits to raise
yourself in life & make it
As a Resolution of 2019.
Drop self negative talk
people and situations
to become positive.
Drop to compare with
other for competition,
start comparing with
self for development.
Drop words like hate,
revenge, focus on word
like love mercy, help to
improve positivity.
Drop the past events
& keep the lession for
better present & future.
Drop the people who
put you down & insult
become safe in life.
Drop gossiping and
idea of to please all.
Drop to become unhappy
by any situation because
every thing happen for
reason and will be good
for our self in future life.
Drop the idea of to be
perfect, no body is perfect
every body have his own
limitation, beliefs, behaviuor.
Drop your anger because
outburst power is peace.
Vinod Anand 11/01/2019

1415 What is Personality

Personality is defination,
or character of the person
which shows ability,nature
habits,identity & behaviour.
Personality is aura of person.
Personality can impress or
motivate or inspire other.
External-body personality
that is looks appearance
& dressing of the person.
Internal personality is
mind personality that is
mind status with feeling
& attitude results in his
behaviour with others.
Positive attitude Good
behaviour & quality of
human being can define
Good personality makes
man great and popular
otherwise it is define bad.
“First impression is last the
impression” mean external
or body personality, but the
internal personality is long
Vinod Anand 05/12/2018

1412 Anger Is bad or good ?

Anger is not recommended
to do in the life because it
destroys, disturbs, upsets
your mind and intelligent.
Anger is negative attitude
& result will be miserable.
So many reasons to get
anger, must be judged.
Is it proper or not proper ?
Habit to get anger is bad.
Don’t say it is my nature.
When you wouldn’t get,
what you want or some
one doesn’t obey you or
listen or criticize, you get
upset & angry upon.
Anger is not at all good for
heart or health may lead to
serious diseases also.
Control or reduce emotion
of anger by keeping quite at
that instant and get relax to
control the situation created.
Use the emotion of anger by
converting it positively and
take it as challenge in the life.
When get anger be aware of
it & try to control the action.
Don’t feel bad, Don’t take to
heart, think you are playing
the roll in the drama of life
then it is not bad or harmful.
For the benefit of other or to
teach a lesson to any body
or to control the situation
anger may justify and ok.
Anger with out control is
dagerious for every one.
Vinod Anand 01/12/2018

1376 Friendship

Relation with friends
is called Friendships.
Is only relation to be
choosen in the life.
Whoever meet all
cannot be Friend.
Friend should not
be in numbers but
must be one or two.
Friend is one of the
family member.
Donot make friends
without knowing his
habits, nature activity
feelings, family back
ground and prestige.
Like purchasing costly
item we are so careful
of it’s quality similarly
we must be careful
of friend’s qualities.
Atleast he should
not be idle, angry,
unethical, liquor
drinker and jealous.
Be away from these
type of personality.
Frienship is source
of hapiness, peace
support and help.
So be careful while
selecting friends &
making friendship.
Friendship should
be maintained and
natured like other
relations in family.
Vinod Anand 09/11/2018