814 Power of belief

Belief  is driving force

to do any unexpected,

and unbelievable work.

It may be difficult for

other to do, not having

such belief in mind.

Some guy walk on fire

have  belief that by doing

this he get grace of God.

Belief is deeply rooted,

so difficult to change.

Child gets any thing by

crying, having belief that by

crying he can get any thing.

Create and deeply root

the belief in mind of the

person to do miracle work.

if you want to change person

attitude or behaviour or work

change his rooted belief

and bow another belief in

his mind so deeply that

he can change easily.

Person belief decide his

personality and living style.

To change his personality

or living style, study his

beliefs & try to change old

belief or create new belief.

Finally beliefs is controlling

phenomena of human being.

Belief of a man become his

habit or nature & build his life.

Vinod Anand                        19/06/2017   Friend,Philosopher,Guide  

720 Accept or Ignore

I am right, You are wrong,

we are telling to each other.

Really speaking no one

is wrong both are right.

Every body is different,

having different nature,

belief, opinion & mentality.

With respect to that

Every body is right.

Don’t argue or react but

accept or ignore it.

Difference  of opinion is

not the reason to create

difference in mind.

If person is very near

than understand him &

make him convince.

Which may be effective to

change his belief or opinion.

You have to check yourself

that Are  you right ? no need

to convince to other.

Like that no need to tell

other that he is wrong

just you understand that,

he wrong but not accepting.

Vinod Anand                        29/03/2017   Friend,Philosopher,Guide  


​Perception  is ability 

to understand and 

inerprete about something 

and become aware via five 

senses of knowledge.

Perception process create
attitude of the persons 

towards person or things. 

Finally it create the nature

of the person. 

Some time attitude also
play role in the process

of Perception. 

Perception about one thing 
can be differ from person 

to person as per their view. 

So be conscious while
perceiving about any 

things which will create

permanently impression 

in mind about person. 

Right perception about
something lead right way

of living life. 

Vinod Anand                     11/11/2016 Firend,Philosopher,guide

Nature of a man

​Nature of man means

behaviour or reaction 

comes without any effort

is called nature of the man

and become natural. 

Habit of the man become
Nature of the man. 

Behaviour or reaction 

created by perception 

believes and feelings, 

finally create personality

Human’s original nature
is of peace, purity, love

compassion and joy. 

During the life journey
Human has acquired 

Nature like anger, hate, 

jealousy, violence etc.

Man’s main responsibility 
is to reacquire real nature,  

and live happy peaceful 

and divine life. 

Vinod Anand                     28/09/2016   Friend,Philosopher,Guide


​Mentality is product of mind. 

Mentality being built by 

thoughts, attitude, believes 

nature, habits and situation. 

Mentality create fix pattern

of behavior and life style. 

Mentality which is liked, 

favourite, pleasant and 

good result oriented 

called high mentality. 

such mentality should be 

maintained or try to improve. 

Mentality which is unliked, 

unfavourite unpleasant and

bad result oriented 

called low mentality. 

such mentality should be

removed and try to acquire 

high mentality for better

behaviour and life style. 

First know your mentality

and their result and effect

good or bad, accordingly

try to built high mentality. 

Good mentality create better

image, personality and life. 

Mentality is mirror of your self. 

Vinod Anand                         15/09/2016 Friend,Philosopher,Guide 

Maths of Happiness 

​Happiness is always proportions 

to acceptance. More you accept  

the people and situation more 

you will be happy. 

Happiness  is also inversely 

proportions to expectation. 

More you expect more 

you will be unhappy. 

Happiness is always 

proportional to satisfaction . 

More you satifsy your self and

people,more you will be happy. 

Happiness is also inversely 

proportion to greedy and

temptation.  More you want to 

get more you will be unhappy. 

Happiness is always 

proportional to good nature 

and behaviour and inversely 

proportion to bad nature and

bad behaviour. 

So apply maths of happiness

in your life for real happiness. 


Vinod Anand                               07/08/2016  friend, philosopher, guide, 

self centred personality

Self centred means selfish nature,
self interested and self boosting.
Only think about self and
does not think of others.
Live for self and does not care others,
and share any things with any one.
Only worried for self and sees
own convineces and benefits.
No positive feelings for others.
Self centred person believe
that he is self sufficient and
he is cleverest of all.
Does not listen to any one and
think, that he is always right.
Does not need any body help.
They live alone and do not like
to mix with others.
Self centred is peculiar personality
which is disliked by every one
Do not be so self centred,
To live happy and successful life.

Vinod Anand 26/03/2016
Friend, philosopher, guide.