2131 Generator of Tension

Who is generator of
Tension ? There are
Two sources which
Generate tension.
First Situation and
Second human being.
Situation created by
nature is not in our
control, no alternative
except to accept and
not to create tension,
take it positively.
Soecond source is
human being’s nature
behaviour, emotions,
habit bad quality like
Anger, jealousy etc.
Tension is also create
by human being due to
Misunderstanding and
Mismanagement, lack
of tolerance, idleness
negative attitude, bad
living style & mindset.
Most of tention are
Man or woman made
Which can be mimimize
if man or woman wishes
and put little effort by
Elliminating causes of
tension one by one to
make tention free life.
But human being very
rigid in there nature,
behaviour, attitude &
don’t organize life for
better management
and continue to live
with tension & worry.
Vinod Anand 04/08/2020

2037 Matching

Matching is tools
to utilize in the day
to day life.
Matching means
similarities of things
and nature between
persons and things
Matching gives you
better result.
Matching in dressing
that is matching with
each items, so looks
nice & beautiful.
Matching with person
in family or office or
society by their nature,
like habits, hobby and
emotion or feelings so
happy peaceful life.
Matching with life style
behaviour with persons,
so happy peaceful life.
Matching may by luck
or you have to match.
When meeting unknown
person first try to see
similarities & use, while
talking with person so
communication will be
effective and fruitful.
Perfect matching with
other in life by adopting
accepting and adjusting
with other person is best
skill to take work from
other or to please and for
better communication.
Mismatch is problems
and may break relation.
Vinod Anand 22/05/2020

2003 Develop Skills for Girl

Now day no difference
in Boy or Girl. Both have
come to same level in
the field of study, job
and business.
But different of being
Girl cannot be ignore
or overcome it remain
in society and as per
custom Girl become
wife or housewife in
in another family with
different place, persons
different cuture & custom.
To have happy married
girl must Aquire some
special skill by parents
or by self effort.
Parents is teacher of
of Girl to build required
skill for happy married
life of their daugher.
So she can be a ideal
& best daughter-in-law
Skill to be develop are…
* Cooking skill & interest
Happiness generates
from stomach.
* Communication Skill.
* Listening Skill with patience.
* Decipline skill i.e Manners.
* Skill of love, Share & care.
* Accepting & adopting skill.
* Skill of tolerance.
* Skill to know every one by
their nature, habit, likes to
develop own nature habit
and likes forget your own
ealier nature beacuse here
everything is new your old
version may be not successful.
Vinod Anand 01/05/2020

1811 Good for nothing

” Good for nothing ”
Some time we use
this proverb for the
person not useful
for other person due
to his selfish nature.
He or she may be
self centred or don’t
care, consider and
don’t respect other.
He/she will see his own
comfort, desire & others
are least concern even
though they are related
or known to them.
If he/she have sufficient
money to hire person to
do household activities
then he or she become
independent guy don’t
require help & obligation
of any family members,
So he/she wouldn’t care
or give weightage to any
other person of the family.
Then he/she will be labelled….
He/she is Good for nothing
He/she will be just like
dummy member of family.
So be aware from such
person who is labelled as
” Good for nothing ”
Vinod Anand 02/12/2019