1148 Response

Response is reply to
person while talking
or question from other.
It is reaction of action
see or you receive
from other person.
Scientifically action
& reaction are qual.
It is not true in social life.
In this case if reaction is
equal to action peace &
harmony is distrubed .
Your response show your
character and attitude.
So be careful while giving
response to any action or
while taking to the person.
Response is important to
keep healthy relation, peace
& harmony with the person.
Before responsing, think &
give your positive response.
Vinod Anand 16/04/2018


1121 Words Vs. Proverbs

Some words are very
powerful & effective
which radiate it power.
Such words builds life.
Like Love, Peace, Mercy
contentment, success
forgiveness, forbearance
purity, prayer, God etc.
If understand it’s meaning
& manifest in life then it
builds your personality.
Miracles words makes
effective proverb.
Such proverb Guide and
teach you the lesson, like
Love is God. God is love.
Demand destroy love.
Honesty is best policy.
Contentment is wealth.
Health is wealth.
Complaining is zero
return investment etc.
Refer powerful words,
read & follow proverbs
they make your personality
great you & popular.
Vinod Anand 22/03/2018

1078 Change Vs. Transformation

World changes fast
due to technology or
fashion & situations.
We have to change
our life style or nature.
But change cannot be
permanent, after change
to new stage some old
residual exist or again
change may come.
Transformation is
also change due to
inspiration & motivation.
It is can be permanent
and no residual of old.
Complete change & not
returning to earlier stage.
Transformation is better
than change in the life.
Right transformation of
nature & life style for
peaceful happy life.
Transformation from
ordinary man to extra
ordinary person and
great personality.
Vinod Anand 13/02/2018

1072 Power of silence

Silence mean no noise,
no voice that is pin drop
silence suitable for study,
mind relaxation, prayer,
thinking & meditation.
When people tired by
noisy atmosphere then
prefer to have silence
around him for peace.
Silence is effective
medium to energise
body & mind power.
Silence is divine-peaceful
atmosphere for effective
meditation & prayer.
Silence increases mind
stability, concentration
and grasping power.
Sage always prefer
silence for meditation
so they go to jungle or
hilly area or bank of revier.
Spare some time in silence
for meditation, for peace
of mind & for talking to self.
Vinod Anand 09/02/2018

1070 Power Of Peace

Peace is quality of
divine soul reside in
human being.
Peace means no
violence, no noise
no shouting and
no quarrel in house
or colony or city or
all over country.
Peace means
soft conversation &
discussion without
hot argument.
When peace is in
inner self then peace
manifest outsides.
Keep your mind clam,
quiet & steady all the
time so your action &
reaction are peaceful
without violence, noise.
Peace can be created
by compromising the
disputes & quarrel.
Every one should have
target of peace in life.
Happiness is fruits of
peaceful life.
Peace is powerful
tool of happiness &
creator of heaven.
Vinod Anand 09/02/2018

1048 Peace Harmony

Peace & harmony can
establish prosperous &
happy life & heaven.
Unless you create
Peace & harmony
inner self, you can
not create peace &
harmony in the house,
society, country & world.
Big tree start from seed,
similarly seed of peace
& harmony resides in
inner self to manifest
out side the world.
You have to create
peace and harmony
inside & spread it’s
fragrance outside
to create Peace and
harmony outside world.
Don’t blame other for
bad situation in world
You have to play roll to
create peace & harmony
inside to inspire other to
do so for peaceful world.
Open the door of inner
self for peace & harmony
to make peaceful world.
Vinod Anand 24/01/2018

985 Handle with care

” Handle with care “written

on glass items packing.

So it reaches safely.

We have to write in our mind,

” Handle with care ” not only

with glass but any thing,

means be awake & careful.

while handling things.

Also handle with care the

family members & relation

otherwise no peace and

happiness in the life.

” Handle with care ” the

persons, workers & time

with care for best result.

In short any thought, talk,

& any action do with care,

means live with care and

be conscious every time.

Don’t do any thing with

unconscious mind and with

out care to avoid problems.

Vinod Anand                           27/11/2017 Friend,Philosopher,Guide