1858 Acceptance Vs. Expectation

What you get in life, love
& like it, is a acceptance.
You accept the nature,
behaviour and attitude
of your dear & near or
others irrespective of
what they are.
Acceptance gives peace
contentment & happiness
in the life that is true love.
What you desire or expect
to get some things from
your dear and near, as a
right is expectation.
You have strong belief,
he should not behaviour
badly which wrong.
Expectation means wants
& if not fulfilled then gives
hurt, pain & disappoint you.
Expectation mean demand
& demand destroy the love.
First Don’t expect any thing
from anyone & accept other
irrespective of their nature,
behaviour & attitude which
is unconditional love.
Yes to Acceptance and
No to expectation is life
changing formula.
Vinod Anand 13/01/2020

1847 Know Yourself

To kown self is must &
first requirement of the
life otherwise, it will be
uncompleted, painful &
We must know who I am ?
what is our power ?
what I am ? what I want
to become ? how I live ?
We must know what my
potentials & uniqueness.
We must Also know our
I.Q, E.Q & S.Q for better life.
Know your self by knowing
which human being quality,
emotions and good habits
of successful person have.
Know all informations by
self awareness process.
With complete knowledge
dream & design your life,
plan & live life to achieve it.
Life will become successful,
happy and peaceful.
Vinod Anand 04/01/2020

1813 Mind gets disrubed

Mind gets disturbed
how many come to
know that mind is
distrubed ?
How many aware of
mind gets disrubed
How many don’t know,
that mind is distrubed ?
What happen when
mind gets disturbed ?
You will feel uneasy,
& lose concentration.
We must know that
my mind is distubed.
Then find out reason
why mind is distrubed
by self talk.
Eliminate reason,before
it reaches anxiety, high
heart bits, appear in your
action and behaviour.
Bring the mind to state of
peace & happiness.
Otherwise many unwanted
behaviour & action will be
initiated, will be difficult to
control the mind. As soon
as mind distrubed, make
it normal immediately.
Don’t keep it distrubed
for longer duration.
Vinod Anand 03/12/2019

1786 Respect is every thing

Human being must
respect each other
irrespective of status.
Give respect and take
respect is easier way
to earn respect which
can’t be demanded.
If fail to respect other,
you can’t earn respect.
Factors due to you don’t
get respect are……
* Talking too much meaningless.
* Insulting others due ego and anger.
* Telling lie frequntly and loose trust.
* Live life unplanne and unmanaged.
* Interface in matter of other.
* Giving advise without asking.
* Sharing own problems.
* Not accoutable for money.
* Wrongly judge to others
* Back bitting & abusing.
* Not keeping promises.
Left all the factors to qualify
respect from others.
Respect builds strong relation
and strong relation makes happy
and peaceful life.
Remember Respect is every things.
Vinod Anand 13/11/2019

1778 Freedom from….

Every human being
have right of freedom.
He has freedom to act,
speak, think & behave.
It doesn’t means lack
discipline, principles,
limitation & humanity.
Man must be free from
worries and tensions.
Man must be free from
slavery of mind-senses.
Man must be free from
the slavery of bad habits.
Our feelings & behaviour
are dependent on others.
For each & every need we
are dependent on others.
To live happy & peaceful
life get free from…
Try to become independent
of your feelings, behaviour,
i/o depending on others.
Try to become independent
action instead of following
the mind and senses.
Try to become independent
on finance needed to live.
Vinod Anand 05/11/2019

1773 Invitation

We give Invitation to
relatives for occasion.
We never invite enemy.
Some time kowingly or
unknowingly we give
invitation to enemy in
the life. We know that
if we get angry problem
may raise, still we give
invitation to anger and
inviting problem in life
But we never give up
our anger. Sometime
due to our bad habits
we give invitation to
troubles or difficulties
but we can’t leave our
bad habit. Some time
due to our bad nature
we give invitation to
quarrel & spoil relation
in the family & society
but we can’t improve
our nature in the life.
Some time due to over
thinking on problem we
give invitation to worry.
But we don’t think on
Instead of giving the
invitation to enemy give
to friend like happiness,
peace and joy by good
habit, nature, behaviour.
Vinod Anand 31/10/2019

1733 Lession of Love

Love is God & God is love.
Love is divine quality of
soul and supreme soul.
Love is pure,unconditional,
unselfish,donor & sacrifice.
Love is fragment, relation
is flower. Relation is alive
and permanent with love.
Relation survives and exist
due to love. Love to God,
then self, parents, family
friend & the rest of world.
Love is base of world and
universe to survive to exist.
Love is creator of heaven.
Love is every things.
Know and understand the
lession of love, practice
to love & you are eligible to
receive love from every one.
Love is grace & gift of God.
Love means take care, accept
& bare family member, friend
and other related peoples.
Love means no comparison
no complain, forget & forgive
mistakes & accept your fault,
says sorry and regrets
Love means loyality, nobility
faithfulness and trust.
Happiness, peace, success
mercy, prosperity is result of
love. Love to live live to love.
Vinod Anand 21/09/2019