1233 Power of descipline

Two type of descipline
self descipline and
descipline by force or
by rules & regulation
or strategy or creating
discpline environment.
Self descipline come by
self understanding and
sincer effort by man.
Self descipline is the
main factor of success.
Developed country secret
is self descipline.
Self descipline increases
capacity and productivity.
Be a self descipline for
happy & peaceful life.
Descipline is great power
& driving force of progress.

Vinod Anand 13/07/2018


1127 Tips of removing bad habit

First know our bad habit
which is easy to remove
and find out problems &
unconvience created by it.
That will initiate you to
remove your bad habit.
Then decide to remove it.
Then know reason of habit
and what thing triger habit.
Try to avoid that situation
& try to remove the reason.
Your bad habit never triger.
By practcing this you will
be free from bad habit or
replace your bad habit
by good habit. Example
Habit of taking cold drink
may be replace by juice.
To remove bad habit have
to practice for 6 weeks.
After removing one bad
habit confidance raises.
That will further initiate to
remove another bad habit.
That make you free from
bad habits and reward happy,
peaceful and successful life.
Vinod Anand 05/07/2018

1223 Safety

Safety is prime factor
for living safe, happy
and peaceful life.
Be conscious and give
first priority to safety of
your health and wealth.
Now a day we are not
conscious & serious
about our total safety.
We don’t care about
ourself while eating
while driving & while
spending & investing.
We are so careless
about our safety so
we are facing problem,
accident making our life
difficult & problematic
and living unsafe life.
Safe life is happy, joyful,
peaceful & successful life.
Be safe & make safe other.
Vinod Anand 01/07/2018

1222 Who is happy ?

Person have no addiction
of Tobacco,Cigarette and
Liquor or person is happy.
Person with positive attitude
& healthy person is happy.
Person with high amibition
& passionate is happy.
Person have good habits
good qualities of human
being is happy.
Person with no expectation
good adaptibility is happy.
Person remain steady in
any situation is happy.
Person does not complain
but compromise is happy.
Person with feelings of
love faith & mercy is happy.
Person with endurance
& have passion is happy.
Whose purpose of life is
happiness is happy.
Vinod Anand 30/06/2018

1207 Control Your Emotions

Emotions are two types
negative and positive.
Both emotions need to
control & to release for
human being for happy
peaceful,successful life.
Some Straight foward
people release emotion
and become free from.
But other may get hurt.
Some people swallow
emotion inward, store
emotion which may
create tension & worry.
So it is necessary to
release the emotion.
Other way to control
your emotion is feel
fully & face but donot
accumulate which may
create depression.
Also tell your emotion
to deserve person and
get relax from emotion.
By meditation you can
control your emotion.
To be emotion positively
is good but to be too much
emotional is not advisable.
So control your emotions.
Vinod Anand 13/06/2018

1206 How to love self

Who are you ?
What you want ?
What you are ?
What is your identity ?
What is the target &
purpose of you life ?
Do you know yourself ?
Do you love yourself ?
To live peacefully &
happily get answers
of these questions.
To love your self
first know your self.
What are the good
qualities & habits ?
What are your feelings
emotions & intensions ?
That is self awareness.
Second is accept your
self, if some things you
donot like then reject it,
& make your self such
that you start loving
your self and others
also love you.
Unless until you know
your self, accept your
self you cannot love
you self or any body.
Vinod Anand 11/06/2018

1203 Surrounding Person

You are surrounded by
people may be family
member or neighbour
or known or unknown
person in the life.
Person is social animal
he can not live alone
without any company.
It is fact that your nature
& behaviour is average of
five surrounding person’s
behaviour and nature.
You will be continuously
influnced by their nature
and behaviuor and your
behaviour and nature
will be the mirror of their
behaviour and nature.
So be conscious about
five surrounding person
arround you to built very
good personality in life.
It is your choice to select
five genius surroundong
persons to make your life
beautiful, happy & peaceful.
Vinod Anand 09/06/2018