1668 How life must be ?

How life must be ?
First you have to dream
your life, whatever you
want to make your life.
Life must be designed.
* Life must be simple with
high thinking & action.
* Life must be peaceful &
happy without tension,
worries & depression.
* Life must be divine.
* Life must be planned,
targeted and executed
* Life must be regular with
decipline and limitations
which can inspire other.
* Life must be heplful and
useful for self & others.
Dream such model of life
& live such life then you
become great, famous &
effective personality.
Vinod Anand 17/07/2019


1633 Head of Family

Family is group of
people with definite
relation & specify duties
of each member of family.
In factory & organization,
must be is a head to lead,
manage, direct & control
for better performance in
healthy relation between
worker & management.
Similarly for happy and
peaceful family must be a
qualified head of the family.
Head must have qualities of
leader to lead,direct, guide
control,understand all
with love care and share.
Head of the family can be
elder ideal personality.
Choose your right head.
with following qualities.
* Target to make happy,
peaceful & prosperous
ideal family.
* Awareness, awakeness
of his & member’s duties.
* Must have Good qualities
like Gentleness, Kindness,
Impartiality, Forgiveness,
Patience & human quality
* Must have listening skill
communication skill,
convincing skill and
problems solving skill.
Whoever the head of his
family must develop as
a idea head of the family.
Vinod Anand 16/06/2019

1547 Effective Powerful words

Every words have it’s power
& effective may be negative
or positive. But the use of
right words at right time is
matter of undersanding,
self experience & feeling.
Some words together give
special effective in making
your life happy & peaceful.
Have attitude of gratitude
to say word, like Thank you
or Sorry Whenever needed.
Others words are ‘ It’s ok ‘
‘Never mind’ at proper time.
Have attitude of Forget and
Foregiveness, life changing
words if implemented.
Other words are Don’t give
up, Be positive, Be aware,
Be awake, Be alert, Be active
Be passonate which are also
life changing words will make
life happy,peaceful & success.
Vinod Anand 26/03/2019

1518 Ideal student

Ideal student respect
Parents and Teacher,
Study with target,interest
and concentration.
Student with descipline
and less important to
luxurious life is Ideal.
Study with planning,
speculation, revision
& fast writing practice
with nice hand writings
can be ideal student.
Study with technic to
remember & prepare
quick refer notes for
Examination is ideal
student. Student with
heathy body, peaceful,
steady mind study well
can be ideal student.
Work hard is quality of
Ideal student.
Student with confidence
determination, positive
attitude & responsibility
can be become ideal.
Student with soft and
noble in nature can
become ideal student.
Student life is golden
period to built career &
future, it is oppurtunity.
Ideal student accept
this oppurtunity. Ideal
student will be future
successful person.
Vinod Anand 05/03/2019

1366 Attitude is every thing

The way that you think,
feel or behave is called
Attitude it is seed of
character, emotions
behaviour & nature.
When you think & do
action repeatedly
it becomes habit.
Habits built attitude &
nature that designe life.
Attitude is every thing,
So build positive attitude
for successful easy life.
Develop positive attitude
toward life,relation,money
situation etc for happy &
peaceful life.
Positove Attitude means
success & negative
attitude means failure,
Attitude is every thing.
Concentrate on attitude.
Be aware & awake to build
your attitude because
Attitude is every thing.
Vinod Anand 04/11/2018

1295 Mentally strong people…

Mentally Strong People…..
Have High self confidence.
Have control over mind
and sense.
Have positive attitude.
Don’t waste time & power.
Don’t remember past event.
They accept any change.
Mentally Strong People…..
Don’t focus on thing that
cannot control but accept.
Don’t worry about pleasing
the all people.
They take calculated risk.
Don’t dwell in past but learn
lession from past experience.
Mentally Strong People…..
Don’t repeat same mistake
and learn the lession.
Donot give up after first
failure and donot when
he is alone.
Don’t want immediate result.
Don’t resent other success.
Have peaceful & happy life.
He will good achiever and
successful person.
To become mentally strong
Understand the mind,
convience the mind,force
to do good deed and stop
when does bad deed.
Vinod Anand 12/09/2018

1281 Two category of person

One category of person work
when force to work or work
by temptation or with extra
benefits or according to his
salary called externally driven.
This type of person is like a
lamp control by switch and
T V control by remote.
They cannot get success.
Most of the person are of
extenally driven cannot live
worries & tension free life.
Opposite to this person work
by his own without any force
or temptation or benefits is
call internally driven person.
External force don’t control
them they are self controlled
& disciplined person and get
success in life and can live
happy & peaceful life.
Which category of person
you are ? Try to be internally
driven person for success.
Vinod Anand 27/08/2018