1137 Pillars of the life

Building of the life
stands on Pillars.
They are real support &
protect it from any worst
situation in the life.
Finance Pillar for basic
essential need for living.
Profession Pillar for better life.
Services Pillar to serve other.
Relationship Pillar better living.
Family Pillar for happy family.
Self respect Pillar, respect your
self so other respect you.
Spirituality Pillar for purity
& Religion Pillar for real life.
All the Pillars should be
strong so Life never collapse.
Make all the Pillar strong to live
happy peaceful & success life.
Vinod Anand 05/04/2018


1135 Control Your Emotions

Emotions without Control
is not advantageous but
harmful & dangerous.
It is necessary to control
over emotions but not to
controlled by emotions.
Be emotional but no
addiction of emotions.
Feel the good emotion
of love, mercy but don’t
be effected by emotion.
Feel bad emotion but
release it & don’t allow it
to become knot in mind &
heart otherwise may create
tension or depressions.
You have to behave with
other by understanding
their feelings & share
your emotion with trusts
worthy person and get
free from emotion so life
become free from tension
and depression means
happy & peaceful life.
Vinod Anand 04/04/2018

1128 Powr Of Relax

Relax is powerful tools
for body & mind when
we get tired or worried.
Relax is cheap medicine
to become tension free.
Just give rest to body &
make mind thoughts less.
Whenever any body excited
or angry or in tension say
” Be Relax ” and peaceful
instead of “Don’t worry”.
It gives temporary relief
from situation or events.
Then think & face the
situation or Problem
Relax is First Aid before
man receives treatment
for worries and tension
In any situation use
tablet of “Relax” so body
gets rest & mind become
steady for facing problem.
Relax releases pressures
and stops depression.
Don’t forget to be Relax in
worst condition to control
first your self then situation.
Vinod Anand 28/03/2018

1126 Life style

Life has three style
ordinary, comfort &
luxurious style.
Ordinary life style is
simple living with
needed materials.
Which has no comfort
and no luxurious way of
living with less desire,
less expectation may lead
happy and peaceful life.
If you incorporate high
thinking then will be
ideal life style.
Comfort life style is
with item of comforts.
Which may lead to
idleness & lethargy.
Luxurious life style is
with item of luxurious.
Very rich people live
such luxurious style.
Which may lead less
responsible, irregular
life & may incur bad
habits so worried life.
For happy, peaceful and
successful life please live
ideal life of simple living
and high thinking with
needed or less comfort.
Vinod Anand 25/03/2018

1105 Excellence Vs Perfection

Do you want to be
excellence or perfect ?
Only God is perfect,
man cannot be perfect.
Human being can be
excellence by doing his
duty or work perfectly
without defect or failure.
If he live successfully
happily & peacefully he
become excellence.
Perfection is infinite
phenomena & qualtities
of creator. So better always
try to become excellence
in work,behaviour & human
being quality.
When person believe
he is perfect than he
restricts his further
development and
improvement in life.
So Try to achieve the
Excellence in every fields.
Vinod Anand 05/03/2018

1061 Goodness

Goodness is qualities of man
Goodness is to be cultivated.
Goodness builds personality.
Goodness means good nature
behaviour & deeds.
Good nature means noble
qualities like love, mercy.
Good behaviour means
behave with discipline &
respectfully with child,
adult & senior citizen.
Good deed means deed
perform for the welfare
of others & helpful to all.
Person with goodness is
near to God loved by God
& respected by the people.
The first thing is to aquire
in the life is Goodness,
before achieving any thing.
Goodness gives happy,
peaceful & respectful life.
Goodness is killer of badness
and the creator of heaven. I pray God that ”                                                                                                                                                                       To direct the man towards goodness.”
Vinod Anand 04/02/2018

983 4 Qs.

Intelligent Quotient , 

Emotional  Quotient ,

Spiritual  Quotient &

Adverse     Quotient

4 Quotient are four pillars

of successful person.

He is most cultured,

practical, flexible & have

good understanding.

High I.Q means creative

mind for improvement

modification & innovation.

High E.Q have control over

his good emotions.

High S.Q means believe in

God & have trust in God.

High A.Q means capacity

to solve any problem in

worse situation.

He is the best candidate

for getting proper job.

So develop 4 Qs. for happy,

peaceful  & successful life.

Vinod Anand                           26/11/2017 Friend,Philosopher,Guide