1827 Equation of life.

Equation of the life is
yourself, your mind &
Youself is powerful
soul and controlling
authority of mind and
You are teacher and
Guru to teach your
mind how to think,
what to think, how
to react or reflect to
event or person or
You are decision maker
not mind or situation or
any person.
Mind is programmed to
get upset by situation or
event or person.
Reprogram the mind not
to get upset or distrubed
& react but be steady,think
and then decid how to
react or act or behave,
irrespective of situation.
If Equation of life is solved
you will be happy peaceful.
Otherwise life will be painful
problematic & unsuccessfull.
Vinod Anand 17/12/2019

1749 Ego the Enemy

Most of High personality,
popular & celebrity have
ego, but they don’t know
that ego is the enemy &
never up lift the person.
Even they know cannot
leave ego because ego
become their nature &
is identity.
People will respect them
in present but donot like
them in their absent.
Self confidence without
humility brings egoism.
Confidence with humility
brings successful it not
the person’s ego.
They feel ego is their real
prestige & step of success.
Ego stand between aspire &
success of life which result
in failure, so remove ego &
get success all the time.
Vinod Anand 07/10/2019

1747 Life takes Exams

Life is life time school
& takes exam life time to
learne lesson after fail.
In schools and colleges
first learning then exam.
But in life first exam then
learning is quite different.
Life take exam daily every
momemts and teaches
lession to improve future.
When life takes exam we
don’t know & after getting
result you know that you
are failed in the exams
taken by the life.
Any worse situation is
exam of life, if you face
& live peacefully, you are
passed otherwise failed
Any problem is exam of
life, if you solve, you are
passed otherwise failed.
Every chance is exam of
life,if you can take chance
then, you are passed
otherwise you are failed
If pass in every exam you
are successful person.
which ever exam you fail
learn lession from it for
next exam prepaeration.
Best of luck for each and
every exam of the life.
Vinod Anand 05/10/2019

1735 Negative person

Negative person makes
other person negative by
his negative attitude.
He thinks, speaks,behave,
act negatively and he have
negative beliefs & emotions.
He may be family member or
freind or office or neighbour.
Negative peoples see & think
bad in any situation don’t see
and think good.
How to deal with them ?
* Don’t connect with them.
when he speak negatively
you donot reply similarly.
* Donot allow to control you
self by his negativity
* Donot fight & argue with him.
* Value there opinions if right.
* Reply with positive thought.
* Donot try to change them.
* Do not ask for guidance.
Make yourself aware while
dealing with negative person
& behave accordingly to keep
distant from negative person.
Vinod Anand 21/09/2019
They may make you negative.

1618 Non stop happiness

Non stop happiness is
happiness without break.
24 hours happiness is
real happiness through
out life irrespective of
the situation in life.
Think of the permanent
happiness as a dream &
make a target to achieve.
People have many reasons
to beccome unhappy, not
a single resson to become
happy all the time in the life.
Is any reason is required to
remain happy all the time ?
Happiness is choice and
the decision in the morning
to remain happy whole day.
Live in present, don’t live in
past or future to remian
happy all the time. Don’t
make happiness dependent
on thing, person & situation.
Happinness all the time
must be independent.
Remote control of your
happiness don’t give, in
the hand of any thing or
person and Situation.
Your happiness must be
unconditional then only
you can enjoy 24 hours
non stop happiness.
Vinod Anand 02/06/2019

1583 Observation

Obseration is quality of
seeing or looking.Seeing
and Looking minutely
is called obersvation.
To observe while seeing &
looking the persons or
thing, called observation.
Observation is special
way of seeing & looking.
Habit of Observation is
awareness, awakeness
& alertness of person.
If see or look person or
thing causely with lack of
obervation is poor quality
of art of seeing or looking.
By habit of observation
you can indentify person
or thing & aslo can know
quality of person-things.
Good observation quality
is quality of detective or
scientists & greater people.
Develop obervation power
to make you powerful.
Vinod Anand 30/04/2019

1563 Four type of mentality.

There are four type of
mentality of the person.
* First- I am OK, I WIN
& I am RIGHT.
Others are also OK
others also WIN
others are also RIGHT.
This is Ideal mentality.
* Second is I am OK,
But Others are not OK
others never WIN and
others are not RIGHT.
This is selfish mentality
* Third – I am not OK
I can’t WIN and
I am Not RIGHT.
Others are OK,
other can WIN and
other are RIGHT.
This lack of self
* Four If I am not OK,
I cannot WIN & I am
not right then other
should not be OK,
should not WIN &
should not be RIGHT.
This is poor mentality.
Achieve ideal mentality
for self and for others.
Vinod Anand 09/04/2019