1618 Non stop happiness

Non stop happiness is
happiness without break.
24 hours happiness is
real happiness through
out life irrespective of
the situation in life.
Think of the permanent
happiness as a dream &
make a target to achieve.
People have many reasons
to beccome unhappy, not
a single resson to become
happy all the time in the life.
Is any reason is required to
remain happy all the time ?
Happiness is choice and
the decision in the morning
to remain happy whole day.
Live in present, don’t live in
past or future to remian
happy all the time. Don’t
make happiness dependent
on thing, person & situation.
Happinness all the time
must be independent.
Remote control of your
happiness don’t give, in
the hand of any thing or
person and Situation.
Your happiness must be
unconditional then only
you can enjoy 24 hours
non stop happiness.
Vinod Anand 02/06/2019


1583 Observation

Obseration is quality of
seeing or looking.Seeing
and Looking minutely
is called obersvation.
To observe while seeing &
looking the persons or
thing, called observation.
Observation is special
way of seeing & looking.
Habit of Observation is
awareness, awakeness
& alertness of person.
If see or look person or
thing causely with lack of
obervation is poor quality
of art of seeing or looking.
By habit of observation
you can indentify person
or thing & aslo can know
quality of person-things.
Good observation quality
is quality of detective or
scientists & greater people.
Develop obervation power
to make you powerful.
Vinod Anand 30/04/2019

1563 Four type of mentality.

There are four type of
mentality of the person.
* First- I am OK, I WIN
& I am RIGHT.
Others are also OK
others also WIN
others are also RIGHT.
This is Ideal mentality.
* Second is I am OK,
But Others are not OK
others never WIN and
others are not RIGHT.
This is selfish mentality
* Third – I am not OK
I can’t WIN and
I am Not RIGHT.
Others are OK,
other can WIN and
other are RIGHT.
This lack of self
* Four If I am not OK,
I cannot WIN & I am
not right then other
should not be OK,
should not WIN &
should not be RIGHT.
This is poor mentality.
Achieve ideal mentality
for self and for others.
Vinod Anand 09/04/2019

1537 Time Saver

The element, action or
method, save the time
can be called T.saver.
Who is hero ? find out
the time saver.
You are the hero to
find out time saver.
First plan & allot evey
hour useful work.
Observe way of doing
that work, find another
way which take less time
& implement to save time.
Observe another work &
try to do it in less time.
This activity is time saver.
Curtail time of sleeping &
entertainment to get more
time for useful work.
Try to develop habit of
multitasking to combine
two activities together to
save time for useful work.
Alway be awake to find out
idle time for useful work.
Be away from time eater
things person, elements
& activities will save time
Time saver, save the
time to utilise that time
for productive work.
Vinod Anand 17/03/2019

1487 Reputation

Reputation is tools of
popularity, publicity.
Reputation of thing in
market and person in
family & society create
brand name & value.
It is important to build
reputation for excellent
bussiness & social life.
Remember four points
for buliding reputation.
* Honour your word and
always do what you say.
* Be punctual in life and
donot be a late comer.
* Handle money with
care in business and
in social life to avoid
* Pleasing personaliy
by proper dressing &
body language, smile
personal hygiene and
use positive uplifting
words while talking.
* Follow the Principle
of virtues, ethics, truth
Reputation is life time
award to thing or person.
Vinod Anand 07/02/2019

1486 How to convince others

How to convince other in
family,office and society.
Art of convincing needed
in personal, professional &
business life.
Remember few Points to
convince other that makes
him understand and he
accept and get agree.
* See the mood & mode of
the person, that he is in
listening & receptive mode.
He should not be upset or
logical or arguing mood.
* To bring him receptive
mode get connected
emotionally with him by
love care,respect & help.
* Appreciate & accept the
person as he is, and get
connected emotionally.
By doing this he will trust
you and ready to listen you,
so you can convience him.
Vinod Anand 06/02/2019

1395 Think & write

Mind create thoughts,
it’s nature of mind but
mind cannot store it.
Important,useful and
positive thoughts you
better write down.
Later you can think
on or act upon it.
When you special
create thoughts on
perticluar subject,
good ideas comes &
goes, be ready with
pencil-paper to write.
Good poet, planner
thinker does this for
future reference.
Sharpen your pencil
to sharpen your mind.
When you think of
activities for tomorrow
write down & execute.
By doing this we can
achieve100% success.
Think and write is effective
tools of success.
Successful person
use this techqunic.
Vinod Anand 22/11/2018