1709 Eligibility of marriage

Boy or Girl, unless eligible
or qualify for marriage don’t
get marry for happy, peaceful
and success life, otherwise
life will be problematic for
both and their families.
* Eligibility & maturity age.
(Boy age >22-Girl age >18).
* Education & nice job to
fullfill all need of the life.
* Knowledge of married life
duties and responsibility .
* Development of physical
and mind personality, i.e.
Good nature, good habits
good emotion to achieve
Ideal human being status.
* Knowledge of child care &
Development before you
become parents.
* Mentality to live for each
other with family member.
* Don’t demand ideal wife
or ideal husband but be
a ideal person to marry.
Please get eligible for above requirements for marrige than
think of marriage, not before.
Vinod Anand 27/08/2019


1657 Learn Unlearning

Learning is important
and emphasized for
success in the life.
Learn unlearning is
more important and
necessary in this fast
chaging world.
What is unlearning ?
So far we have mind
set & beliefs learned
by learning, listening,
experience & become
very rigid & never want
to change bad belief
& mindset so we can
not create new mind
set & right beliefs for
better life.
The producer to replace
old mindset and wrong
belief by new mind set
& right belief is called
unlearning.For exmple
when cat come across,
not considered good.
Immediately replace
this belief by creating
positive belief, Today
will be amazing day.
Whatever any thing
good happened then
relate with new belief.
Mindset & bad belief
changed to new belief.
By unlearning you can
change bad belief,habit
to create new mind set.
Unlearning is the useful
tools for Persobality
Vinod Anand 08/07/2019

Non Finance Franchise

Non finance Franchise.
Vinodchandra. A. Parikh.
Nike name ” Vinod Anand ”
friend, philosopher & guide,
conducting Training Program
on Personality Development
& Art of Living for students.
Language : English, Hindi, Gujarati.
Essence of the Traning Program :
Awareness about “Science of Life ”
Purpose : Self awareness and self improvement for Ideal personality.
I would like to enhance this
Training Program rigoriously.
Interested Person may contact.
Person will be Trained and allow
to conduct this Training Program.
Contact :
Whatapp : M -7575038437, Web site :
Email: Vinod.chandra.Parikh@gmail.com
Face book : vinodchandra parikh