2113 Pride the Ego

We all have Pride of
Money or beauty or
fame or intelligence or
power or skill or talent.
Pride makes our life
complecated & make
our personality artificial,
We looses humbleness.
All the fights & quarrels
happened are due pride.
Pride is cause of tension
and anxieties in our life.
Pride is extremely ugly.
If self esteemed is high
humbleness exist.
More we become humble
Every thing become OK.
For high self esteem,
believe that we are tiny
part of Great God and
we are servant of God.
Develop Humbleness,
pride doesn’t exist.
Pride The Ego means
‘ Edging God Out ‘ that is
Ego is there because we
are forgetting God and
Greatness of God.
God hate Ego and also
person having ego.
Saint says, ” Hate pride
and love humbleness.”
Freedom from pride is
real freedom in the life.
Vinod Anand 24/07/2020

2074 Ultimate Purpose

What is ultimate purpose
of the life ? Life has been
given for Ultimate purpose.
There are many purposes
for survival of life but the
Ultimate purpose must be
Known and achieved.
For some one it may be
Money or properties or
Happiness or to Become
great personality.
These are the desire of
the individuals but not
Ultimate purpose.
Happiness is final goal
of all other purpose but
not Ultimate purpose.
Ultimate purpose of
living life is elevation,
edification & liberation
of soul – i.e is freedom
from rebirtg cycle by
living the divine life
by surrendering your
self to supreme Soul-
God, along with other
purpose of the life.
Live for ultimate purpose
will be ideal life and right
way living of the life. Vinod Anand 25/06/2020 Friend,Philosophers,Guide

2060 Passion & Personality

Passion and personality
are basic seeds of growth
and success in life.
Every body have passion.
Must know our Passion.
Sucessful people know
his passion and work
and get success.
Work without knowing
passion may not grow.
How to find out passion ?
First : K now Passion.
Find out What work you
are expert, love and enjoy
while doing is your passion.
Find out need of world ?
you can be hired & paid,
make it your profession.
Second : Find out your
Are you outgoing/reserved
and people/task oriented ?
Four type of personality
called DISC are derived.
1) D : Dominating with
outgoing & task oriented.
2) I : Inspiring with outgoing
and people oriented.
3) S : Supporting with reserved
and people oriented.
4) C : Cautious with reserved
and task oriented.
After knowing your passion
and personality select your
profession of life to become
most successful personality.
Vinod Anand 14/06/2020

2047 Power of Influence

A person or thing have
effect on person or thing.
is called influence that is
by ability, talent, position
wealth, bright personality
of the person or things.
Power of Influence can be
develop by developing skill
in different area of life like, communication skill,talent,
personality, qualifications
and expertise in one field.
Advantages of influence are…
* You can convince person,
* Impress other & get work
done easily,
* Become trust worthy .
* Get respect from other.
* Counselling of other.
Utilize Power of Influence
in positive manner not in
negative manner.
So be careful about such
influence person who use
this power of influence in
nagetive manner. So Don’t
influenced immediately by
any unknown person,don’t
develop trust, be awake.
Develop skill to influence
other by your work, action
behaviour and character.
Vinod Anand 05/06/2020