1668 How life must be ?

How life must be ?
First you have to dream
your life, whatever you
want to make your life.
Life must be designed.
* Life must be simple with
high thinking & action.
* Life must be peaceful &
happy without tension,
worries & depression.
* Life must be divine.
* Life must be planned,
targeted and executed
* Life must be regular with
decipline and limitations
which can inspire other.
* Life must be heplful and
useful for self & others.
Dream such model of life
& live such life then you
become great, famous &
effective personality.
Vinod Anand 17/07/2019


1665 Life is Goal

Life is goal and goal is life.
Life without goal is useless.
Animal live life without goal.
Human life must have goal.
Goal is nothing but dream &
desire to be materialized.
Goal give direction to life &
optimum utilization of time.
Goal, planning & execution
of plan is the path to live life.
Otherwise life move without
direction & path i.e. random,
haphazard, uncertain and
fruitless life. There must be
number of goals in the life
like carreer, character, social
and personality and spiritual
development .
Set gaols, dream it, have
deep & intens desire, set
the mind to achieve goals.
Then remember, visualize,
plan it that is allotment of
time slot in 24 hrs of a day
Finally execute the plan i.e.
live the life accordingly.
Means life is goal & make
the goal to live the life.
Goal is only purpose of life.
Vinod Anand 15/07/2019

1599 Earn Respec,raise value

How to earn respect &
raise your value in the
family and society.
* Accept your self, repect
& love your self as you are.
Say I am the best, I love
you & I respect you,looking
your self into the mirror for
few day raise self respect
so other will respect you.
* Be perfect in work, find
your talent & develop it
raise value and respect.
* Don’t be complainer.
Don’t give advise unless
asked in family or society.
* Don’t quote weakness of
any one but compensate.
* Don’t argue, discuss with
any one to raise value.
* Give respect and take
respect is simplest way to
earn respect & raise value.
* Kown everybody love
language to please him
to get respect from him
and raise your value.
Develop human being
quality to have a smart
personality, get respect
and raise your value in
family and society.
Don’t demand respect,
Demand destroy love
respect and value.
Vinod Anand 16/05/2019

1574 Habits of Best Personality

Habit is powerful tools of
Personality development.
To develop one good habit
we need non-stop practice
of 21 days but to remove
bad habit we need non-
stop practice of 45 days.
First you have to make
good habits and then
habits will make you,
good personality figure.
Few best habits need to
develop personality are…
Wake up early & do prayer.
Do exercise & meditation.
Take healthy breake fast.
Do most important work,
then only do other work.
Develop habits of reading
and Talk less listen more.
Avoid to take energy drink,
fast food & packed food.
Avoid the company of
toxi-negative people.
Develop the habit of no
complaining, no blaming,
no comparing & no fault
finding to develop Best
Vinod Anand 21/04/2019

1564 Vacation Golden opportunity

Vacation is favourite and
best for enjoyment and rest,
worry and tension free period,
for student and parents.
Students become lazy,
just passes time, become
idle and no activities
except enjoyment like
watching TV and Internet
and gossiping etc.
But really speaking,
It is golden opportunity for
development, improvement,
reading books and learning
something new art is
possible in vacation.
Spare time when student
improve their handwriting,
learn English grammar, maths,
other weak subject and prepare
for next standard etc.
Student must develop human
being quality & good habits
which he can do in vacation
very nicely for his personality
good physical & mental health.
Wise student never miss the
opportunity in vacations.
Vinod Anand 11/04/2019
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1530 Science of behaviour

What you behave with
any one, according to
your nature, build your
pattern of behaviour.
In life behaviour is
every thing to build
your character and
So build effective
pattern of behaviour.
Expertise in behaviour
is successful person.
Be conscious & build
your behaviour pattern.
Generally behaviour &
nature is automatic
proccess, if you are not
conscious and aware.
So behaviour patter is
build unknowingly.
Make this process self
operated to build better
behaviour pattern.
First observe your
behaviour is it effective ?
if not change behaviour
for better result. Go on
doing this exercise till
you build effective and
good behaviour pattern,
which will be a high way
to your target of success.
Vinod Anand 13/03/2019

1493 Right Image

Your life is seen, obvserved
& experiencd by your family
society, office by number of
people daily.
Family, society, work place
are the mirror, stores your
action, reaction & behaviour.
So be careful about your
action, reaction & behaviour.
Which will frame your image
and judge your personality.
If you do wrong, illeagal or
unethical action is being
well copyied by them.
So keep in mind that when
you are head in family,teacher
& leader or head in offices,
your all bad practice will be
copied by others under you.
Finally with bad image you
can control or manage them.
Wherever you are, whatever
you are , whomever you are,
you cannot succeed.
For 100% success create
right image & personality.
People does what you do
not what you say. So say
by action & behaviour.
Vinod Anand 12/02/2019