939 Blind Follower

Don’t follow blindly 

any sadhu or sage. 

Follow the principles of  

person not the person. 

Don’t follow the person

like other follows him. 

Be awake & aware 

before become the 

follower of the popular


Know the back history 

& underground activities  

of the the person before

becoming follower of

the person. 

If you follow blindly 

the person then you

will be captured by

his miracles and 

atmosphere of the

Ashram of the person. 

Later on you will be 

addicted of the person 

and atmosphere. 

So be careful before

becoming the follower

of any personality. 

Blind follower is most

illitrate person. 

Vinod Anand                          04/10/2017 Friend,Philosopher,Guide    


926 Nature of the Man

What is nature…..  

It is complex,integrated  

phenomena  of the man.

It is the resultant of your’s  

habits, qaulities & feeling. 

So be very conscious about 

your habits, qualities, feeling.   

Your nature upgrades or 

degrades your personality. 

Know your habits qualities 

& feeling which degrades

your personality.

Analyze main bad habits

which badly degrade 

your personality. 

Make a goal to free from

that habit & create one 

anti-habit which may

upgrade your personality. 

Then do for next bad quality 

& feeling which degrade 

your personality.

You may find personality 

will be upgraded slowly. 

Finally your nature will

very good, so you become 

ideal personality, which 

will build your life ideal. 

Vinod Anand                          20/09/2017 Friend,Philosopher,Guide    

814 Power of belief

Belief  is driving force

to do any unexpected,

and unbelievable work.

It may be difficult for

other to do, not having

such belief in mind.

Some guy walk on fire

have  belief that by doing

this he get grace of God.

Belief is deeply rooted,

so difficult to change.

Child gets any thing by

crying, having belief that by

crying he can get any thing.

Create and deeply root

the belief in mind of the

person to do miracle work.

if you want to change person

attitude or behaviour or work

change his rooted belief

and bow another belief in

his mind so deeply that

he can change easily.

Person belief decide his

personality and living style.

To change his personality

or living style, study his

beliefs & try to change old

belief or create new belief.

Finally beliefs is controlling

phenomena of human being.

Belief of a man become his

habit or nature & build his life.

Vinod Anand                        19/06/2017   Friend,Philosopher,Guide