1547 Effective Powerful words

Every words have it’s power
& effective may be negative
or positive. But the use of
right words at right time is
matter of undersanding,
self experience & feeling.
Some words together give
special effective in making
your life happy & peaceful.
Have attitude of gratitude
to say word, like Thank you
or Sorry Whenever needed.
Others words are ‘ It’s ok ‘
‘Never mind’ at proper time.
Have attitude of Forget and
Foregiveness, life changing
words if implemented.
Other words are Don’t give
up, Be positive, Be aware,
Be awake, Be alert, Be active
Be passonate which are also
life changing words will make
life happy,peaceful & success.
Vinod Anand 26/03/2019


1545 Survival in 21st Century

Survival in 21st century
is problem to look into.
21st century is fast
growing, fast changing
technology & competitive.
Only Master degree with
good % not sufficient to
survive in 21 century.
Ordinary person cannot
survive and make his life
safe stable and secure in
21st century, he must be
talented, creative & must
develop following skills
and attitude to survive.
* Technology skill.
* Positive attitude.
* Communication skill
* Control over emotions
* Problem solving attitude.
* Time management skill
* Learning attitude.
* Multitasking skill.
* Team working attitude
* Leadership skill.
Unless until you develop
these skill & attitude you
cannot survive in 21 century.
Be ready and start practice.
Vinod Anand 24/03/2019

1521 Thought on thoughts

Human being thoughtful
generate 60 thousands
thoughts unknowingly or
knowingly daily may be
negative or positive and
useful or waste of past
or future or present.
Some time we go on
thinking on one thought
without any outcome.
We have to give thought
on thoughts knowingly
for the optimize benefit,
to utilize for self career
and life development
by controlling thoughts.
We have analyse the type
of thought & usefulness
of thought generated.
We have forcibly stop
negative & destructive
thouhgts to create the
positive, constructive,
and useful thoughts for
time & life management.
Thought is the seed of
growth, development
and progress in life.
Be awake, analyse, give
a thought on thoughts.
Vinod Anand 07/03/2019

1514 Secret of Failure

Failure is not failure,
it is path of success,
if don’t become nersvse,
it become your guide
show your mistakes.
You have to correct it &
continue for success.
Failure says unability to
achieve what you want.
Failure is caution,it makes
you awake & aware.
It force you to replan your
activities or path or target.
Success after no.of failure
increases your popularity,
glory and become story to
inspire & motivate others.
Failure open the fact and
reality of getting success.
It make you calm, sincere
serious about your target.
Failure makes your mind,
body & intention storng.
It increase your wisdom
positivity and integrity.
So don’t afraid of failure
face it & take advantage
of no. of failure gives.
Failure is not opposite
of success but part of it.
Vinod Anand 01/03/2019


1460 Status of Mind

What is the status of mind ?
What is the mood of mind ?
Necessary to know this for
awareness and behaviour.
Whether it is steady or not ?
Steady mind is seed of
success & greatness.
Whether pure or impure ?
Pure mind is seed of peace
and happiness.
Whether active or idle ?
Active mind is seed of
Wheter luxurious or simple.
Simple mind is intellegent.
Whether it is positive or
negative attitude ?
Positive attitude is seed of
progress & prosperity.
Whether it is controlled
or uncontrolled.Controlled
mind is your best freind.
Whether it is dust bin or
box of jewelry.
Jewelry is seed of beauty.
Whatever be the status,
will get benefit accordingly.
Mind is driver of your life.
Be a master of driver & life.
Vinod Anand 15/01/2019

1406 Attitude of successful person

Attitude of person decide
success or failure in life.
He think big,dream & get it.
Successful person have
attitude of doing best when
nobody watch him & never
procrastinate their work.
He love what he does work.
Have attitude of doing extra.
He does work which ordinary
person cannot work or don’t
like to work. Have optimistic
and positive attitude to work.
Have attitude to work smartly
with plan and never give up.
He work with buffer plan to
achieve his target in time.
He think of possible hurdle
& be preapered to solve it.
He always remain energetic
passonate & enthusiastic.
Develop attitude & qualities
of successful person in life.
Vinod Anand 27/11/2018

1404 Feelings

Feelings is natural in life.
If you see things, person
face situation & problem
mind think & create feeling
may be positive or negative
and act or react or behave.
You have power to create
and control your feelings.
For that you must be awake,
aware of fact and observe
feeling is created in mind.
If negative analyse, think
positive and practice to
create positive feelings.
Feeling is very power tool
for proper behavior.
Positive feelings are love
mercy, content, peace etc.
Negative feelings are hatre
anger,revenge,violence etc.
Generally negative feeling
take wrong decision and
vice versa so feel good &
do good be successful.
Vinod Anand 27/11/2018