1863 Positive Transformation

Positive Tranformation is
key to success & happiness.
What you are today, will be
better tomorrow in right
direction is called positive transformation.
Positive Tranformation Tips
* Update & upgrade yourself
for Positive Tranformation.
* Remove unnecessary things
from house, thoughts from
mind and negative people
from your company in life.
This will make you light &
fresh which will inspire for
positive transformation.
Think on paper what want
to become in the life.
* Learn from past,don’t worry
for future & live in present.
Create attitude of grattitude
in life, to inspire & motivate
for positive tranformation.
Be positive & transformative.
Vinod Anand 19/01/2020

1843 Happy New Year

” New year become your
Happiest and new year ”
is my heartly blessing.
Pray and Request God
to fullfill all your desire.
To make year 2020 new.
make a resolution like…
Practice for love, care
& share for everyone.
Develop feeling of peace
compassion, Mercy etc.
Get free from jealousy
revenge, anger & worry.
Make the taget of career
& character development.
Be passonate, Be positive,
Be active and Be happy to
make 2020, turning point
of your life by resolutions.
Vinod Anand 31/12/2019

1820 Self Confidence

Self Confidence is seed
of successful life.
Nuture it & cultivate it
so seed become tree of
success and happiness.
Confidence is evey thing.
Self Confidence is internal
force does the work such
that success is sure.
Seeds of self confidence
must be sowed in child
hood by Parents.
* Donot insult or get angry,
don’t use negative words
to discourage the child.
* Behave softly & handle
carefully their emotions,
appreciate & encourage
to respect them with love
to make him fearless.
You can develop seed of
self confidence by…..
* Use affirmations quotes.
like ” I can do. I will do ”
* Travel alone to face the
challenges without any
body support.
* Practice attitude of
gratitude & be positive.
* Acquire Knowledge &
convert to wisdom
* Be fearless while working.
Self Confidence is evey thing.
Vinod Anand 11/12/2019

1799 Be confident

Self Confident is every
thing for successful life.
You cannot do any work
perfectly without self
Raise confident level
and be confident.
Tip to raise self confidence.
Keep your body and mind
healthy to raise confidence.
Say affirmative,positive
quote and raise your self.
confidence level.
* I am special.Don’t compare
your self with other.
* I am able to do any thing.
* I can learn new things
* I can do any difficult work
& I will do.
* I can solve any problem.
These positive affirmation
will raise your confidence.
Vinod Anand 21/11/2019

1797 Toxic people

Toxic people are too
negative, demotivate,
discourage & misguide.
Toxic people is harmful
dangerous & difficult to
deal with. Six Tips to
deal with such people.
1) Avoid such people or be
away from toxic people.
whoever he may be.
change the person.
2) Stay away from such
people means change
the place.
3) Breake the relation if
you can.
4) Focus correct attention to
your target. Don’t pay
attention towards him.
5) Don’t get influence by
toxic people & deal with
positive attitude.
6) If possible try to correct
him without any loss.
Vinod Anand 20/11/2019

1795 Pay attention to…

Pay attention to important
things or relation or work
or what you have, not to
things don’t have or not
important or not required.
Also give attention to your
priority to concentrate you
focus on important things.
Pay attention to what you
have and be happy.
if you pay attention to what
is don’t have then you will
unhappy & you can’t enjoy
for what you have with you.
Don’t cry for thing which is
not there with you.
Smile for things which are
there with you.
Develop positive attitude for
success & happiness in life.
Vinod Anand 20/11/2019

1780 Who make you think

Who makes you think ?
Mind makes you think.
Mind is generator of
thoughts & can think
on selected thought.
It generates 60,000
thoughts per day.
Be observer of your
thoughts. Accept the
positive th and reject
negative thoughts.
When you catch one
thought & start thinking.
Thoughts are natural, it
can be positive or negative.
Senses, environment
and surrounding make
you think.
Thinking is not bad
unless it is negative or
become overthinking.
What you think that you
become, think positive
big to become great &
to achieve your targets.
Think of peaceful and
happy life so it become.
Vinod Anand 08/11/2019