1210 Tips for success

Purpose of the life
or Target of the life
must be success.
Tips for success.
First important tip
is self awareness for
self improvement.
Develop some art like
Art of living, listening
& speaking for better
human public relation.
Develop right attitude
that is be positive, be
Optimists, be active.
Develop nature of love,
share, care and help.
Develop Good habits
of regularity discipline
and smart working.
Understand problem
and feelings of other
& cooperate with other
Be concentrate and
focused on your work.
Also Develop attitude of
gratitude & forgiveness.
Tips are guideline have
to practice for success .
Vinod Anand 17/06/2018


1207 Control Your Emotions

Emotions are two types
negative and positive.
Both emotions need to
control & to release for
human being for happy
peaceful,successful life.
Some Straight foward
people release emotion
and become free from.
But other may get hurt.
Some people swallow
emotion inward, store
emotion which may
create tension & worry.
So it is necessary to
release the emotion.
Other way to control
your emotion is feel
fully & face but donot
accumulate which may
create depression.
Also tell your emotion
to deserve person and
get relax from emotion.
By meditation you can
control your emotion.
To be emotion positively
is good but to be too much
emotional is not advisable.
So control your emotions.
Vinod Anand 13/06/2018

1170 Tips on PD

Personality Development is
tools for happy-peaceful life.
Tips to develop Personality.
Be aware of your personality.
Do self observation & try to
remove bad habits & acquire
qualities of human being.
* Be positive & Beoptimist.
* Be more passionate.
* Handle your emotions.
* Share, Care & Love
* Don’t criticise & other.
* Praise other & Be polite.
* communicate effectively.
* The is problem the challenge.
* Possess quality of patience.
* Live Stress free & healthy life.
* Help the needy person.
* Have attitude of gratitude.
Personality Development
gives popularity,prosperity
and happy-peaceful life.
Vinod Anand 09/05/2018

1164 Be motivated

Motivation is the force
to encourage you & to
accelerate your speed.
Be inspire & be motivated
all the time to reduce the
effect of negativity & to
face any situation in life.
if you don’t wipe off dust
of negativity you cannot
be motivated all the time.
Cultivate the habit of be
motivated all the time.
Daily read the book of
great successful person,
So inspire you to motivate.
See video or listen audio
which inspire to motivate.
Achievers are like charger,
So meet achiever or success
person to know new ideas &
new development which may
inspire you to motivate you.
Make list of your work with
priority so every work may
get finished in time and no
postponement of work.
Read the list of work for
review to know missing
or forgotten work & you
can remember & finish it.
If remain motivated all the
time, you can ctreate
revolution in your life.
Vinod Anand 03/05/2018

1148 Response

Response is reply to
person while talking
or question from other.
It is reaction of action
see or you receive
from other person.
Scientifically action
& reaction are qual.
It is not true in social life.
In this case if reaction is
equal to action peace &
harmony is distrubed .
Your response show your
character and attitude.
So be careful while giving
response to any action or
while taking to the person.
Response is important to
keep healthy relation, peace
& harmony with the person.
Before responsing, think &
give your positive response.
Vinod Anand 16/04/2018

1145 Rules of success

Rules of successe are,
Set bigger purpose
and target in life.
Work hard smartly
with proper planning.
Have strong desire &
to achieve the target.
Positive Attitude must.
Be first a good student
to read & learn in life.
Reading and learning
are best investments.
Share, Care, Love are
seed of success.
Self inspiration and
self motivation must.
Our concentration, skill,
value makes us success. Be honest in life
Every things is with you
recognise your potential.
Consider the problem
as a challenges & face it.
Follow rules of success
for success.Best of luck.
Vinod Anand 13/04/2018

1090 Anger

Anger is negative reaction.
It radiate negative energy.
And spoil the atmosphere.
Anger is generated due to
failure or unexpected bad
behaviour of others or some
one exploit or irritate you.
Such case don’t react
immediately think & react
properly so you can avoid
anger & no tension & no
worry but smooth, easy &
successful life.
Anger also damage the
body & mind may cause
diseases & makes life
miserable & unhappy.
Try to suppress or avoid
or eliminate anger by any
method as early as you can.
Don’t allow anger become
your habit be careful.
When your become anger
want to anger be aware of
Anger with full control on
anger to get wanted result.
Sudden & uncontrolled anger
is cause of destruction.
Do planned anger with full
control over it so become
creative & positive anger.
Vinod Anand 23/02/2018