1068 Optimise.Vs.Pessimist

Optimise is positive attitude,
Pessimist is negative attitude.
Optimise is path of success,
Pessimist is path of failure.
Optimise always win,
Pessimist may not win.
Optimise have courage,
strong will power to face
any situation in the life,
remain steady & active.
Pessimist have fear,
weak will power to face
any situation in the life,
remain unsteady & idle.
Optimise have strong
self confidence.
Pessimist have less
self confidence.
Optimise can develop
or progress in the life.
Pessimist hardly develop
or progress in the life.
Optimise is happy person.
Pessimist is unhappy person.
Be Optimise for better life.
Don’t be Pessimist for worst life.
Vinod Anand 08/02/2018


1057 Power Of Habits

Habit is powerful tools
to make some activities
in auto mode that will
happen unknowing &
not able to control it .
Any activity you do
initially mind caution
you till you continue to
do it, it stop intervene &
activity become habit.
Habit is like robot does
same activity repeatedly
Take precaution before
that activity become habit,
that it good habit or bad.
If it is bad reject & donot
allow to become habit.
If it is good then go ahead.
Power of good habits will
make you happy & peaceful.
If you are not conscious
then power of bad habits
create problems in the life.
First you form habits then
it creates good personality.
Bad habits, POH is Negative.
Good habits, POH is Positive.
Vinod Anand 30/01/2018

1011 Stress Free Life

First keep the target of

” Stress Free Life “.

& Change point of view.

Every event have some 

advantage also don’t 

view only disadvantage .

Don’t feel sorry about 

mistakes done in past,

but take lesson & live

positive & creative.

Never compare yourself

with other, compare with

yourself for further growth.

Don’t feel jealous of other

be contented grow further.

Never feel superior of other 

and give up your ego.

When any illness think that 

paying last birth debts.

Try to help other so your

worries will be forgotten.

Try to solve the problem, 

otherwise accept it.

Live the life with planning.

Donot prolong stress for 

longer period & supress

it as early as possible.

Vinod Anand                              21/12/2017


1007 Ideal Mind Vs Idle Mind

Ideal Mind means active,

creative & positive mind.

Idle Mind means crazy,

lazy, & negative mind.

Ideal Mind is always busy,

interesting & strong mind,

Idle Mind is interest less  

sleepy & weakest mind.

Ideal Mind is workshop

means productive mind.

Idle Mind is devil’s work

shop when it empty.

Ideal mind full of ideas

& with self confidence.

Idle mind is without ideas & 

with lack of self confidence.

Ideal Mind is progressive

developing and controlled.

Idle Mind is less progressive,

undeveloped & uncontrolled.

Make your mind, Ideal mind

but never make it ldle mind.

Vinod Anand                              15/12/2017 Friend,Philosopher,Guide   

931 Better to…… 

Don’t try to think, negatively 

better to think positively. 

Don’t try to change other

better try to change yourself. 

Don’t try to find fault with other

better try to find out your fault. 

Don’t try to stop other’s anger

better try to control your anger. 

Don’t try to control other

better you control your self. 

Don’t try to  cheat other

better to awake so that

nobody can cheat you. 

Don’t try to misbehavior 

better try to behave properly. 

Don’t try for loose talk

better talk meaningful. 

Don’t try to trouble other

better to help other

who is in trouble. 

Don’t try to tease other

better teach each other. 

Don’t try to criticize other

better try  to appriciate other. 

So on, Don’t try to do 

which is not good, 

better try to do good &

live better & happy life. 

Vinod Anand                          28/09/2017 Friend,Philosopher,Guide    

672 Universal Mind

Person has individual mind

Universe has Universal mind

As person is part of universe

person’s  mind is also part of

Universal mind & networked.

Mentality of Universal mind

is average of individual mind.

More negative mind make

Universal mind more negative

& radiate accordingly to

individual mind and make

it more negative & create

harmful atmosphere &

thing goes bad or wrong.

For universal mind status

Individual mind is responsible.

What you think and do both

effect the universe and

Universal mind, so be

conscious & have positive

attitude and think positive

to built up positive Universal

mind & pleasure atmosphere.

Person’s mind is transmitter &

receive, will effect atmosphere

get effected by Universal mind.

Vinod Anand                       18/02/2017  Firend,Philosopher,Guide 

654 Willpower

​Willpower is soul power, 

Every human have same. 

Some one uses more &

some one uses less. 

some one is  aware of

his willpower so it is

strong and awake.

He never get nervous 

& says I can do this ! 

Some one don’t know 

his will power so it is

weak and not awake. 

He says I can not do. 

So he gets nervous

and feel helpless. 

For strong willpower 

you must soul conscious

and always feel you are 

powerful being and say

I can do and face any

situations in life.

Be positive, hopeful 


& always say I can do. 

Utilise will or soul

power & accept the 

challages in the life. 

Vinod Anand                         29/01/2017   Firend,Philosopher,Guide