1740 Emotional Health

Emotional Health means
right & good feelings for
others like compassion,
love,nonviolence & mercy.
Other feeling like equality
impartiality and kindness.
How do create emotional
Health or high emotional
quotient ?E.Q require high
emotional diet in morning.
Early rise to bed, pray God,
do meditation, reading or
listening good lectures &
give good affirmations to
your unconscious mind.
This acitivites will make
your mind peaceful and
positive which generate
good feeling, thoughts &
increase emotional health.
Don’t see news and read
paper will creates negative
feelings and thoughts, so
your emotional health will
be weak or poor and mind
will be unhappy, unsteady
and remain disturbed.
Be aware of emotional diet
and consume this diet for
high emotional health.
Vinod Anand 28/09/2019

1528 How to be positive

Positivity is proper & right
direction to invest energy.
Negativity is improper &
wrong direction to utilize
your engery.Positivity is
also a energy booster.
So for energetic & better
use of your strenght &
energy be positive.
How to become positive.
* Start your day with prayer
& gratitude toward God.
* Be conscious, aware of
negative thoughts to reject
or to convert it to positive.
* Be away from negative
peoples,TV News & paper.
* Always be connected with
positive poeople.
* Don’t stay idle, get busy
with useful activities, as a
idle mind is devils workshop.
* Be healthy by proper deit
exercise, yoga, pranayam etc.
* Create habit to be happy &
cheerful every situation.
* Keep purpose or target to
become positive using tips.
Best of luck for, to be positive.
Vinod Anand 12/03/2019

1487 Reputation

Reputation is tools of
popularity, publicity.
Reputation of thing in
market and person in
family & society create
brand name & value.
It is important to build
reputation for excellent
bussiness & social life.
Remember four points
for buliding reputation.
* Honour your word and
always do what you say.
* Be punctual in life and
donot be a late comer.
* Handle money with
care in business and
in social life to avoid
* Pleasing personaliy
by proper dressing &
body language, smile
personal hygiene and
use positive uplifting
words while talking.
* Follow the Principle
of virtues, ethics, truth
Reputation is life time
award to thing or person.
Vinod Anand 07/02/2019

1478 Who is the looser

Person who gets angry &
looses patience is the looser.
Person who looses hopes
desire to live is the looser.
Person who looses peace
& happiness is the looser
Person who looses respect
and confidence is looser.
Person who mind is not
steady and gets confuse
is the looser in the life.
Person who is unhealthy
& mentally weak is looser.
Person who is complaining
& comparing is the looser.
Person who sleep more &
postpone work is the looser.
Person who donot acquire
knowledge by reading and
listening is the looser.
Person who behaviour is
bad & speak rudely is looser.
Person who think negative
& unethical is the looser.
Person with bad nature
bad habits & emotions
is the looser in life.
Check yourself wheather
Are you looser or winner ?
Vinod Anand 01/02/2019

1477 Winner Vs. Looser

Thoughts only makes
you Winner or Looser.
Looser think negative &
become unsuuceessful.
Winner think positive &
become successful.
Optimist is winner and
pessimist is looser.
Person who says I have
no time may be a looser.
Winner always find time
for important work.
Irregular & unplanned
person is the looser &
vice vasa is the winner.
Winner see the problem
as a challenge & solve it
Looser see problem in
every situation.
Winner listen other to
learn & get knowledge.
Looser does reverse
donot happiness other, so
lack of knowledge.
Winner is ready to take
short term pain for long
term happiness & benefits.
Looser reversely behave.
Winner use Soft words,
looser use hard words
in disccusion.
Vinod Anand 31/01/2019

1474 Attitude towards Life

Attitude towards life
designe your life &
your life sytle which
makes you happy or
unhappy.If your attitude
towards life us negative or
poor then it may creates
difficuties or problem.
Attitude toward life is
positive-rich it will
create happiness.
Attitude towards life….
* Life is precious gift
of God to live like man.
* Attitude of gratitude
towards God for gift.
* Attitude to utilize Life
without spoiling life for
great & marvelous life.
* Live life with purpose
to fullfill the purpose.
* While living present life
you are writing next birth.
* Live with Attitude to help
or serve family & society.
* Life is not for enjoyment
* Live ideal life to remain
alive after death like great
personality are still alive.
Vinod Anand 29/01/2019

1472 Attitude towards Family

Family is basic tiny
world, such many
many tiny worlds
create existing world.
If all the family are
peaceful & happy
then exising world is
peaceful and happy.
Every members is
cause of existing family.
Attitude towards Family
should be …
* Love, share and care
each other in family.
* Your behaviour must
be such that it prevail
peace and happiness
in your family.
* More adjustmemt,
more sacrifice and
less expectation.
* Give respect to all
and take respect.
* Attitude to forget,
let go & forgiveness.
* More tolerance &
patience is needed.
* Be open minded,
Be pure hearted and
Be positive in family.

Vinod Anand 28/01/2019