2041 Alphabets of Life-2

M for Mind, Meditation
Management, Manners,
Mood and Maturity etc…
N for Nature,Nation,Nice
Noble, and etc…
O for Oaths, Overcome,
Open, On & Opinion etc..
P for Positivity, Pleasure
Purpose, Parents, Peace.
Q for Quality, Quickly,
Quiet and Quit, etc…
R for Relationship, Rain,
Reputation & Right etc.
S for Success, Safety,
Satisfaction, Saving etc..
T for Tolerance, Target,
Teaching,Truth,Trust etc..
U for Understanding, up
update, Upgradation etc
V for Victory, Vrtures,
Value-Edition, Video etc..
W for Water,welcome,
Wealth, Warrior, world etc..
Y for Yes, Year, yellow
Youth and Yield etc…
Z for Zen, Zero, Zeal etc
M to Z words are very
positive, teaches lession.
Vinod Anand 31/05/2020

1979 Useful Formulas-1

* Situation + Acceptance
equal to Positivity
* Positivity = peace and
* Situation-Acceptance
equal to Negativity.
* Negativity = pain & problem.
* Imagination + Reality equal
to peace and happiness
* Imagination – reality= stress.
* Imagination + imagination
equal to depression.
* Imagination × Imagination
equal to madness.
* Dream+target+plan+work
equal to achievement
* Career + Character equal
to great personality.
* Great personality equal to
ideal human being.
* Freedom + Discipline
equal to Freedom
* Freedom equal to peace,
happiness and success
Freedom – Discipline equal
to danger Freedom.
Danger Freedom equal
to problems & difficulties.
Vinod Anand 16/04/2020

1961 Definition of success

Success is subject
being discussed all
arround by every one.
It is advisable to know
correct definition of
success of your own.
Here are few definitions
to discover your own
definition of success.
* To be good, To do good
To feel good is success.
By Mukatanad swami
* Concentration and
consistency in action
to achieve the target.
is success.
* Mind set, mind control
and utilizing mind power
is success.
* Love, share and care
every one is success.
* Success is habit to get
success in work you do.
* Any thing done with
awareness is success.
* Work done beyod your
capacity, ability & power
is success.
* Contentment in mind
after receiving what
you want is success
otherwise it achievement.
* Success in every walk of
life is great success.
* Success includes stability
of mind, happiness, peace
with all type of growth and
progress in your life.
* Your victory of positivity
over negativity is success.
This is a effort to discover
own definitions of success.
Vinod Anand 05/04/2020

1926 Transformation Tips

Life transformation Tips
has transformed my life.
So powerful that it can
transform your life, just
by practicing, trust me.
1) Do work with100 %
effort and integrity.
2) Do 1% improvement
daily you will be genius.
3) Learn some thing new
daily consistently.
4) Love yourself talk to
your self daily.
5) Create positive attitude
& attitude of gratitude.
6) Have habit of reading &
listening saga or Guru.
7) Love every one share &
care with any one.
8) Take healthy food do
exercise & meditation.
9) Don’t complain, Compare
and expect.
10) Believe God,Trust God
pray God & Thank God
for beautiful life.
11) Think big, target, get it.
12) Accept unchangeable &
change changeable.
Any thing practice with self
confidence & consistently
will transform your life.
Vinod Anand 12/03/2020