788 Power of Option

Option means, more

alternative for any 

situation to face, problem 

to solve and react. 

There will many way and

means to tackle, behave

and to act and react.

We never search for

max options, like routine

we choice any thing and

says I have  no choice.

Be rich in options to face

situation,problem & to act.

Before choice to accept

must have lot of options.

Then next step is choose

right option for better result,

will be your right decision.

You have  power of options,

and power of choice to

increase decision power.

Search Option is creativity.

Be creative to have options

for right choice & decision.

Vinod Anand                      25/05/2017   Friend,Philosopher,Guide  

 724 How to become perfect ? 

God-supreme soul is perfect

We are soul, son of supreme.

We ought to be perfect

but not, So purpose of life

is to become perfect.

When we become perfect

we will be very near to God.

To become perfect believe

God, have trust, faith &

be devotee of God.

Change your vision from

body to soul conscious.

Remember the divine

qualities of soul Purity,

Happiness Peace, Power,

Love, Bliss & Knowledge.

Try to awake, acquire &

transform your life style.

God is with you just start

the your journey & you will

become perfect & near to

Supreme Soul-God.

Vinod Anand                           01/04/2017   Friend,Philosopher,Guide 

652 – Qualities of soul

​Purity, power, peace, 

happiness,love, bliss

and knowledge are

basic Qualities of  soul.

God-Supreme soul is

ocean of these qualities. 

Human has acquired

some impurities like,

bad qualities, bad habits, 

bad feelings so qualities 

of soul are buried under

these acquired qualities.

So they are in coma state.

To make them alive acquired 

qualities must be removed.

we have to again acquire 

basic Qualities of  soul, 

to live divine life. 

Vinod Anand                        27/01/2017   Firend,Philosopher,Guide 


​Charger boost the power

and increases energy level. 

Like batter charger 

charge the batter. 

Body need rest at night. 
which recover energy

consumed during day. 

Rest at night recharge

the body for next day. 

Night works as charger. 

Similarly mind-soul need
charging to boost mind-

soul power for next day. 

Meditation, Prayer and

Good Literature works as

charger to boost power. 

Unless until you recharge
your body, mind and soul

they don’t work efficiently. 

Be sure, they are regularly 

recharged without gap. 

Otherwise battery power 

will be so depleted and

May require replacement. 

Vinod Anand                      07/09/2016  Friend,Philosopher,Guid

what is love ?

Love is God. 

God  is Love.

Love is power.

Love every one unconditionally.

Love always gives,

It does not expect any return.

Meaning of word changes in love

It sees success in defeat.

It enjoys more in departure than meeting.

It sacrifices for beloved. 

Love gives you happy peaceful life.

Love is the foundation of Heaven.

Mind (MANA) Power & Control

Mind is very powerful & active element  of the body. It’s speed is more than light. It’s also a controlling element of the body.  “ We have two minds -Left mind and Right Mind. Left mind carry our normal routine work , Right mind is creative  mind. It has  power to generate new ideas. Left mind controls right body and right mind controls Left body. Heart is in the left part of the body. If you are using right mind for creativity, your heart becomes sound and strong,


Other classification of mind is conscience, unconscious mind. Unconscious mind  is being programmed by conscience and accordingly routines are executed. Unconscious mind  also have information and qualities (sanskar) of earlier birth.  It is necessary to know the position of mind in the Hierarchy  of the  body to know it’s responsibility in the chain.


There is super soul & God ( Generation – Operation-Distruction) above the soul.

What is the real work or responsibility of the mind ?  To guide and control the  senses of the body to work in consultation with soul & discrimination power (Vivek) between the truth and falsehood.  But the situation is reverse. It is control by liking and disliking of the sense and impurities in the mind, ignoring the soul power. To acquire the control back to mind we have to understand the power of mind it’s behavior, Impurities,  bad habits, harmful activities etc. Try to cultivate mind for good qualities , like a kid and train it  with consultation with soul.

How to do it ?

For that please refer earlier lesion- 2  of    Self awareness  &  Self improvement

To carry out these activities acquire knowledge (Gyan) with the help of satsang, grace of God, reading good literature and by doing exercise to cultivate the mind which can control the activities of senses.

There are four power of the mind which can be utilizes with steady and controlled mind. There are Good thoughts , Imagination , feelings  and wide  field of  knowledge – landscaped of the mind .

Bad  qualities of mind :

Unsteady mind, weak mind, impure mind, uncontrolled mind greedy mind, angry mind,  inattentive  mind,  negative way of  thinking,  pessimist mind, inactive, idle mind etc.

Better qualities of mind

 Steady mind, strong mind, pure mind, controlled mind, innocent mind, peaceful mind, attentive mind, positive way of thinking, optimist, creative etc.

Few Proverbs of the mind :


Victory over mind is victory over the world.

Mind either can be friend  or  can be enemy.

Pure mind is image of God.

Donot be the slave of mind  be owner of mind.

Nothing come with us except mind with it’ qualities.

Happiness and unhappiness are the subject of mind.