945 Power of Relation

Relation is power &

energy for life to live. 

It is driving force for the

person in the family. 

Relation is binding force

keep all member together. 

Without relation power

person becomes,helpless

powerless and  hopless. 

Relation is the purpose of

the person to live the life. 

Relation is the supporting

power for the person to live. 

Relation is power of  trust. 

So keep the relation and   

make it strong which 

increases power of relation. 

Relation power can be build

by love, sacrifice, carrying 

responsible faithful, and 

take care each person of

family. Give support & get

support which increases

power of relation.

Power of relation is the

power of life to live happily 

peacefully & joyfull. 

Vinod Anand                            07/10/2017 Friend,Philosopher,Guide    


844 Consciousness 

Consciousness is

awareness, awakening 

alertness & complete sense, 

that is presence of mind. 

Means while think or

speaking or doing, 

you should know what

you are think, speaking 

and doing at that moment. 

And you should also

know that whatever you

do is right or wrong. 

Do not act unconsciously, 

without your knowledge 

and permission of mind, 

intelligent and soul power. 

That is right way of living. 

While doing any thing

if your conscious bytes, 

It is not right act. 

if your conscious becomes

happy, It is right act. 

Be conscious every moment. 

Consciousness is power of 

mind intelligent and soul &

Suppose to control your

senses of your body for

steady, controlled, happy

peaceful & successful life. 

Vinod Anand                          11/07/2017   Friend,Philosopher,Guide  

824 Power of forgiveness 

Some body does mistake 

or unpleasure work 

instead of punishing 

or giving bad reaction, 

if we forget and foregive, 

it is call forgiveness.

Power of forgiveness

is such that person does 

that he become great. 

The person to whom 

it is given have chance

to improve in his life.

Noble person can

forgive other person 

with intention that

he should apologise 

and never repeat 

such mistake or work.

Only courageous man

can forget & forgive other. 

Forgiveness prevail peace

and make relation strong. 

Forgiveness is noble

human being quality. 

Donot forget to foregive

other mistake-bad work. 

Vinod Anand                          26/06/2017    Friend,Philosopher,Guide  

788 Power of Option

Option means, more

alternative for any 

situation to face, problem 

to solve and react. 

There will many way and

means to tackle, behave

and to act and react.

We never search for

max options, like routine

we choice any thing and

says I have  no choice.

Be rich in options to face

situation,problem & to act.

Before choice to accept

must have lot of options.

Then next step is choose

right option for better result,

will be your right decision.

You have  power of options,

and power of choice to

increase decision power.

Search Option is creativity.

Be creative to have options

for right choice & decision.

Vinod Anand                      25/05/2017   Friend,Philosopher,Guide  

 724 How to become perfect ? 

God-supreme soul is perfect

We are soul, son of supreme.

We ought to be perfect

but not, So purpose of life

is to become perfect.

When we become perfect

we will be very near to God.

To become perfect believe

God, have trust, faith &

be devotee of God.

Change your vision from

body to soul conscious.

Remember the divine

qualities of soul Purity,

Happiness Peace, Power,

Love, Bliss & Knowledge.

Try to awake, acquire &

transform your life style.

God is with you just start

the your journey & you will

become perfect & near to

Supreme Soul-God.

Vinod Anand                           01/04/2017   Friend,Philosopher,Guide 

652 – Qualities of soul

​Purity, power, peace, 

happiness,love, bliss

and knowledge are

basic Qualities of  soul.

God-Supreme soul is

ocean of these qualities. 

Human has acquired

some impurities like,

bad qualities, bad habits, 

bad feelings so qualities 

of soul are buried under

these acquired qualities.

So they are in coma state.

To make them alive acquired 

qualities must be removed.

we have to again acquire 

basic Qualities of  soul, 

to live divine life. 

Vinod Anand                        27/01/2017   Firend,Philosopher,Guide 


​Charger boost the power

and increases energy level. 

Like batter charger 

charge the batter. 

Body need rest at night. 
which recover energy

consumed during day. 

Rest at night recharge

the body for next day. 

Night works as charger. 

Similarly mind-soul need
charging to boost mind-

soul power for next day. 

Meditation, Prayer and

Good Literature works as

charger to boost power. 

Unless until you recharge
your body, mind and soul

they don’t work efficiently. 

Be sure, they are regularly 

recharged without gap. 

Otherwise battery power 

will be so depleted and

May require replacement. 

Vinod Anand                      07/09/2016  Friend,Philosopher,Guid