1740 Emotional Health

Emotional Health means
right & good feelings for
others like compassion,
love,nonviolence & mercy.
Other feeling like equality
impartiality and kindness.
How do create emotional
Health or high emotional
quotient ?E.Q require high
emotional diet in morning.
Early rise to bed, pray God,
do meditation, reading or
listening good lectures &
give good affirmations to
your unconscious mind.
This acitivites will make
your mind peaceful and
positive which generate
good feeling, thoughts &
increase emotional health.
Don’t see news and read
paper will creates negative
feelings and thoughts, so
your emotional health will
be weak or poor and mind
will be unhappy, unsteady
and remain disturbed.
Be aware of emotional diet
and consume this diet for
high emotional health.
Vinod Anand 28/09/2019

1574 Habits of Best Personality

Habit is powerful tools of
Personality development.
To develop one good habit
we need non-stop practice
of 21 days but to remove
bad habit we need non-
stop practice of 45 days.
First you have to make
good habits and then
habits will make you,
good personality figure.
Few best habits need to
develop personality are…
Wake up early & do prayer.
Do exercise & meditation.
Take healthy breake fast.
Do most important work,
then only do other work.
Develop habits of reading
and Talk less listen more.
Avoid to take energy drink,
fast food & packed food.
Avoid the company of
toxi-negative people.
Develop the habit of no
complaining, no blaming,
no comparing & no fault
finding to develop Best
Vinod Anand 21/04/2019

1528 How to be positive

Positivity is proper & right
direction to invest energy.
Negativity is improper &
wrong direction to utilize
your engery.Positivity is
also a energy booster.
So for energetic & better
use of your strenght &
energy be positive.
How to become positive.
* Start your day with prayer
& gratitude toward God.
* Be conscious, aware of
negative thoughts to reject
or to convert it to positive.
* Be away from negative
peoples,TV News & paper.
* Always be connected with
positive poeople.
* Don’t stay idle, get busy
with useful activities, as a
idle mind is devils workshop.
* Be healthy by proper deit
exercise, yoga, pranayam etc.
* Create habit to be happy &
cheerful every situation.
* Keep purpose or target to
become positive using tips.
Best of luck for, to be positive.
Vinod Anand 12/03/2019

1498 Great principle of life

Life with Principles will
be great and valuable,
happy & peaceful life
otherwise unhappy &
unpeaceful life.
* Follow the truth & love
share and care for all.
* Pray God for happy &
peaceful life for all.
* Live life with honestly
and etheticaly.
* Live life with human
quality like nonviolence,
mercy, purity, tolerance
pateince & faith in God.
* Live life with regularity
& with proper planning.
Keep some norms rule
regulation & follow to
live predefined & useful
life with principles so
life become great and
memorable & useful.
Life be only alive with
these few principles.
Remember principles
will make you principal
of your valuable life.
Vinod Anand 17/02/2019

1354 Student & Study

* Student & study have
relation like relation of
devotee toward God.
So dedication of
student to study is
like prayer to God.
To study is basic
need of the student
like basic need of
person to survive.
If it is not fulfilled
then he is not
called a student.
First responsibility
& the first priority of
student must be study.
If student live comfort
& luxurious life then
future will be poor &
dark with hardships.
So don’t think and
live luxurious life to
become Ideal, best &
excellent student for
bright & comfotable
life in future.
Purpose of Student
life is to built career &
character which is the
base of family life.
If base is weak then
failures in family life.
Be aware and awake
of this fact & reality.
Vinod Anand 30/10/2018

1269 15 August

-Message from Vinod Anand
We should proud of..
Being a human,
And being Indian.
Give promise to our self
To be an ideal person
And to live ideal life
On the occasion of
Independent day.
Keeping target to
Achieve before
Next 15 August to
Make India the great.
I pray God to fulfil it.
Best of luck. Vinod Anand

15 अगस्त-स्वातंत्र दिन मुबारक ।
15 अगस्त-स्वातंत्र दिन कि
सब को मेरी शुभ कामना ।
चलो अजीब तरीके से मनाए
2017 का 15 अगस्त-स्वातंत्र दिन ।
क्या है अजीब तरीका जाने ।
हमारे जीवन में खुद का 15 अगस्त
स्वातंत्र का दिन आए ।
हम अपनी स्वछंदता से,
अपने मन-ईन्द्रियो कि
गुलामी से मुक्त होकर
एक संयमी जीवन बनाने
का सपथ ले और खुद को
असंयमी जीवन से मुक्त करे ।
तब भी हमारे जीवन में खुद का
15 अगस्त-स्वतंत्र दिन आएगा ।
तबभी हम 15 अगस्त-स्वातंत्र
दिन मनाने के लायक होगे ।
यही है अजीब तरीका
स्वातंत्र दिन मनाने के ।
प्रार्थाना है मेरी ईश्र्वर से
कि हम सभी एसा कर शके ।
विनोद आनंद 14/08/2017
फेंन्ड, फिलोसोफर,गाईड

1249 How to work

While doing work
Keep in mind that
Work is worship.
Work is one type of
meditation or prayer.
So work with mind
concetration, interest
and pleasure which
gives you good result.
There is ideal method
to do work perfectly.
Ideal method means
no damage or mistake,
or less effort & time.
Which require awakeness,
awareness & concetration.
If there is damage or
mistake then change
the method of working.
Good & perfect work
reward you appreciation,
& further encourage you
to do work perfectly.
” Be presence of mind
& work with right way ”
Vinod Anand 27/07/2018