2050 I pray God for…

I pray God for strength
God gave me difficulty
to overcome so that I
may become strong.
I pray God for Wisdom
God gave me problems to
solve to make me wise
I pray God for love. God
gave me needy to help to
develop quality of love.
I pray God for succcess
he gave me challenges
& chance to get success.
I pray for happiness of
others God made my
attitude to become
happy by seeing others
My every prayer were
answered indirectly but
we should accept that
happily what God gives.
Vinod Anand 07/06/2020

1996 Sound Sleep

Good sleep at night is
sign of healthy body,
peaceful & happy life.
Sound Sleep is rest &
healing to body, makes
body fresh & energetic.
If don’t get 7 hrs sound
sleep you will feel lazy
uneasy and tired.
How to get sound sleep ?
* No tension or problem
to solve or any thought
of past or future in mind.
Make your mind empty by
stopping all activity before
one hour you goto sleep.
* Fix your sleeping time
and also wake up time.
* Do one hour exercise to
get sound sleep at night.
* Yog Nidra before sleep.
That is relax your each
part of your body.
* Take light food at night
* Accomplishment of daily
activity to get sound sleep.
* Avoid overthinking & stop
using gadgets before one
hour you goto sleep.
* Pary God, thank God &
sleep chatting name of
beloved God.
Vinod Anand 27/04/2020

1902 Power of P

Power of P for student
to study successfully.
* Practice make you expert.
Do more reading, writing
and revision practice to
increase memory power.
* Perfection make you perfect.
Study with concentration
and work perfectly.
* Keep Patience in the life
for final success.
* Be Positivity in student
life. Don’t think of failure.
* Prayer to God with trust
and faith. Trust your self
* Be passonate of what
you want to achieve in life.
* Last is very important
is Good Personality.
Develop human quality.
Use power of P to become
highly successful person
through out the life.
Vinod Anand 22/02/2020

1740 Emotional Health

Emotional Health means
right & good feelings for
others like compassion,
love,nonviolence & mercy.
Other feeling like equality
impartiality and kindness.
How do create emotional
Health or high emotional
quotient ?E.Q require high
emotional diet in morning.
Early rise to bed, pray God,
do meditation, reading or
listening good lectures &
give good affirmations to
your unconscious mind.
This acitivites will make
your mind peaceful and
positive which generate
good feeling, thoughts &
increase emotional health.
Don’t see news and read
paper will creates negative
feelings and thoughts, so
your emotional health will
be weak or poor and mind
will be unhappy, unsteady
and remain disturbed.
Be aware of emotional diet
and consume this diet for
high emotional health.
Vinod Anand 28/09/2019