1602 Habits of effective people

Common habits of most
effective persons which
become successful in
family, businesses and
society are…
* Big dream with passionate
determination & hard work.
* Proactive means can easily
handle adverse situation.
* Positive attitude, discipline
honesty and morality.
* Clear cut priority of work &
no procrastination of work.
* Win-Win situation in family
business, and society.
*Synergy means team
work in any situation with
common target to achieve.
* Seek first to understand
then to be understood.
* Begine with end in mind,
means whatever you do first
think of it result & be ready
to accept and to face.
* Accept your mistake and
have attitude of forgiveness.
* Habit of reading, learning
and unlearning things.
* Come out from comfort zone
& have attitude of gratitude.
Develop such great habits
to become most effective
successful celebrity.
Vinod Anand 19/05/2019


1235 Be a human being

How be a human being.
Be positive & optimistic.
Be happy & peaceful.
Be honest & faithful.
To become human being
Be active & ready.
Be conscious & sensitive.
Be aware & be adoptive.
Be awake & sincere.
To become human being
Be Passonate & energetic.
Be hopeful & helpful.
Be talented & concerntrated.
Be perfect & accurate.
Be progressive & proactive.
Be enthusiastic and good
personality figure.
To become human being.
Vinod Anand 15/07/2018