1856 Thoughts for you

* Believe in yourself and
develop self confidence.
Problems is part our life
donot make the problem
of your life. No problem is
great than man.
* Stop giving excuses and
justification to your self.
Trust on your self donot
make trust dependent on
* Don’t wait for some one
to come and change you.
No body can change you
except yourself.
* Pain is inevitable but
suffering option.Worse
situation may come donot get disappointed and give up.
* Failing is accepted but not
trying is not accepted don’t
run away after failure.
* What people say to me will
not decide what I am. It’s their
perception & choice,different
way of thinking and opinion.
* Accept people as what they are.
& Don’t expect things from other.
Vinod Anand 12/01/2020

1835 What to do ?

What to do ? When
mind is in troubled
state. People feels
uncomfortable, try to
escape strees,anxiety
despair by senesory
pleasure like watching
T.V, social media,net
surfing, shopping etc.
It is temporary measure
don’t solve the issues,
will bounce back again.
Don’t try to escape it
but encounter the mind.
When mind trouble due
any incident, mind start
thinking about & develop
strees,anxiety & despair.
Break initially the loop of
thinking by other loop of
thinking, give you joy.
Go on changing loop of
thinking by different topic.
Which will dilute effect of
incident/problem wouldn’t
reach to anxiety, then with
steady mind face it or find
solution of problem.
Vinod Anand 24/12/2019

1816 Happened is fact

What has happened,
is fact & past ,don’t
worry or get upset.
We have to accept it
but, we consider it as
a problem, get confuse,
make story, our point
of view & consider it
as a fact and quarrel.
We invit/buy problem
not taking happening
as a fact and past.
Instead of that if we take
it as fact, past & keep mind
steady for solution.
Don’t get control by
happening or situation.
We create problem which
cannot be solved due to
mind gets upset.
Upset mind make it more
complicated & Problematic.
Vinod Anand 08/12/2019

1809 Are you in right direction?

Are you in right dirction ?
How do you know you are
in right direction in the life ?
Few signs can prove that
you are in the right dirction.
* When you have meaningful
purpose in the life to live.
right purpose means right
plan,action & right directon.
* When you have wisdom to
konw other’s intention &
behaviour for correct action.
* New problem and challenge
comes in life then you are in
right direction in the life.
* When you care your physical
mental & spiritual health then
you love your self means you
are in right direction in life.
* When you does meaningful
result oriented self talk, you
are in right direction in life.
* When feel to relocat your
self for your growth in life then
you are in right direction.
* When you are satisfy and
happy with your purpose
& action means you are in
right direction in the life.
With these signs, check that
Are you in right direction or not ?
Right direction means right
destiny & successful life.
Vinod Anand 01/12/2019

1807 What education gives

Education at school &
society, home and self.
In school teacher gives
education in the form of
information & knowledge.
Parent gives education in
form of qualities, habits
feelings, discipline and
how to behaviour & live.
Society gives education
in form of culture-custom.
Self learning is final out
come after education at
school, home and society.
Overall effect of education
must increase intelligence.
It teaches to think rationally
& to act purposefully.
It teaches to deal effectly
with situation & to solve
problem with patience.
Education makes person
ideal person to live happy
peaceful & successful life.
If we cannot achieve these
or learn how to live life to
become ideal personality
then aftter education also
we are called uneducated
and illiterate person.
Vinod Anand 29/11/2019

1806 Problem’s Solution

Two type of problem.
One-Can be solved &
other-Can’t be solved.
How to deal with them.
First Identify the type.
Problem due Destiny
and circumstances
which Can’t be solved,
can be compromised
or accepted or forget
its without any tension.
Problem created by man
due to negligency, anger
missunderstanding or
misbehaviour, irregularity
or any reason, which can
be solve by using skill or
If you avoid or improve or
illuminate the reason which
creates problems.Man made
problem can be minimise by
self awareness and serious
efforts in life to live tension
worry free happy life.
Vinod Anand 28/11/2019

1799 Be confident

Self Confident is every
thing for successful life.
You cannot do any work
perfectly without self
Raise confident level
and be confident.
Tip to raise self confidence.
Keep your body and mind
healthy to raise confidence.
Say affirmative,positive
quote and raise your self.
confidence level.
* I am special.Don’t compare
your self with other.
* I am able to do any thing.
* I can learn new things
* I can do any difficult work
& I will do.
* I can solve any problem.
These positive affirmation
will raise your confidence.
Vinod Anand 21/11/2019