1112 Never suicide

Never think of suicide
Have right to live but
no right to suicide.
So suicide is a crime.
Don’t commit suicide.
Problem have solution,
suicide is not the solution.
Remember that person is
more power than problem.
Person’s mind is powerful.
Keep it cool and steady.
Don’t get upset or disturbed
or depressed by problems.
Think how to face problem
and search the solution.
Suicide is due depression,
depression is due tension.
Tension is due worries.
Don’t worry be happy &
Don’t accumulate tension,
release the tention time to
time so never accumulate,
so stage of depression
never comes, even if it
comes just postpone it.
You have to stop or drag
out the thought of suicide.
Just think by ending life
increases problem & pain.
In stead of suicide,
think to live for the
benefit of other persons.
Try to manage or drag
out your self from that
moment of suicide.
Vinod Anand 09/03/2018


1086 Gossip

More than two persons
get together Gossip for
time pass and enjoy.
Gossip is useless,
meaningless talk of
others & criticise.
Gossip for more time is
waste of time & energy.
If you do not control it
become your habit then
without Gossip you feel
uneasy & unhappy.
Now a day youngster has
developed the habit of
gossiping & wasting time
of carrier development.
Get together & gossip on
useful subject & sharing
knowledge may guide you.
Some time Gossip may
create violence & problem.
So be care if you are the
member of gossip group.
For utilisation of time,
turn gossip into debate
on useful subject.
Vinod Anand 19/02/2018

1080 Don’t Do

Don’t do is caution.
if your do then may
create problem or
Three Don’t Do
caution for you.
When you are
joyful & excited
by happy moments.
Don’t Give promise.
You may not able keep.
When you are angry
& out of control
Don’t Give answer.
It may be wrong.
When you are
unhappy & painful
Don’t take decision.
It may be wrong.
Generally this three
situation occur in
the life frequently
creates problem.
If aware & follow this
three Don’t you can
avoid the problems.
Vinod Anand 13/02/2018

1032 Power of Convincing

Convince is power to

explain the person for

right solution of the

problem or confusion

in critical situation.

Person who is convincing

should be trust worthy

and knowledgeable.

Person is convincing

should have listening &

understanding power.

Convincing person must

get connected with him by

knowing his desire, need

concern & attitude, then

he can convince person.

You cannot convince the

person easily who argues,

have ego, pessimist and

have negative attitude.

Before convincing person

understand the person.

Person who convince

himself in any situation

then he can acquire power

of convincing.

Vinod Anand 12/01/2018 Friend,Philosopher,Guide

985 Handle with care

” Handle with care “written

on glass items packing.

So it reaches safely.

We have to write in our mind,

” Handle with care ” not only

with glass but any thing,

means be awake & careful.

while handling things.

Also handle with care the

family members & relation

otherwise no peace and

happiness in the life.

” Handle with care ” the

persons, workers & time

with care for best result.

In short any thought, talk,

& any action do with care,

means live with care and

be conscious every time.

Don’t do any thing with

unconscious mind and with

out care to avoid problems.

Vinod Anand                           27/11/2017 Friend,Philosopher,Guide


982 Adversity Quotient

Person is happy in

favourable situation.

In adverse situation he

gets upset & under tense.

Adversity Quotient is zero,

problems his mind & intellect

stop thinking to face

& solve the problem.

Person who create ability

to face & solve problems

in adverse situation, his
Adversity Quotient is high.

First person has to control

his mind from getting upset

then start thinking to face

& solve the problem.

This come by practice.
Adversity Quotient must

be high at work place &

also in family to face

& solve the problems.

Life is full of such adverse

situation better to develop

high adversity Quotient.

Vinod Anand 25/11/2017 Friend,Philosopher,Guide

950 Life is problem 

Life is problem & life is also

a solution of the problem. 

Every problem have solution, 

we have just try to solve it. 

Don’t be afraid of problem, 

problem is not greater than 

man’s mind power. 

Some problems are due to

nature or created by persons. 

Most of the problems are

due to persons bad habits, 

unplanned life style, bad 

intension and bad nature 

of persons. 

Persons faces lot of problem 

& troubles but never correct 

himself to reduce the problems. 

Problem due to nature can 

also be resolved by ideas,trick

with peaceful mind power. 

Life is not only problem,   

life is also  solution of it.  

Problem is lock then the 

solution is the key to unlock. 

So think of solution not the problem

Vinod Anand                           23/10/2017 Friend,Philosopher,Guide