1622 Tendency Towards Problem.

Two type of tandency
towards problem are
* First dwell with problem
means live with problem,
see problem as a problem,
afraid of problem & don’t
try to solve the problem.
By this tendency problem
gets accumulated & raise
tension and depression.
* Second rest in problem
means search the solution,
see problem as a challenge
& start searching solution.
Active creativity & thinking
proceess to solve problem.
With this tendency people
can live tension free life &
he become problem solver,
he never creates problem.
No problem is without
solution and no problem is
powerful than human power.
Don’t dwell in problem, rest
in the problem for success.
Vinod Anand 06/06/2019


1612 Don’t Avoid but Think

Some time we avoid
things, work or person
which we don’t like or
by which we fear or it
is difficult or no desire
to do or problems.
We ignore it, we don’t
face or we don’t try,
& solve it, we just avoid.
By avoiding we program
our mind just to avoid,
then it become habit to
avoid any thing without
any reason. So be aware
awake, don’t avoid any
thing, think to face fear
or to solve the problem
or take it as a challenge
and try but don’t ignore.
Don’t create habit to avoid
but be thinker to accept
any thing comes in life.
If you develop habit to
avoid, then people will
avoid or ignore you.
Avoiding is failure and
accepting is success.
Vinod Anand 28/05/2019

1544 Who is responsible ?

No peace & happiness
lot of trouble & problem in
life Who is Responsible ?
If some one insult or abuse
or criticise or ignore you.
Who is Responsible ?
No body love, respect
or every body hate you,
Success or failure in life.
Who is Responsible ?
Any thing happening in
the life we always blame &
find fault with other & say
I am not responsible some
else is responsible for that.
Change attitude to pass on responsibility to other.
Because any thing happens
or what you become is only
your responsible, no body
else so try to improve for
better result & achievement.
Wiseman takes responsibility
for any thing happen in life &
try to live life successfully.
Vinod Anand 24/03/2019

1477 Winner Vs. Looser

Thoughts only makes
you Winner or Looser.
Looser think negative &
become unsuuceessful.
Winner think positive &
become successful.
Optimist is winner and
pessimist is looser.
Person who says I have
no time may be a looser.
Winner always find time
for important work.
Irregular & unplanned
person is the looser &
vice vasa is the winner.
Winner see the problem
as a challenge & solve it
Looser see problem in
every situation.
Winner listen other to
learn & get knowledge.
Looser does reverse
donot happiness other, so
lack of knowledge.
Winner is ready to take
short term pain for long
term happiness & benefits.
Looser reversely behave.
Winner use Soft words,
looser use hard words
in disccusion.
Vinod Anand 31/01/2019

1352 Acceptance Vs non Acceptance

-Grow of Life depends on
two words Acceptance &
Acceptance is right choice,
Non-Acceptance is wrong.
Choice is yours which
you accept & practice.
Right choice growth or
Wrong choice no growth.
If you accept situation
it become challenges
otherwise problem.
if you accept event take
place in life it become
adventure otherwise fear.
Some one promtion,
if you donot accept it
become jealousy otherwise
it become inspiration.
Practice 21 days for
right choice of acceptance
for growth & happiness.
Vinod Anand 29/10/2018

1237 Be different Be happy

Be different by thinking
different positively.
Think different makes
you different than normal.
In different situation think
different postively for
proper solution to, face
situation without worry.
Make practice to think
different to live tension
and worry free life.
Fox in jungle show
Grapes plants & try to
grasp the Grapes but
couldn’t get it & think
differently postively
that Grapes are sour.
Similarly in any result
or situation or problem
think different, get relax
& think further to face
situation or solution of
the problem for tension
free, happy, peaceful life.
Vinod Anand 16/07/2018

1223 Safety

Safety is prime factor
for living safe, happy
and peaceful life.
Be conscious and give
first priority to safety of
your health and wealth.
Now a day we are not
conscious & serious
about our total safety.
We don’t care about
ourself while eating
while driving & while
spending & investing.
We are so careless
about our safety so
we are facing problem,
accident making our life
difficult & problematic
and living unsafe life.
Safe life is happy, joyful,
peaceful & successful life.
Be safe & make safe other.
Vinod Anand 01/07/2018