1556 Stay motivated

To achieve targert within
time limit regularly man
need motivation to remain
progressive & productive.
Start your day with God
prayer, gratitude toward
God,exercise, pranayam.
Listen motivated speaker
or attend seminar or read
motivated books. Keep
daily target and achieve
to raise self confidence.
Progress motivation fuel.
Be with positive people
and successful people.
Take care of your health
for massive action.
Celebrate achievement
with concern to remain
self motivated as well as
from other people.
Do self talk, councilling
& stay positive to stay
or remain motivated.
Motivation is catalyst to
speed up & maitain your
stemina for whole day
working without fatigue.
Stay motivated daily.
Vinod Anand 04/04/2019


1235 Be a human being

How be a human being.
Be positive & optimistic.
Be happy & peaceful.
Be honest & faithful.
To become human being
Be active & ready.
Be conscious & sensitive.
Be aware & be adoptive.
Be awake & sincere.
To become human being
Be Passonate & energetic.
Be hopeful & helpful.
Be talented & concerntrated.
Be perfect & accurate.
Be progressive & proactive.
Be enthusiastic and good
personality figure.
To become human being.
Vinod Anand 15/07/2018

1007 Ideal Mind Vs Idle Mind

Ideal Mind means active,

creative & positive mind.

Idle Mind means crazy,

lazy, & negative mind.

Ideal Mind is always busy,

interesting & strong mind,

Idle Mind is interest less

sleepy & weakest mind.

Ideal Mind is workshop

means productive mind.

Idle Mind is devil’s work

shop when it empty.

Ideal mind full of ideas

& with self confidence.

Idle mind is without ideas &

with lack of self confidence.

Ideal Mind is progressive

developing and controlled.

Idle Mind is less progressive,

undeveloped & uncontrolled.

Make your mind, Ideal mind

but never make it idle mind.

Vinod Anand                              15/12/2017 Friend,Philosopher,Guide