926 Nature of the Man

What is nature…..  

It is complex,integrated  

phenomena  of the man.

It is the resultant of your’s  

habits, qaulities & feeling. 

So be very conscious about 

your habits, qualities, feeling.   

Your nature upgrades or 

degrades your personality. 

Know your habits qualities 

& feeling which degrades

your personality.

Analyze main bad habits

which badly degrade 

your personality. 

Make a goal to free from

that habit & create one 

anti-habit which may

upgrade your personality. 

Then do for next bad quality 

& feeling which degrade 

your personality.

You may find personality 

will be upgraded slowly. 

Finally your nature will

very good, so you become 

ideal personality, which 

will build your life ideal. 

Vinod Anand                          20/09/2017 Friend,Philosopher,Guide    


890 Family life

When student life &

marriaged is over the 

family life start. 

Family life is real life to be

lived happily & peacefully. 

Family life mean with parents,

wife, brother,sister & children

living together happily. 

Live together with love 

forgiveness & according 

to their nature & behaviour. 

No difference of opinion

and misunderstanding to

avoid quarrel in family. 

To control family life

there must be one ruler

who maintain law & order

in the family members &

solve the problems,take 

care of every body need. 

Every body in the family

should strictly follow the 

Family rules & norm to live

happy & peaceful family life. 

Other important aspect of

Family life is development

of human being qualities, 

good habits, good feelings

& positive attitude.  

Simply remember to forget, 

let go & respect every one. 

Vinod Anand                          18/08/2017 Friend,Philosopher,Guide  

874 Change the direction

Check the direction of

your life & think.

Is the right direction ?

If the direction is wrong

change it immediately.

If your life is based on

selfishness only then

it is wrong direction.

Change your direction &

Try to live for others also.

If you are living with

bad habits & qualities.

it is wrong direction.

Change your direction &

Try to remove it & develop

good habit & qualities.

If you are living with

bad intention & feeling.

it is wrong direction.

Change your direction &

Try to live with good

intention & feeling.

If you are living with

bad thoughts & activity.

it is wrong direction.

Change your direction &

develop good thoughts

& do better activities.

If you are living with

negative attitude,

it is wrong direction.

Change your direction &

develop positive attitude.

Live successful life. Best of luck

Vinod Anand                          12/08/2017 Friend,Philosopher,Guide  

745 Life is like language 

Life is like language &

also have grammar  as

language have grammar.

Live life using it’s grammar.

what is grammar of life.

Life language have 3 tenses

past to forget,

present to live

& Future to plane.

acoordingly live so

you are the master

of language of life.

Life language have verb

that is work  done in life.

Good work, good return.

Life language have

adjectives like,

good quality,

Good habits,

manners & behaviour

which decorates the life.

Wrong grammar of life

means wrong sentence,

that is not targeted &

unplanned life to live.

So live targeted &

planned life for  the

right sentence of the

language of the  life                                   Vinod Anand                        17/04/2017       Friend,Philosopher,Guide  

729 Wisdom

Quality of being 

wise is wisdom.

Wisdom is the ability 

to think,so man act

right way, make right

decision & judgement. 

It is being develop by 

acquiring knowledge 

with exprience & under-

standing with common

sense which makes 

a man wise.

Wise man think 

before speak.

Wise man is 

always awake, 

alert and aware 

of himself. 

Man with Positive 

attitude, far-sighted 

vision & noble nature 

is called wiseman 

Experience makes

man wise. 

Wisdom is real 

assets of life. 

Pray God for 

wisdom for all.

Be wise to become 

great & famous. 

Vinod Anand                      06/04/2017   Friend,Philosopher,Guide  


self esteem

​Self esteem is magic 

power within you. 

You have to aware, 

awake and raise it. 

What you feel, think

about your self is 

your self esteem . 

You are that, what you 

think about you,not 

other think about you. 

Donot rely on others. 

To estimate your self

esteem know your self, 


and self confidence. 

Raise them to raise

your self esteem. 

 It can be raise by 

positive evaluation 

of your self. 

Negative evaluation 

of your self will lower 

your self esteem. 

Do not think you are

helpless, hopeless

weak and your 

ordinary person. 

Think you are 

powerful human

being with courage

confidence and unique 

personality, will raise 

your self esteem. 

Don’t under estimate

your self esteem.

Self esteem is your baby 

to nourish and  to raise.  

self esteem is success. 

Rely on your self esteem 

Vinod Anand                       08/10/2016 Friend,Philosopher,Guide


Simplicity and high thinking

Simplicity and high thinking is unique quality

and Specialty of the person.

simplicity is best art of living. Simplicity means,

simple dressing and ordinary style of living,

simple nature and normal behavior.

High thinking means positive thinking

High thinking is symbol of development.

Shri Mahtma Ghandhi  is the rolled model

of the simplicity and high thinking.

still he inspires young generation.

simplicity and high thinking make you great.

Simplicity creates good human being quality

like love, mercy and philanthropy which

gives you progress, popularity and prosperity.

Simplicity and high thinking is very

easy, less costly and very impressive

which create good personality.

Be simple, be positive to become great.