1436 Brand Name

Every items & product
have their own brand
due to it’s long lasting
qualities & durability
of particular company.
Brand name of items
or company created,
increases trust and
sale of product.
Branded items will be
costly than unbranded
item or product.
Smilarly every person
must make own brand
of qualities, expertise
and popularity in life.
Creating Brand name
needed continuous
improvement in items
or qualities of person &
modification in product
or behaviour of person.
Person or product must
influence or impress the
people by their values.
To build brand name of
person or product must
be advertised or invest
time & money to create
brand name in the life.
Brand name is sign of
successfully in life.
Vinod Anand 24/12/2018


1333 Konw your Talent

-How to know your talent ?
Every human have hidden
unique quality & have
talent in particularn field
in which he does better.
Talent means application
of knowledge.
Symptoms to know talent.
* While doing any activity
time goes very fast, you
enjoy & don’t feel bore.
* Informations collection for
perticular work or acivity.
* When you get attracted
by any activity or work.
* For particular work or
activity you will get ready
to compromise.
* Some case nature will
let to know your talent.
*Perticular work you get
all the time success.
After knowing talent your
performance will be better.
Talent will give you fame,
success & happiness.
Talent is technique of
successful working.
Vinod Anand 18/10/2018

1170 Tips on PD

Personality Development is
tools for happy-peaceful life.
Tips to develop Personality.
Be aware of your personality.
Do self observation & try to
remove bad habits & acquire
qualities of human being.
* Be positive & Beoptimist.
* Be more passionate.
* Handle your emotions.
* Share, Care & Love
* Don’t criticise & other.
* Praise other & Be polite.
* communicate effectively.
* The is problem the challenge.
* Possess quality of patience.
* Live Stress free & healthy life.
* Help the needy person.
* Have attitude of gratitude.
Personality Development
gives popularity,prosperity
and happy-peaceful life.
Vinod Anand 09/05/2018

1109 Qualities of Genius

Want to become Genius
need to acquire Qualities
which makes you Genius.
Must be generous good
humoured personality.
Good determination,
decision capability &
Be ready for hard work.
Have big dream with
target & enthusiasm
to achieve it in time.
Try to become expert
in your field & strive for
excellence with full self
confidence, motivation &
continuous improvement.
Your Intelligent Quotient,
Emotion Quotient,
Spiritual Quotient &
Adverse Quotient
must be high.
Your morality & love for
truth must be high.
At last must believe in God
with intensive faith & trust.
With these qualities have
target to become Genius.
Vinod Anand 08/03/2018

1103 Science Of Science

Every thing have his
Science but what is
Science of Science.
Science of any thing
means it’s existence,
purpose, qualities,
usage, benefits, right
way & optimum use of
things for best result.
So it is necessary to
know the science of
thing before it’s use.
This is the Science of
Science for success.
So if you want live
successful life then
first understand the
Science of life.
Pleas refer Shrimad
Bhagawat Geeta is
instructions Manual of
science of life.
Vinod Anand 03/03/2018

926 Nature of the Man

What is nature…..

It is complex,integrated

phenomena  of the man.

It is the resultant of your’s

habits, qualities & feeling.

So be very conscious about

your habits, qualities, feeling.

Your nature upgrades or

degrades your personality.

Know your habits qualities

& feeling which degrades

your personality.

Analyse main bad habits

which badly degrade

your personality.

Make a goal to free from

that habit & create one

anti-habit which may

upgrade your personality.

Then do for next bad quality

& feeling which degrade

your personality.

You may find personality

will be upgraded slowly.

Finally your nature will

very good, so you become

ideal personality, which

will build your life ideal.

Vinod Anand                          20/09/2017 Friend,Philosopher,Guide

890 Family life

When student life &

marriage is over the

family life start.

Family life is real life to be

lived happily & peacefully.

Family life mean with parents,

wife, brother,sister & children

living together happily.

Live together with love

forgiveness & according

to their nature & behaviour.

No difference of opinion

and misunderstanding to

avoid quarrel in family.

To control family life

there must be one ruler

who maintain law & order

in the family members &

solve the problems,take

care of every body need.

Every body in the family

should strictly follow the

Family rules & norm to live

happy & peaceful family life.

Other important aspect of

Family life is development

of human being qualities,

good habits, good feelings

& positive attitude.

Simply remember to forget,

let go & respect every one.

Vinod Anand                          18/08/2017 Friend,Philosopher,Guide