2135 Don’t be so…

Don’t be so lazy
that life become
Idle & get spoiled.
Don’t be so crazy
for any thing that
life get spoiled.
Don’t be so
disappointed that
life become failure.
Don’t be so
irresponsible that
family relationship
become weak and
life become harder.
Don’t be careless
that no body care you.
Don’t be so angry
that no body like you.
Don’t be so
argumentative that
no body listen you
but ignore you.
Don’t be forgetful that
life become problematic.
Don’t be unthankful
that no body help you.
Don’t do what is siad
to live peaceful and
happy life.
Vinod Anand 06/08/2020


2124 Don’t take it granted

Don’t take it granted
Unless you are sure
about what you know
is 100% right or true.
Don’t believe some
one what he say is
true & take it granted,
it may not be right.
Don’t take it granted
your doubt unless it
is clearfy by your self.
Donot take it granted
blindly because your
friend has told you.
Cross examine it for
reality, then take it
granted otherwise not.
Be careful & conscious
before taking granted.
Blindly taking granted
may create problem or
may spoil the relation.
Unless your are sure
Don’t take it granted
to avoid problems.
Some time blindly taking
granted about thing told
by any one may create
To be safe side Don’t take
it granted thing unless it
is 100 % right or true.
Vinod Anand 31/07/2020

2048 Work-Life Balance

We work for basic need
of the life to survive so it
is essential to work in life.
We work to earn money
to fullfill need of life by
service or by business
Another aspect of life is
to live happy & peaceful
successful life.
These other aspects of
life are Personal, Friends
Family,Society & Spiritual.
Work-Life Balance is state
of equilibrium among all
these aspects of the life.
Have to focus all aspects
of life means give time to
please & maintain relation
with self, family, friends &
supreme power great God.
Distribution of 24 hours
proportionally to all aspect
& develop work life Balance
You will be one of the most
successfull person.
Vinod Anand 06/06/2020

2037 Matching

Matching is tools
to utilize in the day
to day life.
Matching means
similarities of things
and nature between
persons and things
Matching gives you
better result.
Matching in dressing
that is matching with
each items, so looks
nice & beautiful.
Matching with person
in family or office or
society by their nature,
like habits, hobby and
emotion or feelings so
happy peaceful life.
Matching with life style
behaviour with persons,
so happy peaceful life.
Matching may by luck
or you have to match.
When meeting unknown
person first try to see
similarities & use, while
talking with person so
communication will be
effective and fruitful.
Perfect matching with
other in life by adopting
accepting and adjusting
with other person is best
skill to take work from
other or to please and for
better communication.
Mismatch is problems
and may break relation.
Vinod Anand 22/05/2020