1185 Mantra of Relation

8 letter of Relation carry
it’s own meaning and
play important roll to
nurture & protect it.
If you sincerely follow,
you will take care and
nuture your relations.
with love & patience.
R-stand for Remember.
Remember all relatives.
E-stands for Emphasize
understand the relative.
L-stand for love relatives.
A-stand for Appreciation,
appreciate good quality or
nature or work of realtive.
T-stand for Tolerance have
endurance & attitude of
forgiveness with relative.
I-stands for interest,
Take interest in his life.
O-stands for offer things.
Give him chance to speak
or think or ask his opinion
during interacting.
N-stands for nuture.
Your behaviour should be
such that relation is
being nutured & make
it sound & powerful.
Vinod Anand 25/05/2018


1083 Impartiality

Impartiality is rule of
equality & humanity &
Good quality of person.
For ideal situation in
family or society or
country be impartial.
Impartiality means
no different between
rich and poor, ordinary
& extra ordinary person.                                                                                                                                                                                                          Treat or behave equally                                                                                                                                                                                                   with every as we are son
of God, who is impartial.                                                                                                                                                                                                    Partiality is poison, kills
feeling, peace & relation.                                                                                                                                                                                                     Impartiality is nectar
create feeling of love,                                                                                                                                                                                                             peace & strong relation.
Impartiality is bridge
and partiality is wall
between the persons.
To be partial is sinfulness
To be impartial is charity.
I pray God to make every
person in world impartial.
Vinod Anand 17/02/2018

945 Power of Relation

Relation is power &

energy for life to live.

It is driving force for the

person in the family.

Relation is binding force

keep all member together.

Without relation power

person becomes,helpless

powerless and  hopeless.

Relation is the purpose of

the person to live the life.

Relation is the supporting

power for the person to live.

Relation is power of  trust.

So keep the relation and

make it strong which

increases power of relation.

Relation power can be build

by love, sacrifice, carrying

responsible faithful, and

take care each person of

family. Give support & get

support which increases

power of relation.

Power of relation is the

power of life to live happily

peacefully & joyful.

Vinod Anand                            07/10/2017 Friend,Philosopher,Guide

884 Never Suicide

Suicide is the result of

tension, worry, depression.

Which are generated by

financial crisis,diseases,

family quarrel,unplanned

and irregular life etc.

These can be reduced or

suppressed with proper

solution, understanding.

If it not done regularly

then it accumulate,

incurs depression,

it will be unbearable &

finally it direct to suicide.

To avoid such situation

be positive, accept what

you get, be optimistic &

try to release the pressure

or worry regularly so

does not reaches

last stage of committing

sucide in the life.

Even though if it reaches

stage of suicid, stop, delay

wait & pray God for guidance.

You will find a way to survive.

Do not be affected by situation

but try to overcome it because

situation is not greater than

man’s mind & soul power.

Best of luck keep in mind

that “Never Suicide” in life.

There are no. of ways &

means to live  life happily.

Vinod Anand                          14/08/2017 Friend,Philosopher,Guide

716 Neighbour Relationship

Neighbours is good relative.

He is near & dear relative.

He is immediate available

& first helpful relative.

So considered he is best

relative among all other.

Be good enough, helpful

& cooperative to Neighbour.

Do not create,

misunderstandings & spoil

the relation with neighbour.

If you are at fault do not

hesitate to say sorry.

If he is at fault forgive him

Do not be so proudly

and selfish with neighbour.

Have pure & frank relation

with neighbour & feel good.

Be good neighbour to

enjoy the life in the absent

of your other own relative

which are not near to you.

Vinod Anand                        27/03/2017   Firend,Philosopher,Guide  

704 Doctor Patient Relation

Doctor Patient Relation

can create miracle.

Doctor well comes patient

with love and smile,

patient get some relief.

Doctor listen patient

careful and ask gentlely

to diagnose disease &

ensure patient to cure it.

Patient get some more relief.

Doctor understand the

patient’s plights  & feeling.

Patient get some more relief.

Then the medicine gives

relief to patient very fast.

Doctor Patient Relation

survive on faith & mercy.

First attempts of doctor

must to built faith & win

the mind & heart of patient.

Doctor should not burden

financial more to patients.

Patient believe that

doctor is second God.

Doctor occupation is

service to human being

is not the business.

If so then no disease

revolts against doctor.

Dedicated to Doctor

with expecting to be

ideal Doctor. Thanks.

Vinod Anand                         20/03/2017  Firend,Philosopher,Guide  

रिश्ते रोते है

रिश्ते रोते है आंशू नही
आहे निकलती है ।
रिश्ते को हसाना है
स्वस्थ, रखा है, निभाना है ।
रिश्ते तूटते है, जूडते नही
रिश्तों को तोड़ना नही है ।
क्यूकि रिश्ते रूह है जिंदगी की ।
रिश्ते बिन जिंदगी जैसे,
जल बिन मछली ।
रिश्तों की हेमीयत समजो
रिश्तों का मान सन्मान करो ।
रिश्ते सेवा, सर्मपण और
स्नहे से खिलते है
जीवन की बगीयाँ को महेकाते है ।
रिश्ते जीवन को सफळ, सार्थक
और समृद्ध बनाते है वरना
जीवन का कोई मोल नही है ।

विनोद आनंद                             19/05/2016
फ्रेन्ड, फिलोसोफर, गाईड