1676 Power of Money-2

Further to my post
power of money-1
Now a days power of
money is considered
greatest and bigest.
But donot give so much
important to money for
peaceful & happy life.
Money can give you
facilities and comfort
but cannot give you
happiness & peace.
Donot be so attached
to money which may
detach you from family.
Donot be so behind &
do wrong practice to
earn more money.
Donot spoil your health
to earn crores of money.
Later it cannot recover
your heath which makes
your life miserable.
Life is not for money but
money is for life to live
happy and peaceful life.
Money brings pride, bad
habits and bad nature &
negative emotions which
brings unhappiness and
difficulties and problem.
Money is powerful, if it is
utilized for the benefit of
mankind otherwise not.
Vinod Anand 26/07/2019

1675 Power of Money-1

Money is important,
essential & backbone
of life. Without money
survival is not easy .
Fourth requirement of
life is money after, air
water and food.
Without money third
requirement-food of life
cannot be fullfilled.
So fitst target of man
must be to earn money.
Before starting family life,
man must be capable
to earn enough money.
Power of money is to
influence any one, can
earn respect from others.
Any problem or work can
be get it done by the power
of money. Power of money
can be utilized for the
benefit of human being.
For further about power
of money readv my next
post – Power of money-2.
Vinod Anand 26/07/2019

1650 Easy Trust

Trust on person is base of
relationship which makes
it strong.
In family every body must
develop trust among them.
Don’t do or behave such way,
which weaken your trust and
brake the relationship.

Be awear and awake while
dealing with family member
so trust and relationship
become strong.
What about other relation we
develop with another person.
Relation is base on trust so be
careful while creating relation.
Don’t easily trust other person.
Don’t get easily impression by
any person & put trust on him.
Easy trust and easily getting
impressed by other both are
the weakness of the person.
Easy trust is dangerous in life.
Take time to build the relation
with unknown person.
Check or Analyze his action
behaviour and his intension.
If you find trust worthy then
go ahead & build relation.
Easy trust is wrong way to
build relation with person.
Don’t blindly trust any one
and build the relation in life.
Vinod Anand 01/07/2019

1510 Relationship

People live in relationship.
Man is social animal can’t
live without relationship.
Relationship is necessary
and very important to live.
There are Many relationships
like social & business
built except relationships
built by birth while living.
Except birth relationship
other are our choice or
we have to be awake and
conscious while bulding
& also to make it strong.
There are eight norms
to be followed positively.
* Habit of appreciation
* Honest & transparent
while dealing with money.
* Don’t be a fault finder &
* Keep your promises.
* Intesion to be give more
than what you got.
* Be regular be on time.
* Don’t use excuses.
* Honour and respect
relationship & be positive.
Vinod Anand 26/02/2019

1470 Boost your energy

Energy needed to live
life or to achieve target
Some time energy level
decreases so need to
boost up energy by any
enery booster or action.
First thing is be away
from energy vampires
like negative & angery
person or dramabazz
& criticise persons or
person who blames &
gives excuses which
deplete your enegy.
Second boost your
energy by clearing
blockage against any
person by using forget
& forgive to concerned
events or person.
Develop healthy relation,
listen liked music, think
positive, develop habit of
smile & be happy which
will boost your energy.
Also be coonected with
source of energy called
supreme soul with faith
and trust. Maintain your
energy level for suceess.
Vinod Anand 25/01/2019

1340 Trees in the garden of life

-Grow eight trees in
the garden of life.
First important tree
of life is good health
gives friut of energy
and power.
Second essential tree
of life is Financial gives
the fruit of survival &
comfort in the life.
Third most useful tree of
life is family-relation gives
the fruits of peaceful and
happy life.
Fourth necessary tree of
life is Professional tree,
gives the fruits of success.
Fifth valuable tree of
life is self respect gives
you fruits of self value.
Sixth divine tree of life
is spiritual tree gives the
fruit of faith-trust in God.
Seventh compulsory tree
of life is religion tree gives
the fruits of responsible.
Eighth tree of life is service
tree gives fruit of popularity.
All Eight Tree of life must
grow equally so with all
fruits life will be fruitful.
Vinod Anand 24/10/2018

1327 Smiling Face

Smiling face is shing face,
& shing face is divine face.
Smiling face is like moon.
Smiling face is attractive
and spread fragrant of
peace and happiness.
Smiling face inspire and
motivate other to smile.
Smile & live, love & live
success will follow you.
Smiling face can control
mood of angery person.
Smiling is free of cost
still can buy happiness.
Smiling face is tony for
health, relation & life.
Keep your face smiling
so other learn smiling.
Smile is gate of heaven.
Vinod Anand 13/10/2018