1206 How to love self

Who are you ?
What you want ?
What you are ?
What is your identity ?
What is the target &
purpose of you life ?
Do you know yourself ?
Do you love yourself ?
To live peacefully &
happily get answers
of these questions.
To love your self
first know your self.
What are the good
qualities & habits ?
What are your feelings
emotions & intensions ?
That is self awareness.
Second is accept your
self, if some things you
donot like then reject it,
& make your self such
that you start loving
your self and others
also love you.
Unless until you know
your self, accept your
self you cannot love
you self or any body.
Vinod Anand 11/06/2018


717 Path of perfection 

What is my nature ? 

Every one must ask 

this question to self. 

Every one must Answer 

honestly & seriously. 

Next analyse which is

good or bad, which is

useful or harmful for

yourself and others.

This is self awareness.

Next which harmful &

bad try to remove and

built good,useful nature. 

This is self improvement. 

When you are aware & desire

you can tranform yourself

for better peaceful, happy 

successful life.Means life 

without worries & tension. 

Follow path of perfection. 

Vinod Anand                        27/03/2016  Friend,Philosopher,Guide  


Be Ideal Person

​How to become ideal person. 

First decide the target

to become ideal person. 

Second think and plan

how to achieve it.

Third execute the plan. 

Aquire qualities of ideal person

Human being qualities, 

like love,peace, patience, 

mercy, purity etc. 

Good habit, good activities, 

few principles, rules and 

regulation to follow. 

See good qualities of

the person and aquire. 

Don’t  see bad qualities

and criticize the person. 

Self awareness and self

improvement is best tool 

to become  ideal person. 

Always insist your self

to become ideal person. 

Should be purpose of the life. 

Vinod Anand                          21/07/2016

friend, philosopher, guide.

Talk to your self

Talk to your self  every day,
twice – Morning and night.
Morning for day planning.
What is to be done.
Night for analysis of the day.
To know the outcome of the day.

Self talking means Think.. like…
What is good, bad you have done.
What work is pending and
When it is to be done.
What mistake you have done
and how it can be corrected.
Who became unhappy and
Whom you have made happy.
What is unpredicted happen.
What is the improvements.
Then plan for next day.

Also Think about your behaviour
bad habits,bad nature, bad feeling
bad activities and way of livings.
Also plan to remove them
and plan better way of living.

This only possible when
you talk with your self daily.
It is good practice for
self awareness and
self improvement.
which the best tool for
Personality Development.
So develop habit of self talk.

Vinod Anand                         08/04/2016
Friend, Philosopher,Guide

खुद को जानो

खुद को जानो समझो
और पहेचानो ।
तुम क्या हो,  कैसे हो,  क्यू हो
आप जो है वो क्या सही है
अगर सही नही तो
खुद को समझाओ और
खुद को बदलने का प्रयास करना ।
सही दिशा, सही स्वभाव,
अच्छी आदते, सही कर्म में
खुद को प्रवृत करो ।
खुद को जानो समझो
और पहेचानो ।

Beware of yourself

Beware of yourself, Understand yourself.

Beware of your sin, be away from it.

Beware of your mistake, correct it.

Beware of your pride, keep self respect.

Beware of your greediness,

be satisfied what you get.

Beware of your bad conduct, Improve it.

Beware of your bad habits, cultivate good habits.

Beware of your bad  intention, suppress it.

Beware of your bad behaviour

& cultivate good manners.

Beware of your bad qualities,

acquire good qualities.     

This is “Self awareness” for self improvement.

Self awareness Self improvement

Know about your self thoroughly without self  biasing &  honestly with help of other feed back and self experience is called self awareness. Get free from bad habits, characteristics, intension & activates and cultivates good habits, characteristics, intension & activates by realizing your self on the basis of  self awareness is called  self improvement. This will  make your inner self pure.  So your both outer and inner personality  will be marvelous

Please draw your picture on paper with bad/dark  and good/bright side of your self. Apply red mark to those entities which tarnish your personality and green mark to those which enrich your personality. Take one by one  entity from bad/dark side of your picture for removal or improvement and convert red marking to green. Try to do for all other entities mark red. This is continuous producer of self improvement.

Problem for self improvement

  1. Lack of self awareness.
  2. Lack of self motivation.
  3. Lack of proper guidance.
  4. Lack of reading good literature.
  5. Lack of desire for self improvement.
  6. Lack of strong commitment to improve.
  7. Lack of inspiration for self improvement.
  8. Lack of attitude to know dark side of self.
  9. Lack of consistency for self improvement.
  10. Self boasting, & says,  I am O. K. & Perfect.
  11. Habit to see others’ bad quality, activities & habits etc.

 It means with proper guidance, inspiration from others, self motivation, attitude to know self  bad qualities, bad habits & bad activities & self desire with strong commitment & consistency self improvement & over ruling self boasting will provide you strong ground for self improvement.

Over come these problem & be on path of self improvemnet by self awernbess producer. Your personality will be excellenct.