Effective talking

​Talking in angry mood, 

have no meaning as well 

not effective and may 

create wrost situation. 

Talking in hurry and 

without thinking may

be failure or not fruitfull. 

Talking with peace and

self control after thinking 

is meaningful and useful 

and effective. 

Wise and clever man

Talk with self control

and peaceful mind 

so it is very effective. 

Speak sweet, slow and truth. 

Vinod Anand                          23/11/2016   Firend,Philosopher,Guide


Self control

Self control  means
control over senses and mind.
Freedom of mind from senses
Control over mind by Self-soul.
It decides lower and upper limit
for senses for their behaviour.
which is  to be strictly followed.
No loop hole exists to override,
limits fixed by Self control.
Builts balance and steady life.
It is best qualit of man and must.
Person will remain peaceful,
and undisturbed in every situation.
Try to control your self,
so self control is achieved.
Self control is key of success
with peaceful happy,satisfied life.
Vinod anand                          23/03/2016
Friend, philosopher, guide


Situation is condition or atmosphere
created by nature or man.

life is series of such situations which
effect or change the human
nature or behavior.

Human being should
face each situation by self control
or compromise with situation by accepting
or change the situation if he can,
depending upon his attitude, experince and capacity.

But do not get up set and loose the control.
Make practice to control the situation
instead of controlled by the situation.

Remember the fact that
situation is not great
man is great which can control the situation.
Over come the situation.
Ride on the situation.
It is the real success in the life.


Courage is power and force
to do difficult, hard, risky work,
and to face any worst situation.
Courage does marvelous work
and take calculated risk, if it is
with awareness, consciousness.
and self control.
To acquire courage, first
we have to acquire fearlessness
then develop attitude like ‘ come what may ‘
Courage with hurry, hesitation and anger
may create worst situation and bad result.
Be courageous for Good work, right work
and required work.
If person does good work with courage
God always helps and guides him.

What is Mind ?

Mind is  Memory, remember good things.

Mind is  Power, use it, in a  useful  way.    

Mind is money, cash it .

Mind is creative, be  creative.

Mind is Bird, fly and touch sky.

Mind is Imagination, make is true.

Mind is Doctor, Consult it.

Mind is Ego, suppress Bag Ego.

Mind is Flower, Spread it’s Fragence.

Mind is Friend, Make it’s Friendship.

Mind is Guardian, take the advice.

Mind is Mirror, See your real Image.

Mind is feelings, Accept it’s good feeling.

Mind is very good tool for better living.

Understand the Mind, Explain the Mind.

Train the Mind, it will follow right path.

Take it easy for a while.

When you feel, discomfort & you are uneasy,

Take it easy for a while & accept it.

When time is  Unfavorable & you are upset,

Take it easy for a  while & make it favorable.

When you are angry & panicky,

Take it easy for a while & control the self.

When you feel like scolding some one,

Take it easy for a  while & keep quiet.

When you  feel uneasy & become mood less,

Take it easy for a while & feel easy.

When you are get annoyed & worried,

Take it easy for a while & get relaxed.

When something unexpected happens & shocks you ,

Take it easy for a while & absorb it.

Take it easy for a while  Is effective armour,

To control the self and win overcome any situation.