1132 Winner of the life

Your body is factory
out come is work,
action & behaviour.
Mind is supervisor.
Senses are worker.
and intelligent is
manager who take
decision to do work
action & behaviour.
Soul is owner with
knowledge & power.
Mind must order,
superwise & control
Mind must follow
the intruction from
intelligent & soul.
Mind Can’t control
or instruct senses
Mind, intelligent &
soul together rule
over senses that is
thinking, working &
behaviour for happy
& peaceful life.
If mind dose work
independently with
out consulting manager
& owner of the factory
then life will not be
stable, happy, peaceful.
Sense & mind should be
under control by you.
Who control the mind &
senses is winner of life.
Vinod Anand 13/07/2018


1161 What self confidence

Self Confidence is power
empowered person to take
any type of challenge in life.
He can make impossible to
possible and win all the time.
He never become nerves in
any situation, face problem
with balance mind & solve
any problem, if not it accept
the situation or problem with
courage & remain energetic.
Person have strong belief
that any type of work he can
do & takes it has a challenge.
Self confidence, combination
of mind, intelligent, soul power.
To develop self confidence try
to increase mind stability by
Intelligent Quotient & soul by
Emotion & spuritual Quotient.
Self confidence is only key of
success & happy-peaceful life.
If you delpete your mind-soul
energy means you have poor
self confidence. Be energetic
enthusiastic, active positive
for high self confidence.
self confidence is breathe
to keep life active & alive.
Vinod Anand 30/04/2018

1139 Who can be the leader ?

Who can lead the group,
Who love person of group
like his family member,
Who is energetic, dynamic
Enthusiastic and active.
Can be the powerful leader.
Who is Ambitious,dare to
face any situation and
respect person of group.
Who is good personality
good listener & speaker.
Can be the powerful leader.
Who is honest, dedicated,
fight for justice and well
wisher of group’s person’s.
Person with self confidence
Can be the powerful leader.
Leader life is for the group
then for his personal life.
Leader believe in charity.
Leader is Trsut & soul of
each persons of group.
Vinod Anand 07/04/2018

1044 Motivator

Motivator motivate the
person means encourage
and empower the person
for further development.
Some time person get
tired, or may get lazy &
due any reason target is
delayed so person needs
motivation to speed up.
So it is really necessary
to motivate the person at
regular interval for better
result and achievement.
Self motivation by soul &
mind is the best motivator.
Other good motivators are
successful great personality,
motivator speakers, books
teacher & natural resources.
If you are good observer &
eager to learn every entities
on this planet are motivator.
Motivator recharge depleted
energy during day to day
wrok, reboot the stamina &
increases self confidence.
Motivator is guide & Guru.
Vinod Anand 20/01/2018

1029 Energy

Human being have

three type of energy

physical, mental &

soul energy to utilised

for useful work.

When you work or

think or do some

thing wrong then

it deplete your soul

physical & mind.

It need to regain or

recharge the energy.

So don’t delpete your

energy in doing wrong

thing & wrong thinking,

instead of do right

work & right thinking.

After physical work man

need rest to recharge,

After mental work man

need meditation & for

soul energy need to pray

God with peaceful mind.

God is source of energy,

energy will be recharged.

Don’t do useless work

or negative thinking or

any other gossiping,

which deplete your soul

physical & mental energy.

Save the energy for good

work & recharge regularly

energy which is driving

force for your peaceful,

happy life & for survival.

Vinod Anand                                09/01/2018   Friend,Philosopher,Guide    

1021 Sources of Knowledge

Big & only Sources Of

Knowledge is God.

Be devotee of God &

be connected with

source of knowledge.

Soul is next Sources Of

Knowledge After God.

Be soul conscious.

Knowledge is hidden

in inner self we have to

awake up it with faith

and trust in God.

Source of knowlegde

is books, experience & the

speech of famous speaker.

Read the books, listen

the lecture of speaker &

learn from exprience.

Now days Internet is best

source of knowledge.

Life is best teacher &

source of knowledge.

Present era is era of

knowledge so have

intensive desire to

acquire knowledge.

Vinod Anand 31/12/2017 Friend,Philosopher,Guide

1004 Divine Life

Believe God and

have trust in God,

Pray God daily,

Speak truth,

do not hate any

one, respect elder,

help other, live

simple & pure

life is Devin Life.

Which lead to attain

perfection in life.

Acquire divine quality

of soul love, peace,

purity,mercy & live

divine life.

Divine life reduces

sorrow, tension,

pain & worries.

Divine life gives

happiness, peaceful

and healthy life.

Vinod Anand                              13/12/2017   Friend,Philosopher,Guide