1573 Science of Body

Science of Body very
large & very deep but
we need to know the
common structure &
feature for easy going
balanced & controlled,
happy & peaceful life.
One which is invisible
and imperishable soul.
Another is visible- body
have Ten senses, different
system and organs-parts.
Visiqble body exits and
being control by mind
intellect & soul power.
Mind is the sixth sense to
control five senses which
acquire knowledge & three
sense mouth, hand & legs
for activities we do.
For sound health we have
control our quality of deit
& control our five senses.
This can be done by our
sixth sense called mind,
with the help of intellect
by super hsoul power.
If we loose the control of
senses & mind then body
and life will be effected.
Vinod Anand 20/04/2019
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1552 Management of body-2

Further to management
of body-1 post before.
Second portion of body is
Management to manage
the first portion of body
that is all ten senses, to
manage & control their
action,reaction & activity.
Mind as supervisor,intellect
as decision maker and soul
power as controller-owner.
Mind supervises senses.
for their action, reaction,
behaviuor and demand.
In complicated issues &
decision mind must consult
intellect & owner for it’s
permission & accordingly
mind must control senses.
Mind cannot take any
decision & cannot give
permission directly to
senses. But mind does
this, permits senses to do
whatever they like to do.
This status of mind is
called uncontrolled mind.
Mind must on pass order
recevied from intellect-owner
to further action & reaction
to senses strickly for action.
This status of mind is called
contrlled mind. Controlled
mind is the best supervisor.
Follow this proccesure for
better body management &
happy & peaceful life.
Vinod Anand 30/03/2019

1338 Secret of Peace

Peace is best quality
of seven qualities of
soul like love, peace
mercy, power & purity.
Human being always
starves of peace but
cannot be peaceful.
Peace means silence.
Peace is state of calm
and quite.
Peace is enviorment
gives you pleasure &
root of other qualities
of human being.
Peace makes mind
steady so you can work
with concentrate.
Peace is powerful
tool to control anger.
We says : His soul rest
in peace after his death.
To become peaceful
keep quite do not speak,
do meditation or be non
Peace is Devine quality.
Vinod Anand 22/10/2018

1326 Science of Life-2

-Science of life continue
Man must understand
the value of life & the
important of time for
optimum utilization.
* Man must have target
of what he want to be,
* Other then carrier man
must have target of self
improvement to develop
his personality.
* Man must have target for
family & social welfare.
* Man must also develop
spiritual activities for
the welfare of soul.
* Finally must have target to
live successful happily &
peaceful life with principle
Live & let live other.
To achieve these targets
man must designe his life
style acoordingly to make
life prosperious & great.
So he & his life become
rolled model for others.
Science of life will be
useful to improve and
designe your life. Thanks.
Vinod Anand 12/10/2018

1325 Science of life-1

-Science of life means
what is life, secret of life,
purpose of life, Target of
life & how to live happy
peaceful, successful &
prosperous life ?
Science of life will make
our life easy going & free
from worry and tension.
We are living life without
knowing Science of life.
* Life is span of time from
birth to death for optimum
utilization without wasting
a minutes without work.
* Secret of life is Karma
what we have present is
due to karma of last birth.
For next super birth you
have to write your luck by
karma of present birth.
So be happy & satisfy
what you have present.
Try to live better life.
* Among creatures man
is great, best & powerful.
Purpose of life is to prove
our self great and best.
The rest in Scince of Life-2
Vinod Anand 12/10/2018

1308 Science of Love

-Scince of Love
means what is love ?
Love is super feeling
of & divine quality of
Supreme God & Soul.
Love is seed of all
quality of human being.
Love is God & God is love.
Love is pure and not
selfish but sacrifice.
Love is inoccent &
Love always gives
never takes, exist
all the time & never
decline or die.
Love is devotion of
God & way to Heaven.
Love every creature,
of universe & self.
Without love life is
useless, hopeless
& destructive
Love never expect
any thing except love.
Demand distroy love.
Enmity never end by
Enmity, it end by love.
Love is light of God.
Vinod Anand 27/09/2018

1278 Necessity

-Necessity of human being
are food water and air for
survival of man in life.
Next for safety purpose
house that is shelter.
When above necessities
are fullfilled that man
desire other facilities to
make life easy & comfort.
Next he need love from
family members & friends
for happy & peaceful life.
Further his necessity is
to be popular or famous.
Every necessity is over
then he need freedom
from outside & inside.
Real freedom is from
his bad qualities, habits
feelings attechment with
things, body & persons.
Concept of freedom is
first he is soul then body.
Person must be soul
conscious not body
conscious for freedom
then he may get freedom
from outside world also.
Vinod Anand 24/08/2018