1044 Motivator

Motivator motivate the
person means encourage
and empower the person
for further development.
Some time person get
tired, or may get lazy &
due any reason target is
delayed so person needs
motivation to speed up.
So it is really necessary
to motivate the person at
regular interval for better
result and achievement.
Self motivation by soul &
mind is the best motivator.
Other good motivators are
successful great personality,
motivator speakers, books
teacher & natural resources.
If you are good observer &
eager to learn every entities
on this planet are motivator.
Motivator recharge depleted
energy during day to day
wrok, reboot the stamina &
increases self confidence.
Motivator is guide & Guru.
Vinod Anand 20/01/2018


1029 Energy

Human being have 

three type of energy

physical, mental & 

soul energy to utilised 

for useful work.

When you work or

think or do some

thing wrong then

it deplete your soul

physical & mind.

It need to regain or 

recharge the energy.

So don’t delpete your

energy in doing wrong

thing & wrong thinking,

instead of do right 

work & right thinking.

After physical work man 

need rest to recharge,

After mental work man

need meditation & for

soul energy need to pray 

God with peaceful mind.

God is source of energy,

energy will be recharged.

Don’t do useless work 

or negative thinking or

any other gossiping,

which delpete your soul

physical & mental energy.

Save the energy for good

work & recharge regularly

energy which is driving 

force for your peaceful,

happy life & for survival.

Vinod Anand                                09/01/2018   Friend,Philosopher,Guide    

1021 Sources of Knowledge

Big & only Sources Of 

Knowledge is God.

Be devotee of God & 

be connected with 

source of knowledge.

Soul is next Sources Of 

Knowledge After God.

Be soul conscious.

Knowlegde is hidden 

in inner self we have to

awake up it with faith

and trust in God.

Source of knowlegde 

is books, expriences & the

speech of famous speaker.

Read the books, listen 

the lecture of speaker &

learn from exprience.

Now days Internet is best

source of knowledge.

Life is best treacher &

source of knowledge.

Present era is era of

knowledge so have 

intensive desire to 

acquire knowledge.

Vinod Anand                             31/12/2017   Friend,Philosopher,Guide   

1004 Divine Life

Believe God and

have trust in God,

Pray God daily, 

Speak truth,

do not hate any 

one, respect elder,

help other, live 

simple & pure 

life is Devine Life.

Which lead to attain 

perfection in life. 

Acquire divine quality

of soul love, peace, 

purity,mercy & live 

divine life.

Divine life reduces

sorrow, tension,

pain & worries. 

Divie life gives 

happiness, peaceful

and healthy life.

Vinod Anand                              13/12/2017   Friend,Philosopher,Guide   

849 Prayer

I am clean and pure, 

peace ful &, happy, 

blissful & powerful soul. 

O ‘God I Pray for these 

qualities of soul may 

appear in mind, heart &

reveal in my behaviour 

and action in life so 

my life become divine life. 

I may be able give up all 

impurities residing in my 

mind & able reveal devine 

quality of soul. So O, God 

I become soul conscious, 

very near and dear to you .

I have faith and trust &

hope prayer become true. 

Vinod Anand                          16/07/2017 Friend,Philosopher,Guide  

844 Consciousness 

Consciousness is

awareness, awakening 

alertness & complete sense, 

that is presence of mind. 

Means while think or

speaking or doing, 

you should know what

you are think, speaking 

and doing at that moment. 

And you should also

know that whatever you

do is right or wrong. 

Do not act unconsciously, 

without your knowledge 

and permission of mind, 

intelligent and soul power. 

That is right way of living. 

While doing any thing

if your conscious bytes, 

It is not right act. 

if your conscious becomes

happy, It is right act. 

Be conscious every moment. 

Consciousness is power of 

mind intelligent and soul &

Suppose to control your

senses of your body for

steady, controlled, happy

peaceful & successful life. 

Vinod Anand                          11/07/2017   Friend,Philosopher,Guide  

757 Shrimad Bhagawat Geeta-62 

Chapter18 The Yoga of Liberation through  knowledge & self surrender.           Bhagavan Said : Whosoever studies this sacred dialogues  of ours in the form of Geeta  by him too shall I be worshipped with Yajna of knowledge; such is My conviction. Who listen this holy Geeta with reverence, being free From malice, he too,liberated from sin.Have you heard this gospel of the Geeta attentively ?  and has your delusion born of ignorance been destroyed O Arjunas.                            Arjunas Said : Krishna by Your grace my delusion has been destroyed and  I have gained wisdom. I am free from of all doubt. I will do your bidding.                       Sanjanya said : Thus I heard  mysterious and thrilling conversation between Sri Krishna and Arjuna, son of Kunti.     Wherever there is Bhagavan sri Krishna,  the Lord of Yoga,  and wherever there is a Arjunas bow, goodness, victory,  glory and  unfailing righteousness  will be  sure there : such is My conviction.                        Chapter-18 Ends.                                 Shrimad Bhagawat Geeta End.             Thanks  to visitors or views for your response to my  62 post of Geeta.     Inspiring me all the time to write.                 Vinod Anand                           28/04/2017 Friend,Philosopher,Guide