1799 Be confident

Self Confident is every
thing for successful life.
You cannot do any work
perfectly without self
Raise confident level
and be confident.
Tip to raise self confidence.
Keep your body and mind
healthy to raise confidence.
Say affirmative,positive
quote and raise your self.
confidence level.
* I am special.Don’t compare
your self with other.
* I am able to do any thing.
* I can learn new things
* I can do any difficult work
& I will do.
* I can solve any problem.
These positive affirmation
will raise your confidence.
Vinod Anand 21/11/2019

1775 Tips for success

Every person wish to
get success in the life.
What ever you want to
become and wish to
get then remember six
tips for the success.
* Be enthusiastic and
energetic in life with
burning desire.
* Take firm decision
with determination.
* Be passionate and
have patience.
* Work on Goal means
work towards goal.
* Accept favourable &
reject unfavourable
towards goal and
focus only on goal.
* Be positive & be away
from negative persons.
Follow path of success
by utilizing given tips.
Best of luck.
Vinod Anand 02/11/2019

1769 When to..or..not to.

When to encourage
or when to not, we
must understand,
otherwise problem.
When to entertain
or when not to, we
must understand,
otherwise problem.
When to accept or
when to reject we
must understand,
otherwise problem.
When to allow other
or when not to , we
must understand,
otherwise problem.
When to speak or
when not to , we
must understand,
otherwise problem.
When to get angry
or when not to, we
must understand.
When to keep mum
or when not to, we
must understand,
otherwise problem.
When to tolerate,
or when not to, we
must understand,
otherwise problem.
If we behave or react
or understand when to
do right thing, at right
time to right person,
then no problem.
Vinod Anand 25/10/2019

1767 Vision of Life

What should be the
vision of life. Life vision
means attitude toward
life, how to see the life
& how to designe life.
First know the secret
and value of the life.
To live happy, peaceful
& succesfull life must
have vision of the life.
* Keep vision of wonderful
academic qualification or
smart professional/service
to fullfill need of life easily.
* Keep vision to become
complete family man for
happy family wellfare.
* Keep vision to become
ideal humam being to
make heaven in world.
* Keep vision to become
devotee of God, for right
grattitude toward God.
Convert these visions in
the mission of life.
Tranform these missions
into reality in the life.
This is right way of living
and supper Art of Living.
Vinod Anand 24/10/2019

1764 Think different

Think different to become
different, special & great.
Attitude of think different
is way of development,
progress and success.
Practice to think different
till it become your habit &
think different effortlessly.
Each & every situation of
life you can think differently,
only way to become positive.
In failure, think different that
it is feed back to impove &
chance to correct mistakes.
In success, think different
that it is by the grace of God.
Some one criticize then think
different that he is well wisher,
if he is right, correct your self
otherwise ignore him.
Some one praise you, think
differen, give credit to God or
parent or friend & thank him.
When you don’t get what you
want, think different that God
want to give better than that.
Similarly other consequence
think different, be different,
to live happy-peacefully life.
Vinod Anand 21/10/2019

1751 LT & DT

Life is time & time is life.
There are two type of time
Live Time and dead time.
When you do productive,
result oriented work that
time is live time of the life.
When you are idle or not
doing productive work or
result oriented that time
is dead time of your life.
Minimize your dead time
of your life for success.
Dead time is waste time.
Live time is productive time.
For maximize live time work
with target and planning.
Unplanned life will give rise
to more dead time & failure.
To increase your live time…..
* Come out from comfort zone.
* Find out distraction elements
in the life and elliminate it.
* Reduce time eater activities.
* Sleep 6 or 7 hour a day.
* Be conscious, aware & wake
about your live time of life.
Vinod Anand 09/10/2019

1749 Ego the Enemy

Most of High personality,
popular & celebrity have
ego, but they don’t know
that ego is the enemy &
never up lift the person.
Even they know cannot
leave ego because ego
become their nature &
is identity.
People will respect them
in present but donot like
them in their absent.
Self confidence without
humility brings egoism.
Confidence with humility
brings successful it not
the person’s ego.
They feel ego is their real
prestige & step of success.
Ego stand between aspire &
success of life which result
in failure, so remove ego &
get success all the time.
Vinod Anand 07/10/2019