1706 Power of discrimination

Discrimination is power
can be develop with the
help of the knowledge
wisdom and intelligence.
Discriminating between
good & bad, real & unreal,
rational & irrational, logical
& illogical. legal & unleagal,
right & wrong is the power.
If you have this power than
you must practice in life for
better result of your action,
by selecting right action or
behaviour to do which is
good result oriented.
Power of Discrimination
and right selection of
action to perform will
help you to control the
mind which award you
happy, peaceful and
successful life, otherwise
it will award you painful,
unhappy & problematic life.
Develeop discrimination
and power of selection to
control mind to take right
action and behaviour.
Vinod Anand 25/08/2019


1688 High Performance

High performance is not
result of luck or nature or
education, genetic or talent.
Success is not fluke or luck.
Success is the result of high performance.
Some tested tools by high
performes are as follow.
* Success rituals is small
action consistently daily
which will lead to success.
* Keeping focus on core
activities of your target.
That is compulsory and
necessary daily activities.
* Performace can be driven
by purpose but not mood.
* Periodic review system.
* High performers work
with great caoches.
* Time for new leaning for
high performance.
* Rest, re-energize, restore
for high performance.
* Be motivated & maintain
your will power & mood.
Be a high performer to
achieve your target.
Vinod Anand 07/08/2019

1686 It’s never too late

Whenever you get up,
it is morning for you.
whenever you get up,
it is never too late to
start day without
wasting a minute.
When you get up late
with any reason,
it’s never too late, to start
work & compensate waste.
It is never too late
to start again after
number of failure.
It is never too late
to realise your fault
and to say sorry.
It is never too late
when you want to
do something new.
It is never too late
to try to achieve
your dream.
It is never too late to
learn some thing new.
It is never too late
to exprience some
thing beautiful in life.
It is never too late to
develop personality.
It is never too late to
implement knowledge
in the life for success.
Vinod Anand 05/08/2019

1664 Tools

Tool is very important
essential and useful
apparatus for repair or
matufacturing things.
Different type of tools
are machine, safety
medical,Artisian and
kitchen tools.
Tool make the work
easy and fast so it is
more productive.
Other tools are life living
changing & life saving tool.
With using suitable tool
success is sure.
Tools are result oriented.
Use tools in house or shop
or factory for easy and
effective work.
Effective Tools must be
design for better life or
better work in factory.
Without tools man
become handicap &
cannot compete with
other opponents in
the life or business.
Use tools whereever you
are to get success in life
Vinod Anand 14/07/2019

1622 Tendency Towards Problem.

Two type of tandency
towards problem are
* First dwell with problem
means live with problem,
see problem as a problem,
afraid of problem & don’t
try to solve the problem.
By this tendency problem
gets accumulated & raise
tension and depression.
* Second rest in problem
means search the solution,
see problem as a challenge
& start searching solution.
Active creativity & thinking
proceess to solve problem.
With this tendency people
can live tension free life &
he become problem solver,
he never creates problem.
No problem is without
solution and no problem is
powerful than human power.
Don’t dwell in problem, rest
in the problem for success.
Vinod Anand 06/06/2019

1612 Don’t Avoid but Think

Some time we avoid
things, work or person
which we don’t like or
by which we fear or it
is difficult or no desire
to do or problems.
We ignore it, we don’t
face or we don’t try,
& solve it, we just avoid.
By avoiding we program
our mind just to avoid,
then it become habit to
avoid any thing without
any reason. So be aware
awake, don’t avoid any
thing, think to face fear
or to solve the problem
or take it as a challenge
and try but don’t ignore.
Don’t create habit to avoid
but be thinker to accept
any thing comes in life.
If you develop habit to
avoid, then people will
avoid or ignore you.
Avoiding is failure and
accepting is success.
Vinod Anand 28/05/2019

1606 Power of Repetition

Word Repetition itself
says do it again what
work you doing more
than one time & go on
doing for some time.
Why to repeat same
work more than one
time ? By repeating
work registered in
mind deeply so that
work you can do fast
and unconsciously.
This will creat habits
& work in auto mode.
By power of repetition…
* you can be expert or
master in any art and
will achieve success.
* You can reprogram
your mind & beliefs
by affirmations.
* Student can increase
memory power.
* You can create new
habit by repetition of
that habit for 30 days
* you can remove habit
by repetition of not
doing it for 45 days.
Repetition is powerful
tools for improvement
transformation in life.
Vinod Anand 23/05/2019