1233 Power of descipline

Two type of descipline
self descipline and
descipline by force or
by rules & regulation
or strategy or creating
discpline environment.
Self descipline come by
self understanding and
sincer effort by man.
Self descipline is the
main factor of success.
Developed country secret
is self descipline.
Self descipline increases
capacity and productivity.
Be a self descipline for
happy & peaceful life.
Descipline is great power
& driving force of progress.

Vinod Anand 13/07/2018


1216 Adviser

Adviser advise the person
wheather you ask or not.
Whose advise you have to
accept you have to decide.
To advise is easiest work.
Choose your right adviser,
who is your well wisher.
Otherwise adviser may
miss guide & spoil the life.
So be careful & concious
to select perfect adviser.
Adviser must be
and experinced in
concerned field &
trust worthy.
So you may get right,
proper & perfect advise.
Parent & Guru are perfect
& right advise for the person.
Don’t take adivse from any
ordinary and not who is
not trust worthy person.
Right adivser & right advise
means sure success.
Vinod Anand 22/06/2018

1214 Team building

Team work can achieve
target in time with good
expected result.
First team of experts &
attitude of team spirit
should be built.
Second Team should
select good leader with
leadership qualities and
every body must follow
the leader’s instruction
and should support him.
Team should have same
goal or target to achieve.
Team members must have
respect with each other &
cooperate with eac other.
Manufacturing unit or
corporate office or social
sevices team work can
create marvelous result.
Team building & team work
is key factor for success in
this competitive world.
Vinod Anand 20/06/2018

1201 Two powerful words

Two powerful words.
One is oppurtunity &
second possibility.
Both structure the life.
The oppurtunity which
give you chance in life.
We have to consciously
regoriously awaiting for
required opportunity to
full fil what we desired.
Before that we should
aware of what we want.
Opportunity is way to
achieve target or success.
Second is Possibility
means no. of options
possible to think to solve
the problem or to do work.
This type of creative habit
should be develop to think
of possibilities in the life.
It gives no. of options for
doing work and problems
to solve quick & easily.
If you practice these two
words they may change
your life very soon & fast.
Vinod Anand 06/06/2018

1192 Life is target

Life is target of
what to do ? Why to do ?
when to do ? how to do ?
what is the dead line ?
Life is comprises of no. of
small or big or large targets.
If you set the targets in the
life and plan your activities
such that you can live life
happily, peaceful and can
also achieve your tagerts.
During planning your have
to manage time,manage life
to achieve the target within
your dead line fixed.
Remember be precise &
conscious about target.
Execute stickly plan with
confidence, consistently
and continue till target
is achieved.
Don’t worry of delay in
execution or problem but
don’t stop don’t quit path.
Be firm & Be passionate.
Only human being have
mind, intelligence talent
to achieve what he wants.
Animals are living Life with
out target not human being.
Life is target & target is life.
So purpose of life is to get
what you want .
Vinod Anand 31/05/2018

1190 Good Decision Maker

What are the qualities of
Good Decision Maker ?
Good decision maker
takes right decision at
right time & succeed.
Such decision maker
must have qualities of
taking quick decision with
confidence but not in haste.
Decision maker must have
quality of self commitment &
confideance on his decision.
Decision maker must be
thoughtful & does analysis
before taking decision.
He also takes advise and
opinion of proper person
before taking decision.
Last is he stands firmly
and try to prove it right.
Vinod Anand 27/05/2018

1189 Execution

Execution is implemention
of the work to achieve taget.
You have target with plan
but unless you execute it
you can’t achieve the taget.
Only targer & plan on paper
is theory of success but
to execute the plan with
implementation is pratical
to achieve the target.
So don’t delay or have gap
beweent plan & execution.
Execution is key factor to
achieve the taget & success.
Problem-hurdle in executions
sholud be seen before seo you
can think of remedy in advance.
Be conscious about execution.
execution is Father of Success.
Vinod Anand 29/05/2018