1962 Argument

Arguments is different
of opinion on subject of
Without any arguments
the out come wouldn’t
be fruitful provided it is
friendly, open minded
and ego free.
Every one must receive
arguments from any one
and take it positively but
don’t convert arguments
for hot discussion to make
as a prestigious issue.
In house also discussion
without argument is one
sided & baised result so
no delight out come.
But condition to argue is
control your self while
arguing or listening it.
Systematic and healthy
manner arguments is tools
of creativity and success.
While arguing be aware &
cousscious don’t argue for
the sake of argue and fun.
Vinod Anand 06/04/2020

1961 Definition of success

Success is subject
being discussed all
arround by every one.
It is advisable to know
correct definition of
success of your own.
Here are few definitions
to discover your own
definition of success.
* To be good, To do good
To feel good is success.
By Mukatanad swami
* Concentration and
consistency in action
to achieve the target.
is success.
* Mind set, mind control
and utilizing mind power
is success.
* Love, share and care
every one is success.
* Success is habit to get
success in work you do.
* Any thing done with
awareness is success.
* Work done beyod your
capacity, ability & power
is success.
* Contentment in mind
after receiving what
you want is success
otherwise it achievement.
* Success in every walk of
life is great success.
* Your victory of positivity
over negativity is success.
This is a effort to discover
own definitions of success.
Vinod Anand 05/04/2020

1956 Be more productive

For productive in lifeTime,
Task,mind management
are essential. To be more
productive management
is very efficient tools.
Manage every aspect of life
that is professional, social
personal spiritual with time
and task management.
* Targets, plan and execute.
* Do toughest work first so
no stress but confidence,
more efficiency.
* Don’t break focus be away
from distraction.
* Follow 80% 20% rule of
Pareto Principle in working.
i.e 20 % action will increase
80% productivity .
* For Task Management
follow Priority classification.
1) urgent – important
2) non urgent – important
3) non important – urgent
4) non important-non urgent.
* 51 minutes working, with
10 minutes break.
* Reduce the scope, don’t
skip the task. Do less time
but donot skip the action.
* self inspiration and mind
control for more productive.
Be productive & Be successful.
Vinod Anand 02/03/2020

1951 Miracle of words

Words are every thing.
They are seed of result
or out put of work done.
Result may be success or
failure, happy or unhappy,
peaceful or unpeaceful.
Word success in mind
take you towards success.
Other words for success
are target, plan, hard work
and passonate take you
towards success.
opposite words take you
towards failure.
Word happy in mind take
you towords happiness.
Other words for happiness
are compassion, satifaction
love, nonviolence & patience
take you towards happy.
Opposite Words takes you
toward unhappiness.
Word peace in mind take
you towards peace.
Other words for peace are
understanding, mediation
silence, wisdom take you
towards peace.
Opposite words take you
towards state of unpeace.
Keep right words in mind
and erase opposite words
will create miracle in life.
It is the word gives you
what you want.
Vinod Anand 30/03/2020

1950 Quality of life

How do you improve
quality of your life.
Life without quality
no happiness, peace
and suceess in life.
If farmer wants quality
of harvest then must
bow quality seeds.
If you want quality life
then improve the quality
of your thoughts.
Your quality of thoughts
are in average of person10
you are surrounded by.
For that Find out who or
what is influencing your
thoughts & surround your
self by right minded man.
Always be aware & awake
of your quality of thoughts.
Vinod Anand 29/03/2020

1042 Success through Habits

Success is actually result
of habits. Man builds habits
later habit builds the man.
Create such habits which
builds you what you want
to become in your life.
Habits are mind program
and make loop of action
which you do repeatedly.
When get triggered, action
will be done automatically
and easily without effort.
Good habits upgrade life
means success.Bad habit
degrade life means failure.
Create good habits of most
successfull people, which
lead you successful life.
Good habits also builds
great personality which
have most important roll
in the path of success.
Try your success through
good & productive habits.
Vinod Anand 24/03/2020

1940 Mentor’s Qualities

Mentor is coach or guide
in family or business for
better result & success.
Ancient time Guru is
called Mentor to teach
and guide his disciple.
Selection of Mentor is
very important aspect.
* Mentor must be expert
and champion in field
you want guidence.
* He should be doer not
only peacher or talker.
* Must be trust worthy
* Complete Alignments
with you by nature and
attitude wise
* Willing to help you and
work hard for success.
* Help you goal setting &
increases your capacity.
* See opportunity for you.
* Help you to avoid mistake
* Gives Emotional support
do good counselling.
* He can see you strength &
area of improvement.
* Inspire & encourage you.
After selection of mentor
just surrender completely.
Vinod Anand 23/03/2020