785 Life is Struggle 

life is struggle, 

struggle is seed of success. 

struggle means continuously 

working hard till suceess, 

no break,not leaving before


Without struggle no success. 

Some time success come easily. 

Generally success is link with

struggle so do not  afraid,

get tired and depressed

of struggle, go ahead. 

Struggle is effort to get

any thing in the life. 

Struggle make possible

to get whatever you want. 

Struggle can create magic

and gives unexpected result. 

Take it, Struggle positively. 

Vinod Anand                      23/05/2017   Friend,Philosopher,Guide  

771 Celebrity

Some one may become
Celebrity,so successful,
popular & attract everyone.
Wherever they go it
will be crowd because
they have recognise
himself and attempted
to become Celebrity.
Believe it, that Celebrity
is hide inside every one.
Everyone has to find out
& recognise it and try to
bring out the Celebrity.
Successful person
become Celebrity.
Everyone is talented & have
strength to bring out talent
to become Celebrity.
Vinod Anand                      11/04/2017

750 Alarm

Alarm awake the person

person suppress alarm, 

sleep again, become late,

and become irregular

Irregularity is failure

If you awake by alarm 

become regular in life. 

Regularity is success. 

Alarm caution you and

it is safety measure. 

Better be obedient to

Alarm to become happy. 

For easy life Use alarm

for each schedules of

your life for success. 

Alarm makes you alert

active, regular and safe.                           

Vinod Anand                         22/04/2017   Friend,Philosopher,Guide 

695 Ideal person Vs Idle person

Ideal person is perfect

idle person is imperfect .

Ideal person is good planner

idle person never plans.

Ideal person is good worker

idle person is not good worker.

Ideal person is time conscious

idle is not time conscious.

Ideal person is opportunist

idle is  not opportunist.

Ideal person good thinker

idle person not at all think.

Ideal person is social

idle person is less social.

Ideal person have good


Idle have poor personality. 

Ideal person is favourite

idle person is unfavourite.

Ideal person is successful

idle is unsuccessful person.

Ideal person is happiest person

idle person is unhappy.

World with ideal persons

become ideal world.

Who stops person from

becoming Ideal ?

Who  makes person idle.

Man himself is responsible

to become ideal or Idle.

Desire,Decision & Action

make you ideal or idle.

Vinod Anand                         10/03/2017 Firend,Philosopher,Guide 

Effective talking

​Talking in angry mood, 

have no meaning as well 

not effective and may 

create wrost situation. 

Talking in hurry and 

without thinking may

be failure or not fruitfull. 

Talking with peace and

self control after thinking 

is meaningful and useful 

and effective. 

Wise and clever man

Talk with self control

and peaceful mind 

so it is very effective. 

Speak sweet, slow and truth. 

Vinod Anand                          23/11/2016   Firend,Philosopher,Guide


​Person with patience 

can achieve perfection

It’s such wonderful quality

of human being. 

Patience is abiliy to accept 

or tolerate delay, problems

without becoming annoyed or

anxious and continue to work. 

Have capacity to become clam 

and think solution peacefully 

and wait for result. 

Having patience you can

argue without anger and find 

right solution of discussion. 

Person without patience

get upset cannot think the

solution of the problem

and take steps hurriedly

may lead wrong result. 

Person without patience 

can spoil the situation.

means no self control. 

Person with patience 

can control the situation.

means self control. 

Patience is  the path of

success and perfection. 

Vinod Anand                       17/11/2016 Firend,Philosopher,Guide



​Ambition is strong desire

to become great or to 

achive some thing. 

Which lead to target

planning & achievement. 

Ambition is related to
the interest of the person. 

Person without ambition

is like, barber without razor. 

Person must have ambition. 

Ambitious person never 
accept failure and get succee 

and fulfill  the ambition. 

Want to be great be ambitious. 
Ambition is positive force, 

makes you active till success. 

Without ambition cannot 

become successful and great  

Vinod Anand                         05/11/2016 Firend,Philosopher,guide