905 Tools of success

First tool of success is

is Positive attitude, be 

positive for suceess. 

Second tool of success is

Knowledge,  which is raw 

material of success. 

Acquire knowledge. 

Third tool of success is

Inspiration the boosting 

dose from great person

Fourth tool of success is

strong desire for success. 

Fifth tool of success is

hard work with planning. 

Sixth tool of success is

patience & self confidence. 

till target is achieved. 

Have all five tools and

best of luck for success. 

Vinod Anand                          04/09/2017 Friend,Philosopher,Guide  


857 Control the waste

Waste of any thing

is loss & useless.

Try to control waste

in every field of life.

Waste of the time

is greatest waste.

Minimize the waste

of time by proper

target & planning.

Waste of the food,

money are great loss.

Minimise waste of food

by cooking required

quality of food daily.

In case excess give to

hungry people & animals.

Do not throw such place,

so that It become waste.

In factory also control of

waste of material, money,

time & man power is must.

Try to reuse the wast or

create something best

out of waste to utilise it.

So be conscious and concentrate while 

working for the best

result & less waste,

which is key of success.          Vinod Anand                          25/07/2017 Friend,Philosopher,Guide  

845 Kaizen

Secrete of Japan’s successe

is Kaizen Mean continuous

small small improvement

reveal big change one day. 

Continuous looking to

improve for better way of 

doing work with less effort, 

and time by modification or

innovation in working system. 

Kaizen must be implemented

in house, society, factory &

govt. offices to get effective

best result in the age of

competition to complete. 

Each & every person should

involve in this Kaiez activity.

Important notes for Kaiez

First do not satisfy with

existing working and

Second look for better

way of doing your work

which reduces your effort

and time which increases

your ability and efficiency. 

Kaizen is better system for

improvement by modification

and innovation. 

Kaizen is secret of grant success 

for developing & developed country. 

Continuous improvement will 

lead very big change one day

is basic principle of Kaizen. 

Creativity is mother of Kaizen. 
Vinod Anand                          11/07/2017   Friend,Philosopher,Guide  


785 Life is Struggle 

life is struggle, 

struggle is seed of success. 

struggle means continuously 

working hard till suceess, 

no break,not leaving before


Without struggle no success. 

Some time success come easily. 

Generally success is link with

struggle so do not  afraid,

get tired and depressed

of struggle, go ahead. 

Struggle is effort to get

any thing in the life. 

Struggle make possible

to get whatever you want. 

Struggle can create magic

and gives unexpected result. 

Take it, Struggle positively. 

Vinod Anand                      23/05/2017   Friend,Philosopher,Guide  

771 Celebrity

Some one may become
Celebrity,so successful,
popular & attract everyone.
Wherever they go it
will be crowd because
they have recognise
himself and attempted
to become Celebrity.
Believe it, that Celebrity
is hide inside every one.
Everyone has to find out
& recognise it and try to
bring out the Celebrity.
Successful person
become Celebrity.
Everyone is talented & have
strength to bring out talent
to become Celebrity.
Vinod Anand                      11/04/2017

750 Alarm

Alarm awake the person

person suppress alarm, 

sleep again, become late,

and become irregular

Irregularity is failure

If you awake by alarm 

become regular in life. 

Regularity is success. 

Alarm caution you and

it is safety measure. 

Better be obedient to

Alarm to become happy. 

For easy life Use alarm

for each schedules of

your life for success. 

Alarm makes you alert

active, regular and safe.                           

Vinod Anand                         22/04/2017   Friend,Philosopher,Guide 

695 Ideal person Vs Idle person

Ideal person is perfect

idle person is imperfect .

Ideal person is good planner

idle person never plans.

Ideal person is good worker

idle person is not good worker.

Ideal person is time conscious

idle is not time conscious.

Ideal person is opportunist

idle is  not opportunist.

Ideal person good thinker

idle person not at all think.

Ideal person is social

idle person is less social.

Ideal person have good


Idle have poor personality. 

Ideal person is favourite

idle person is unfavourite.

Ideal person is successful

idle is unsuccessful person.

Ideal person is happiest person

idle person is unhappy.

World with ideal persons

become ideal world.

Who stops person from

becoming Ideal ?

Who  makes person idle.

Man himself is responsible

to become ideal or Idle.

Desire,Decision & Action

make you ideal or idle.

Vinod Anand                         10/03/2017 Firend,Philosopher,Guide