1088 Presence.Vs.Absence of mind

Two stats of mind
Presence of mind so
person with this stast
called present minded.
Absence of mind so
person with this stast
called absent minded.
Present minded person
knows what he does
and can concentrate his
mind on work he dose.
Work & get better result.
Presence of mind is great
formula of great success.
Absent minded person
does not work with
presence of mind so
cannot concentrate
fully on work he does.
Present minded is dynamic
person & Absent minded
person works like machine.
Present minded person’s
concious mind is active.
Absent minded person’s
concious mind is idle.
Present minded person’s
mind memory is strong.
Absent minded person’s
mind memory is weak.
Be presence of mind &
live with awearness to
be successful person.
Vinod Anand 20/02/2018


1085 jealousy

Jealousy being menifested
in mind by seeing others
success and happiness
& radiated toward him.
It does effect him but it
burns your mind & body.
If you practice it, then it
become your nature &
it works like slow poison
& burns you happiness.
If some is jealous of you
ignore it’s jealousy.
Don’t hate, behave well &
pray God for his welfare.
Fill good of his jealousy
& be happy about your
If you are jealous of any
one first appreciate him
then get inspire and think
of same goal to get and
pray God for guidance.
Don’t be jealous,be joyful
on others achievement.
Vinod Anand 18/02/2018

1075 Disappointment

When you work hard
& expect success.
When you did not
get appointment of
success then you
will get disappointed
& become unhappy &
loose self confidence.
If continue for longer
period may result in
So control your mind
by positive thinking &
analyse the cause of
failure & bounce back.
Don’t be pessimistic
Be optimistic,try again
Success has to give
you appointment.
Disappointed is slow
poison which will kill
your self confidence.
Vinod Anand 12/02/2018

1063 Madness

Madness is status of
uncontrolled mind, which
is difficult to regain it,
so called mad man.
Doctor try to regain by
shock treatment or
by pysco therapy or
by any other way.
If not recovered then
labelled as mad man.
Another category of
madness is towards
work or attitude or
habits or beliefs no
mind control over it.
For good work, habits
or attitude or beliefs,
this type of madness
is advantageous, shows
dedication of the mind.
But for bad work or bad
habits & attitude or bad
beliefs,madness is not ok.
You have to brake, barrier
of madness & get free to
create madness for good
work or habits or attitude
or belief for success with
completely mind control.
Vinod Anand 05/02/2018

1060 Risk

What is risk ?

Life is risk, there is

no life with out risk.

Ever moment goes

with risk of dying.

To live the life we have

to take risk boldly.

Any work you do have

risk of failure so what ?

Before success, failure

is wonderful experience

& success flow through

failure mean it reveal

your weakness.

If correct your self

then no risk of failure.

Success after failure

give more pleasure.

The only things is that

take calculated risk with

intelligently & Work hard

smartly which reduces

risk factor. But don’t take

risk blindly.Without risk

your can not progress,

develop & get any thing.

Take small small risk &

achieve self confidence

of taking risk increases.

To take risk you need

boldness, patience,

and self confidence.

Vinod Anand 02/02/2018


1055 Punctuality

Punctuality is tool of
regularity & regularity
is tool of success.
Be punctual in life
so any work or promise
or any appointment
can be fulfil in time.
not punctual person is
call late comer have
excuse for coming late
but never try to come
in time or early.
Punctuality is wonderful
award for the person in
form of great personality.
Those who are punctual
never miss the train,
never comes late & get
prize of success in life.
Punctual person never
get unhappy or nerves
disappointed because
to be punctual is good
habit so life become easy
tension free & happy.
Vinod Anand 29/01/2018

1024 Resolution

Make the year 2018,

the year of resolution.

It is power way of success.

One focus and unbrakable

resolution with storng 

will power gives success.

Make resolution like……

“Want to be a ideal person”

“Want to be spiritual person”

Make resolution in present

of God as witness & pray.

Declare your resolution

to relatives and friend.

When you are stagnant

they remind or criticize,

which  encourage you.

Take help & guidance 

from exprience person.

Consciously hold on 

your resolution till you

get success.

Think of obstacles & 

hurdles in advane for

it’ removal. Best of luck.

Vinod Anand                             04/01/2018   Friend,Philosopher,Guide