1700 Sign of Intelligent

Intelligence is superior
then mind and it will
take right decision.
Person who does this,
he is intelligent person.
Person whi follows the
intelligence but not
mind, he is intelligent
and wise person.
Sign of intelligent man…
* He always looks smart.
* Person have insatible
curiosity & eagerness
to learn new things.
* Good habit of reading.
* Humarous nature.
* Accept the challenges
* Talking with self.
* He sees before jump &
Think before he speaks.
* Have tendency to forget.
* Tendeacy to worry.
* Habit asking questions.
* He works smartly and
* He speaks less and use
proper word or sentence
To become successful,
develop Intelligence
Quotient – I.Q.
Vinod Anand 18/08/2019

1556 Stay motivated

To achieve targert within
time limit regularly man
need motivation to remain
progressive & productive.
Start your day with God
prayer, gratitude toward
God,exercise, pranayam.
Listen motivated speaker
or attend seminar or read
motivated books. Keep
daily target and achieve
to raise self confidence.
Progress motivation fuel.
Be with positive people
and successful people.
Take care of your health
for massive action.
Celebrate achievement
with concern to remain
self motivated as well as
from other people.
Do self talk, councilling
& stay positive to stay
or remain motivated.
Motivation is catalyst to
speed up & maitain your
stemina for whole day
working without fatigue.
Stay motivated daily.
Vinod Anand 04/04/2019

1518 Ideal student

Ideal student respect
Parents and Teacher,
Study with target,interest
and concentration.
Student with descipline
and less important to
luxurious life is Ideal.
Study with planning,
speculation, revision
& fast writing practice
with nice hand writings
can be ideal student.
Study with technic to
remember & prepare
quick refer notes for
Examination is ideal
student. Student with
heathy body, peaceful,
steady mind study well
can be ideal student.
Work hard is quality of
Ideal student.
Student with confidence
determination, positive
attitude & responsibility
can be become ideal.
Student with soft and
noble in nature can
become ideal student.
Student life is golden
period to built career &
future, it is oppurtunity.
Ideal student accept
this oppurtunity. Ideal
student will be future
successful person.
Vinod Anand 05/03/2019

1477 Winner Vs. Looser

Thoughts only makes
you Winner or Looser.
Looser think negative &
become unsuuceessful.
Winner think positive &
become successful.
Optimist is winner and
pessimist is looser.
Person who says I have
no time may be a looser.
Winner always find time
for important work.
Irregular & unplanned
person is the looser &
vice vasa is the winner.
Winner see the problem
as a challenge & solve it
Looser see problem in
every situation.
Winner listen other to
learn & get knowledge.
Looser does reverse
donot happiness other, so
lack of knowledge.
Winner is ready to take
short term pain for long
term happiness & benefits.
Looser reversely behave.
Winner use Soft words,
looser use hard words
in disccusion.
Vinod Anand 31/01/2019

1395 Think & write

Mind create thoughts,
it’s nature of mind but
mind cannot store it.
Important,useful and
positive thoughts you
better write down.
Later you can think
on or act upon it.
When you special
create thoughts on
perticluar subject,
good ideas comes &
goes, be ready with
pencil-paper to write.
Good poet, planner
thinker does this for
future reference.
Sharpen your pencil
to sharpen your mind.
When you think of
activities for tomorrow
write down & execute.
By doing this we can
achieve100% success.
Think and write is effective
tools of success.
Successful person
use this techqunic.
Vinod Anand 22/11/2018

1326 Science of Life-2

-Science of life continue
Man must understand
the value of life & the
important of time for
optimum utilization.
* Man must have target
of what he want to be,
* Other then carrier man
must have target of self
improvement to develop
his personality.
* Man must have target for
family & social welfare.
* Man must also develop
spiritual activities for
the welfare of soul.
* Finally must have target to
live successful happily &
peaceful life with principle
Live & let live other.
To achieve these targets
man must designe his life
style acoordingly to make
life prosperious & great.
So he & his life become
rolled model for others.
Science of life will be
useful to improve and
designe your life. Thanks.
Vinod Anand 12/10/2018

1325 Science of life-1

-Science of life means
what is life, secret of life,
purpose of life, Target of
life & how to live happy
peaceful, successful &
prosperous life ?
Science of life will make
our life easy going & free
from worry and tension.
We are living life without
knowing Science of life.
* Life is span of time from
birth to death for optimum
utilization without wasting
a minutes without work.
* Secret of life is Karma
what we have present is
due to karma of last birth.
For next super birth you
have to write your luck by
karma of present birth.
So be happy & satisfy
what you have present.
Try to live better life.
* Among creatures man
is great, best & powerful.
Purpose of life is to prove
our self great and best.
The rest in Scince of Life-2
Vinod Anand 12/10/2018