1724 Mastery

To become master
in any field, art or skill
and game is called
mastery in particular
field, art or skill, game.
How to get mastery ?
First find interesting
field or art or skill or
game in which you
have talent and you
want to get mastery.
Then make it as a
target of the life with
determination and be
passonate to achieve.
Be active, committed,
with top most priority
& visualised mastery.
Find master-coach in
that field, surrender
your self to him and
start practice till you
achieve mastery.
Keep yourself inspire &
motivate time to time.
Be ready to solve any
problems & over come
your limitation to get
your mastery.
This is the only way to
get mastery in desired
field, art or skill, game.
Vinod Anand 12/09/2019


1701 After retirement

After retirememt from
service or bussiness,
What you will do ?
Have you ever thought
any plan of living before
you get retired ?
If not, you must thnik the
plan well before you get
retire, because man can
not live without activity or
work for longer period.
Without any work will get
physically tired & mentally
bored, may get illness due
problem of time passing.
Advisable to plan retired
life in advance.
You have served many
years your family, retire
life is time to serve other,
to earn the blessing.
Retirement is new life to
live for wellfare of society
without any expectations.
See your talent, interest &
expertise & select field or
area where your can serve
or help needy person and
plan your activities before
you get retired in advance.
My best wishes to those
who are on the verge of
retirement. Thank You.
Vinod Anand 19/08/2019

1694 How to live right way ?-2

Tips to live right way to
get peace and happiness.
Consider failure as a feed
back, problem as challenge.
Be positive and optimistic.
Know your potential,find out
your uniqueness & develop.
skill,talent & self confidence.
Live with purpose & planning.
Eat for living, not for eating.
Keep your body & mind healthy.
let your happiness & peace be independent of things and
person or situation.
Focus on your duty not on
your right.
Work without expecting the
fruits of your work.
Love God, your self, relatives
then other.
Trust God & faith in God
Design and plan your life
to get peace, happiness.
Vinod Anand 12/08/2019

1545 Survival in 21st Century

Survival in 21st century
is problem to look into.
21st century is fast
growing, fast changing
technology & competitive.
Only Master degree with
good % not sufficient to
survive in 21 century.
Ordinary person cannot
survive and make his life
safe stable and secure in
21st century, he must be
talented, creative & must
develop following skills
and attitude to survive.
* Technology skill.
* Positive attitude.
* Communication skill
* Control over emotions
* Problem solving attitude.
* Time management skill
* Learning attitude.
* Multitasking skill.
* Team working attitude
* Leadership skill.
Unless until you develop
these skill & attitude you
cannot survive in 21 century.
Be ready and start practice.
Vinod Anand 24/03/2019

1471 Attitude towards work

Important attitude
towards work while
working for 100%
* Work is Worship.
* No work is below
dignity whatever
work you do.
* Work is alloted to
you according to
your qualification.
* Love your work or
love what you do.
* Do your work with
100 % concentration.
* Do not postponed
your work.
* Do not work like
machine, applied
your talent while
doing work.
* Take interested work
or take interest what
work you are doing.
If you have such
attitude towards
work you never get
bored or tired and
your performance
will be excellent.
Work only don’t expect
result of your work.
Work while work.
Vinod Anand 27/01/2019

1386 Success W/O Talent

What is relation of
talent and success.
Most of the people
believe that no talent
no success, with this
mind concepts they
donot get success.
Talent is the one of
the factor of success
but not only the factor.
Success donot depends
only on talent, whitout
it, there are many other
factors of success, no
need to have talent.
So donot worry if you
are less talented, be
focuse on other factors….
body language,energy,
do extra,preparaion are
the factors don’t depend
on talents, still you can
get success positively.
If you are talented then
success is easy to get.
Vinod Anand 17/11/2018

1333 Konw your Talent

-How to know your talent ?
Every human have hidden
unique quality & have
talent in particularn field
in which he does better.
Talent means application
of knowledge.
Symptoms to know talent.
* While doing any activity
time goes very fast, you
enjoy & don’t feel bore.
* Informations collection for
perticular work or acivity.
* When you get attracted
by any activity or work.
* For particular work or
activity you will get ready
to compromise.
* Some case nature will
let to know your talent.
*Perticular work you get
all the time success.
After knowing talent your
performance will be better.
Talent will give you fame,
success & happiness.
Talent is technique of
successful working.
Vinod Anand 18/10/2018