968 Consistently

Consistency is ideal tool

of success & development.

Easy to fix the target, plan &

start work to achive target.

But difficult to achieve it

unless until you use tool

of success ‘ Consistency ‘.

Consistency mean no 

break  & no stopage in 

planned work to be done.

To do so always focus on

target & work till achieved.

Must have strong purpose &

deep desire for target planned.

Consistency in any work or

action leads great success 

otherwise failure & tension.

Be consistence in work.

Vinod Anand                           15/11/2017 Friend,Philosopher,Guide    



963 Intention

Work or any action or 

behaviour, there is a

intention of the person. 

Unless it disclosed it 

remains hidden. 

If good intention then

it is well & good,no risk

and no problem. 

If bad intention then

it is no good, full risk

and big problem. 

How do we know the 

Intention of the person. 

So all the time watchful

awake & care full for any

body action & behaviour.

Intention have power that 

target can be completed. 

Always have good intention 

to get success & popularity. 

Say Bye Bye to bad intention.                Vinod Anand                           07/10/2017 Friend,Philosopher,Guide    

905 Tools of success

First tool of success is

is Positive attitude, be 

positive for suceess. 

Second tool of success is

Knowledge,  which is raw 

material of success. 

Acquire knowledge. 

Third tool of success is

Inspiration the boosting 

dose from great person

Fourth tool of success is

strong desire for success. 

Fifth tool of success is

hard work with planning. 

Sixth tool of success is

patience & self confidence. 

till target is achieved. 

Have all five tools and

best of luck for success. 

Vinod Anand                          04/09/2017 Friend,Philosopher,Guide  

834 Contentment 

Contentment is the best

quality of happy human being. 

Contentment doesn’t mean

no progress & stop achieving. 

what is happening  to us &

arround us every thing is fine 

we have satisfy & work further. 

If we create thought that 

we are not good, what 

we have is not enough

& the people around us  

is not right so we may

not be happy & contented. 

Contentment is Sanskar 

to be happy with what 

we achieved and continue

to work towards more. 

Contentment is Sanskar 

to be created irrespective 

of external situation. 

Contentment is source of

happiness & successful life. 

Vinod Anand                          05/07/2017     Friend,Philosopher,Guide  


​Ambition is strong desire

to become great or to 

achive some thing. 

Which lead to target

planning & achievement. 

Ambition is related to
the interest of the person. 

Person without ambition

is like, barber without razor. 

Person must have ambition. 

Ambitious person never 
accept failure and get succee 

and fulfill  the ambition. 

Want to be great be ambitious. 
Ambition is positive force, 

makes you active till success. 

Without ambition cannot 

become successful and great  

Vinod Anand                         05/11/2016 Firend,Philosopher,guide

Who can be peaceful

​Person want to become

peaceful and does effort

can be peaceful. 

Person think positive 
and have stable mind

can be peaceful. 

Person have targets and 
planing to attain targets

can be peaceful. 

Person have good life
system, pattern and style. 

can be peaceful. 

Person have patience, 
noble character and

behaviour can be peaceful. 

Person have better under-
standing and  forbearance.   

can be peaceful. 

Peace is our original nature. 
Peace exists inside but asleep 

Person who can awake and 

make it active, can be peaceful. 

Vinod Anand                      15/09/2016 Friend,Philosopher,Guide

Be Ideal Person

​How to become ideal person. 

First decide the target

to become ideal person. 

Second think and plan

how to achieve it.

Third execute the plan. 

Aquire qualities of ideal person

Human being qualities, 

like love,peace, patience, 

mercy, purity etc. 

Good habit, good activities, 

few principles, rules and 

regulation to follow. 

See good qualities of

the person and aquire. 

Don’t  see bad qualities

and criticize the person. 

Self awareness and self

improvement is best tool 

to become  ideal person. 

Always insist your self

to become ideal person. 

Should be purpose of the life. 

Vinod Anand                          21/07/2016

friend, philosopher, guide.