2041 Alphabets of Life-2

M for Mind, Meditation
Management, Manners,
Mood and Maturity etc…
N for Nature,Nation,Nice
Noble, and etc…
O for Oaths, Overcome,
Open, On & Opinion etc..
P for Positivity, Pleasure
Purpose, Parents, Peace.
Q for Quality, Quickly,
Quiet and Quit, etc…
R for Relationship, Rain,
Reputation & Right etc.
S for Success, Safety,
Satisfaction, Saving etc..
T for Tolerance, Target,
Teaching,Truth,Trust etc..
U for Understanding, up
update, Upgradation etc
V for Victory, Vrtures,
Value-Edition, Video etc..
W for Water,welcome,
Wealth, Warrior, world etc..
Y for Yes, Year, yellow
Youth and Yield etc…
Z for Zen, Zero, Zeal etc
M to Z words are very
positive, teaches lession.
Vinod Anand 31/05/2020

2031 Busy Vs. Productive

‘ I am Busy ‘ is
common answer when
we give anybody work.
Is it really he is busy
or he is giving excuse ?
Some people are busy
not or less productive.
Busy people have no
or many priority & no
planning but Productive
people have couple of
priorities with planning.
Busy people response
with Yes for any work.
Productive people think
to say Yes to new work.
Busy people have multi
tasking attitude to work.
Productive people work
with only one work till it
it finishes.
Busy people are work
and productive people
are result oriented.
Busy people ask advise
due lack of knowledge
and self confidence.
Productive people work
of his own effort with
self confidence.
Productive people believe
in time management.
Busy people don’t believe
in time management.
Productive people are more
successful, busy people are
less successful.
Be Busy for productive work.
Vinod Anand 22/05/2020

2030 Benefits of T.M

Benefit of time management
are so many the problem is
to follow it with right attitude
and discipline to get benefit.
Time management is every
thing i.e planing with respect
to target and execution.
Benefit of T.M. are……
Save the time.
Reduces stress.
Optimization of time.
Get more quality work.
To function effectively.
Increases our work out
Reduces time wastage
Maintain the discipline.
Help to prioritize you work.
Control over responsibilities.
Get work done in less time.
Delivery of product right time.
Time management is key of
growth and success in life.
Vinod Anand 21/05/2020

2015 Factors of success

Success become the
purpose of everybody.
Dream the Success to
make it target of life to
live successfully life.
Focus six mportant
factors that will fetch
you suceessful life
First-Make the success
purposes in four fields
of life i.e. professional,
Personal, social, spiritual.
Second-Self confidence
to achieve the purpose.
Third-Planning, Strategy
and full proof process.
Fourth-Execution of plan.
Fifth-Communication skill
Sixth- Develop Personality.
All factors are essential &
must without lack of any.
You will be in the list of
great successfull people.
Vinod Anand 06/05/2020