1210 Tips for success

Purpose of the life
or Target of the life
must be success.
Tips for success.
First important tip
is self awareness for
self improvement.
Develop some art like
Art of living, listening
& speaking for better
human public relation.
Develop right attitude
that is be positive, be
Optimists, be active.
Develop nature of love,
share, care and help.
Develop Good habits
of regularity discipline
and smart working.
Understand problem
and feelings of other
& cooperate with other
Be concentrate and
focused on your work.
Also Develop attitude of
gratitude & forgiveness.
Tips are guideline have
to practice for success .
Vinod Anand 17/06/2018


1206 How to love self

Who are you ?
What you want ?
What you are ?
What is your identity ?
What is the target &
purpose of you life ?
Do you know yourself ?
Do you love yourself ?
To live peacefully &
happily get answers
of these questions.
To love your self
first know your self.
What are the good
qualities & habits ?
What are your feelings
emotions & intensions ?
That is self awareness.
Second is accept your
self, if some things you
donot like then reject it,
& make your self such
that you start loving
your self and others
also love you.
Unless until you know
your self, accept your
self you cannot love
you self or any body.
Vinod Anand 11/06/2018

1201 Two powerful words

Two powerful words.
One is oppurtunity &
second possibility.
Both structure the life.
The oppurtunity which
give you chance in life.
We have to consciously
regoriously awaiting for
required opportunity to
full fil what we desired.
Before that we should
aware of what we want.
Opportunity is way to
achieve target or success.
Second is Possibility
means no. of options
possible to think to solve
the problem or to do work.
This type of creative habit
should be develop to think
of possibilities in the life.
It gives no. of options for
doing work and problems
to solve quick & easily.
If you practice these two
words they may change
your life very soon & fast.
Vinod Anand 06/06/2018

1189 Execution

Execution is implemention
of the work to achieve taget.
You have target with plan
but unless you execute it
you can’t achieve the taget.
Only targer & plan on paper
is theory of success but
to execute the plan with
implementation is pratical
to achieve the target.
So don’t delay or have gap
beweent plan & execution.
Execution is key factor to
achieve the taget & success.
Problem-hurdle in executions
sholud be seen before seo you
can think of remedy in advance.
Be conscious about execution.
execution is Father of Success.
Vinod Anand 29/05/2018

1180 Happy Family-HF

Peaceful & prosperous
family is Happy family
Can be a ideal family.
Every one must be
happy with each other.
Sharing Caring & loving
with each other is HF.
Family with descipline,
family rules regulation &
limitation, is Happy Family.
Family having Respect &
understanding with each
other is Happy Family.
Family with priciple of
forgiveness & endurance
can be a Happy Family.
Family with good leader
can be Happy Family.
Members with aim or
target of Happy Family
become Happy Family.
Every one strives & try
for Happy Family then
it become Happy Family.
The first purpose of life
must be happy family
with top most priority
than other purpose.
Vinod Anand 19/05/2018

1154 Incredible Life

What is Incredible Life ?
Extra ordinary, untrustable
divine life is Incredible Life.
Life with Positive attitude,
& gratitude is Incredible Life.
Simple, high thinking and
creative life is Incredible Life.
Person having human being
quality can live Incredible Life.
Person live with love, share and
take care other is Incredible Life.
Person does hard work smartly
and achieve his target before
time in his life is Incredible Life.
Life with good understanding
& co-operation in family, office
and society is Incredible Life.
Happy, peaceful & prosperous
creditable life is Incredible Life.
Unforgettable Life which can
inspire other is Incredible life.
We are capable and can live
Incredible Life & we must have
the our target of Incredible Life.
Incredible Life of individuals
can build Incredible India.
Vinod Anand 23/04/2018

1151 Formula of success

Formula is expression
gives correct result,if
no calculating error.
Formula of success
means sure success.
For success Target
Planning & Execution is
prime factor of success.
Next Two ohter factors,
Strengths & Weakness.
Increase your strength &
convert your Weakness
into your strengths.
More strength more
capability to achieve
target and success.
Another Two factors,
Opportunity & Threat.
Think of opportunity
or create and grap it.
Think of Threat before
and have back plan to
over the threat so no
probability of failure.
First formula is TPE
Target, Planning and
Execution. Second is
SWOP,means Strength
Weakness, Opertunity
and Threate in future.
Become worry less &
be sure of success by
two formulas of success.
Vinod Anand 20/04/2018