1917 Optimization of Time

Optimization Of Time is
Utilization of time with
planning and priority
without wasting time
in doing unimportant
and least priority work.
Tips for Optimization of
Time are….
* Make next day working
plan night before. Five
minutes work can save
no. of hours of next day.
* Mark for priority of each,
relist & executes next day.
* Use rubber band formula
for impotant priority work.
Divide your bigger work
into period of 60 minutes.
Don’t remove it till work is
completed. It is a reminder.
* Manage distractions while
working important work.
So no chance to divert
from doing priority work.
* Timed Meetings mean
starting & ending time
must be fixed.
* Learn to say NO politely
while working priority work.
* Minimize waste of time is
Optimization Of Time for
productive work.
Vinod Anand 06/03/2020

1850 Become Winner

How you become winner ?
Develop winning belief
system, mind set & pursue
your life as winner.
Follow the habits of Winner
like time utilization, expert
opinion,decide what you
want & think how to get ?
Learn lession & motivate
your self from Winner.
Develop Will power, positive
attitude & get knowkedge.
Develop many skills like a
concentration skill & stress
management skill.
Plan strategy & start your
journey to become winner.
Focus primary daily action
by Robust Review System
to monitor the progress.
Develop attitude of gratitude.
Come out from comfortzone.
Invest time, money & effort
for improvement, education
& growth to become winner.
Vinod Anand 06/01/2020

1839 Will lead to success

Don’t waste time and
Utilize time will lead
to success.
Practice makes man
perfect, Practice till
perfection will lead
to success.
Update, upgrate and
keep moving forward
adopting the change
will lead to success.
Be happy Be honest
and Be positive will
lead to success.
Focus on your strength
believe in your self will
lead to success.
Target and plan dream
to execute will lead to
Never give up till you
achieve it, will lead to
Vinod Anand 27/12/2019

1636 Best healing medicine

Wound must be healed
in time otherwise it
will become septic.
May require heavy
dose of antibiotic
or to operate upon.
Similarly some one
insult you then we
multiply that insult
by remembering it
no. of time, so that
healing of insult is
not possible.
Some one hurt you
or brake your heart.
Best healing medicine
is time if you forget &
don’t remember it.
Even though you
remember it, sill time
work as medicine to
heal your insult or hurt
of mind & joint your
broken heart.
It is belived that hurt by
tongue never heal with
time as spoken words
works like a arrow &
brake the heart which
in not repairable with
time passes. Another
Best healing medicine
is smile forgiveness &
devotion to God with
love care and share.
So better don’t insult
or hurt or brake heart
of any one for best
happy and peaceful life.

Vinod Anand 17/06/2019

1621 Art of Saving

Utilization of money
water, time & any thing
such a way that it
minimize the waste
& can save part of it.
How to do this,it is art
of saving,Tips are below….
– Minimize the waste
-Have plan to use.
– Have budget of 75%
of total quantity.
– Creativity for best
utilization of thing.
– Awareness, awakeness
and consciousness is
needed while using things.
Due saving no scarcity
will be created and have
surplus for future use.
Saving is best habit which
makes man independent.
For saving any thing first
must have intens desire,
requirements, action plan.
Presently pricing of every
things are shooting, it is
compulsory to learn art of
saving to survive.
Vinod Anand 05/06/2019

1597 Conflict Management

Conflict is special and
essential management
in every walk of life to
avoid or solve conflict.
Conflict is like small
fire, essential to control
it before it become large.
It is conflict management.
Few points to manage it.
First sense the situation
of conflict then control
your self to control the
other person involved.
If one customer come to
complaint, first listen &
agree whatever he says
then try control with cool
mind to avoid conflict.
Second important point
is don’t argure, discuss.
The arguement prove
who is right, discussion
proves what is right.
Arguement add fire to
conflict but discussion
may put off the conflict.
Third focus on what is
important to avoid the
conflict or to face the
conflict depending on
sitiation and person.
Forth point is value
your time and energy.
Don’t waste your time
and energy to enhace
the conflict.
Fifth point is Empathy
means put your self in
his position to under
stand him to handle
complicated conflict.
Vinod Anand 14/05/2019

1537 Time Saver

The element, action or
method, save the time
can be called T.saver.
Who is hero ? find out
the time saver.
You are the hero to
find out time saver.
First plan & allot evey
hour useful work.
Observe way of doing
that work, find another
way which take less time
& implement to save time.
Observe another work &
try to do it in less time.
This activity is time saver.
Curtail time of sleeping &
entertainment to get more
time for useful work.
Try to develop habit of
multitasking to combine
two activities together to
save time for useful work.
Alway be awake to find out
idle time for useful work.
Be away from time eater
things person, elements
& activities will save time
Time saver, save the
time to utilise that time
for productive work.
Vinod Anand 17/03/2019