1370 Be a result oriented

-For a result oriented,
You must be targeted,
right directive and well
planned with hard work
to achive the target.
For a result oriented,
Value your time by time
management, self and
priorities management to
minimize waste of time.
You be effectively busy.
For a result orineted,
you must love your work
and select profession of
choice, not by chance.
If it is by chance then
accept & love the work.
For a result oriented,
Keep your body healthy
by taking healthy food
regularly and excercise.
Take care of your health.
Be a result oriented.
Vinod Anand 06/11/2018

1346 How to control the life

-There are two aspects of life
First those aspects which
can be controlled & other
which cannot be control.
Aspects like birth, death,
and events cannot be
control, don’t worry.
You cannot change or
improve or control other,
don’t try to control them.
Another aspects of life
which you can control
like your nature , dream,
food, thought, hard work,
time, response & making
friend, try to control these
aspects of life to control
your life for development,
improvement & success.
Focus your mind on those
aspects of life which you
can control and become
winner in the life.

Vinod Anand 26/10/2018

1326 Science of Life-2

-Science of life continue
Man must understand
the value of life & the
important of time for
optimum utilization.
* Man must have target
of what he want to be,
* Other then carrier man
must have target of self
improvement to develop
his personality.
* Man must have target for
family & social welfare.
* Man must also develop
spiritual activities for
the welfare of soul.
* Finally must have target to
live successful happily &
peaceful life with principle
Live & let live other.
To achieve these targets
man must designe his life
style acoordingly to make
life prosperious & great.
So he & his life become
rolled model for others.
Science of life will be
useful to improve and
designe your life. Thanks.
Vinod Anand 12/10/2018

1325 Science of life-1

-Science of life means
what is life, secret of life,
purpose of life, Target of
life & how to live happy
peaceful, successful &
prosperous life ?
Science of life will make
our life easy going & free
from worry and tension.
We are living life without
knowing Science of life.
* Life is span of time from
birth to death for optimum
utilization without wasting
a minutes without work.
* Secret of life is Karma
what we have present is
due to karma of last birth.
For next super birth you
have to write your luck by
karma of present birth.
So be happy & satisfy
what you have present.
Try to live better life.
* Among creatures man
is great, best & powerful.
Purpose of life is to prove
our self great and best.
The rest in Scince of Life-2
Vinod Anand 12/10/2018

1305 Disturbance

When stone is
dropped in pond
it disturb it create
waves in water &
disturb the water.
Similarly disturbance
disturb your work &
mind gets upset.
It is advisable to
select working place
free of Disturbance.
Even though it comes
be calm & steady with
your work with balance
of mind & develop the
ignoring power against
the distubance.
Otherwise disturbance
will waste your time
work and energy.
Be Disturbance proof.
Vinod Anand 23/09/2018

1200 Hobby

Hobby is special habit
of a person which is very
liked & desired such that
he become slave of hobby.
There are to type of hobby
good hobby or bad hobby.
Before your hobby become
your habit please check it.
Is bad hobby or good hobby ?
Bad hobby consume your
important time, not allow
to become useful person
and become your enemy.
Life is for entertainment.
Hobby give entrainment
but have limitation of time
& priority to other work
& activities in the life.
Don’t waste more time for
different hobbies in life.
Have control over your
hobby so he wouldn’t
be hurdle in your life.
Vinod Anand 05/06/2018

1141 Time Vs. Life Management

Time is well managed itself.
Time cannot be manage,
is necessary to manage
life according to the time.
Manage the activities of life
to minimize wast of time for
better utilization of time.
Focus on life management.
Tips for life management.
Manage your activities
with respect to tagert &
don’t postpone any work.
Social media TV become
attraction in our life which
eat useful time reduce it.
Place for every thing put
every thing in his place.
Residance should be near
to work place, so travelling
is easy and take less time.
Limit sleeping time to six.
Do 20 minitues meditation.
for mind & body relaxation.
Do every work in time, as
per your commitment.
Life is zero defect system
what you give to life it will
return to you in many fold.
Behave honestly with life.
So manage your life for
easy and tension free life.
Vinod Anand 10/04/2018