944 Conspiracy 

Conspiracy  is intentionally 

planned  & executed cheating

against persons or family or 

institute for money or land or

house or any other reason. 

Conspiracy of is crime, 

punishment is sure, 

when it reveal & proved. 
The person or group 

before executing plan

establish the trust, so

nobody suspect till

plan is executed. 

It will be know when

Every thing is  executed

& over by conspirators.

So be awake, aware 

and careful about 

surroundings do not 

trust anybody blindly.

Vinod Anand                           06/10/2017 Friend,Philosopher,Guide    


936 Blind Trust

Blind trust means

believe any body 

without knowing

him,getting impressed

by his miracle or 

to get desire things. 

The desire is so

deep,intensive so

that the person 

become mentaly

blind & don’t look

and think final out 

come and believe

the person blindly. 

Person will take 

advantage of trust 

and cheat the 

innocent people. 

Be careful, awake, 

attentive & thinkful

about such people. 

Don’t trust any one

blindly. Trust & Pray 

& believe God, not

the pretending person 

and his miracle. 

Don’t cross the limit

of trust, ortherwise 

become Blind trust. 

Blind trust is cheater

and destroyer. 

Vinod Anand                              03/10/2017 Friend,Philosopher,Guide    

849 Prayer

I am clean and pure, 

peace ful &, happy, 

blissful & powerful soul. 

O ‘God I Pray for these 

qualities of soul may 

appear in mind, heart &

reveal in my behaviour 

and action in life so 

my life become divine life. 

I may be able give up all 

impurities residing in my 

mind & able reveal devine 

quality of soul. So O, God 

I become soul conscious, 

very near and dear to you .

I have faith and trust &

hope prayer become true. 

Vinod Anand                          16/07/2017 Friend,Philosopher,Guide  

 724 How to become perfect ? 

God-supreme soul is perfect

We are soul, son of supreme.

We ought to be perfect

but not, So purpose of life

is to become perfect.

When we become perfect

we will be very near to God.

To become perfect believe

God, have trust, faith &

be devotee of God.

Change your vision from

body to soul conscious.

Remember the divine

qualities of soul Purity,

Happiness Peace, Power,

Love, Bliss & Knowledge.

Try to awake, acquire &

transform your life style.

God is with you just start

the your journey & you will

become perfect & near to

Supreme Soul-God.

Vinod Anand                           01/04/2017   Friend,Philosopher,Guide 


​Unfaithful, Illegal, Unlogic

Dishonest act by lying, 

hiding truth and pretending 

to gain an advantage from 

the person is cheating. 

Like : To stop someone 

benefit to satisfy self ego. 

Take money  from someone 

by quoting wrong reason. etc

Person having blind trust

on someone, he cheats him. 

Cheater first create trust. 

then cheat him. 

Be concious and awake

and don’t trust blindly any 

one or family member. 

we can not cheat every

one all the time. When it is 

disclose nobody trust us. 

who cheat whom ? 

people don’t know. 

When we cheat person 

first we are cheating 

our SELF because, 

we are not cheat person

we are cheating soul

of each other. 

Vinod Anand                      13/11/2016 Firend,Philosopher,Guide



Talk to God

To talk to God
establish the link by relation.
Develop faith and trust. Believe that,
” God is great and super power,
present all the time, everywhere.
God is the creator, God father  and
reside in creatures as a soul. ”
Surrender mind, intelligence,senses.                                                                                              Accept what you get, and be happy.                                                                                          Then you are eligible, to talk
to God through prayer.
Talk to God with respect to.
relation you have established.
Talk to God Daily without fail.
What to talk – First appreciate,
thanks for what you have,
beg pardon for mistake,
misbehavior, ask guidance
and energy for better life etc.
Similarly go on talking with God.
Your can talk your personal
problems, you will get solution.
God is best guide and Guru.

Vinod Anand                          09/04/2016
Friend, Philosopher,Guide


વિશ્ર્વાસ જીવનમાં
અતિ આવશ્યક,
મહત્વપૂર્ણ ને અતિ મૂલ્યવાન છે.
વિશ્ર્વાસ જીવનનો પ્રાણ,
શ્ર્વાસ અને આધારશીલા છે.
જીવનની નૌકા વિશ્ર્વાસના આધારે ચાલે.

વિશ્ર્વાસ છે તો જીવન સુરક્ષીત છે.
જીવન સુરક્ષીત તો જીવનમાં સુખીશાંતી .
જીવનમાં સૌ પ્રથમ વિશ્વાસ કેળવો ને
કોઇના વિશ્ર્વાસુ બનો..

એવું જીવન ન જીવો, એવું કર્મ ન કરો
ને એવો સ્વભાવ ન કેળવો કે
તમારો કોઇ વિશ્વાસ ન કરે ને
જીવનમાં એકલા પડી જાવ ને
પસ્તાવવાનો વાળો આવે.
જીવનમાં કોઇ પણ કીંમત ચૂકવવી પડે
તો પણચૂકવી દો પણ વિશ્વાસના ન ટુટે.
શબીરીને ગુરુ વચનના વિશ્વાસે રામ મળ્યા.
વિશ્ર્વાસને જીવનનું લક્ષ્ય ને ઉદેશ રાખો .

વિનોદ આનંદ                          11/12/15