1887 Self Confidence

Self-confidence is purely
your trust on your self.
what you want to do
definately you will do .
No doubt, no failure &
surely you will do that.
Self-confidence is power.
Lack of confidence is sign
of fear, weakness & doubts.
Tips for self confidence.
* Knowledge : Learn more,
read books. Knowledge
will develop confidence.
Find the mentor.
* Exprience : Exprience is
best teacher and builds
confidence. More you do
work, more confident
you become. when you
start new work, start at
small level.
* Risk : Take action inspite
of fear by taking little risk
and face the fear.
* Question : Question your
every thought unquestion
thoughts are bigger enemy.
* Faith : Have faith that you
can handle whatever come
in your ways.
* Keep moving toward goal.
* Be passonate and have
patience, don’t stop or
give up with confidence.
* Affirmation : Give positive
Affirmation to your mind
like ” I can do. I will do.”
Without self confidence
success is not possible.
Vinod Anand 07/02/2020

1786 Respect is every thing

Human being must
respect each other
irrespective of status.
Give respect and take
respect is easier way
to earn respect which
can’t be demanded.
If fail to respect other,
you can’t earn respect.
Factors due to you don’t
get respect are……
* Talking too much meaningless.
* Insulting others due ego and anger.
* Telling lie frequntly and loose trust.
* Live life unplanne and unmanaged.
* Interface in matter of other.
* Giving advise without asking.
* Sharing own problems.
* Not accoutable for money.
* Wrongly judge to others
* Back bitting & abusing.
* Not keeping promises.
Left all the factors to qualify
respect from others.
Respect builds strong relation
and strong relation makes happy
and peaceful life.
Remember Respect is every things.
Vinod Anand 13/11/2019

1694 How to live right way ?-2

Tips to live right way to
get peace and happiness.
Consider failure as a feed
back, problem as challenge.
Be positive and optimistic.
Know your potential,find out
your uniqueness & develop.
skill,talent & self confidence.
Live with purpose & planning.
Eat for living, not for eating.
Keep your body & mind healthy.
let your happiness & peace be independent of things and
person or situation.
Focus on your duty not on
your right.
Work without expecting the
fruits of your work.
Love God, your self, relatives
then other.
Trust God & faith in God
Design and plan your life
to get peace, happiness.
Vinod Anand 12/08/2019

1558 Confidence-2

Tip to grow self Confidence
continued from Confidence-1.
– Your communication skill
vocal non vocal can raise
your self confidence.
– Take care of your mental
and body health with nice
dressing to look attractive.
-Some time give positive
affirmation to unconscious
mind by thinking positively.
– Play fake drama of fully
self confidence because
unconscious mind don’t
distinguish between really
and fake. So feel fully self
confident whenever you
need to show confidence.
– Don’t afraid of situation
which will eat your self
confidence. Be courageous
& bold to face the situation.
Practice Tips to raise your
external & self Confidence.
Vinod Anand 05/04/2019

1557 Confidence-1

Confidence is level
of energy & success.
For success man must
be confident or have full
trust on self of successs.
Confidence are exertnal &
Both have same effect
on human being.
External is from things
or supporting network
like friends, relatives &
society persons,which
is not permanent.
May be useful to raise
internal confidence.
Internal confidence is
your self trust on you,
your beliefs, knowledge
and self esteem by self
inspiration & motivation.
– Internal confidence grow by
self talk, no postponement or
delay in action & the work.
– Day to day target achieving.
– Do some thing new to make
change in your rountine work.
Further tips for confidence
in my next post confidence-2
Vinod Anand 05/04/2019

1486 How to convince others

How to convince other in
family,office and society.
Art of convincing needed
in personal, professional &
business life.
Remember few Points to
convince other that makes
him understand and he
accept and get agree.
* See the mood & mode of
the person, that he is in
listening & receptive mode.
He should not be upset or
logical or arguing mood.
* To bring him receptive
mode get connected
emotionally with him by
love care,respect & help.
* Appreciate & accept the
person as he is, and get
connected emotionally.
By doing this he will trust
you and ready to listen you,
so you can convience him.
Vinod Anand 06/02/2019

1414 How to choose target

What should be target
in life is your choice ?
What should be criteria ?
What should be target ?
Target gives purpose to
live the life or purpose of
life should be the target.
What ever the criteria, it
is essential to have target.
First criteria is career and
other are purposeful target
of the life like personality,
family,social relation and
spiritual development.
Choose meaninful career
target by which you get joy
while achieving the target.
Target to develop positive
attitude, feelings, good
qualities and habit to built
healthy family and social
relation in the life.
Target to develop spiritual
quality like faith and trust
on God to get inspiration,
power and blessing of God
for successful life.
Vinod Anand 03/12/2018