1414 How to choose target

What should be target
in life is your choice ?
What should be criteria ?
What should be target ?
Target gives purpose to
live the life or purpose of
life should be the target.
What ever the criteria, it
is essential to have target.
First criteria is career and
other are purposeful target
of the life like personality,
family,social relation and
spiritual development.
Choose meaninful career
target by which you get joy
while achieving the target.
Target to develop positive
attitude, feelings, good
qualities and habit to built
healthy family and social
relation in the life.
Target to develop spiritual
quality like faith and trust
on God to get inspiration,
power and blessing of God
for successful life.
Vinod Anand 03/12/2018


1312 Life Partner

Life partner may makes
your life happy or may
not makes your life happy,
If you take it, luck by chance.
If you select right life partner
or become good life partner
then you can becoming happy.
What are the qualities of
life partner must be .
– Life partner must be loyal
& must respect each other.
– Life partner must have trust
and have faith on each other.
– Life partner should think of
each other instead of for self.
– Life partner must accept his
partner what ever he may be.
– Life partner must be positive,
optimistic, support each other.
– Life partner must not complain
& see bad quality of each other.
– Try to understand each other
as both are made for each other
and should live for each other.
Life partner must love, share &
care for each other.
Live like ideal life partner.
Life partner must have mixing,
forgiving & loving nature.
Be a Ideal Life Partner.
Vinod Anand 30/09/2018

1139 Who can be the leader ?

Who can lead the group,
Who love person of group
like his family member,
Who is energetic, dynamic
Enthusiastic and active.
Can be the powerful leader.
Who is Ambitious,dare to
face any situation and
respect person of group.
Who is good personality
good listener & speaker.
Can be the powerful leader.
Who is honest, dedicated,
fight for justice and well
wisher of group’s person’s.
Person with self confidence
Can be the powerful leader.
Leader life is for the group
then for his personal life.
Leader believe in charity.
Leader is Trsut & soul of
each persons of group.
Vinod Anand 07/04/2018

1109 Qualities of Genius

Want to become Genius
need to acquire Qualities
which makes you Genius.
Must be generous good
humoured personality.
Good determination,
decision capability &
Be ready for hard work.
Have big dream with
target & enthusiasm
to achieve it in time.
Try to become expert
in your field & strive for
excellence with full self
confidence, motivation &
continuous improvement.
Your Intelligent Quotient,
Emotion Quotient,
Spiritual Quotient &
Adverse Quotient
must be high.
Your morality & love for
truth must be high.
At last must believe in God
with intensive faith & trust.
With these qualities have
target to become Genius.
Vinod Anand 08/03/2018

1032 Power of Convincing

Convince is power to

explain the person for

right solution of the

problem or confusion

in critical situation.

Person who is convincing

should be trust worthy

and knowledgeable.

Person is convincing

should have listening &

understanding power.

Convincing person must

get connected with him by

knowing his desire, need

concern & attitude, then

he can convince person.

You cannot convince the

person easily who argues,

have ego, pessimist and

have negative attitude.

Before convincing person

understand the person.

Person who convince

himself in any situation

then he can acquire power

of convincing.

Vinod Anand 12/01/2018 Friend,Philosopher,Guide

1021 Sources of Knowledge

Big & only Sources Of

Knowledge is God.

Be devotee of God &

be connected with

source of knowledge.

Soul is next Sources Of

Knowledge After God.

Be soul conscious.

Knowledge is hidden

in inner self we have to

awake up it with faith

and trust in God.

Source of knowlegde

is books, experience & the

speech of famous speaker.

Read the books, listen

the lecture of speaker &

learn from exprience.

Now days Internet is best

source of knowledge.

Life is best teacher &

source of knowledge.

Present era is era of

knowledge so have

intensive desire to

acquire knowledge.

Vinod Anand 31/12/2017 Friend,Philosopher,Guide

1017 Devotee

Who devotes his 

time to God for payer

with faith & trust he is

devotee of God.

He believe God and

surrender his action to

God what ever he does.

He becomes devotional,

religious & spiritual person.

Whatever he gets he accept

with pleasure & thanks God.

He pray & remember God in

sorrow & pleasure situation.

He is love every one but

never hate any one,

pray God for welfare of

every one & help every one.

Devotee also carries his

responsibility of family.

Vinod Anand                             27/12/2017     Friend,Philosopher,Guide